Like A Virus: Shannon And Sharon

by Harry The Hermit

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Mind Control, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Group Sex, First, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: When Valerie and her daughter Shannon walked past Andy in the Groacery Store parking lot, he passed something on to them, like a virus, and their family will never be the same!

Disclaimer: This story is entirely fiction. It does not relate to any real person, living or dead. Any similarity to a real person, whether living or dead, is purely coincidental and completely unintended. While actual places are mentioned in this story, it is not to be the conclusion that any part of this story is real, or ever happened.

The following story is a work of fiction containing graphic descriptions of sexual acts between adults and minors and family members. While all of the sex depicted is consensual, the author does not intend to promote incest or sexual relations with underage children. The story is written purely for entertainment purposes only. Those who are offended by such material are strongly encouraged not to read this.

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is part of a series of stories, all set in the same universe. Reading the story "Puzzles and Solutions" will make things in this story make a lot more sense.

Andy Meeker pulled around and stopped in front of the grocery store to pick up the milk and bread and such that his wife had asked for when he had called. He stepped through the front door, and the first person he saw was Jason, a sixteen-year-old boxboy, on his way out the door, pushing a shopping cart full of groceries. Right behind him was the customer whose cart he was pushing, a cute little mommy and her fourteen-year-old daughter. As each of the three passed within inches of Andy, they felt an odd dizziness and a flush that was gone almost before they realized it was there.

Andy didn't see it, but both Valerie Simmons and her daughter Shannon felt their nipples pop to tingling hardness, and their pussies started to get wet. They both could feel it, but had no idea what caused it, or that their mother/daughter had the same reaction. At almost the same time, they noticed Jason, and that caused the same reaction they just had, and contributed everything to that.

Jason, on the other hand was a normal sixteen-year-old boy, and was raging with hormones. It never seemed like it took much to set him off, and so he didn't think a lot about the hard-on he got from the hot mom and daughter he was helping. Sure, it being a small community, he had known them all his life, but he had never really thought about them in a sexual way before. Now that he noticed them, he knew he wouldn't forget them.

Both of them stood by Jason as he unloaded the cart into their car. As soon as he was done, the older of the two grabbed him, and said, "Thanks, Jason!" She then proceeded to put a lip-lock on him like he had never experienced before. As they were kissing, she pulled his hand up and placed it on her tit, and used his hand to squeeze her boob. This only served to make his cock get even harder, if that was at all possible.

Eventually, they broke their kiss, and almost before her mother got out of the way, the daughter slipped into his embrace. She took over for her mother, but as soon as she had his hand on her tit, her own hand was stroking his throbbing cock through his pants. Just before he would have filled his underwear with hot sticky cum, she broke off the action, and said, "yeah, thanks, Jason!"

He just stood there, panting, open mouthed, with a hard-on that wouldn't quit as he watched the giggling pair get in their car and head down the road.

"Gawd, Mom! What was that all about?" Shannon was blushing as much as she was giggling. Her blush ran all the way down to her chest, and that was when she realized that the nipples of her fourteen-year-old titties were rock hard, and visibly poking out through the material of her t-shirt. This caused her to blush even more. That is until she looked over to where her mother was sitting behind the wheel of their car, and noticed that her mother's much longer nipples were visibly poking out through the material of her t-shirt as well. For some reason, unknown to Shannon at the time, the sight of her mother's aroused body was causing her to become even more aroused as well.

It was only a few miles to the other side of town and the Simmons home, and mother and daughter practically ran into the house, leaving the groceries in the car. Even before the door was closed, Valerie was stripping the clothes off of her daughter, while Shannon was doing the same to her mother as fast as she could. Once the pair was naked, they pressed against each other tightly, and locked their mouths together in a searing kiss. Their hands weren't idle either, but they were roaming over each other's body in loving caresses. By the time they came up for air, they were on their knees, and headed for the livingroom carpet.

