Polly Plus Four

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He found out what his wife was doing and he didn't like it one bit.

I had never considered myself a mean and vindictive guy, at least not up until the day that I discovered my wife Polly was fucking my next door neighbor.

It was a Saturday and I was supposed to be playing eighteen holes of golf, but I pulled a muscle lifting my clubs out of my trunk and there was no way I was going to be able to swing a club that day so I got back in the car and headed home. I turned on our street just in time to see Mel, my next door neighbor, walk in my front door. Mel's wife works at the Piggly Wiggly as a cashier and she works on the weekends. I pulled over and parked at the curb. See if you can follow my thought process here.

1. I'm not at home.

2. Mel's wife isn't home.

3. Polly has always professed to dislike Mel intensely.

4. Mel didn't knock or ring the bell; he just walked right in.

When you take all that and add to it the fact that I suspect that Polly has spent some back seat time at various social functions we have attended a little voice in my head was telling me to pull over, park and investigate. I moved to the house and quietly opened the front door and a foot inside the house I knew that stealth was unnecessary. From the noise Polly was making I don't think that they would have heard me if I had slammed the door. I was tempted to climb the stairs and peek into the bedroom, but I might have been seen and I wasn't quite ready yet for a confrontation. Besides, the "Oh God but I do love your cock, fuck me hard, please fuck me hard" coming from the upstairs told me all that I really needed to know.

Polly and I had been together just a little over nine years and all in all I would guess that it was an okay marriage. We argue a lot and making up after a fight can sometimes get intense enough to make me fear for the safety of the bed. Polly has a hot temper and though I don't know for certain I am pretty sure that she has let a few guys into her pussy just for spite after we have argued. I operate on the "What I don't know won't hurt me" principal and so as long as she acted like I was the only love of her life I ignored it. Until now of course. Now I knew. I decided to do a little snooping before doing anything about what I had found out.

Over the next three weeks by taking an occasional day off work and following Polly I found out that my wife was really spreading it around. I identified three other men besides Mel that were enjoying what she had to offer. As I said, my philosophy was 'what I didn't know wouldn't hurt me' but now I did know and I was not happy. But the question was "What was I going to do about it

I was living a very comfortable life style and that would all change as soon as I confronted Polly and then divorced her. One of the things that contributed to my comfortable lifestyle was Polly's money. Polly's parents had died in an auto accident during the second year of our marriage and she had inherited the house, free and clear, and had received over seven hundred thousand dollars in life insurance. In addition, her maternal grandmother had set her up with a trust fund that sent her a check for five thousand dollars on the first of every month. I made good money where I worked, but not near enough to enable me to enjoy life as much as I did with Polly's money as a back up. No, confrontation was out, at least just yet. I would do something, but what I did not yet know.

I spent another month learning everything that I could about Polly's lovers. Near as I could tell none of them knew about the others they were sharing her with.

Robert was an electronics salesman with a wife and three kids. His days off were Tuesday and Wednesday and he spent every Tuesday afternoon with Polly at the Holiday Inn. He bowled on Monday evenings and he was a member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks and attended meetings every Thursday.

Steve was an auto mechanic for the local Ford dealer and he was engaged to be married. His hobbies appeared to be restoring old cars and fishing. He took a long lunch hour every Wednesday and met Polly at the Best Western just down the street from the Ford dealership.

Harry was unemployed and as a result he was free to see Polly whenever she felt the urge, which was apparently every Monday and Thursday at the Motel 6.

Mel was every Saturday when I had my standing golf date and Sunday seemed to be Polly's day of rest. At least from her lovers. She rarely let a Sunday go by that she didn't try to fuck me to death. The interesting thing about the situation was that even with Polly's wholesale whoring I saw no loss of affection at home. Our sex life was good; three, sometimes four times a week. I'd not seen any change in her attitudes toward me; she seemed to be the same as she was the day we were married. No matter. I was old fashioned, you were my wife until you weren't and as far as I was concerned four lovers qualified Polly as 'weren't.'

