Wife Loosens Up

by JimboStarr

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Interracial, Safe Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: My conservative wife of 14 years loosens up sexually after a guy friend of hers makes several passes at her (when he comes to my house while I'm on a business trip). All true but the names have been changed. She also confesses her lifelong fantasy to me.

My wife and I have been married for fourteen years. Cindy is five foot two and weighs 100 pounds. She has an athletic build with lovely legs, a perfect ass and defined abs. Although her breasts are on the small side, her nipples are big and very sensitive. Her face is also very attractive. In the past she would sometimes dress sexy for me when we went out and we would make love a few times a month. When I would ask her if she had any fantasies, she would always say "no", or "I just can't talk about it."

Well, something happened a few months ago that has changed her from my "perfect wife" to my "fantasy wife". When I asked her what had brought on this change she said it was "acting out" after a recent relationship went bad. She wouldn't give me any details. She DID finally tell me her fantasy though:

We travel to the nude beach equipped with some latex body paint, sun tan oil, a beach chair and a big windscreen. We arrange to meet a guy she met on the internet to whom she has been emailing. He is a well built, attractive black guy named Jack. He has been complimenting her on her sexy pics on her website. They are of her in various sexy outfits and bathing suits. Some are VERY erotic. He has said some very suggestive and flirty remarks and has expressed a desire to direct her for a photo shoot. He also wants to help bodypaint her with me.

We meet Jack at the beach concession stand around 1:00. It's a perfect 85 degree day and overcast. She is very nervous, having only met him in person one time at his work for a few minutes while on the way to the beach. She wore a sexy plaid skirt I made for her, a crop top that showed off her sexy defined abs quite nicely and high heels. When Jack saw her in person his jaw hit the floor. He couldn't keep his eyes from going up and down her sexy body. She confessed to him a day later that she had no panties on under her skirt that day, and that she had just shaved her pussy bare for the first time in years.

As we approach the meeting spot she is telling me over and over, "I can't believe I'm doing this" and, "what has gotten into me? — I must be crazy!" Cindy is wearing a cute bikini top and just a yellow sarong on the bottom that barely covers her ass. I get quick peaks of her perfect cheeks when the wind blows as I walk behind her. She almost chickens out. But there he is - smiling and waving - wearing a little blue thong bathing suit. She stops and says to me "OMG, there he is. He's wearing so little!" I place my hand on her ass cheek and say, "C'mon honey, you can't back out now".

She feels more comfortable after we meet him and together we set up the windscreen on the edge of the beach. We make a big circle so no one can see in unless they walk right next to it. As soon as we're set up she grabs a wine cooler and drinks half of it. We sit around drinking and talking together until we all feel loosened up some. I get things started by telling her to lie down on her beach chair so I can put sun screen on her back. She says" okay" and lays down on it. I start applying the sun screen slowly up her legs- rubbing it in well. I then say, "Jack, why don't you put some on her back". He says, "I'd be happy to." Gently he rubs lotion onto her back- avoiding her bikini strap. I ask her," Honey, can I untie this to help Jack out?" She says "Okay". I untie it and Jack starts getting into a nice slow message rhythm. As I rub her legs higher, she parts them a few more inches. I can now see her shaved pussy lips. They are very wet- and I see a puddle forming on the beach chair. I start rubbing closer to her wetness, carefully avoiding any direct contact. I start rubbing lotion onto her ass cheeks and I hear her let out a little moan. I look up at Jack and I see a big grin on his face. I look a little lower and I see a big bulge in his thong!

I figure that I need to cool things down a bit, so I suggest we all go for a swim. I tell Jack that we will meet him at the water. I ask her how she is doing. She says,

"OMG, I am so excited, like a dripping faucet! Thanks for giving me a break- if you touched my pussy lips I think I would have cum!"

I say, "Let's get the front of you covered and meet Jack at the water".

So I help her put the sunscreen on her breasts and legs. She puts her top back on and we run to the water.

The water is refreshing and the waves are perfect for bodysurfing. We all start trying to surf them, laughing and joking around. We go back to our spot and I can tell she is feeling much more comfortable. She lies back on the chair and says,

"Jim, would you mind if I took off my top?"

I reply, "You know how I feel. But maybe Jack would be offended though, you better ask him!"

We all laugh as she punches me in the shoulder, and then she pulls it off and grabs another beer cooler. After she finishes it, she says,

"Okay let's start some painting!"

I give Jack a foam brush and pick out a nice pink color. She then gets on her knees and removes her yellow bottom so I can paint the lower half and Jack can do the top.

"I can't believe I am naked in front of another man!" she announces.

Jack says, "Man, Cindy, you have a knockout body!"

She says, "Knock it off and paint me, Jack! Jim, I need another drink!"

"Cumming right up", I say with a wink.

He starts painting her back and I start her front. I can tell she is a little tipsy because she is swaying slightly; her eyes are closed with a dreamy look on her face. I put my MP3 player on her so she can listen to her favorite tunes while we paint her. Jack paints a halter top on her and I paint a Brazilian style bottom. We trade positions and I paint her ass while he works on her breasts. I can tell when he reaches her nipples because I hear another little moan. She says,

"That feels soooo nice. Make sure you cover the nipples really well".

I tell him, "You may have to use your fingers to put the paint on her nipples. The brush doesn't cover them as well." Okay, I lied — but she doesn't object.

He slowly rubs the latex on her nipples and they start really getting hard. Her body is twitching once in a while from the stimulation. She is trying to resist moaning out loud. Then I dip my fingers into the latex paint and start painting her lower ass. She is so wet now that her hot juices are starting to run down her legs. As I touch her engorged lips, she lets out an involuntary moan. I keep rubbing her wetness all the way up and down her pussy. The twitching starts to come more often. Then I begin kissing her neck. I look at her face and see that her eyes are open and they are fixed on Jack's cock head protruding from his thong. I can see he's wet with pre cum. I look down & see that I am dripping a well. Then I find her clit and start rubbing it back and forth. My hand is covered in her juices. She starts trembling - her body stiffens,

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