Vader's Methods

by Shabby Blue

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Incest, MaleDom, Humiliation, Torture, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: After the first interrogation of Princess Leia aboard the Death Star, Darth Vader returns to her detention block cell for a second interrogation, using his own unique methods in this erotic Star Wars story. RATED NC-17

"Turn off the device," a deep, ominous voice commanded.

One of the two black-uniformed Death Star troopers who stood against the far wall of the detention cell raised a remote device from his belt and pressed a button, deactivating the IT-O droid's interrogation program routine. Slowly the small floating spherical unit retracted it's needle from Princess Leia Organa's arm and moved away from the young woman until it stopped between the two troopers by the door, hovering in place.

Cold and sweaty, but still headstrong, the Princess let out an exhausted sigh of relief. She kept a watchful eye on the IT-O droid as she regained her composure.

Darth Vader towered over the Princess, staring down at her behind his black mask as he quietly pondered the situation. The reverberating hum of the IT-O droid and the metallic inhaling and exhaling of Vader's breathing apparatus were the only sounds in the room.

"Very well, Your Highness. It appears that you are stronger than I anticipated," Darth Vader finally spoke. "But perhaps there are other ways of persuading you to reveal the location of your rebel base..."

Vader watched Leia closely, waiting for some kind of reaction to his statement, but the young woman showed no outward signs of fear. The interrogation droid had worn down her body and shaken up her emotions, but her will was strong and she was determined to resist whatever Vader would do to her. Vader couldn't help but admire her inner strength, but it would only make his job more difficult. He decided to inform Grand Moff Tarkin of the current situation and suggest more extreme measures of extracting the information from the Princess.

"I shall return for another session with you later," the Dark Lord declared. He turned slowly, his long flowing cape brushing against Leia's leg, and left the detention cell, followed closely by the two troopers and the IT-O droid. With a loud hiss the door closed behind them, leaving the young Princess alone in her small prison cell.

Leia knew Vader's threats were to be taken seriously. She had met him twice before in the Galactic Senate on Coruscant. He wasn't the talkative type, but when he said something it was always to the point and would gain the attention of everyone around him, bringing silence to the room. His words were always very calculated, very cunning... very threatening.

Leaning her aching body back against the wall behind her cell bed, Leia decided to rest and let the interrogation drug wear off. It was the only thing she could do now until Vader returned, and Leia had to regain as much strength as possible before that time came, or else she may not be able to resist another interrogation.

Rubbing the spot on her arm where the IT-O droid had injected its drugs, Leia thought for a moment, "Is this the worst the Empire could do?"

It wasn't.

Ever since the fall of the Old Republic, the Empire had grown stronger and stronger with every step it took. The Death Star was further proof of the Empire's ruthlessness, and it would only increase Imperial invincibility as time went on. Every planet who now opposed them would be destroyed, and every powerful adversary eliminated.

Several Senators had already mysteriously disappeared in the last few months. Perhaps killed by Imperial assassins, or simply held prisoner aboard this new battle station. Leia couldn't let the same happen to her... not to Senator Leia Organa of Alderaan.

Her only hope now was that Obi-Wan Kenobi would find the little astromech droid with the Death Star's plans hidden inside and return it safely to Alderaan. Until that time, whenever it may be, she could only wait and hope for the best and pray that the Empire wouldn't find the secret base on Yavin and crush all hopes for the Rebellion.

As Leia's thoughts began to wander, she stretched out on the hard metallic bed and eventually dozed off...

The sharp hiss of the prison cell's door opening awoke Leia from her deep sleep. Quickly she opened her eyes and sat up on the bunk, seeing the tall dark figure standing outside the doorway.

"Vader..." Leia hissed softly.

The Dark Lord entered the cell, followed by the same two troopers as before.

"Still walking your dogs, Lord Vader?"

Vader paid no attention to the remark. "I have decided to take things into my own hands, Your Highness. There will be no need for droids this time. Perhaps I can persuade you personally."

"Nothing would give me more pleasure than discussing these matters one on one with you," Leia replied sarcastically, but a tremble in her voice betrayed her growing fear.

"I sense weakness in you, young Princess..." Vader replied. "With the Force and the power of the Dark Side as my ally, I shall turn that weakness against you and once and for all gain the information that I seek."