While I was learning all I could about Polly's lovers I spent a lot of time coming up with elaborate schemes to get even, but none of them had any realistic chance of happening. The problem with all the plans was that they left me with just my own earnings and I wanted to maintain my lifestyle so I started concentrating on finding a way to separate Polly from a good chunk of her money in a divorce. Using a fake name I made appointments with two different divorce attorneys and got the same bad news from both of them. We were in a no fault state and in a divorce everything would be split in half between Polly and me. The problem with that was that everything her parents had left her would be exempt from the split. The house was in her name and had not been acquired jointly. Her trust was hers and I couldn't touch it and the money she had inherited and then invested was in her name and not acquired jointly. In a divorce she would walk away with it all and since I was the one suing for divorce I would get stuck with court costs and depending on the judge I could even end up paying alimony AND Polly's attorney's fees.

Divorce was out!!! That did not mean that I couldn't go for some good old-fashioned revenge.

I decided to start with Harry and I began to track his movements. It was during one of his Monday meetings with Polly that the idea hit me. I rolled it over in my mind and looked at it from several angles and decided that I could make it work. Harry was unemployed so that meant Polly was paying for the motel rooms. The question was did she pay with cash or credit cards? Polly paid the bills so I never looked at the statements, but Polly kept everything for a year before tossing it out. I went digging through the records and found that she did indeed pay for the motel rooms with a credit card so there was a traceable record. A little more digging showed that there were no charges for the days she spent with Robert and Steve so they must have been paying their own way. All of a sudden Harry moved from the top of the list to the bottom.

One Monday night as Robert left the bowling alley where he bowled in the men's house league an unknown assailant hit him from behind and knocked him unconscious. When he woke up it was to blackness and excruciating pain. His screams drew attention and when the police arrived and forced open the trunk of his car they found him with two smashed knees and with both wrists broken. His wallet, watch and wedding ring were missing and the police had no leads in the case.

The Tuesday following Robert's misfortune I noticed that Polly seemed to be a little upset. However, in keeping with being her clueless husband I pretended not to notice and nothing was said.

Two weeks later on a Tuesday Steve suffered an accident. He lived in a third floor apartment and late that evening some neighbors found him unconscious on the second floor landing. Both of his legs and both of his wrists were broken and 911 was called. It was assumed that he must have tripped and fallen down the stairs. That is it was assumed until he woke up in the ambulance and started babbling about being attacked from behind when he reached the top of the stairs.

At the hospital it was discovered that his watch, wallet and a signet ring he always wore were gone. The police were called and one of the officers who responded commented on the fact that the circumstances were remarkably similar to another case that had taken place two weeks previously. I understand that for the next several weeks a team of detectives tried to establish a link between the two men with no luck.

Wednesday when I came home from work Polly was nervous and upset about something, but I of course pretended not to notice anything. I did however catch her looking at me a couple of times with a strange look on her face. That night as soon as I hit the bed she was reaching for my cock and then things got very active and we screwed twice before she feel asleep. Notice I said screwed, not made love. I hadn't made love to her since finding out about Mel; fucked her yes, but made love to her, no! As I lay there staring up at the ceiling it occurred to me that we had had sex quite often following her meetings with her lovers. It was always energetic and always satisfying; I wondered what was going on in her mind when it happened.

The next part of the plan was the tricky part. Polly knew that I was looking for a boat and when I found what I wanted she was going to buy it for me as a belated birthday present. I would tell her that I found a guy who had exactly what I was looking for and he was about to go into bankruptcy so he would let me have his thirty-five thousand dollar boat for twenty thousand cash under the table so he could hide it. I'd have her get the cash in three separate transactions so she could avoid the ten thousand-dollar reporting limit the Feds had set on the banks.

Once I had the cash in hand Polly and Harry would disappear. I would report her missing and the police would immediately suspect me, but then they would find out about her cash withdrawals and I would make our financial records available to them and they would find the twice weekly charges at the Motel 6. They would investigate and suddenly the search would be on for Harry, but Harry would be nowhere to be found. I would find some way to insinuate that Harry had somehow gotten Polly to give him twenty thousand and at the last minute she changed her mind and so he killed her, hid the body, took the money and ran.