Valerie was the first to make a serious move, and began trailing kisses down the neck of her fourteen-year-old daughter, heading for her chest. Once there, first her hands, and then her mouth found and explored the teen's developing little titties, causing moans of sexual pleasure to come from Shannon's throat. After playing a while there, the wanton mother began moving her mouth lower on her daughter's firm young body, but left one of her hands to twist and tweak her sharp young nipples while the other hand lead the way to find a sparsely haired virgin pussy.

When her middle finger traced its way along Shannon's tight slit, the girl's legs seemed to spread of their own volition, giving Valerie's hand even more room to maneuver. Soon, her tongue joined her hand in its task of exploring her daughter's previously unexplored teen twat. The youngster's moans only got louder as her mother's tongue managed to split apart the closed pussy lips, and found its way up to her little pea sized clit. Shannon's hands flew down to grab hold of her mother's head, pulling her deeper into her crotch.

Even though Shannon was very experienced in the art of masturbation, she had never felt anything like she was feeling now. Her mother's mouth and fingers were really doing a number on her body, and it wasn't long before she was experiencing more pleasure than her body could contain, and she passed out as she was in the convulsions of her fourth orgasm in a row.

Valerie got up and got a cool damp washcloth for her daughter, and cleaned her up before pulling a comforter over the both of them, and cuddled together there on the floor. Shannon didn't wake up again for over fifteen minutes, but when she did, she was being held in the loving embrace of her mother. It took her a moment to remember what was going on. When the memories of the passion of her mother flooded back into her mind, she practically attacked her mother's body with her own hands and mouth. They had discarded the comforter as a covering, and had turned it into a padded mattress over the livingroom carpet. They were laying on top of it, engaged in a torrid 69, when the front door suddenly opened.

"Mother! Shannon! What are you doing!" a young teenaged girl screamed.

"Sharon! It's about time you got home, now close the door, and come over here! We have a lot to talk about!"

Sharon was Shannon's little sister, and she was reminded of that fact all the time. Younger by about ten minutes, but younger all the same. They weren't identical twins, but rather fraternal twins instead. Sharon was a strawberry blonde, like her father, whereas Shannon was a true blonde like her mother. She was a little smaller, more petite, in all ways than her "older" sister, and that just reinforced the differences between them. That made it all that much easier for Shannon to convince people that didn't know them that they weren't twins, but that Shannon was actually a year older than her sister.

She was still trying to come to grips with the scene before her. She couldn't understand what would make her mother and sister to engage in a lesbian sex act, right there on the livingroom floor. It wasn't until she got close enough to them to catch "the virus" that she really understood the real reason why. It was the same reason that without anyone telling her to, she started to remove her clothes, and joined her sister and her mother on the floor for some really hot girl-girl-woman three-way sex action.

It didn't take long for Sharon to get caught up on the lessons that Valerie had been giving Shannon. The three were locked mouth to cunt in a serious daisy-chain and in the middle of simultaneous orgasms when the front door opened once again.

"MY GOD!" Donnell Simmons shouted, as he slammed the door shut behind him. "What the hell are you doing to our daughters?"

She looked up to see her husband at the door. When she smiled up at him, he could see all the pussy juices that were covering her face, and running down her neck to her tits. "I think that should be obvious, Dear, I'm teaching them how to eat pussy! They've been very eager students, too!"

"That's right Daddy," Shannon piped up, "we've been practicing all afternoon, and now we know all about how to make a woman happy."

"Pussy tastes so good, Daddy," Sharon added, "wanna taste mine?"

Donnell (Donny to everybody that knew him) was at a loss to know what to say at this point, but his cock knew what to say as it stood up proudly inside his pants.

"Look, girls, your father has an erection! When a man's cock gets all hard like that, it shows that he's excited about what he sees!"

"Just wait a minute, Valerie, that's just a normal male reaction to seeing three gorgeous and sexy women in a hot sexual situation. That doesn't mean anything else, it especially doesn't mean I'm going to do anything about it! The girls are underage, and it's incest, to boot! I don't know how you could do that to them, but I don't want to take any chances!"

"Are you sure we can't change your mind, Daddy?" Shannon asked while she lewdly stroked her pussy and twisted her nipples.

Donny just shook his head in shock, not daring to say a word.

