Gunray's Revenge

by Shabby Blue

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Rape, Science Fiction, Robot, BDSM, DomSub, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Gang Bang, Interracial, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: An erotic Star Wars story set during the events in Episode 2: Attack of the Clones. Captured on Geonosis, Padme is subjected to the sadistic destires of Nute Gunray and his fellow Seperatists. RATED NC-17

In a dimly lit conference room within the droid foundry on Geonosis, the Seperatist leaders who now formed the Confederacy of Independent Systems gloated over their recent success. With the capture of Senator Amidala and her Jedi bodyguard, they felt confident that the Republic stood no chance against them. If it's best politicians and defenders of justice could not stop them, then who would?

Upon learning that Amidala was now being held in a prison cell on this very planet, Viceroy Nute Gunray became giddy with excitement at the realization that he would soon have his revenge and see her dead. But first he wanted to have some fun with the former Queen and make her suffer for all she had wrought upon the Trade Federation these past ten years.

When Nute requested that Count Dooku allow him the opportunity to have the young Senator that night for his personal enjoyment, the Count reluctantly agreed. Senator Amidala had refused to join the Separatists when Dooku offered her the chance earlier that day. Had she accepted, her life would have been spared and he would have protected her from Nute Gunray's obsessive lust for revenge. But with her refusal, her only usefulness now was death.

Nute Gunray insisted that she be killed before the Trade Federation would join the Confederacy themselves, and that now had more value than Padme's life. So Senator Amidala was given a death sentence, and Dooku no longer saw reason to protect her honor and dignity from whatever perversions Gunray had in mind on the night before her execution. After all, such generosity for the Viceroy would have to be paid back later on. Dooku would make sure of that.

That evening, Nute Gunray and four other male Separatists sat around the circular conference table watching with amusement as two Geonosian guards led Senator Amidala into their boardroom. With her head held high and a strong look of confidence and dignity on her face, Padme seemed unfazed by the fact that she was standing completely naked before these men with her wrists restrained behind her in metal binders. The stone tiled floor felt cold under her bare feet, and a soft breeze that circulated the room sent a slight chill through Padme's nude body.

"A pleasure to see you again, Senator Amidala," Nute spoke, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "It's been far too long."

"The pleasure is all yours, Viceroy," she replied sternly. "I suppose this was your idea?"

"Of course, Your Highness," he said in his broken dialect. "With your execution scheduled for tomorrow, my friends and I wanted to enjoy your company one last time."

"I don't seem to be dressed for the occasion," Padme retorted.

"Oh, but you are perfectly dressed for this, Senator. Or should I say... undressed," he mused, staring as her slim nude form appreciatively. "Indeed, you are quite beautiful under all those expensive gowns. A pity you don't show your natural beauty to the public more often."

"Are we here to just talk, or are you going to torture me? Because right now, listening to your voice is just about the worst thing I've experienced all day," Padme hissed with a cold angry look in her eyes.

"Ah, but Senator, I have no desire to torture you," Nute spoke truthfully. "I wouldn't dream of harming your delicate body. Well... at least... not until tomorrow. No, tonight I merely wish to sample your beauty firsthand." Nute turned toward the Geonosian guards and made a simple gesture with his hand.

Each of them clicked and chattered in their native tongue while they unfastened Padme's wrist binders and carried her over to the conference table. She kicked and struggled all the way, now realizing what she already suspected when they stripped her earlier. Lifting her up and flipping her onto her back, the Geonosian drones bound the Senator to the table and left her open and defenseless against her Separatist captors.

Looking up, Padme could see the Viceroy opening his robes and unfastening his pants as he approached the edge of the conference table. Her arms were outstretched with magnetic binders locking her wrists in place on the table's surface, leaving only the lower half of her body free to move. Her ass rested on the end of the round table while her legs hung limply over the edge, her toes barely touching the floor.

She had already accepted the fact that she would be raped by this sadistic Neimoidian bastard, but Padme couldn't resist the urge to strike out at her captors one more time. Twisting and squirming, she kicked one leg, hitting Gunray in the chest. With little power behind the blow, he merely stumbled back a step and then chortled with that stuttering laugh of his, grabbing her legs and firmly holding them in place.

