The Cove

by Pussycat

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A woman's early morning run results in a chance meeting with the guy of her dreams on a beautiful Cornish beach.

It was a gloriously sunny morning as I crept out of the cottage for my early morning jog. The cottage was a genuinely old Cornish stone built building in a small fishing village on the South coast. My morning jogs normally took me along the coast path in one direction or the other unless the weather was wet when I would usually go inland instead; it was superb coastal scenery and generally not a bad path for running.

This morning, the weather could not have been better so on a brief flight of fancy I decided to take along a towel and bikini with the thought that I might take a brief dip on the way back, despite the fact that I knew the water was pretty cold!

It was around 7.30 in the morning when I set off, carrier bag under my arm, through the village. There were fishermen busy in the village but once out on the coast path, I saw no-one. The sun gleamed off the sea, there was a gentle warm breeze, and I felt good. The path wound its way westwards, mostly over sheer cliffs, past the odd small cove and still I saw not a single person. After about twenty minutes or so, I decided it was time to turn back. I was feeling full of energy and enthusiasm still but a gentle sweat was building up which was starting to turn my mind towards that refreshing dip.

I pushed harder, stretching my legs out, until my heart was beating a little faster, my breathing a little heavier and the sweat coming more freely. I was now beginning to feel hot, my panties and T-shirt damp with sweat, my bra feeling tight and constricting; I longed to strip it all off and leap into that water.

About a third of the way back I came to the point on the path, high up on the cliffs, where a side path wound down to a small sandy cove, quite concealed from the coast path; I had discovered it while walking earlier in the week. I slowed to an easy jog, panting gently from my exertions; the path was narrow and rough and I knew would quickly wind steeply downwards. At last the cove came into view as the path dropped beneath me; it was of course deserted, a stretch of untrodden golden sand flanked by cliffs and rocks on three sides with waves of clear blue water gently breaking along it. It looked unbelievably inviting.

I started the steep clamber down; it was very rough and quite difficult in places. Around half way, just as I was pausing to negotiate a particularly steep section, a splash from the corner of the cove made me glance down again. I stopped in my tracks, nearly losing my footing; a figure was swimming strongly from the direction of a group of rocks almost out of sight round the corner of the cove. It looked like a man, lightly tanned (but for a bare pale backside) who I assume had dived in from one of the rocks and was now swimming towards the beach. He was very quickly into shallow water and in moments was wading in so that I could see that he was indeed totally naked. He appeared a little older than me but looked slim and firmly muscled.

I was filled with a mixture of emotions; firstly irritation that my peace and tranquillity had been disturbed by another person, secondly with a buzz of excitement from seeing this fairly good-looking naked male body fully exposed below me. And then I was in a quandary as to what to do next. While I was pondering, the figure below shook the bulk of the water from himself, then broke into a brisk jog and ran right the way along the beach, just skirting the water's edge, to the far side of the cove. I was riveted by the sight of his pale backside, firm and muscular, disappearing into the distance and instinctively climbed a little further down as I was watching to get a better view.

Then, moments later, he had turned and was running back, retracing his footsteps. Again I froze as I watched. He appeared to be running just to warm himself up after his swim and, possibly just for the joy of running; his face, which I could now just make out, appeared to have an expression of almost childish pleasure. He seemed to be revelling in what he thought was his own private pleasurable experience. I realised I was watching something of a kindred spirit and also was starting to feel aroused at watching this very unguarded personal display. As he returned to my end of the beach, he stopped and turned to face the sea (and the sun) and stood there simply soaking up the sun and the atmosphere.

I simply stood and watched, excited, afraid to move in case I broke the spell.

