Meeting Of The Minds

by Submissive Smiles

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BDSM, DomSub, Interracial, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A fantasy fullfilled

Part One: The Introduction

He watched her for months, he knew what stores she shopped at, where her friends lived, he knew more about her than he should have. He couldn't help it, he was obsessed, and the more he knew about her, the more intrigued he became, and the better his plan at abducting her developed.

He calculated the steps she took every Tuesday morning from her car to the entrance of Curves. Her bi-weekly one hour work-out with her best friend Beth.

He knew which brand of feminine hygiene products she used; and, what her weekly routine was. Including how many times a week she masturbated.

He pulled a pair of dark blue satin panties from his pocket, still moist from last night, smelling the pleasure she gave herself. She sleeps like a baby, never even being disturbed when he slips in and out of her bedroom window.

Visuals of her naked body laid spread eagle and secured with silk scarves stirs his cock into expanding. Writhing and begging for what he intends on giving her. When he decides she deserves it.

The scent of her wafting in his nares only making his excitement intensifying with each stroke of her moist panties up and down his thick shaft. He leans back into the leather loveseat, letting his legs part as he relaxes into the fluffy cushions. His mind releases and lets the fantasy begin.

Picturing her below him, sheets wet between her legs from her pussy juices responding to his standing above her, cock in hand, slowly stroking it. Dominant voice almost commanding her to answer in her typical obedient tone and reply.

"You want me to let you taste this cock, don't you my love?"

"Oh, Yes Master!" she exclaims excitedly.

"This baby sluts mouth is craving your cream filled cock!"

Shifting his six feet two inch frame above her body. Perfectly patterned hair and a happiness trail down his torso. Spreading his legs as he sits astride her hips, squeezing a few drops of precum onto the round mushroom cock head. Bending forward letting the drops fall onto her red luscious full bottom lip.

"You are not to taste that until you have my permission. Is that understood My Pet?"

She opens her mouth to speak, the drop of precum sweet on her wanting lip.

"Yes Sir, I won't taste it with out awaiting your permission."

"Good Girl."

Two words that seared her soul.

Straddling her upper body, he leans his massive size forward, and rubs the head of his cock, against her bottom lip, smearing his precum and leaving more than what he removed.

"You may lick my cock once baby slut, only once, so you better get the best taste you can."

Moans through a pink tipped tongue spreading out flat against growing fat head, sugary sweet precum dances over taste buds. She savors the taste when she pulls her tongue back in her mouth and roams it over teeth and palate, flavor sensations being imprinted in her memory.

Her body arching up against his as he continues to ride her.

"You like to be my puppy slut don't you my sweet whore?" A statement more than a question.

He shoves his cock deep into her wanton mouth. He pushes past her gag reflex, seeing the tears in her eyes as his broad girth stretches that tight throat hole of hers. Slippery precum lubricates his shaft making the push forward easier to adjust to.

She submissively takes his entirety, nuzzling her chin and nose against his pubic bone. The soft fur surrounding the base of his cock neatly trimmed but still tickling her face.

He explodes his semen in jets spraying her face, neck, cleavage and hair. He rubs the love seed into her skin, as if it was lotion. She smiles up at him.

He moves off of her body, and begins to walk around the bedroom, gathering items from dressers and nightstands. Wicked glimmers of dark thoughts as he contemplates what to do with her vulnerable young body.

He sets the items down on the edge of the bed. He then removes a blindfold and places it over her eyes.

He begins to pace back and forth, letting off steam, his deranged anxiety getting the best of him. Glancing quickly at his prize, his reward, what he worked and planned for months was finally in fruition.

She was His prisoner, His slave girl! Maniacal laughs out loud as he thinks to himself. She is Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

Without realizing it Micheal released his orgasm in the air, shooting over the back of the love seat and onto the carpeted floor. He stood up abruptly, cursing out loud, searching for a towel to wipe up his pent up release.

"Bitch!" He hisses it.

He uses a handi- wipe to pick up the cold cum on the carpet.

Another reason he is going to have his way with that hot body once he captures her. The plan has to be perfect in order for it to work. He still had some loose ends to tie up before initiating the sequence of events that will bring her home to him.

Ariele decided to walk to the store today, the sun was shining and it felt good on her bare skinned back. Her breasts bounced softly under the halter tops that she made last year with her daughters. She was thrilled they were still in style.