"Now now, Senator. Behave yourself," Gunray spoke, scolding her as if she were still the teenage girl who ruled Naboo.

The other Separatists surrounding the table joined in his laughter, humiliating Padme even more as she felt Nute's coarse hands roaming across her smooth thighs. He clumsily positioned himself between them for what Padme hoped would be a quick and painless screw.

"Viceroy, if you think I'm just going to lay here and let you do this, then you've got a -- UNGGGH!" she grunted, interrupted by his Neimoidian penis lunging deep inside her. Her delicate cuntal lips parted, stretching obscenely over the thick meaty shaft as it thrust into her womanhood.

Entranced by the warm wet sensation of Senator Amidala's pussy enveloping his cock, Nute Gunray grabbed Padme's hips and lifted her buttocks off the table, pushing his pelvis forward and burying his penis fully inside her. He had never fornicated with a human before, but found it quite similar to that of his own species, and just as pleasurable. Forming a wrinkled smile with his small curved mouth, Nute relished the deliciously sweet justice of Amidala being his first human sexual experience. Who better to fuck than Naboo's former queen, the woman responsible for much of the Trade Federation's troubles these last ten years?

As the Viceroy penetrated her slim body with his long deep strokes, Padme wished that Anakin would suddenly burst into the room with his lightsaber and rescue her from these despicable men, but deep down she knew that was next to impossible. Somewhere inside the Geonosian catacombs the young Jedi was currently locked in a prison cell similar to the one Padme was in before they stripped her and brought her to the conference room. When she and Anakin had first been separated into different cells, Padme had watched as the Geonosians suspended him in an energy field to restrict his movement and prevent him from using the Force to escape. They had not given her the same security, for they considered her much less of a threat.

Padme sighed in resignation of her situation. Clearly there would be no rescue from the vengeful Neimoidian and his Separatist compatriots. They would have their way with her tonight, and tomorrow she and Anakin would be executed.

Nute stared at Padme's beautiful features, enjoying the look of defeat in her face. His slanted crimson eyes were filled with a mixture of vehement hatred and primal lust as he gazed upon her nude, trembling body. Unable to look at his ugly sadistic face a moment longer, Padme shut her eyes and turned her head.

With each bone-jarring lunge forward, Gunray's hairless gray testicles swung against Padme's buttocks and seemed to tremble with an energy of their own. Padme continued to endure his rutting thrusts for several more minutes as his fucking became faster and more intense. With a deep guttural sigh of satisfaction, the Viceroy finally released his climactic discharge deep into the young Senator's womb. Padme shook slightly at the sensation of his spasming cock squirting a volumous amount of hot creamy sperm into her loins. Her cunt reflexively responded with it's own orgasm, coating Nute's softening member with Padme's slick vaginal honey.

Padme whimpered in shame, not wanting her body to react like this. Her wicked rapist did not deserve such satisfaction in his performance, but her pussy could no longer resist the pleasurable stimulation it received from his thick lengthy shaft.

"Ah... so, Senator Amidala is enjoying this?" Nute mused with a wry smile, withdrawing his limp penis from her cum-soaked passage. "Then she will surely welcome more pleasure from our distinguished colleagues." Viceroy Gunray stepped aside, discreetly covering himself with his robes as another Separatist took his place.

"Indeed she will," replied a scratchy high-pitched voice. Padme opened her eyes to see a sadistic looking humanoid with dark green mottled skin and a ridged nose, standing half-naked before her. Senator Passel Argente, head of the Corporate Alliance, was one of the most corrupt senators Padme had ever known. Driven by greed, he had made numerous shady deals with certain criminal elements and other notorious politicians, not for the benefit of the Republic, but to line his own pockets with millions of credits at the expense of others. Even his own people despised him, and yet he had remained in office for more than two decades thanks to some alleged poll rigging in his planet's senatorial elections.

Padme had met Passel on more than one occasion in Coruscant's senatorial sectors. She never liked the man, nor his politics, and always recognized an air of deceit in him whenever he spoke. He was clearly attracted to her, often attempting to court the available Senator with offers of dinner or more romantic interludes. Yet she knew what he really wanted, based on the suggestive remarks he'd occasionally slip into their conversations, and now it looked like Passel would finally get his wish.

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