Moments later he was off jogging up the beach again. I couldn't bring myself to retreat at this stage so I quickly slithered and stumbled my way down the remaining section of path and managed to find a rock to sit on from where I could watch more comfortably. He would certainly see me there if he looked in the right direction but I wasn't prepared to try and hide from him. I watched as he returned. He really was running just for the joy of it. I felt envious. The idea of doing that really appealed to me as well. As he got closer I could see him more clearly. The body looked firm and youthful, the movements were vibrant, but the face looked older except for the eyes which were bright and smiling.

Inevitably my eyes kept returning to just below that firm muscled stomach. His cock had been small, flaccid and rather uninspiring when I first saw him but it now seemed half aroused, flopping from side to side, up and down, as he ran, and I felt a flurry of excitement myself as I watched. He showed no sign of having seen me yet; he appeared aroused only by his situation (and perhaps his own thoughts!). I wanted to join him, to strip everything off and run into the water as he had done, to run around on the sand as he was doing. But how? I felt shy but excited at the same time. What would his reaction be? I rather felt I was invading his privacy. First things first; I would start by taking off my trainers and socks, that was easy anyway.

As he reached my end of the beach, he again paused, turning to face the sea. I started to undo my laces while I wondered what to do next. As it turned out, I didn't have to make a decision. He suddenly seemed to sense that he was not alone and turned to look in my direction, only about ten yards away now. He saw me immediately and a range of emotions rapidly flitted across his face. Firstly there was surprise, perhaps annoyance, then embarrassment, then a realisation that I obviously wasn't concerned, then a gradual relaxation again.

I felt I had to say something, "Hi!" I called "Isn't it beautiful. I was planning a quick dip myself, I hope you don't mind; I rather feel I'm intruding!".

He looked happier. "Not at all!" he laughed, "Please feel free! My initial reaction was to rush away and put some clothes on but there doesn't seem much point if you've been sitting here watching me! I presume you don't mind?".

"No I don't", I chuckled, "You looked so natural and so happy, I didn't really like disturbing you at all; I'd rather like to do the same if that's OK with you. I've been running quite hard along the coast path and began to feel all hot and sweaty. A quick dip seemed really appealing; I brought my bikini just in case but watching you has inspired me; I don't think I'll bother with it!".

He smiled enthusiastically and as his excitement at the thought began to make itself apparent, he turned with slight embarrassment saying, "I'm going round for another dive; I'll leave you to strip off".

I watched him clamber off down the side of the cove, jumping nimbly from rock to rock, as he made his way round to the rock from which I had originally heard him dive. I felt happier with the situation now and far less nervous. He seemed a nice guy, attractive and considerate, and because he seemed at ease with his nakedness, I felt far less inhibited about stripping off. I stepped off the rocks onto the warm smooth sand leaving my socks and trainers behind. "Come on Jan!" I said to myself, "Strip off now. It'll be easier before he comes back. And then into that gorgeous water!".

Having had a firm word with myself, I quickly peeled off my shorts, my T-shirt and then, before I had time to change my mind, slipped off the bra and peeled down the sweaty knickers. I spread them over a large rock to dry off a bit in the sun and then turned to face the sea. I stretched my arms in the air, feeling the gorgeous fresh air caressing my skin, feeling the warmth of the early-morning sun on me. It was so sheltered this cove; it felt really warm even at this time in the morning. I just stood there for a moment soaking up the sunshine, thinking how beautiful it was.

I suddenly remembered that I was not alone. I glanced just in time to see my friend execute a fine dive from a large rock into the water round the side of the cove. Next minute he was swimming a powerful breaststroke towards the beach. I fancied running naked up the beach as he had done so sprinted off enthusiastically. It felt wonderful; the freedom of it, just running for the joy of it; the warm sand under my bare feet, the fresh air on my skin, my breasts vibrating freely as I moved, feeling beautiful without the constricting bra, not at all uncomfortable. The whole situation was tremendously exciting, in fact quite arousing. It would have been even without my newfound friend, but his presence probably made it even more so.

