Wampa Attack

by Shabby Blue

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, Science Fiction, Zoophilia, Rough, Bestiality, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: While enjoying a quiet moment in a secluded part of the Hoth Rebel base, Princess Leia encounters a horny Wampa beast. Erotic Star Wars story. RATED NC-17

"I'd just as soon kiss a Wookiee!" Leia spat.

"I can arrange that," Han Solo shot back. "You could use a good kiss!"

Angrily, Han turned his back on Princess Leia and walked off down the icy corridor of Echo Base on Hoth. Leia stared after him. He was right, she COULD use a good kiss. She kept staring down the corridor. Maybe he would come back, take her in his strong arms and kiss her passionately... but it didn't happen. She needed to be loved. Her heart had been empty for too long.

Ever since Luke and Han came into her life, she developed a strong feeling for both of them, though different feelings for each. Han had his cocky, flyboy behavior... and Luke... Luke had all the right ingredients to become an honorable hero. He was perfect for a woman like her, a princess. For a while Leia tried to seduce Luke, but it never worked, so she had eventually given up. Somehow his innocence protected him from her charm. There was something about him that made him unreachable.

Han was easier to obtain. He wanted her, and she could have him, but she didn't want to give in so easily. His ego was already over-inflated, and it would only get bigger if she she caved in to his smug flirtations. Leia didn't want that. Imagine what the Rebel troops in the base would think of her sleeping with some loud-mouthed space pirate. She needed to find another way to get to him and still retain her dignity at the same time.

There was a time, however, when Han had come really close to having her. Just before they arrived on Hoth a couple of months ago, Leia had been in her quarters aboard the largest Rebel Frigate in the fleet, getting dressed after stepping out of a hot sonic shower...

She was wearing a short robe and brushing her hair in front of the long mirror in her room. Suddenly Han came into the room. Always the scoundrel, he didn't bother to knock before entering.

Leia yelled at him, but he didn't react. Slowly he walked up to her, smiling in that cocky smirk of his. With her small hands she grabbed his shoulders and tried to push him back away from her so she could finish dressing, but it didn't work. He took the brush out of her hand and started brushing her hair for her. Leia gave up her attempts at fending off the smuggler and allowed him to run the brush through her long dark brown mane.

They didn't speak. Han just continued brushing her hair with one hand while he touched her neck with his other. Slowly, he moved his hand down to her hip... then her thigh.

His hand reached under the robe and touched her bare buttock, squeezing softly. A warm sigh escaped from Leia's mouth as Han slowly moved the hand up between her legs. Leia tilted her head back, pressing her sweet-smelling hair in his face as he nuzzled it with his nose.

Suddenly Luke's voice over the comlink broke the silence and interrupted their quiet moment.

"Leia, we're arriving at the Hoth-system any minute now. Could you come up here? Oh... and try to find Han, will ya?" Luke said over the communications channel.

Leia opened her eyes, realizing what she had been doing. Turning around, she slapped Han in the face.

"How dare you!" she spat.

"Hey, look Princess... you seemed to enjoy this. Don't act all innocent all of a sudden!" Han said, startled by this sudden change of events.

"Get out! Get out of my quarters!" Leia shouted.

Han shook his head in confusion and started to leave.

"AND TELL LUKE I'LL BE RIGHT THERE!" she yelled after him, as if she had completely forgotten everything that just happened between them.

"Yes, Your Worshipfullness. Whatever you say..." Han said, clearly sounding dissapointed as he left her quarters.

But it HAD excited her. It still excited her.

Standing in the empty Hoth corridor and thinking back to that moment aboard the Frigate, Leia was wet again, soaking the inside crotch of her white thermal jumpsuit.

"Oh damn," she muttered under her breath.

She had to get rid of the sexual tension she was feeling right now. An Imperial attack could be just around the corner. What good would a horny leader be at a moment like that?

She started walking in the direction of her private quarters.

"Just 5 minutes with R2. That's all I need," she told herself.

Walking through the corridors, past snowspeeders and smelly tauntauns, she looked for Wedge. He was the only rebel who didn't run off at the most unforseen moments.

