Devan's Decision

by Darkniciad

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, High Fantasy, Spanking, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Slow, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Devan Ardane is struggling to decide what direction her life should take, now that she has mastered all she can learn of magic in the small town of her birth. Another decision is much easier to make, as she pursues a young man named Serhan that has struck her fancy. All the while, a murderer is creeping about the nearby area, raping and murdering young women.

Two figures stood in the shadows of a small, dimly lit structure. Their faint silhouettes and their voices betrayed them as male, but an observer would have been able to determine little else, were one present.

"Exactly as always — no changes at the last minute, agreed?"

"Of course. I just thought I'd add a little variety to my life with the changes last time. I had no idea you would have such a fit over it."

"Two days each. No more."

"Yes, yes — two days. You may as well give me the coin now, because it is as good as done."

"Nothing until you succeed."

A note of nobility — with a great deal of sarcasm attached — crept into the man's voice as he spoke, "You wound me with your disbelief."


"Two days is an eternity. I'll hit my first mark before the night is over — a few hours at most."

"Not if you stand here bragging all night."

A quiet chuckle was the only response to that.

"Stop hogging the mirror, Devan. I can't see what I'm doing."

"I'm almost done, Danica. Don't push, I'm in a hurry."

As usual, the auburn-haired younger sister deferred to her flame-topped older sibling. Danica moved back a bit, pulling a brush through her hair and waiting until she could see in the mirror again to work on arranging her locks.

Devan plucked a final errant hair from her eyebrow, twitching both and smiling into the mirror when she liked what she saw. "Okay, Danica, I'm done."

Devan stepped away from the mirror and winked at her sister in it before going to her clothes chest to decide what she was going to wear tonight.

A smile spread unbidden across Devan's face as her younger sister scowled and lifted her breasts. Danica's boobs had started to come in three years ago, and at sixteen, they showed no sign of stopping yet. At least twice as big up top as her sister was, Danica had some difficulty coping with her new attributes.

Devan knew her little sister would learn to deal with them eventually, but it was amusing to see her fiddling with them and trying to keep them out of her way. Devan thought it was a good thing they had grown into very different figures as they aged, because as kids they had looked too much like twins for Devan's tastes. She knew Danica would eventually come to appreciate the attention those big boobs would garner from boys.

Devan pulled a white cotton top with a button neckline out of her clothes chest, smiling a little wantonly as she looked at it. The material bordered on scandalously transparent. When she wore it, the dark circles of her areoles were plainly visible from close distances. Her small blister-like nipples also pressed against it because it could barely contain her firm, rounded breasts.

Pulling on the top, Devan rubbed her nipples slightly to stimulate them, generating exactly the effect she wanted. Over this went a modest blouse, something to keep her mother from having heart failure upon seeing her off. It would quickly vanish as Devan went on the prowl for her prey this evening. She also pulled on two skirts. The outer skirt had the same purpose as her second top, protection from her mother's wrath. The one she would actually wear was short enough that an errant breeze — or just the right amount of bending — would reveal her thin cotton panties to whomever she chose to show them.

Devan was on the prowl tonight, having just finished a difficult week of study in magic school. There was little more her Master could teach her after her success this week. Soon, she would have to seek another teacher or her fortune, and she wasn't sure which she wanted to do yet.

One thing she was sure about was exactly who she was trying to lure tonight. She and the young man had both told each other they would be at the square tonight, neither ready to ask the other to step out. It was a date though, despite the lack of formality.

Serhan was handsome and witty, his family was wealthy, and there was an interesting bulge in the front of anything he wore. Devan had only been with a couple of men, but those two had shown her the difference between a big dick inside her and a smaller one.

Bigger was certainly better.

It had also shown her that once a man had the prize, he often lost interest. Devan was determined to keep the prize in his vision, but just out of reach for a while. It wasn't going to be easy, because even as she thought about it, Devan was ready to unwrap that gift right now.