I sprinted, jogged and generally skipped joyfully up to the far side of the beach and then back down towards him. I could see him in the distance emerging from the water as I turned and then, drawing closer, I was aware of him watching me. His cock, shrivelled from the cold water, was now gradually expanding as I approached. Excitement buzzed through my body. I averted my eyes but they kept returning to the same spot! As I drew closer, it was half erect, fatter, longer, almost horizontally out from his body with only a slight droop still. He flushed slightly with embarrassment as I reached him but resisted the obvious temptation to hold his hands in front of it.

"I'm sorry about this" he said with a nervous chuckle "but I can't do anything about it I'm afraid!".

I laughed, panting slightly from my exertions, "Please don't me sorry; it's perfectly natural isn't it. Isn't it silly how we're brought up to be shy of natural functions like that? Like we're brought up to be shy of nakedness. It's so daft. Please let it do whatever it wants to do! I can't promise to ignore it though; it's natural for me to admire it as well!"

He laughed, a wonderful uninhibited laugh. "Oh, you are great!" he said, "Fancy stumbling on someone with such a similar philosophy on life to mine!" he paused briefly, then added, chuckling further, "Oh, by the way, my name's Pete. Here we are chatting to each other starkers and we don't even know each other's names!".

He held out his hand to me and I happily shook it saying, "Hi! Mine's Jan. Very pleased to meet you, Pete!".

His grip was cool and firm and confident and he looked openly straight into my eyes. The combination of the eye and bodily contact sent a buzz through me. Then I sensed his eyes drop, openly travelling slowly down my body. My instinctive reaction was embarrassment and Pete seemed to sense it, suddenly looking back up at me and saying, "I'm sorry!...".

Before he could go any further, I interrupted saying, "No! Don't be! That's perfectly natural as well! I've been looking at your body and you're bound to want to look at mine; it would be dishonest to only try and do it when the other person wasn't looking! Instinctively I'm shy about it but it's only what's been instilled in me as a child. Logically I know I shouldn't be and I'm determined not to be!". "Anyway" I added, "How can I openly watch the antics of you're cock going up and down like a yo-yo if I resent you looking at me!?".

He laughed even more, "Great!" he said, as he looked briefly down me again, "You've got a super body and I'd find it hard to resist admiring it!". And as he looked me over, I watched his cock rising yet again! It was beginning to look superb, rising higher and more boldly than before. I felt more flushed but now it wasn't just the exercise! My breasts tautened, the nipples starting to swell and harden; this was clearly only going to lead to one thing! But I had to have that refreshing swim first.

"OK, Pete! Now for my dip!" and giving him a parting, encouraging smile, I turned and raced towards the water". My whole body was buzzing so much that I hardly noticed how cold the water was to start with. I rushed in, water splashing everywhere. It was only when a small wave broke over me about waist height and the icy water chilled my rather heated pussy that I suddenly became aware. "Christ, it's cold!", I yelled, but by now it was too late to change my mind. A few more strides and I was swimming, albeit rather frantically as my tingling body was chilled. Just moments later and I was a little more used to it, and noticing the warmth of the sun on my face; now my skin was taut from the cold, my nipples hard as pebbles, but how alive my body felt, tingling with sensations. Enough was enough though. I turned and swam for the beach only to find Pete just yards from me splashing frantically out to meet me.

"God! It hasn't got any warmer, has it!", he gasped, "I'm off out again. Come on, let's go for a warm-up run together!".

"OK!, Great!", I replied, "Come on! Race you to that rock at the end!".

He laughed and chased me out and as he emerged from the water, I couldn't help noticing his cock had now shrivelled to nothing again in the cold water! I got out of the water just a yard or two ahead of him and sprinted off, feeling really invigorated. But he was no slouch; I'd judged his body to be fit and muscular and so it was; he soon overhauled me and I watched his firm tight buttocks glide past. Seconds later we both arrived at the rock panting and laughing uncontrollably. We stood there a moment, looking at each other's still dripping bodies, panting, shaking half with laughter, half with cold still.