There he was, the black-haired, trustworthy Rebel pilot, standing on a small mountain of ice which, with the help of some metal plates, had been turned into an elevated platform. He was overseeing the construction of a speeder.

"Wedge!" she called out to him. "Wedge, have you seen R2-D2?"

He looked down at her. Wedge wasn't an attractive man, but he had that same Corellian charisma that made Han so appealing.

"R2-D2?" he replied.

He eyes turned to small slits, thinking deeply.

"I believe he went to your quarters with C-3P0," Wedge continued.

Leia forgot about that. From time to time the two droids would wash her clothes and clean up her quarters, since they didn't have anything better to do on this icy snowball of a planet.

"Okay, thanks Wedge," she said with a smile.

"No problem, Your Highness." He gave Leia a quick nod and a smile, then turned his head back to the speeder.

Through the years, Leia had found out that R2's input device could be used in a special way that only a woman could appreciate. Unfortunately, it would be a bit awkward to drag him away from C-3P0 just to have him pleasure her, especially with the golden droid still present in her quarters. C-3P0 probably wouldn't mind, but still... it would be awkward. Since her quarters were currently occupied, she needed to find some other private place for awhile where nobody could disturb her.

After some thinking, Leia conjured up a new plan. In the middle passage of the southeast wing of the base there was a small room. It was pretty hard to find because it was one of the the first storage chambers built by the Rebels when they carved out this ice cavern in the mountain. The area had been abandoned early on because of a Wampa threat. There had never actually been any sightings of Wampas down there... just a bunch of false alarms from sensors, as was often the case with these mysterious snow creatures.

The room would be a perfect hiding place for her. Most everyone in Echo Base had completely forgotten about the old storage room. Leia immediately sped in the direction of the room. She passed the Falcon, spotting Chewbacca on top of the hull repairing some part of the ship as usual. He had been working on it the entire night. The reverse power flux coupling had been broken for a long time now. Chewie growled at the Princess. She gave him a quick wave and a smile and walked on.

She was really getting hot and bothered now. The thought of rubbing herself, alone in the storage chamber, extremely turned her on. This thought had become more arrousing than the memory of Han in her quarters. She felt giddy, like a young girl again back on Alderaan, sneaking off to some secret hiding place where she could toss aside the morals of a good little princess and do forbidden things to her own body.

After a couple of minutes she arrived at the passage. Just as expected, there was nobody there. The entrance had been blocked by containers of bacta fluid and rations. She looked to see if anybody saw her come down this way, and sneaked down the passage.

After a short walk down the dark alley, she saw the door to the chamber. A big yellow sign, with threatening red letters was placed casually on the door:


Leia grinned, typed in her access code on the door's keypad, and opened the door.

The room was dark. Leia slid her hand along the wall by the door and found a lightswitch, pressing it. After some humming noises and sputtering of a power generator, the lights came on... not very bright, but bright enough.

Leia examined the room. There were cracks along the ice walls here and there, with some brownish fluids seeping through the ceiling. There were no containers in the room. It was completely empty.

Next, her eye fell on a wall that was almost completely crackless. She went to it and placed her back against it, pushing a couple of times to test its strength. It would be quite embarrasing to fall through this wall while fingering herself. What would the rescue team think of it? Or even worse... the entire base could collapse, all thanks to a horny masturbating princess. Nevertheless, the wall seemed sturdy enough.

Leia unzipped her jumpsuit down to her breasts. A gush of warm musky air escaped from her sweaty body. Leia sighed happily. The tight material hugged her cleavage like a warm blanket.

Gently, touching the soft paddings, her hand moved down to her covered groin and she started to massage it through the material of the suit. Her finger became moist from the dampness seeping through.

Leia made soft soothing noises, bending her knees and raising her feet so that she was now standing on her toes. She rubbed faster. Slowly her back slid down against the wall until she was squatting against it.

With her mouth she took off her glove and tossed it on the ground. Leia slid her finger into her mouth and gently sucked on it to make it warm and wet, then slowly she dipped it inside the open cleavage of her suit, forcing the zipper down to reveal even more.

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