I wouldn't be able to touch the money in Polly's investment accounts until I could have her declared legally dead and so inherit, but the trust fund check was direct deposit into our join checking account and I would not inform them she was gone. I would be living in a free and clear house with my salary and five thousand a month coming in from the trust fund and that would enable me to maintain my lifestyle.

I was going to wait until two weeks after Steve's accident and then make my move on Harry and Polly. Was I capable of doing something like that? Could I actually "disappear" my wife and her lover? I didn't know, but I was going to find out.

And then Harry went and fucked up the plan.

He found a job out of state and was gone in a week. All I had to work with now was Polly and Mel and since Mel was coming over to the house I had no paper trail linking him to Polly. It was back to the drawing board.

There was a change in my sex life. With three of Polly's lovers off the board Polly was apparently looking to me to take up the slack. We were up to five and six times a week and almost always at least twice and from the way Polly sucked my cock trying to get me up to go again I sometimes thought she would go all night if I could. Was that it? Was that why four lovers? She needed more sex than I could give her? No matter, cheating was still cheating.

I was getting nowhere in coming up with a plan to do something with Mel and Polly. The closest I could come to anything workable was to pretend to leave for golf, come back and catch them in the act and shoot him. One of my shots would miss him and hit Polly. I would say that I thought he was raping her. Everyone knew that Polly had said she didn't like Mel. I just didn't think I could sell that one and the object was to get back at Polly and her lover, stay out of jail and still keep the money. I'd just have to keep working on it until I came up with something.

It was a Saturday and for some reason I woke up in a bad mood and I decided to fuck with Polly. I called Don and told him that I wouldn't be joining the foursome that morning on the golf course. When it was the time I usually left and I wasn't even dressed Polly asked:

"Aren't you running late for golf?"

"Not playing today."

"Why not?"

"Just don't feel like it."

"You sick?"

"No, just don't feel in the mood to do much more than just lay around the house."

I saw the look come over her face and I knew what it meant - she had to get word to Mel before he came over and just walked into the house. She left the room and I heard the beep, beep, beep of numbers being punched on the telephone.

I puttered around the house until noon and then I went into the kitchen and made myself a sandwich and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. I was sitting at the table when Polly came in, stood there and looked at me for several seconds, and then she got down on the floor and crawled under the table. Her hands went to my zipper and she pulled it down and then a hand went inside my fly, took hold of my cock and worked it out of my pants and she took it in her mouth. I slid forward on the chair to give her better access. She licked the head like a lollipop and then she took as much of my cock in her mouth as she could. I felt her tongue working as her head bobbed. Fingers worked their way inside my pants and she played with my balls while her tongue pressed against the bottom length of my cock.

I couldn't see through the table so I had no idea what the expression on her face was, but I had to wonder why she worked as hard as she did at keeping me sexually satisfied when she'd had all those fucking lovers. Her head pulled back and she gave my cockhead small licks and kisses and her tongue snaked around and around the glans. Damn, but I was sure going to miss her blow jobs. Her mouth took me took me inside again and her head went back to bobbing up and down and all the time her magic tongue kept swirling around my shaft. Her fingers were still playing with my balls and she felt it when they tightened up. Her lips clamped hard around me and her head started rapidly bobbing up and down and then I told her I was going to cum. It was something I always did; Polly would swallow every last drop, but she hated to be surprised. She forced her head down on me to take every inch she was capable of taking and then she held still as I erupted. She gulped and swallowed until nothing more came out of my cock and then she slowly pulled her mouth from me and licked my cock until she had it clean. She put my cock back in my pants and came out from under the table. She stood up and said:

"If I was to get naked and go lie on the bed would you join me?"

I chugged my beer, stood up and said, "Lead the way."

She stripped as we walked toward the bedroom and by the time we got there her shorts, blouse, bra and panties were on the floor. She sat down on the edge of the bed and watched me as I took my clothes off and dropped them in a pile on the floor. I stepped forward and she took my limp dick in her hand, fondled it for several seconds and then she took it in her mouth. She sucked on it as she caressed my balls and it took her a minute or two, but she got me hard again. She kissed the head of my dick, released her hold on my cock and fell back on the bed.