"Come on, one more time!" I urged, "I'm not really warm again yet! Tell you what; a race is no contest; we'll just jog along together this time".

He chuckled, "OK then, come on!". We set off back along the edge of the sand, side by side, the water lapping over our feet. I was amazed how comfortable I was beginning to feel with Pete already; the original nervous tension had all but gone and I felt really relaxed and at ease now. We jogged easily along side by side, the warmth quickly returning to my chilled limbs.

"Well, that's a bit better", I laughed as we got back to the far side of the beach; "I feel pleasantly warm again already".

"Yes, me too", Pete responded, "It's such a marvellously mild morning". He glanced down my body, adding "Look, you've almost completely dried off, apart from your hair of course". I smiled, instinctively pushing my shortish fair hair back from my face.

Immediately Pete's cock began to stir again! "What a busy fellow he is", I chuckled, "Down one minute, up the next! It's almost like being able to read your mind!".

Pete laughed, "Yes, I suppose so" he smiled, "That's why it's so ingrained in guys to cover it up, I guess; it makes us feel our feelings are exposed as well as our bodies! I'll tell you what though, it doesn't half make me feel close to you now that I'm being totally open about it".

His words washed over me as I found my eyes compulsively drawn back to his rapidly rising manhood. It was an erotic sight and, again, my body rapidly started to respond. Instinctively, my mind strayed to imagining it sinking deeply into me. I felt a warm tingling deep inside me, rapidly spreading downwards, reheating my pussy and out over my boobs, my nips swelling and hardening again. I felt Pete's eyes on them and looked up at his face. He met my gaze openly, smiling.

"Are we being open with our feelings as well as our bodies?" he asked, with a cheeky twinkle in his eye.

I broke out of my reverie and chuckled, "I guess we should be. It would be nice occasionally not to have to try and guess what the other person was thinking; no fussing and fretting about whether one was going to offend them or not; whether they did or didn't want this or that. Just say up front exactly what one was thinking and feeling. Yes, OK! I'll try then..." and I took a deep breath composing myself and pausing slightly before continuing.

"As you probably realise, I'm getting just a bit turned on admiring your great body in general and your lively cock in particular. I was even beginning to imagine it sinking into my pussy, which is why, as you may have noticed, my boobs and nipples are beginning to swell up as well!" I breathed a great sigh, "There! How was that? I don't think I've ever spoken that openly before; it feels great! By the way, fantasy is not the same as reality. Just because I thought that way doesn't necessarily mean I really want that to happen!". Then I grinned, feeling more aroused than ever, "However, I'm beginning to strongly fancy turning a bit of fantasy into reality at the moment!".

Pete laughed, his cock now thrusting hard upwards, looking firm and eager and really succulent as it swayed in the sunshine. "Well done!" he responded, "As is pretty obvious, you're turning me on something terrible. I think most guys get turned on by most naked female bodies but I love yours particularly. I was admiring your slim firm physique generally, the smooth curve of your hips, that delectable bum, but best of all, your little tits; how I would love to feel them respond to my touch. I have a passion for small firm responsive tits; the feel of the nipples hard and sensitive under my hands or in my mouth! Sorry, I'm getting carried away; as you can see from below, I'm now feeling very aroused! Still those are genuine feelings I can assure you".

"Don't be sorry", I chuckled, "Your talk is having just the effect you would want; it's turning me on even more! My boobs feel really taut now, as though the skin is too tight for them". Instinctively, I reached up with my hand and squeezed each of them briefly. Then I chuckled again, "There! Aren't I doing well! I've never talked so openly with a guy or a girl before and certainly never openly shown my arousal like that!". Deliberately and slowly, I raised my hand again, running my fingers over the tight sensitive skin, gently brushing the nipples. I shuddered, smiling to myself, as the warm glow intensified. "Mmm, beautiful!" I murmured, then, turning to face the warm sunshine, glinting off the sea. "Oh! How gorgeous! It's just great to be alive!".