Her long silky hair was in braids, and she tossed them behind her as she walked down the street and into the alley to take the short cut to the Munchkin Market at the end of the street at the corner. She didn't see or hear the van behind her until the screeching of brakes was upon her.

She felt herself being pulled backwards, an arm around her neck, one around her waist, her heart was beating erratically. She opened her mouth to scream, but was quickly ball gagged and silenced. She tried to kick and scratch, but her legs and arms were being tied and bound. They slipped a burlap bag over her head.

"If you fight me, you will only make this harder on yourself." His menacing voice sent chills down her spine. She slid down the van wall after being tossed against it, she then heard the sliding door slam.

"Ok, we got her, let's get out of here now. Boss is going to want her as soon as possible." His voice was flat.

All he had on his mind was the bonus he would be receiving tonight for the special delivery. He had worked for Micheal for many years, but today, was the oddest request thus far. He would do anything for him, so he never questioned his actions.

Micheal sat at his desk and looked at his watch, knowing that if all went well today his package would be delivered soon. All the preparations from the past few months have been put to task.

Her room was ready, with all the necessities, including stocks, a cage and the wall has been adapted to her specific measurements. He smiled to himself, wondering how long it will take her to succumb to the role she was born to play.


The van parked in front of the mansion. She was led into the library. Hands tied behind her back, feet bound with rope, gagged, mascara streaked down her face. Her difficulty walking became worse with each step.

An intoxicating fragrance stimulated her senses. He walked around her body, studying every inch of her. She could feel his heated gaze, sending flames through out her.

Why, she wondered, could any person under these circumstances have this effect on her body. Chuckles are heard, as if he was reading her mind.

"Are you afraid My Little Pet?"

Quivering whimpers are her only reply. She tries hard to displace the silk rope that is binding her wrists together.

He places his hands around her neck and removes the ball gag, then removes her blindfold.

"I am only going to do this if you promise not to yell. You won't yell now will you my sweet treat?" Again, more of a statement rather than a question.

She shakes her head back and forth.

Relief washes over her face as the blindfold is removed and her eyes adjust to the lighting of the room. Her hands shake behind her as her nerves begin to let go, and the reality of the situation dawns on her.

She looks up at this handsome man who abducted her.

"My family will be looking for me, they will call the police."

Arrogant tones, "I've already thought of everything my dear." He holds up a tape recording of her new voice message on her answering machine.

"Hi, this is Ariele, I'm out and about for a week of fun and frolic, leave a message and I will get back to you. I'll send you a postcard from Mexico."

Defiant glares at him, stomping her foot pointlessly. "How did you do that? How dare you copy and record my voice!"

Blue eyes darken a shade, then fear creeps up her cheeks and spreads across her face as his looks go from tolerant to incensed.

Dark gray bordering on smoke filled looks glare at her as then he leans forward and almost hisses in her ear.

"I will do what ever I want to you, when ever I want to. Is that understood?" Emphasis on what and when.

Steps back and raises an arched brow at her when not hearing a comment or reply. A swift spank of his hand across her backside.


A stuttered reply from her lips. "Ya yes."

Another hard smack across her globe shaped cheeks.

"Yes What?"

Confused looks at him, not knowing how he wants her to address him.

His eyes cold and uncaring.

"Sir, I want you to call me Sir."

Dominating manner. " And I won't tell you again." Emphasis on won't.

"Sir, Yes Sir." She says begrudgingly.

He realizes that training her will take some time; though, by the looks of her and the way she handles herself, getting to know her by watching her for the past few months. He knew that all of his patience will be greatly rewarded.

"One Sir per answer is enough."

His arm raises over her delectable curves, but instead of spanking her again, he rubs his semi calloused hand in big circles, taking the sting out of her flesh.

She whimpers in response to his caring actions.

Her body begins to relax after feeling his soothing touches. Her eyes remain on him, feeling small next to his tall strong build, once again he leans in towards and whispers in her ear.

"It's a dance, a tango of sorts, which we will learn together."

He reaches out and places both of his hands on her hips. Leans into her petite frame; and, looks deeply into her eyes and says in a very erotic tone.

"My sweet peach, you and I will become very close."

He looks intently upon her small five feet four inch frame before stepping back, once again undressing her with his penetrating gaze. His feelings for her contained.

