An Evening Out

by Submissive Smiles

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, DomSub, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Erotic coupling between Master and Princess

We talked about going for years, and tonight was the night. You had a limo pick us up at 7:30, both of us dressed casually.

Flirtatious looks at one another as we arrived to the door of the spa. The look on the adolescent clerks face was unforgettable when you slipped your hand under my skirt, fingered me and then handed him the money, visibly wet with my sweet juices.

My bedroom blue-gray eyes twinkled at him, causing a slow crimson blush across his pale complexion. I was certain he was standing there with a woody. My red glossy lips smiled seductively at the young man before turning around, my long silky auburn hair flowing like a sheet of silk around me, resting against my lower back gently, swaying at my hips as we walk out to the hot tubs and into a clear sky blissful night.

Your left hand gropes my ass as we walked out the door and down the side walk to area number five. The lock was silent as the key turned, we stepped through the gate and in front of us was a redwood hot tub, surrounded by rock tiles with dark green trim.

A lovers bench stood against the right fence, a landscaped waterfall was in the nearest corner, and a settee for two was waiting on the black iron heart shaped table, champagne in ice, in which looked like a potted planter besides it. You turned to me, kissing me on the lips while unzipping my skirt. I stepped out of the skirt; unbuttoning my blouse as you were kissing me passionately, then I laid it on the lovers' bench neatly.

"I've waited all day for this Princess," you said to me lovingly.

"Yes Master, as have I." The look on my eyes told you how hungry I was for your cock.

You removed your clothes and hung them over the back of the bench. The heated mists of the hot tub rose as we stood in front of each other before entering the Jacuzzi. Our naked bodies slipped into the water, and the faint scent of chlorine in the air tickled our noses. Your arms wrapped around my waist, and pulled me onto your lap. With your famous Robert Redford smiles, eyes sparkling into mine.

"Hello gorgeous" whimsical smiles in return then tender loving tones in reply " hello Handsome."

Your hands traveled and roamed over my body as I left a line of red glossy lip imprints along your jaw bone. My tongue trailed from your earlobe to your collar bone, you heard sultry whispers.

"I want you" pregnant pause... "so bad."

Without saying a word your hands lifted me up, the head of your cock brushing against my cleanly shaved pussy before lowering me onto it and holding me there. I squeeze the head with my pussy lips in response, wanting to lower myself onto it and invite you deeper inside me.

"No, Lisa." You say to me sternly, "You have to be a good girl to get cock."

Fires ignite, my cheeks flush after hearing your words.

I asked sweetly, "How can I please you My Master?"

Feeling your cock move an inch inside me while your fingertips pinch my nipples.

"I want you to squeeze my cock five times before lowering another inch.

"Yes Master" I said to you before starting to perform the task.

You reached over the edge of the Jacuzzi into your black bag to retrieve nipple clamps and a blind fold. The cool night air breezed over my nipples hardening them. I whimpered as you tightened each clamp making sure the attachment was secure.

"Now close your eyes Princess while I put the blindfold on you. "Submissively I shut my eyes.

"Yes Master" I reply, squeezing my pussy lips around your hard shaft for the last time.

"May I lower now My Master?" I asked,

"Yes you may" you said, and before I could say thank you, you thrusted your cock into me hard.

"Oh." Moans are heard in the night air, my back arched, long silky hair caressed your thighs, as I rocked my pelvis into yours.

You grabbed my hips guiding me up and down on your thick hard cock for several minutes, and then you stopped abruptly. My eyes covered in black satin, open sultry tones.

"More Master," A whining plea "more, please more!"

You smiled at me, although I couldn't see the look, I knew it is there, for I had seen it many times. It is the look of pleasure and pride.

In a stern masculine voice you ask me. "You love Masters cock, don't you my Princess, yes??"

"Oh Yes Master." I replied excitedly.

"Good girl" I heard you say before feeling a wash of ecstasy over my body when your cock teasingly entered and exited my moist cavern.

You yanked on the nipple clamps before attaching a thin chain to each one, making sure once again that they were secure. I raised my hips up and down to meet your movements, our bodies communicated with each other. Hot hisses in my ear as you nuzzled your chin in my neck

"That's it Lisa baby, fuck your Masters cock, fuck it good!"

Ramming it deep inside me, and then slowing down to a gentle rhythm, your thumb on my clit made slow circles counter clockwise; my moans and whimpers were carried out into the night air. My passion intensified with your words.

"Oh God I love you."

I almost screamed as you pulled your cock out, rubbing the head against my now swollen clit a few times, and plunged back in deeper than before.

I heard commanding tones, "I want you to sit on the edge of the hot tub now my little slut."

"Yes Master, what ever pleases you," the smile on my face telling you the words I was thinking.

I stood up slowly, the water lapping against me. You tugged at the nipple clamps with your teeth as my tits hit your face. Hot flesh against cool cheek, head turning into my voluptuous breasts as I felt for the cement ground with my hands.

As I climbed over your body, droplets of water fell and drizzled down my breasts and belly. The moonlight flashed on the water beads dropping as I rose, illuminating my tanned skin tone under the moonlight. I stepped out of the tub and sat on the edge, dangling my feet in the water, still unable to see anything.

I felt your hands on each knee guiding my legs open slowly, hot kisses on my inner thigh from back of my knee to my pussy lips. My legs spread slowly as I laid my head on top of my crisscrossed arms. The tip of your tongue darted up my soft wet slit, my juices honey sweet.

Your hands cupped my ass cheeks, raising my pussy into your face. Full lips sucked at my clit, feeling it engorge and enlarge. You knew that I was heating up. Two fingers slid in easily in search of the bean size g-spot as you sucked harder on my magic button. Gentle love bites were felt as my body temperature increased, loud moans of pleasure drifted from my mouth.

My back arched then lowered, my hands reached for the back of your head, pulling you in closer to my pussy, my hips rocked against your face as my orgasm began to wax up to a climax, intense pleasure, and heaven.

You raised your head as you felt your fingers being clutched; and in a stern voice "Not yet My Sweet Treat, you know you have to wait for permission to cum.

"Oh" I cry out, feeling your lips once again suckling at my itty bitty clitty.

I moan out after several minutes... in a whiney pleading sort of sound

"Please Master, please may I cum?"

My head rose, trying to look at you, wanting to cum soo badly.

"No Princess, not yet. " Your words echo out into the night.

Frustrated sighs, on the edge of cumming.

"Please My Master, please can I cum?"

You pause before answering, then with certainty in your voice respond.

"Yes, my little slut I want you to cum now!"

Your teeth wrapped around my clit, holding it in place as you sucked me into oblivion.

"Oh My Gawd!"

I rode the waves of the orgasm for several minutes. You licked my juices as they squirt into your mouth, drinking my passion, lapping up all my cum.

"I love the sweet taste of you My Slut." You say to me as you stood up.

Your naked body glistened under the moonlight, your hairy chest wet and fluffy, droplets from your hair kissed your cheek. You knelt beside me stroking your cock.

"Open your mouth my thirsty little cumslut."

"Yes Master" I say,

"Swallow my love baby, drink it all."

Obediently parting my lips wide and sticking out my tongue to catch my drink, I felt your cum splash against my cheeks, shooting into my mouth, rolling over my tongue and towards my throat, swallowing every last drop.

"Mmmm" I said, then licked my lips. Lust filled looks into your eyes tell you that I still wanted more.

"You are a greedy lil slut today aren't you My Sweet?"

You asked me as you placed a crooked finger under my chin guiding my face to lift up to yours. You removed the blindfold and rubbed your cock head in a circular motion on my cheek and bottom lip, soft sweet sultry tones replied

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