I stretched my arms up skywards, planting my legs firmly astride, arching my whole body to worship the sun. I felt as if I was exposing myself totally to the world, the sun's rays bathing every inch of me! I seemed to be tingling all over; the sun was my lover, caressing my body from head to toe, its warm touch brushing my outhrust nips, washing over my tight stomach, probing between my thighs into my heated pussy! I tensed my thighs, pushing my hips forward again. "Take me, sun. Take me! I'm all yours! Let me feel you reaching deep inside me!". Oh, how beautiful it felt, as if my whole body was flushed with arousal. I stretched my arms higher, wider, tightening what seemed to be every muscle in my body, my already taut boobs stretching against my chest as though ready to burst!

I held it like that for what seemed like ages but was probably actually only a couple of minutes. One part of me didn't want to break the spell, another part was aching for physical contact. In the end the second part won and I relaxed slightly, sliding both my hands firmly down my body, pausing as they pressed hard against my boobs. God, how tight they were! I rubbed slightly back and forth over the nipples; they were thick and hard too! Then on down, smoothing the front of my tummy, until my fingers reached the first wisps of curly hair. Mmm, I couldn't wait to continue! I didn't pause; my clitty was standing out like never before. Ohh, gorgeous! I eased my fingers gently round it, pressing, probing, my left hand pausing there, my right moving further into the hot swollen folds of my pussy. Christ, how hot it was! How wet with juices! It seemed to just suck in my fingers, swallowing them up! I sighed deeply with pleasure, just maintaining the pressure with my fingers, not moving them at all. It was just gorgeous!

I shuddered gently as the sensations flowed over me, "Ohh, yes, that's so good!" I sighed, as I just stood there holding the pressure. Then I glanced at Pete beside me, saying with a slight chuckle, "I can't believe what's happening, it's as though the sun is making love to me, its rays burning into my body, turning me on! And look at that beast of yours! It looks rock hard, and so swollen, and so eager! God, how lovely it would be to feel it deep inside me, stretching me to the limit; I'd swallow it up, caress it, softly at first, then more and more firmly, until I milked it dry!". My fingers instinctively pressed harder, as I imagined it.

Pete took a step towards me, "You gorgeous creature", he chuckled, "Do you have any idea of the effect that you are having on me? I don't think I've ever reached such a high level of excitement without physical contact before! If I touched myself like you are, I'd explode I think!". He gently squeezed his cock very briefly, "Oh, God!", he sighed, "It's just too much!", and he removed his hand from it quickly. "Here, let me add my touch to that of the sun", he laughed, "May I do that?". "I'd love you too", I responded enthusiastically. "You were saying how you'd love to feel my tits. Well, now I'd love you to as well, they're feeling ready to burst!".

Pete grinned like a kid who'd just been given a new bike. He moved round in front of me, his eager cock leading the way, harder than ever. I hadn't moved, still standing legs astride, neither hand willing to relinquish its task between my thighs. But my boobs were aching for attention as well, hot and flushed beneath the sensual rays of the sun. He stood a moment openly gazing at my body, his eyes eventually coming to rest on my chest. He licked his lips in anticipation and I shuddered in excitement. "Please, Pete!", I urged, "I'm aching for your touch!".

"Sorry! It's just this is so beautiful, so utterly perfect, I don't want to hurry anything!". He gradually leant forward; then, gently holding me at the top of my arms, he lowered his face towards my bosom. The first touch of his hands sent shivers through me; my whole body seemed to me highly charged. But it felt so right. Not like a stranger's touch, more as though I already knew him intimately, as though I'd known him for ages. When his lips first brushed softly over the upper curve of my right breast, a long sigh of pleasure came from deep inside me, quite instinctively. His lips slid gently over my skin, delicately tracing the curve, circling round below the nipple and back up again. "Ohh! Beautiful!" I moaned. His lips moved on, back across my right boob, then tracing round my left. I was beginning to quiver all over. Then his smooth lips were replaced by the delicate roughness of his tongue. A little cry of pleasure escaped my lips. My breasts were burning with arousal, twin domes of pleasure. I couldn't help but squeeze ever harder between my thighs. He licked across and round, taking in every inch of my small but sensitive boobs. Except for the nips.

