Meeting Of The Minds

by Submissive Smiles

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BDSM, DomSub, Interracial, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A fantasy fullfilled

Part One: The Introduction

He watched her for months, he knew what stores she shopped at, where her friends lived, he knew more about her than he should have. He couldn't help it, he was obsessed, and the more he knew about her, the more intrigued he became, and the better his plan at abducting her developed.

He calculated the steps she took every Tuesday morning from her car to the entrance of Curves. Her bi-weekly one hour work-out with her best friend Beth.

He knew which brand of feminine hygiene products she used; and, what her weekly routine was. Including how many times a week she masturbated.

He pulled a pair of dark blue satin panties from his pocket, still moist from last night, smelling the pleasure she gave herself. She sleeps like a baby, never even being disturbed when he slips in and out of her bedroom window.

Visuals of her naked body laid spread eagle and secured with silk scarves stirs his cock into expanding. Writhing and begging for what he intends on giving her. When he decides she deserves it.

The scent of her wafting in his nares only making his excitement intensifying with each stroke of her moist panties up and down his thick shaft. He leans back into the leather loveseat, letting his legs part as he relaxes into the fluffy cushions. His mind releases and lets the fantasy begin.

Picturing her below him, sheets wet between her legs from her pussy juices responding to his standing above her, cock in hand, slowly stroking it. Dominant voice almost commanding her to answer in her typical obedient tone and reply.

"You want me to let you taste this cock, don't you my love?"

"Oh, Yes Master!" she exclaims excitedly.

"This baby sluts mouth is craving your cream filled cock!"

Shifting his six feet two inch frame above her body. Perfectly patterned hair and a happiness trail down his torso. Spreading his legs as he sits astride her hips, squeezing a few drops of precum onto the round mushroom cock head. Bending forward letting the drops fall onto her red luscious full bottom lip.

"You are not to taste that until you have my permission. Is that understood My Pet?"

She opens her mouth to speak, the drop of precum sweet on her wanting lip.

"Yes Sir, I won't taste it with out awaiting your permission."

"Good Girl."

Two words that seared her soul.

Straddling her upper body, he leans his massive size forward, and rubs the head of his cock, against her bottom lip, smearing his precum and leaving more than what he removed.

"You may lick my cock once baby slut, only once, so you better get the best taste you can."

Moans through a pink tipped tongue spreading out flat against growing fat head, sugary sweet precum dances over taste buds. She savors the taste when she pulls her tongue back in her mouth and roams it over teeth and palate, flavor sensations being imprinted in her memory.

Her body arching up against his as he continues to ride her.

"You like to be my puppy slut don't you my sweet whore?" A statement more than a question.

He shoves his cock deep into her wanton mouth. He pushes past her gag reflex, seeing the tears in her eyes as his broad girth stretches that tight throat hole of hers. Slippery precum lubricates his shaft making the push forward easier to adjust to.

She submissively takes his entirety, nuzzling her chin and nose against his pubic bone. The soft fur surrounding the base of his cock neatly trimmed but still tickling her face.

He explodes his semen in jets spraying her face, neck, cleavage and hair. He rubs the love seed into her skin, as if it was lotion. She smiles up at him.

He moves off of her body, and begins to walk around the bedroom, gathering items from dressers and nightstands. Wicked glimmers of dark thoughts as he contemplates what to do with her vulnerable young body.

He sets the items down on the edge of the bed. He then removes a blindfold and places it over her eyes.

He begins to pace back and forth, letting off steam, his deranged anxiety getting the best of him. Glancing quickly at his prize, his reward, what he worked and planned for months was finally in fruition.

She was His prisoner, His slave girl! Maniacal laughs out loud as he thinks to himself. She is Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

Without realizing it Micheal released his orgasm in the air, shooting over the back of the love seat and onto the carpeted floor. He stood up abruptly, cursing out loud, searching for a towel to wipe up his pent up release.

"Bitch!" He hisses it.

He uses a handi- wipe to pick up the cold cum on the carpet.