For a moment the Princess found herself at a loss for words, the tension and fear inside her growing. "You have no right to use that kind of power in such evil ways!" she blurted out. "Only the Jedi Knights should wield such power, to defend our galaxy from tyrants such as you!"

"The Jedi are gone, Your Highness." Vader stepped closer to Leia, taking her chin in one gloved hand and lifting her head up so he could stare down into her dark brown eyes. "Only I remain."

In defiance, Leia twisted her head out of Vader's grasp and inched away from him to the corner of the cell's bed.

Vader turned and motioned to the guards. "Leave us." Both troopers immediately exited the cell, closing the door behind them.

Nervous tension rose as Leia wondered what Vader possibly had planned that would require the absence of his Imperial troops.

"Now... as you said before, let us discuss these matters one on one." Vader moved back a little so he stood in the opposite corner of the cell.

"I... I..." Leia stuttered, intimidated by the deep penetrating stare from Vader's black mask as he watched her from across the room. "So young... so innocent," he whispered.

Suddenly Leia felt something stroking through her hair, causing her to turn her head sharply to the right, but there was nothing there.

"So naive... not knowing the mistakes she is making..."

The invisible "hand" stroking her hair had stopped. It was now unclipping the silver belt around her waist. Leia realized what was happening. Darth Vader was using his evil power over the Force to touch her from afar. Now he was attempting to remove her clothing. She had to act quickly!

"Vader, you cannot do this! I will inform the Emperor of your actions!" Leia spat angrily at the Sith Lord.

"The Emperor has given me permission to use any means necessary to dispose of the Rebellion," Vader replied in his cold, metallic voice. "And you, Princess Leia... How loyal are you to your rebel compatriots? Loyal enough to withstand the powers of the Dark Side?"

Vader made a simple gesture of his right hand and the fabric of Leia's white gown tore open by itself, exposing her young bare breasts. The sound of her dress ripping open startled the Princess and caught her off guard. The coldness of the cell had made her skin look pale and the shock and terror of the situation had made her rosy pink nipples swollen and erect. Embarrassed by her sudden exposure, Leia quickly pulled the loose white fabric up, trying to cover her breasts as best as she could. With another gesture of Vader's hand, the fabric ripped again, this time tearing completely from her body. Leia watched in horror as the loose white gown flew across the room into Vader's black leather glove, leaving her wearing only her thin white panties and her white leather boots.

The Princess wrapped both arms around her chest to hide her breasts. She could almost feel the eyes behind Vader's black mask touching every part of her nakedness. Leia wondered if the sadistic monster was smiling under his mask as well.

"Vader, stop this at once. I beg you!" Leia shouted in desperation.

"Begging is for the weak, Your Highness, and you are far from weak as we have already confirmed. Quite the contrary; you are strong and clever, and you know how to stop this madness. Tell me the location of the rebel base."

She couldn't tell him. It was far too important to reveal.

"The location?" Vader repeated, making a small gesture with his hand. Leia felt the invisible hand kneading her right breast, the sensation causing her face to blush and her body tremble.

She wouldn't tell him. It would mean the end of the Rebellion.

"The location, Your Highness..." Vader said with intensity. Again he made a small gesture with is hand. Leia felt something stroking her bare belly as well, tracing circles around her belly button.

Leia moaned. Vader said nothing. He made another gesture and Leia felt as if something was gently brushing the small thin lips of her pussy through her thin panties. The feeling was wonderful, and before realizing what she was doing, Leia had spread her legs a little to give the invisible force better access. Closing her eyes, Leia moaned softly once again.

"Maybe you can outsmart a droid, but you are no match for the Dark Side little one," whispered Vader.

Leia opened her eyes and looked up at him, her face growing red with anger. Quickly pulling herself together and ignoring the ecstasy between her legs, Leia jumped up from the bunk. "NEVER!" she yelled. "How many times do I have to say it, Vader? I will NEVER reveal the location!"

"Good, give in to your anger... it will only make you easier to break when the time comes. Your will is no match for me, Your Highness."

"NEVER! Whatever you do, I will never reveal the location. Too much is at stake! You will just have to KILL ME!!"

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