The Old Woman

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: It really pays to do a good deed, read how a young man is rewarded for helping a lady in distress.

Only an hour ago the woman who has my large cock buried in her warm moist pussy was a complete stranger. Not only was she a stranger she was old enough to be my grandmother. One thing though she loved cock and was thrashing her small body hard against my thrusting cock. I still hadn't got her name yet either.

She was barely five feet and I was well over six feet with an extra large cock that sank into her warm pussy and fitted like a glove. I had to push a bit though to stretch her, for she said she hadn't had a length of cock since before her husband died three years ago. At first I thought she was like many other of women I've known, but I think I believe her.

She had lovely wide hips that were slamming against my lower body with a slap ever time I thrust into her and she pushed her hips hard against me. I also loved the way her breasts were bobbing on her chest as our bodies fused together, well maybe not fused, but riveted, me being the rivet.

She had sat opposite me on the train, but we never spoke. Then when I was driving out the car park at the station and she was standing at the bus stop I saw three cars spray water on her. Not only was it raining heavily, but she was now soaked by the passing cars. Being a sucker for women in distress I stopped and ordered her into the car. She put up no argument and got in, I think maybe her husband had been a dominant figure in her life, for she was very submissive.

I never tried to have sex with her, it was she who suggested it and here I am now enjoying the best fuck I've had in ages.

Oh I think I'm being split open. This young man has so big a cock that he is stretching me so much. Oh yes son push it all the way in, that's better I can feel my button rubbing against his hairs. Oh you wonderful man, you have filled me up so much. Please don't do anything for a minute until I get used to you.

So this is what it feels like to have a large cock, it is even better than I ever thought it would be. Sharon (Elder sister) and I used to talk about it when we were younger, for we both had the same dreams of being seduced by a man with a large cock.

Why am I lying here letting this young man have his way with me, I don't even know his name. I only saw him for the first time this evening on the train and he was so kind to bring me home after getting soaked. What has come over you Else, you have never done this before, why now.

This is heaven I can feel him in every part of my body, he is touching my inner core and he is moving in and out of my pussy so smoothly, but I too must take an active part.

Oh Sharon I am in heaven, I can't let this be the only time. I will do anything this young man wants as long as I can feel this lovely cock of his inside me.

Am I a wanton woman for wanting such a young man to treat me like this. I will gladly be his sex slave. Oh son, drive it as deep as you can I want to feel you, in my body.

I never though I would enjoy fucking such an old woman and enjoying it so much, hell she is as hot as any of the chics I meet. I don't think I'll be ditching this woman now I have my feet under the table; maybe she has some friends who want fucking too?

Well lady you are going to get my full load inside you. I love this naked fuck, it is so different from wearing an overcoat. That's right lady wrap your legs around me and hold me in that lovely warm cunt of yours.

"Oh yes let me have it all son, fill Else up with your lovely cream," the woman cried out as I spurted my sperm deep inside her.

"So your name is Else? Well Else you sure one hell of a fuck, the best I've ever had."

"What can I call you son?" Asked Else.


"My randy Andy. I hope you are not going to leave and forget all about me Andy, for I truly love the feel of you and want more, much more," Else replied.

"So who is the randy one? No way Else you want fucking and I'm only too happy to help."

"Oh I'm so glad we agree," she said hugging him to her breast.

"Want me to stay the night, I've no work tomorrow. I would like to spend the night."

"Well stay, stay as long as you want."

He is still inside me but not as hard as he was, but I have him for the whole night I'm sure he can fill my pussy again. Oh I've never in my life wanted to 'fuck' as he calls it so much, I want him to do it again and again until I'm so raw I can't sit.

I could feel her vaginal walls throbbing as if trying to keep my cock inside, preventing me removing it. I was going to fuck Else again but not in the missionary position I want her on her hands and knees doggy fashion. This was one of the ways I liked best, the other was with the woman on top, for I loved watching them as they thrust themselves down on my cock.

