The Insurance Claim

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: She adjusted the adjusters.

Cindy lay on the bed staring at the ceiling and wondering what had come over her lately and how she had let her life undergo such massive change. The days had been normal days, or as normal as days had been for her. Up at six, get the kids up and ready for school and then start breakfast for the kids and her husband Tom. See the kids off for school and Tom off to work, wash the breakfast dishes, throw a load of laundry in the washing machine and then take her morning shower. And then last Friday the days had gone decidedly not normal. That morning she had just finished drying her hair and applying her make up when the doorbell rang. She had grabbed a robe and run down the stairs wondering who it could be at such an early hour. She had opened the door to find a tall, handsome young man who smiled at her and asked, "Mrs. Williams?" She had nodded a yes and the man had handed her a business card, "I'm Tony Roberts of Diversified Insurance. I'm here about the claim you filed last week. I called your husband yesterday and he told me that this would be a good time to call on you."

Just like Tom, she thought, not to tell me. "Come in," she'd said, and stepped aside to let him in.

The week before the hot water hose to the washing machine had blown while she and Tom had been out shopping and they had come home to a flooded floor. The water had also run down all the floor heating ducts and had soaked a good part of the basement as well. As she walked through the house pointing out the damage she noticed that the insurance man seemed to be paying more attention to her breasts than to the damage he was supposed to be here to see. At least someone likes them, she said to herself. Things hadn't been going well between her and Tom lately, as far as sex was concerned anyway. Tom hadn't touched her in over a month and the few times she had tried to entice him he had complained about having a rough day at work and had said he was too tired.

She was holding one end of the tape measure as Tony measured the room and every time she bent down to hold the tape the top of her robe gaped open and Tony would look at her tits, and she had noticed something too - the bulge inside his trousers. She had let her mind wander and she had wondered what Tony would be like in bed. She had imagined him throwing down the tape measure, picking her up and carrying her to her bedroom. Tony had said something and it had brought her back to reality.

"What?" she had asked.

"I said I have measured everything that needs to be measured and all I have to do now is go back to the office and do the paperwork."

She had no idea what had come over her, but she had taken the tape measure from him and had said, "No, we have one more thing to measure" and she'd let the robe slip from her shoulders as she went to her knees in front of him. "Take out your cock," she'd told him, "I want to measure it."

When he had pulled out his throbbing erection she had looked at it and tossed the tape measure aside. "No need to measure it, it is definitely big enough" and she had taken him in her mouth. She had given him one of her best blowjobs and when he came she had swallowed every drop and then had licked him clean. He'd asked her where the bedroom was and when she had pointed the way, he had picked her up and carried her to it. When he left two hours later she had been sexually satisfied, but she was ashamed of herself for being weak and for cheating on her husband.

Tuesday she had done it again, this time with the man from the flooring company that Tony had recommended for repairing the hardwood floor. This time she had known the man was coming and she had promised herself she would keep control of her emotions, but when the man had shown up, his name was George, she had answered the door in a black lace nightgown that hid next to nothing. The man wasn't as good-looking as Tony and wasn't nearly as well built - in fact, he had a rather large beer belly - but she had sucked his cock and then had fucked him for over three hours. Just before he left he'd told her that he didn't do carpet, just wood floors, but he would send the guy he subcontracted the carpet work to by to see her.

Again, after he had gone she had felt guilty, ashamed, and disgusted with herself. She had no idea why she was behaving as she was, but she knew what was going to happen when the carpet man came. The next morning she was surprised when she answered the door to find George standing there with another man. George had introduced her to Joe and had told her that Joe was one of the best carpet men in the business, as if she cared. She knew what they wanted and so she had let the robe fall to the floor and then had turned and walked to the bedroom.

It was her first time with more than one man and she had gloried in having a hard cock always available. The two men had taken turns with her for over three hours and she had pouted when they told her they had to leave. Joe had patted her on the leg and had told her not to fret, "I'll be back tomorrow and I'll see to it that you get all you want" and then he and George had gone. The guilt returned and she had wept into her pillow, ashamed at what she was letting herself become.

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