All three naked females got up on their knees and started moving across the room toward him. He started to back up, like he was afraid and was trying to get away from them, like they were a monster or something. All too soon for Donny, he ran out of room after only a couple of steps, and he found himself backed up against the door. He was reaching for the handle so he could get away out the door, and he almost made it, but they got within range in time, and the virus took over. His whole countenance changed in an instant, as his body shuddered and a wave flushed though his body.

The look on Donny's face changed from fear to a lustful smile as he saw the naked threesome crawling right towards him. Instead of opening the door to escape, he locked it to ensure that nobody disturbed their family affair. He pulled his shirt off over his head without waiting to unbutton it as his twin fourteen-year-old daughters attacked the rest of his clothes. Within the span of mere seconds, he went from fully dressed to stark naked, and was being led by a hand from each girl pulling on his hard cock back across the livingroom to where the comforter was still spread out on the floor.

They pushed him down onto his back, and took up a spot, one on each side of him, leaving no place for Valerie except that spot right between his legs where she wanted to be in the first place. Her practiced hand to a hold of her husbands leaking cock, and spread the precum all around the head, and up and down the shaft as she began stroking his pole.

"Pay attention, girls," she said, making sure she had the attention of both of the twins. It really was unnecessary, as they couldn't take their lustful eyes off of their Daddy's throbbing meat. "This is a penis, or more commonly referred to as a cock, prick, pole, and many other things. For the purposes of our lessons, and anything else we can come up with, we'll just call it a cock."

"Can I... can I touch it Mom?" Sharon asked tentatively.

"Sure, honey, gently wrap your hand around the shaft here, and stroke it up and down a little. Shannon, why don't you give his balls a gently feel too. Both places, but especially his balls, are real sensitive. Treat them with care. His cock can take a lot harsher treatment, especially just before he cums, but make sure that the guy asks for more before you just go ahead and do it."

"It's so hot, Mom!" Sharon exclaimed, stroking his cock, eliciting a moan from her father. "It's hard, but soft too, all at the same time! Do you like this Daddy?"

"Oh yeah, Baby, Daddy likes it a lot!" Donny was babbling by now, and not sure how long he was going to last with his twin fourteen-year-old nubile daughters playing with his cock and balls.

Shannon turned around and got closer to his crotch so she could see what she was doing better, and stuck her head right down there next to his nutsack. The manly smell of his ball sweat was filled with pheromones, and she was positively gushing pussy juice as she inhaled his scent. Finally, she couldn't take any more, and began to lick his balls. When he moaned in response, she began sucking them into her mouth, one at a time, rolling them around on her tongue.

When Sharon saw what her sister was doing, she decided she should try to taste her father's cock. When Donny felt his daughter's tongue touch the head of his cock, he nearly lost it right there. Valerie saw how close her husband was to cumming, so she decided to put a halt to all the action before it was too late.

"OK, girls," she said, pulling them back from Donny's prick. "That's enough of that, you're getting ahead of the lesson plan here!"

"Oh Mom," they both complained, in unison.

"What you two were starting to do, was called oral sex. Now some people say that oral sex isn't sex, but it's called oral sex, not oral... conversations or something... the key word is sex. Now in my opinion, that's a good thing, because sex in any form is great."

After slurping on Donny's cock a couple of times as an example, she continued her tutorial. "The main thing here, is to use plenty of spit, and don't ever ever ever let your teeth touch his cock! With the balls, they are really sensitive too, and you need to avoid hurting them." She took his meat back into her mouth for a couple of strokes, eliciting a loud moan from her husband. "I don't know why they ever got the name of blowjobs, since you don't blow, but suck instead. Mostly you just slobber on them, but suck some too." She showed them what she meant, and slobbered on Donny's prick a little, getting him even closer to cumming. "Now if your man is really excited, a little oral can get him off quick the first time, so that he'll last longer when he fucks you. This is really important for younger guys and Daddies about to take their little daughter's virginities." She could feel him start to swell a little bigger, and knew she had better stop before she went too far.

"Can I try that, Mom?" Shannon asked.

