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Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Fiction, Incest, Orgy, First, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: A story of a boy's trip into manhood, helped quickly along by three beautiful women who lure him into a dark woods.

Adam heard the whispers first. At least he thought they were whispers, tiny voices that were indistinct and seemed to be calling to him. He followed them, dropping his heavy pack, leaving the safety of the trail and moving into the darkness of the woods.

He knew the tales of beasts and evil things that lived in these woods, his parents had warned him of them since he was little. The tales were gruesome and horrid, children taken and sacrificed, women raped and sent back to their villages to bear babes that bore the mark of the devil, men who went into the forest and were never heard from again.

He, himself, had seen one such babe and the red mark that covered the tiny infant's face. The babe, a boy, had been taken from the village and left at the base of a tree by the boy's mother who turned her back on her child. The next morn, the boy was gone and the mother had been found by the river, her neck broken, and a strange terror in her eyes.

A branch whipped back, catching Adam across the face, drawing blood. He pushed at it, ignoring the sting, his attention focused upon the whispers. He could see light ahead, a flickering that indicated fire and he hurried that way, crashing through the dense undergrowth of the forest. If someone were to ask him where he was, he wouldn't know. But then again, he wouldn't care for the evil of the forest had taken his mind. He was a pawn for it to play with now.

At eighteen summers, Adam was a strong boy and good looking, with long blonde hair that curled at the tips, bleached almost white by the strong sun. His eyes were startling blue, rich and true, wide set in a strong face that was softened only by long golden eyelashes. He was tall and well built, muscles that came from the plow and hard labor keeping his body lean and strong.

The girls of his village considered him a catch, the only son of a prosperous farmer and handsome to boot. They followed him constantly, giggling behind their hands if he turned and caught an eye or smiled at their silliness.

He'd been on his way to the village this morning, but his mind had been elsewhere instead of concentrating upon his way and his own safety, allowing the evil that dwelled within the dark trees an opening. It had taken its chance for Adam was as sought after by this darkness as he was by the girls of the village.

Laughter caught Adam's attention and he drew closer to the small clearing, moving aside a branch heavily laden with full rich berries to see what had brought him here. Looking between the branches, he caught his breath at the sight that greeted him.

Three girls, not much older than Adam himself, danced around the clearing. The three were beautiful, scarcely dressed with filmy shifts of varying colors. The first that caught his eye was a trim brunette with hair so dark that it seemed part of the forest itself. It flowed around her body bouncing with the girl's movements, a wreath of green leaves gracing her head. Green leaves were scattered among her locks echoing the color of her shift that parted as she skipped around the clearing.

Her breasts were full, nipples hardened and pressing temptingly against the thin fabric. A tiny waist and full hips were displayed by a gold link belt. A large knife in a golden sheath was fastened to the belt.

The second girl was blonde, her hair more golden than Adam's. She was buxom with fleshy breasts that would more than fill his large hands. Large rounded nipples pressed against the sky blue of her shift which was the same color as her eyes. Her hair was as straight as pins with pale blue flowers woven through the satiny tresses. It wasn't her body that drew Adam's eyes though, but her mouth, lush and pink, she wet her lips with her tongue leaving them moist and soft looking. He had a very difficult time taking his eyes off of her.

But there was one more girl. This girl's exotic looks with fiery red hair that hung in thick waves to her waist and green eyes shaped like a cat's, caused Adam's heart to race and his blood to pump thickly into his groin. She wore gold, the material thin enough for Adam to see through it to the graceful curves of her body. Her breasts stood high, her nipples large and pink. Slender hips framed bright red curls that covered the mound of her sex. She seemed to be staring at Adam, though he knew she couldn't see him in the darkness of the forest.

His hands itched to touch her, his body ached with pent up desire. Sex was forbidden before marriage, he had never felt the touch of a woman's hand against his body. And had only known his own self pleasuring, though that also was forbidden and he'd been forced to repent long hours afterwards.

Now he couldn't help but drop his hand to his groin and gently rub the growing bulge that grew from the erotic sight before him. He watched as the three girls danced around the clearing, their bare feet flying over the soft grass as they sang their tunes and stirred a small black cauldron from which a tempting aroma wafted into the wind.