A blush appears up and down her body, feeling heated by his lustful looks. Her eyes swollen from crying, streaks of tears still damp on her cheeks.

His hand sweeps the side of her cheek, wiping the tears off her face and then stroking a cheek with his thumb. He then speaks to her in calm even tones.

"I am not here to hurt you. You are here for training." A pregnant pause,

"Training to be Mine."

Part Two: Training

Ariele is dizzy under his lewd stares, she lets her breath out slowly, feeling the ground underneath her move slightly. Intake of hot breath, she almost trips leaning to far to the left.

He catches her in his strong embrace, and holds her body close to his for a few moments before lowering himself down and untying the leather straps that bind her ankles together. Demure sounds form a sentence.

"Thank you, Sir."

His eyes light up momentarily giving his true feelings for her away, but she wasn't paying attention to the wide eyed puppy dog looks.

"You're welcome." Was his only reply.

He began circling around her body again, his riding crop drawing up between the crack of her butt, and around each nipple, causing them to become erect and wanting attention.

Unconsciously she has had a fantasy about being a love slave for years, but never had the guts to seek out a real experience. Some how what she thought would happen, and what was really about to happen were a very different scenario in her mind.

Every nerve on her body was responding to his every touch. Whether it be with his bare well manicured fingertips or the end of the black leather riding crop. Her body was igniting, with embers burning in her pussy, dripping on her white cotton panties.

Soft moans escape her lips. She looks at him desperately. " Please, Sir, what ever you do, please don't hurt me! I have children, I have family. I have friends that love me!"

Once again he leans in her lithe body, letting his nose take in her scent.

"Ariele, all of your friends are aware of this little journey that you and I are going to travel together. Starting now!"

His tones boom in her body, and before she knows what's happening, his lips press firmly against hers. His mouth opening over her welcoming mouth, his tongue probing out, seeking the sweetness of her tongue. Suckling on it, both tongues swirl and dance together as moment pass.

Fires exchanging and igniting within his loins and hers, both of them feeling the spark of electricity between them. Flickers burning hotter now for both of them.

Not knowing that each of them are on the same page, the flirting begins.

She spreads her legs trying to balance her stance, having her arms still tied behind her, with pleading looks she asks him.

"Please Sir, I promise not to try and runaway, but can you please loosen or unbind my wrists?"

Ariele turns her body around, to let him see how red her wrists are getting. He almost screams and startles her.


A man the size of a mountain comes bailing in the room.

"Yes Boss?"

"Why are her wrists red?" Angry looks at Sam. "Did I not specifically request she not be hurt?"

Micheal looks at his employee with a disappointed expression.

"Yes Boss, you did."

"Then why is she hurting?"

"Get the ice, and a something to wrap up her wrists with. On second thought, bring me two ace bandages?"

Ariele was relieved when she heard him speak so concerned for her welfare.

Sam came back into the room, offered Micheal the crushed ice packs and two pink ace bandages as he had requested.

"You may be excused until further notice Sam, and I am very displeased by the way her wrists look. I am holding you accountable for them."

"Yes, Boss Sir."

Sam leaves the day room. Off to take care of his masters requests of the day.

Micheal takes Arieles' hand and guides her to sit on a divan. He places both of her hands on his lap. She stares at him, taking him in. Wondering what kind of man is he, one that can be both a fierce kidnapper and a kind gentle man.

Her interests for him grew immediately as she watched him tend to her sore wrists. Just his warm touch and gentle massaging of tigers balm made them feel better.

His eyes meet hers while he wraps each wrist. Tenderly and patiently placing the ice over her small wrist, and then bandaging each one slowly, making sure it wasn't wrapped too tightly. Following the instructions of how to wrap a limb on the back of the package.

She laid back against the divan, and then he looked at her, intent on reading her thoughts, and realizing that she was too comfortable, she needed to be taught still that he was the one in control.

He pulls her to a stand and takes her down several stairs and stone hallways, to a door that was locked tight when they stood in front of it.

" This is the dungeon."

" This will be your new home."

Shocked looks of disbelief standing outside the room, she had no idea that on the other side of the door was her dream room, with every thing she had ever desired.

He had gone to some lengths and spent an unmentionable amount of money making sure that every one of her sexual desires will be satiated in the next coming weeks.

"I am not afraid." She states adamantly.

"No need to be, for you will be at peace once I have this door open." He pried the key into the lock and turned it. The heavy door bolted open after the lock was released.