"OK, but just for a minute. Sharon, why don't you lick his balls this time?"

With a big grin, the two fourteen-year-olds went to the tasks before them, and Valerie let them go until she could see Donny tense his whole body in anticipation of his impending orgasm. She quickly pulled them back again, and got complaints from all three participants.

Valerie took one hand from each of her daughters, placed them on their Daddy's cock, and had them start to slowly stroke him, talking all the while.

"Next time, you will probably want to let him cum in your mouth, but I figure you should see what you're getting into... or what will be getting into you..." She giggled at her little joke, but the rest of the group wasn't humored. "OK, OK, now if you two stroke a little harder, you'll get Daddy here to climax, and his semen, which is a thick white liquid, will spurt out of the hole in the tip of his cock. Inside the semen is sperm. They are microscopic tadpole looking things that will make a baby in you if you are fucked at just the right time." Both girl's eyes brightened at the news they just heard, and Donny just groaned at the thought of getting his daughters pregnant. Valerie could see his cock swell up again, and instructed the girls to clasp his cock tighter, and stroke a little harder and faster.

"Oh... OH... here it cums!" Donny bellowed, and shot out a heavy load of cum, followed by five or six more spurts, each one with a little less force than the one before it, until all that came out was a dribble. His body just collapsed in relief of the sexual tension that had been building since he walked in the door after work that evening.

The cooling pools of cum all over his body, and the hands and arms of his daughters didn't last long when Valerie told them to taste some of the primal fluid to see what they thought. It was love at first taste! It might have had something to do with the way the "virus" had affected them, but they began to scoop it up and devour the slimy stuff as fast as they could. The little left over was rubbed into their tits, and not just a little onto their hard little clits. That action wasn't lost on their father, and he started to get hard again, faster than he had in a long time. His hardon didn't last long though; it started to wilt when his wife spoke again.

"Girls?" Valerie finally said, "Let's us make some dinner for our man here, and then maybe later tonight, we can have some more fun, OK?"

"OK, Mom," they chorused, and got up from the floor, and wandered off in the direction of the kitchen, leaving their clothes on the floor where they dropped them.

Donny was still laying there, very relaxed. Valerie pulled part of the comforter that he wasn't laying on over the top of his body, and gave him a quick kiss before getting up and following her daughters into the kitchen, also still naked.

Dinner was quick, but filling, and after everyone was done, and everything was cleaned up, they all went upstairs together. On Valerie's suggestion, they all got in the big walk-in shower together, and cleaned each other up. They worked each other up, too. He dried them all off, one at a time, and they dried him off, all at the same time. Shannon and Sharon each took a hand, and followed their mother back to their parent's bedroom, and its king size bed.

At Valerie's direction, Donny laid back in the middle of the bed, and once again, there was a girl on each side, and Valerie between his legs.

"OK girls, time for your next lesson: how to fuck! The two most important things in fucking is that you are worked up enough to have a wet pussy, and that your man is hard enough to fill you up. Now if he's too worked up, he'll cum too fast, and that's only fun for him, but it's a lot more fun for him, and all the fun for you, if he lasts longer. That's what a good blowjob is for, as we learned in the last lesson." She paused a moment here, and just for good measure, leaned over her husband, and gave his cock a few quick slurps.

"There are many positions for fucking, and the three most common are man on top, or missionary, woman on top, or cowgirl, and on all fours from behind, which is called doggy style. There are still hundreds of other ways, and someday, if you're lucky, you'll get to experience a lot of them. For our purposes here, mainly because it lets you see the action a lot better, we'll start off with cowgirl."

With that, Valerie walked up on her knees, and straddled Donny's lap. Giving her daughters a narrative as she went, she took his steel-hard shaft, and rubbed the bulbous head back and forth through the length of her slit, forcing her pussy lips to eventually part. Both of them started to moan slightly as his pre-cum and her pussy lube combined to slick up their enflamed sex organs. With the twins watching closely, Valerie finally gave in to the passion building in her loins, and notched the knob Donny's prod into the mouth of her cave. Slowly but surely, she began to lower her body onto his, letting him fill her up, inch by inch.

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