Devan decided she was going to end up making a longer stop in the barn than she had originally intended to stash the safe clothes she wore for her mother's benefit. She was growing too aroused just thinking about what she wanted to do with Serhan, and she needed to quiet that part of her mind if she wanted to keep her concentration and her plan. Her fingers held the key to that quiet, and she would take care of it as soon as she dispensed with her modest clothing.

Devan tried to shake her head to clear it, knowing her panties would be wet soon if she kept thinking like that. She looked over at her sister and pursed her lips in an expression of sadness for Danica. She knew Danica was setting herself up for disappointment tonight, because their mother would not let her leave. Danica was still on punishment for trying to sneak out a few weeks ago. Their mother had become very much aware of Danica's flowering and had started acting overprotective of her lately.

Devan finished dressing, almost absently sliding a small silken bag that contained her spell components onto her belt. Now, she was ready.

A quick kiss on her mother's cheek was all that was required for her to leave the house. She was over eighteen now, into her majority, and could make her own decisions. There were still some rules because she remained at home, but not as many as when she was still considered a child, only a short time ago.

It took only a moment to reach the barn, which she knew would be abandoned, save for the animals. Her father would be out finishing the weeding, taking her brother with him. Her mother would be busy explaining to a raging Danica why she couldn't go out tonight.

Devan quickly climbed up into the hayloft and moved a loose board. From behind this, she pulled an old blanket and spread it out on the straw covered floor of the loft. Devan had felt compelled to use this spot regularly over the last few years, and she had grown tired of having the impression of straw in her bare skin.

She pulled off her extra clothing first, stashing it in a sack hidden under the hay for exactly that reason. Then she lay down on the blanket and flipped her short skirt out from under her and over her abdomen. Her panties slipped off in a quick, practiced motion, and her legs parted to give her fingers access.

Devan licked her lips and moaned quietly as she ran a fingertip over her already wet lips. Even her closely trimmed patch of hair felt slightly damp. She traced the parting of her lips for a few strokes, and then brought her finger to her mouth.

Not for the first time, Devan wondered if every woman tasted as good as she did. The spicy, somewhat sweet taste of her juices on her fingertip made Devan's head swim. The taste aroused her even more as she wetted her finger and put it back between her legs.

She continued to stroke her nether lips, now wiggling her finger back and forth slowly to slightly penetrate between her folds. At last, her body refused to be denied any longer, and Devan stiffened two fingers to slide them into her wet depths.

Her back arched slightly as her fingers penetrated her, and another soft moan escaped her lips. She moved her fingers in a quick pumping motion, needing to reach orgasm quickly. She had to avoid detections, and the need to come felt like it was burning her alive from the inside out.

Devan brought two fingers of her other hand to her lips and wet them in her mouth. These she lay over her hood, rubbing it in quick circles. Her breathing picked up, and her hips hunched back up at her stroking fingers with every penetration.

Her wrist began to ache, so Devan added a third finger and buried all three into her depths, curving them upwards. She worked her wrist muscles slightly, rubbing all three fingers over her walls and the sensitive spot behind her mound. All the while, the speed of the rubbing fingers of her other hand increased by the moment.

Suddenly, she stiffened and squealed against her tightly clenched teeth and lips. The hands working between her legs would spur into motion for a few moments during the ebbs of her orgasm, only to press tightly against her with each rolling spike.

When the climax finally released her, Devan brought the fingers of both hands — completely slick with her juices — to her mouth and sucked them clean. The taste and scent were even more intense now, and it caused Devan to shudder with an aftershock that arched her back up off the blanket once more.

She gasped as she sat up and used an edge of the blanket to wipe off her soaked nether lips. She then used the opposite corner to clean up a few drops that had dribbled or smeared around her mouth. She rocked back and forth slightly, letting the feeling of afterglow hold her in its embrace for a few seconds before pulling back on her panties and smoothing her skirt.

Devan stashed the blanket once more, and then climbed down out of the loft to hurry through the normally five minute walk to town in half that time.

The large central well of town served as the traditional meeting place of young people, and it had for years. Devan's mother and father had met near that well, as had most of the parents of her friends.

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