Another reason he is going to have his way with that hot body once he captures her. The plan has to be perfect in order for it to work. He still had some loose ends to tie up before initiating the sequence of events that will bring her home to him.

Ariele decided to walk to the store today, the sun was shining and it felt good on her bare skinned back. Her breasts bounced softly under the halter tops that she made last year with her daughters. She was thrilled they were still in style.

Her long silky hair was in braids, and she tossed them behind her as she walked down the street and into the alley to take the short cut to the Munchkin Market at the end of the street at the corner. She didn't see or hear the van behind her until the screeching of brakes was upon her.

She felt herself being pulled backwards, an arm around her neck, one around her waist, her heart was beating erratically. She opened her mouth to scream, but was quickly ball gagged and silenced. She tried to kick and scratch, but her legs and arms were being tied and bound. They slipped a burlap bag over her head.

"If you fight me, you will only make this harder on yourself." His menacing voice sent chills down her spine. She slid down the van wall after being tossed against it, she then heard the sliding door slam.

"Ok, we got her, let's get out of here now. Boss is going to want her as soon as possible." His voice was flat.

All he had on his mind was the bonus he would be receiving tonight for the special delivery. He had worked for Micheal for many years, but today, was the oddest request thus far. He would do anything for him, so he never questioned his actions.

Micheal sat at his desk and looked at his watch, knowing that if all went well today his package would be delivered soon. All the preparations from the past few months have been put to task.

Her room was ready, with all the necessities, including stocks, a cage and the wall has been adapted to her specific measurements. He smiled to himself, wondering how long it will take her to succumb to the role she was born to play.


The van parked in front of the mansion. She was led into the library. Hands tied behind her back, feet bound with rope, gagged, mascara streaked down her face. Her difficulty walking became worse with each step.

An intoxicating fragrance stimulated her senses. He walked around her body, studying every inch of her. She could feel his heated gaze, sending flames through out her.

Why, she wondered, could any person under these circumstances have this effect on her body. Chuckles are heard, as if he was reading her mind.

"Are you afraid My Little Pet?"

Quivering whimpers are her only reply. She tries hard to displace the silk rope that is binding her wrists together.

He places his hands around her neck and removes the ball gag, then removes her blindfold.

"I am only going to do this if you promise not to yell. You won't yell now will you my sweet treat?" Again, more of a statement rather than a question.

She shakes her head back and forth.

Relief washes over her face as the blindfold is removed and her eyes adjust to the lighting of the room. Her hands shake behind her as her nerves begin to let go, and the reality of the situation dawns on her.

She looks up at this handsome man who abducted her.

"My family will be looking for me, they will call the police."

Arrogant tones, "I've already thought of everything my dear." He holds up a tape recording of her new voice message on her answering machine.

"Hi, this is Ariele, I'm out and about for a week of fun and frolic, leave a message and I will get back to you. I'll send you a postcard from Mexico."

Defiant glares at him, stomping her foot pointlessly. "How did you do that? How dare you copy and record my voice!"

Blue eyes darken a shade, then fear creeps up her cheeks and spreads across her face as his looks go from tolerant to incensed.

Dark gray bordering on smoke filled looks glare at her as then he leans forward and almost hisses in her ear.

"I will do what ever I want to you, when ever I want to. Is that understood?" Emphasis on what and when.

Steps back and raises an arched brow at her when not hearing a comment or reply. A swift spank of his hand across her backside.


A stuttered reply from her lips. "Ya yes."

Another hard smack across her globe shaped cheeks.

"Yes What?"

Confused looks at him, not knowing how he wants her to address him.

His eyes cold and uncaring.

"Sir, I want you to call me Sir."

Dominating manner. " And I won't tell you again." Emphasis on won't.

"Sir, Yes Sir." She says begrudgingly.

He realizes that training her will take some time; though, by the looks of her and the way she handles herself, getting to know her by watching her for the past few months. He knew that all of his patience will be greatly rewarded.

"One Sir per answer is enough."

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