She spread her legs wide and looked up at me with an expression on her face that seemed to say, "Okay, now what are you going to do?" It was an expression I'd never seen before and I wondered about it as I moved between her wide spread legs. I parted her pussy lips, placed the head of my cock in the crease and then thrust myself into her

"Oh yes" she moaned, "Shove that beautiful thing deep and then fuck me hard baby, fuck me hard."

I pulled back until just the head of my cock was in her and then I slammed back into her as hard as I could. I did it half a dozen times and then I reached under Polly and gripped her ass and pulled her up hard against me as I rammed myself into her. If I kept up the hard banging I was going to cum too fast so I slowed it down and got a steady rhythm going. Polly didn't want it slow and steady; she wanted hard and fast. Normally I give Polly what she wants, but for some strange reason that morning I was determined that we were going to do what I wanted.

I kept on with the steady in and back, in and back as she cried, moaned, begged and pleaded with me to fuck her hard and fast. She wrapped her legs around my waist and locked her ankles in the small of my back and humped up at me.

"Damn you" she hissed, "Stop this playing around and fuck me."

I ignored her. I wanted to keep on fucking her at the slow pace just to torment her, but my body was sending me a message - "No more playing around hoss, I need to get off" - and I started pounding hard to get my release.

"Oh yes!" Polly cried, "Like that, hard like that, hard baby, fuck me hard."

I felt the juice in me start to boil and begin the headlong rush to the head of my cock and I slammed into Polly and she cried out, "Oh fuck, oh fuck" as her body shook with an orgasm. I felt her cunt muscles trying to milk my cock and I let go. I kept pumping until my cock went soft and then I stopped and held still as the last few drops of my cum dripped out of my pee hole and into the unfaithful cunt of my cheating wife and then I pulled out of her and fell on the bed next to her.

I was lying on my back, staring up at the ceiling, trying to reconcile in my mind the two Polly's: the one who could make love to me the way she just had and the other one - the cheater. Try as I might I couldn't understand it at all. Polly sat up and moved so she was sitting up and leaning back against the headboard and looking down at me.

"How long have you known?" she asked.

She caught me by surprise with that. No sense pretending since she had obviously figured it out.

"About three months now."

"Robert and Steve?"

"What do you think?"

"I think Harry got out of town just in time. You plan the same for Mel?"

As naked as she was she obviously wasn't wearing a wire, but that didn't mean she didn't have a recording device of some kind close by so I just shrugged.

"And me?"

"You don't want to know."

"You were going to hurt me?"

I looked away from her and back up at the ceiling.

"Is that why you are still here? Stay close until you can get your revenge?"

Again I just stared up at the ceiling and didn't answer. She sat there and I laid there in silence for a minute or so and then she got off the bed and left the room. She came back about three minutes later with her Llama .380 in her hand. My bowels tightened up as I realized she had me cold. I had nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. And then she handed me the little automatic!

"Here. Do it. Get it over with."

I looked at her like she was crazy.

"I'm serious," she said, "I'm not going to leave you, but I'm not going to spend the rest of my life wondering when you are going to do something either. Go on, do it and get it over with."

I looked at her and then at the Llama. I ejected the clip and pulled the slide back to make sure the chamber was clear and then I set the pistol on the bedside table and then looked at her standing there looking down at me.

"What do you mean that you aren't going to leave me?"

"Just that. If you want to leave me and get a divorce that is your right and God knows I've given you ample grounds, but I'm not leaving you. I love you and I'm happy being your wife so if any leaving happens it will have to be by you."

"You love me? You are, or were, fucking four other men and you can stand there and tell me that you love me?"

"Why not? It happens to be true."

"Sorry Polly, but to me that just does not make sense."

"That's because you and I are wired different honey. To you love, sex, marriage and togetherness are all wrapped up in one package. I don't think that way. I can separate sex from the other three. I love you, but I don't give a rat's ass for Steve, Harry, Mel or Bob. All they were to me was hard cocks when I was horny. Which, by the way, has been often over the past year."

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