I was beginning to shake like a leaf with the rising tension, but still he hadn't touched the nips! How I longed for him to move to them; his tongue teasingly first moving closer, then away again. I moaned more loudly, "Ohh, Pete! My nips! My nips! Please! Please! It's just too good!". Gorgeous creature that he was, he didn't pause, but then, he was probably longing to do it as well! His tongue slid purposefully across until it flicked my left nipple. I groaned, immediately thrusting it enthusiastically forward. He ran his tongue over it, tracing its swollen shape. It felt enormous to me, as though out of all proportion. Instinctively I cried out as he took it between his lips, grinding it eagerly against him. "Oh, yes, Pete! Yes!".

Fire coursed through my breasts, through my pussy, through my whole body. If Pete hadn't been gripping me tightly round the shoulders, I would probably have lost my balance. I threw my head back in ecstasy, barely noticing the clear blue sky above. Oh, how his tongue teased my nipple! And now the other one! Oh, my God! I thrust it harder and harder against him. Christ! It was going to burst! My hips were rhythmically thrusting forward instinctively, my thighs clenching and squeezing, my own fingers pressing and rubbing; I was so hot, so swollen, so wet down there. "Oh, yes, Pete, yes!", I kept moaning as I pushed back harder and harder at him. And then he was sucking, pulling my right nip right into his mouth, his tongue hot and wet all over it! I screamed with pleasure and a shattering orgasm engulfed my whole being. My body shook and shuddered uncontrollably, all feelings overcome by wave after wave of searing heat washing over me; for moments, the outside world was blanked out as I was overcome, my body and mind at one in supreme pleasure.

At last, the surges subsided. I gradually released my fingers from deep inside me with a soft squelching sound and, still panting, looked back down at Pete in front of me. As he gently let my swollen nipple slip from his mouth, I shuddered again. He straightened and looked into my eyes, smiling. I met his gaze openly. I was damp with sweat, my face hot and flushed, as were my neck and boobs. As I looked into his eyes, it felt as though he was looking straight into my soul; somehow, I felt much more than just physically naked before him and it was beautiful. And although it had been a shattering orgasm, my body was still tingling all over with arousal as I looked at him.

With mutual understanding, we embraced each other. His lips found mine and our tongues eagerly explored each others' mouths. His hard body pressed against me; how lovely to feel that muscled chest against my still heaving titties, firing my nips gorgeously. And further down, the rock hard rod of his cock thrust powerfully against my stomach. I clasped him to me, running my hands enthusiastically up and down his back, feeling his tight buttocks rippling beneath my fingers.

We broke from the kiss, gasping. "My God, I want you Jan!" Pete gasped "You're everything I ever dreamed of, and a whole lot more! One touch on my cock whilst I was watching you come then and I wouldn't have been able to hold back, I was so excited with you! And your super breasts! They're so responsive! So eager! So sensitive! None of this 'Be gentle', 'Be careful', 'Not too much', 'Not just here', 'Not quite there'; just gorgeous outright enthusiasm! What I'd call 'The Go for It' philosophy!"

I touched my lips against his again affectionately, saying dreamily "Mmm, well it was just so beautiful! It must have been the way you did it! I must say, they do appreciate a bit of attention!" and I rubbed them harder across his chest, sighing with pleasure.

He chuckled in response "Yes, I rather thought so! And you know what, they're not the only thing round here!" He nuzzled his rigid cock against my stomach in return.

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