Good Day

by Raconteur

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: There's that dress!

Her name was Mary. She was beautiful.

She looked good in his t-shirt. She smiled as she noticed he was looking. "Yes?"


She laughed. "Breakfast?"

"We can go out," he offered.

"Where's your kitchen?"

All of his eggs. Some Worcestershire sauce. Some chopped green pepper. A little milk. Grated cheese. Omelet. Coffee. Toast.

"Delicious," he decided.

"Yes, you were," she laughed.

He shifted his shorts. "Tease."

"Oh, no. I please." She took a bite.

He laughed. "Yes. Yes you do."

"Should I be going?" she asked.

"Do you need to?"

The shower was tight with two. His back was cold. Her front was hot. "Soap?"

"I dropped it."

"I'll get it."

"If you keep that up, we'll run out of hot water."

"No we won't."

"Don't stop." He hadn't planned to.

She held his head to her. "Oh. Oh."

She released him. "God."

"Told you there was plenty of water."

She laughed.

"I can't wear this." She held up the little black dress.

"No. Hold on." He went to his roommate's closet. His girlfriend had left a few things.

"How's this?"

"Good thing it's summer," she smiled. She accepted the small top and the nice shorts.

"No bra?"

"No." A smile.



"This might be love," he warned.

She laughed. "I need shoes."

Thongs would do for now. "Beach?"

"No." He frowned. She laughed. "Marina."

His eyebrows went up. "Cool."

Thirty feet. Wood, wax, sails.

The burble of the auxiliary. "Cast off the bow?" He did.

"Where are we going?"

A shy smile. "My place."

They cleared the marina, turned toward the breakwater.

A flurry of activity and the main and jib filled. The engine stopped. Sailing. "She was my grandfather's."

"He had good taste."

"Killed my dad when Grandpa left it to me."

"Who was the better sailor?" he asked.

A smile.

"I think I'd have liked your grandfather."

She had dimples. "Make yourself useful. Lotion."

He reached for the tube near her ankle. She lifted off her small top. He squirted a small amount of lotion into his hand. She shimmied and the shorts joined the top.

No tan lines. "Nice tan." He reached for her.

Soft, hot skin. "That tickles."

"Hold still."

"I don't need lotion there!"

"Can't be too safe."

"Yeah... you might be right."

"How about here?"


"Are you sure?"

"More!" A little more lotion. "Mmm. Yes. Like that."

"Anywhere else?"

"Not at the moment... oh. A little more. Harder. Yes. Yesyesyes."

He gently took the tiller. "I'll steer."

"Good plan." It took minutes, but she recovered. Her eyes opened. "Wow... Thanks."

He smiled. "Where are we going?" He'd maintained course and they were almost to the bar.

"I've got it." Her hand closed over his. The small yacht moved smoothly into the swells. "You have a girlfriend?" She looked into his eyes. She looked away. Unconcerned?

He let the silence drag for a moment. "I'd don't know. I might?" He leaned over and kissed her cheek. "How about you?"

"No girlfriend." They laughed. "There!" She pointed. Three islands a couple of miles ahead. "The one to the far left."

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