Adam watched the girls as they giggled together, his eyes almost popping from his head when the luscious brunette embraced the blonde, their lips meeting softly. The blonde's hands caressed the brunette with tender touches that had the girl moaning her pleasure. Their lips parted to show the teasing tangle of their tongues as they continued to arouse each other.

The gold link belt was removed and the brunette's green shift slipped from her shoulders catching for a teasing instant against the hardened tips of her breasts. She pulled back a little, wrapping her arm under her breasts to hold the shift to her before turning her back on the blonde. To Adam, it almost seemed as if she was teasing him as well as the pretty blonde girl whose hands settled on the brunette's slim shoulders.

Her hands slipped down, her fingers catching in the slim green straps and pulling downwards almost forcibly on the thin material of the shift. It slid down her arms, the material dragging off her breasts so that they seemed to bounce into view. Adam swallowed hard, his hand shifting over the long bulge in his pants as he feasted his eyes upon the first breasts he'd ever had the chance to see.

For a moment, his father's voice came to him. "Adam, son, you must never do anything that would jeopardize your mortal soul."

And then her shift slid down her body and landed at her feet, exposing the rest of her to his eyes and the voice was forgotten. She smiled and seemed to stare into Adam's eyes as if beckoning him to come to her, to touch the silky skin that gleamed in the sunlight.

"Bernadette," he heard the blonde say to the brunette as she slipped her hands over her soft breasts, her fingers pulling on the hard pink nipples. "Do you have the stones?"

Bernadette nodded, her head falling back to rest on the blonde's shoulder as she allowed her body to be mauled by the girl's small hands.

"Well, where are they?" the redhead asked, slipping up next to the two and stroking Bernadette's thigh.

"In my sheath, Calandra," Bernadette gasped.

Calandra laughed, slipping her fingers between Bernadette's thighs and into the wetness of her pink flesh. "I don't feel anything in there," she said, wiggling her fingers in a way that had Bernadette squirming and moaning.

"Not that sheath," she gasped, moaning when Calandra removed her fingers, slipping them between the brunette's lush pink lips to allow her to taste herself.

Calandra leaned forward and kissed Bernadette, their lips clinging as the blonde slipped her fingers between Bernadette's thighs, sliding two inside and slowly thrusting them in and out.

Adam watched as she squirmed between the two women, her moans escaping despite Calandra's best efforts to keep her mouth busy.

"Not yet, Patience," Calandra said breathlessly as she tore her mouth away. "She must wait for her pleasure like the rest of us must."

Patience removed her hand, bringing her sticky fingers up to her mouth and licking them clean. "True, it will be much better for all of us if we are aroused when he comes."

Bernadette groaned, more than aroused. "I was so close," she grumped. "Can we not start the ceremony?"

Patience shrugged, stepping away from the flushed brunette. "Retrieve the stones, Calandra. I shall get the crystal and herbs." She slipped the straps of her shift from her plump arms, baring her large breasts to Adam's gaze.

He barely restrained the moan that wanted to escape, his hand grasping his cock that throbbed against the material of his pants, twitching as it seemed to swell until it was almost painful.

Patience slipped off her shift, exposing the rest of her curvy body, running her hands down over her breasts and stomach and moaning herself. "I can hardly wait. Have you seen him?" she asked Calandra.

"Only what He showed us," she said, slipping her golden shift down her body until her pink tipped breasts and red furred sex were exposed to the sunlight. "He said the boy would be the one. He said that he would be able to take care of all three of us. We have but to call him and he will come to us."

Bernadette held up three stones, washed smooth in the river and painted a bright red. "I have the stones."

They gathered around the small black pot, Patience handing Calandra a bundle of herbs while she held a crystal that was a pale pink in color.

Adam watched, his eyes roving over the naked bodies of the three girls. They stood proudly in the middle of the clearing, the sun glistening off their skin, shining on their hair. They clasped hands, the black pot that bubbled over the fire in the center of the three. In their left hands they held their offerings, the crystal, the herbs and the three red stones.

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