Inside is a queen size captains bed, the drawers under the mattress all filled with sexy lingerie from Victoria Secrets. All of her favorite dress up outfits being replaced, silk stockings galore, garter belts, corsets, heels, teddies, baby doll jammies, and a drawer full of sex toys.

Night stands on each side of the four poster captains bed. Huge posters, that with the right equipment can be used for hours and hours of teasing pleasure. Wicked grins as he thinks of what he will do to her. A swing hangs above the bed.

He takes her hand and leads her into the vast room. Lighting candles to shed light in the darkness. Inside was not at all what she had expected. Instead was this beautiful boudoir that was full of sensual gifts and erotic torture devices.

Her eyes lit up when she saw the hot tub in the corner. She turned her head to look at him, a smile creeping on his face quickly disappears when their eyes meet.

A narrowed glare at her, as he surveys her body in one long hungry state.

Realizing that he has waited long enough to get what he wants. He reaches for her wrists, removing the bandages and ice, inspecting them to make sure she can endure hours of bondage.

"I see your hands have recovered Little One."

"Yes Sir, they feel much better. Thank you."

He gently guides her to the wall. He removes her silk blouse, and unhooks the lace bra, sliding it down her arms and tossing it into a hamper in the far left corner of the stone room.

Once her wrists were secured with fur lined leather straps attached to the wall. He unzipped her short black leather skirt, and slid it down over her hips, and down at her feet. He lifted one foot at a time to guide her out of the waist of her skirt. He then tossed the skirt in the same bin as her blouse. He knew he had picked out several outfits for her, that he had purchased at Katherines' Boutiques, her favorite clothing shop.

Ariele stood there and listened to her inner voice arguing internally.

"I can't believe you are letting this guy do this stuff to you. Are you freakin' nuts?"

"I can't believe how excited I get with butterflies and everything when he kisses me."

Always the conundrum, ambivalent feelings.

The feeling was soothing to her skin at first as he secured her feet the same way as her wrists, with leather straps lined with fur.

He gently stroked up her legs, from ankles to thighs, to right between her legs at her wet sex. Looking up at her he asks her.

"Tell me about how you are going to make a nice little cock whore for me?"

The question vibrated in her loins, instead of being horribly insulted she was dangerously excited. She was beginning to entertain ideas of intimacy with this man.

"You will become my nasty little whore; and, I, I will become your Master."

She moans out softly.

"Yes Sir, I want to be your willing little cock slut."

The words came out before she realized what she just said. And strangely she wasn't surprised. This attractive man was starting to turn her on.

Micheal reaches out and traces the swell of her breasts with his fingers after he rises from securing her ankles to the wall. He looks directly into her blue eyes.

"I will make you my cock whore, and you will learn to worship like a good little cock slut." Then a pregnant pause.

"Do you understand this Ariele?"

"Yes Sir."

"Good girl."

His fingers lace in her hair, looking into your eyes, his breath hot over her parted mouth.

"You want to be my cock whore, don't you My Sweet Pet?"

His fingers feel between her legs to the secret place that assures him what she is really feeling... Intensity.

She shakes her head back and forth quickly a few times.

He chuckles. "Your body betrays you Little One."

A smile creeps up on his face, she notices the change in his eyes immediately and is thrilled to see a tender softer side to him albeit briefly. His fingers probe her wet slit, she closes her eyes and moans out.

He knows at that instant she is his, he has to prove it to her now.

Lustful looks at her, lengthy ravenous gazes, his crisp blue eyes penetrating her soul. She can almost hear his masculine tones reverberating in her soul.

"You are mine!"

Micheal knew he had to have her soon, but he didn't want to give her cock until she begged for it first. He had to know she was his before he blessed her with his love and gift of Domination.

Slowly unbuckling his belt and pulling it off, setting it to the side, looking down into her wide eyes. Unbuttoning and unzipping his Calvin Kline jeans, slowly sliding them down off his hips and kicking them aside, he stood there dressed in black silk boxers, his hard cock evident under the fabric. His eyes never leaving hers, maintaining that piercing intent look.

He leans into her body, pressing his manhood against her thighs.

He hisses in her ear. "You have to ask for it little cock whore of mine."

She shivers, his hot breath against her neck, the sounds of his words like a spark of flame spreading through her body igniting burning embers in her loins. Her breathless reply is but a whimper.

