Zoe Mclellan -- Single But Pregnant

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Masturbation, Sex Toys, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Zoe McLellan, one of the stars of JAG, had found herself divorced but she also found that she had a very unexpected souvenir from her recent marriage -- she was knocked up.

Zoe McLellan had just gone through a disastrous first marriage and while she'd been sad that she'd come to realize her husband was a total shit and a jerk, one morning soon after she got the final divorce papers, she also realized that her former husband had left her something that she hadn't planned on -- Zoe realized she was knocked up with her former hubby's baby.

When Zoe realized that the unexpected bouts of illness and vomiting in the mornings meant she was probably knocked up, she quickly got an EPT and when the signs were visibly clear in front of her eyes that she was pregnant, she first cursed her ex-husband and felt a wave of hot rage wash over her as she realized not only that he'd been unfaithful and a total jerk to her but also that his and her fucks had left her with something that was going to remind her the rest of her life that she'd made a big fucking mistake by ever letting him slide his cock inside her horny pussy.

Zoe had a very nice figure that she'd been able to use to get herself high visibility roles in various TV shows and movies. Her rather slim and shapely body was offset with a wonderful large set of tits that were eye-catching whenever the camera ventured onto her. Now, Zoe knew that her D-cup sized tits were going to grow even larger with her expectant motherhood and her already dark nipples were probably grow even darker as her pregnancy became firmly established and she began to show in her tummy.

Zoe and her newly "ex" had enjoyed a very sexy and very lusty relationship before they'd married and once she'd slipped his ring on her finger, he and her fucked sometimes 3 and 4 times a day. Zoe hadn't worried about it and while she'd been on birth control when they'd been dating, once they'd married she had gone off the contraceptives and wasn't worried if she'd gotten pregnant. But, that was before she'd found out he was sleeping around on her and she dumped his sorry ass before she allowed him to take any more advantage of her. Then, that was when she found out that her faith in her new hubby and their unprotected sex together had now given her a little longterm present in her belly that she'd get to enjoy for many years to come.

As Zoe's pregnancy developed, she could see and feel the telltale signs of her knocked up state. Zoe knew that she already had a very nice large set of tits that she was able to use in getting herself nice acting jobs where a woman with a shapely figure had a good chance of finding a part in front of the camera. She wondered what kind of work she'd be able to get herself while she had a big pregnant belly and was knocked up. Zoe gave that a lot of thought as she watched her belly start to swell, her breasts swelled to an even larger bra size and her nipples grew even darker than they were normally.

One thing Zoe quickly discovered after she knew she was pregnant. She was as horny if not more horny than normal. She wanted sex, she wanted to be touched and played with and helped to orgasm more than she ever had. Now, Zoe knew that for her to get any sex, she was going to need a new man since she was newly divorced. She knew getting a guy interested in her was no problem, but she just had to set about doing that. But, in the meantime, she was still horny, she was already very very needy of a man's attentions with a big hard cock jutting between his legs and so Zoe had to resort to the sexy toys that she'd been using throughout her adult life whenever she didn't have her husband or a sexy boyfriend around to pleasure her.

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