I eased back and my cock just flopped out of her pussy. I now had a chance to really have a good look at her. It wasn't the most dignified position a woman could be in with her lying on her back and her legs splayed out either side of my knees. One thing she had the neatest looking pussy, I hated to see flaps of pink skin hanging out as I've seen on some of the women I'd fucked. These were the ones who never saw me again. I loved a nice-looking pussy.

Just looking at her in this position started my cocks blood supply increasing and even Else saw my cock harden.

"Does this mean we will be doing it again?" She asked eagerly, nodding towards my expanding shaft.

"Just turn over and get on to your knees and rest your head on the pillow Else and you will soon find out," I replied.

Again I saw the best view a man can have of a woman, her wide hips and soft padded bottom and the entrance to the Promised Land just poking out. I took my cock in my open palm and guided it to the entrance I had already prepared and this time I sank in as easy as anything.

Hell this woman was hot and eager, more eager than any before. I felt her vagina grasp my invading phallus and her bottom came back to meet me. This time her lovely soft bottom cushioned my lower abdomen. I helped her and myself get the greatest penetration by grasping her hips and pulling her on to me. This was where I would like my shaft encased all the time, why did Nature be so cruel to make man deflate so soon after he spent his load. Nature allowed some animals to go at it for hours or multiple sessions, but not man.

Else seemed to be more agile in this position, so in future I'll fuck her like this. I looked down and watched my cock sliding in and out of her pussy. On the withdrawal it looked as though her body was fighting to keep it in by the way her inner lips clung to my shaft. This time I took longer and I even went slower until I felt my climax rising. Just before I climaxed Else pushed herself back on to me and I felt the rippling of her vagina on my cock it was only for a few seconds but it really felt good. As I felt my climax rising I rammed my cock as far in as I could and let it spurt.

I sat back on my haunches and brought Else with me so she was sitting on my thighs while I was embedded into her body. Two arms around her and grasping her soft breasts, she had her hands over mine and her head back on my shoulder.

"Oh Andy, I must be in heaven," she sighed.

Why is he making me kneel down, I hope he isn't going to put that monster of his in my bottom? I don't care if he wants to put it there then he can, I just want him to come back.

That feels lovely he is putting it back in my pussy. I think he has gone up my body even further than the last time. Oh yes, this is so nice. Why didn't Frank (her deceased husband) and I do it this way when he was alive? We always did it with him on top, but this is something new and I like it. Oh I feel all funny, my whole body is tingling and an ache in my stomach. It's a lovely ache, oh God I'm cumming, I know I am, this is heavenly Andy has gave me a feeling I never had before.

He is cumming too I feel him soaking my insides.

What is he doing, this is lovely and comfy and I like the way he is pressing my breasts too.

"Oh Andy, I must be in heaven."

We collapsed on to the bed and I reached down and brought the bedding up to cover us. Within minutes I was asleep still embedded in her warm sheath.

I woke and found I was in bed alone and discovered it was morning, according to the bedside clock it was eight thirty. I was about to rise when Else came into the bedroom carrying a tray with two cups of tea. She had on her Terry towelling dressing gown and it was obvious she had had a shower, for her hair was damp at the edges.

"Hello my randy Andy, had a nice sleep?" She asked with a grin on her face.

"What's this getting up without shaking me, maybe I wanted to continue where I left off last night."

"You don't mean you still want me?" She asked almost in awe.

She had already placed the tray on the small table by the bed; I grabbed her and pulled her on to the bed. Her legs went up and I gazed down at that lovely pussy once more with the slit hardly seen. I couldn't resist it I turned her and plunged my mouth right on to those lovely rubbery lips.

"No Andy that is dirty, oh please no," Else cried out, but her hand was on the back of my neck pushing me harder into her.

I could smell the scented soap she had used, but also there was her smell as well. Just the faintest whiff was enough to make my cock rock-hard. My tongue penetrated the vulval lips and moved up and I found her clitoris, which was already hard and felt quite large on the tip of my tongue. Just touching it made her cry out.

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