His fingers tweaked at each one of her taut pinkish nipples, tugging and twisting them between his forefinger and thumb. His left hand moved down her flat belly, over her mound, to her wet inviting slit.

Micheal stood inches from her, stroking his cock in his right hand, squeezing and pinching the head at the end of every stroke.

She could hear him pleasuring himself in front of her. This excited her greatly. More heat seared through her.

He rubbed his fat head against her moistness, twirling the mushroom around her clit in counter clockwise circles.

She sucks in a breath and almost purrs out.

"Cock Sir."

Laughter is heard. A tug of her hair, pulling her head back, piercing stares into her bedroom blue eyes.

"You will have to do better than that."

A hard slap is felt on the side of her thigh, burning red now.

"Cock Sir, I need your cock, please let me taste it. I need to have it in my mouth Sir."

She surprised herself with the genuine whine. She wondered where this was coming from inside her.

He awakened a surreptitious passion in her.

For many years now she had fantasized about giving herself completely to a man.

She wondered if this man standing in front of her, stroking his sex, could he be the one?

Her daydreams stopped abruptly as she felt another smack against her ass cheek.

"Ouch! Hey! That hurt!" She glared at him.

He shut her up by pressing his mouth over hers, terminating her words. Broke the kiss to slap the side of her leg very hard, leaving a welt.

"Do not ever glare at me again," a deep breath " And do not ever show me defiance or attitude."

A gentler tone. "Do you understand little one?"

A fingertip curls under her chin, lifting it closer to his face, his deep gaze pierces her. Glimpses of a smile, then a full mouth kiss, deep, forceful, intent on owning her.

His index finger and thumbs reach up to each brown pinkish nipple, rolling them around, as the kiss intensifies.

His broad hairy leg pressed between her legs, still bound and tied to the wall. He pinched her nipples hard, holding firmly onto them.

"I asked you a question!" Starting with a stern I, with emphasis on you, and then finishing in a softer tone.

Fearful looks up at him. "Yes Sir, I understand," quivering voice in reply.

"Good girl." He releases the grip on her taut nipples.

She breathes a sigh of relief, having with stood enough pain thus far.

Part Three: The Long Tease

The dungeon is cool this time of evening. The windows are opened to receive the inviting fragrance of jasmine which grows wild in bushes under the window boxes.

Just enough moonlight peers through the windows illuminating the shimmer of her body scantily clad in black lace garter belt and matching silk stockings.

Ariele lays blindfolded, spread eagle on the four poster bed, tied with silk scarves. Her breasts are bound with pretty purple silk rope, only enough to increase stimulation to them. Nipple clamps are applied and connected to a long light weight silver chain.

The chain is attached to a leash, which is held in Micheals tight grasp as he sits in the burgundy leather with his left leg crossed over his right knee. He is considering the list of things he plans on doing to her tonight.

Sensual teases with a long tipped red feather, massage with raspberry kiss kama sutra oil, probing her tight sweet asshole with anal beads, teasing her endlessly with a clit stimulator.

He wonders if she remembers the agreement they made years ago about making their fantasies becoming realities.

Micheal gets up off the claw foot winged back chair and sits on the edge of the bed. He loosens the silk scarves that secure her ankles.

He reaches for a long red tipped feather. He chuckles under his breath as he begins to stroke the silk stockings covering her legs, from feet to mid thigh. Taking his time, curling the tip in every contour and curve of her leg.

He smiles as he watches her body respond to him accordingly to his plan. Goose bumps appear on Ariele flesh, the red tipped feather tickling her skin soothingly.

Even though her wrists are bound and she is unable to move her hands, she still feels like she can touch him, with a word, with a movement, with a sigh or a moan. She knows their bond is growing.

His fingers touch lightly against her thigh as he flicks the garter strap releasing the stocking in both front and back of each leg. Then he rolls the silk stocking slowly down each leg, making a trail of kisses that follow from her thigh all the way down to her toes.

He kisses the top of each toe, suckling each one for a moment. He tosses the stockings on the floor next to the bed, he may decide to use them later when tying her up in another position.

He picks up the bottle of love oil that he purchased at her favorite adult store Erotic Boutique. It's has been soaking in hot water for an hour or so now. He then opens it, holds the bottle to her nose, so she recognizes the familiar scent of fresh picked raspberries.

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