Sue Goes To The Theatre

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: No popcorn or Milk Duds for this girl. She goes for the good stuff.

It is always a rush to walk into an adult theatre with Sue on my arm. My heart beats faster, my palms get sweaty, and perspiration breaks out on my forehead because I know that I will be able to unleash my voyeuristic/exhibitionistic tendencies. I notice it has the same effect on Sue even while we are getting ready for the theatre. The anticipation of doing something 'naughty' and forbidden in a semi-public place has us both on edge from the moment we decide on a whim that the day or night will be a special one, to the moment we plant ourselves in a secluded yet obvious place in the dimly lit theatre. I will have to fight the urge to go and spy on Sue as she prepares herself in the bathroom. I know she will be donning some sexy arrangement of revealing garments; maybe stockings and a garterbelt under a tiny mini dress or maybe some split crotch pantyhose beneath a long skirt with a transparent blouse covering a lacy barely there bra. Whatever she chooses to wear I know the arousing ensemble will surprise me.

Oddly enough, whoever is behind the ticket counter usually pay little attention to her, but if there are any theatre patrons in the lobby when we arrive they are sure to give Sue a long look, speculating, no doubt, about what this gorgeous babe is doing in such a place. Many are the times I've seen men who are obviously on their way out of the theatre do a U-turn and follow us back inside the cool, dark auditorium. Sometimes, until our eyes adjust to the dark, we will wait in the back of the theatre where I will feel Sue up as we look over the movie goers and pick a row that looks like one where we can put on a good show without attracting too much attention. If we chose an empty row, it is usually not long before some bold gentleman will pick a seat in the same row.

One of the sexiest things about Sue is that she doesn't flaunt herself, dress slutily, or come on to strangers in her everyday life. In fact, one could go so far as to call her reserved. This makes it so much more erotic when she gets that way on our special nights. Though Sue would never seek out sex with strangers or show herself off to strangers on her own, she will do it for our enjoyment together. Her lack of interest in such things on a daily basis does not, however, mean that she doesn't get excited when she is involved with such scenes. To the contrary, she gets more excited than ever before. I am always amazed at how much hotter and wetter her pussy is when I first touch it in these situations; how much stiffer her nipples get, how much faster she cums. I love it when she gets so worked up that she can't resist reaching for a hard, throbbing cock that is being offered to her.

Like the time when I had her exposed and a big black guy sat down in the row behind us. When Sue saw his exposed cock sticking out of his pants, she reached between the seats to jack it off. She got so hot that night that I had her completely naked. She had every guy in the place gathering around our seat to watch her gyrate on my cock. Of course nobody else had their clothes off - only their hardons out - and here is my sweet wife so out of control with lust that she didn't care who might have walked in and seen her working my cock up into her with wild abandon.

Now the element of danger can be a turn-on to some people. It is certainly not true for Sue and me. I would love to feel safe in the situations that we put ourselves in, but I always have the fear in the back of my mind that any minute we could be busted, so I always like to keep things low key, but not Sue. When she gets carried away there is no stopping her. One night we were in the theatre and Sue was giving me a hand job and on this particular night, for some reason known only to him, the manager kept making trips down the aisle to supposedly check the exit doors. It made me very nervous to think he might catch us and either report us to the police or ask us to leave and not come back, so whenever he came down the aisle I made Sue stop jacking me and cover up.

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