The Reverse

by JiMC

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Hypnosis, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Helen agrees to be hypnotized by Steve. Somebody is in for a real surprise!


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This story describes sexual encounters between college-age adults around the age of twenty. Please don't try this at home.

Steve shook his head. This was quite a mind trip. "I can't fucking believe this. Are you shitting me?

Helen smiled. "Of course not. I've always been interested in hypnosis. However, I don't think I can be hypnotized, so you'll just be wasting your time."

It didn't take much effort for Steve to present a poker face to Helen. "Well, I've only done it a couple of times. You're right. It probably won't work." He paused for a few seconds for effect. "You do want to try, though. Right?"

"It's been a fantasy," Helen shyly admitted. "Who did you do it with... you know, before?"

Steve answered, "A few guys I hung out with at school..." He stopped, not wanting to reveal the fact that he'd been aching to try it on a female. "We had a bit of fun," Steve continued. "Nothing serious."

With a giggle, Helen said, "You wouldn't make me bark like a dog, would you?"

"No, Helen. I assure you that it would be just the two of us, and I'll let you stop at any time."

Helen looked lost in thought. Her elbow was resting on the arm of the love seat where she was sitting, and her mouth was absently chewing on one of her fingers as her chin rested on her palm.

Inside, Steve was ecstatic. He had always fantasized getting a hot chick to agree to be hypnotized. He would give her a post-hypnotic trigger to make her go under at any time. He'd make her do things to him, things she'd never agree to do if she were awake. He'd make her forget what she did, but she would have erotic dreams about it afterward.

At least, that's what Steve hoped. He never actually got that far with anybody using hypnosis. He made his best friend think his hand was glued to the top of his head and almost died laughing at the reaction from the boy trying desperately to free his hand. Steve knew that hypnotism worked. He only hoped he'd be able to get Helen to agree to go under for him.

"Well, you've always been a nice guy, Steve," Helen admitted.

Yes, yes, yes! Steve tried not to show his excitement in his face. "Do you really think so?" he asked, innocently.

"Of course!" Helen said. She blushed a bit, as if she had admitted to much.

"Wow." Steve didn't feel the least bit of guilt about the fact that his designs on the girl would not classify him in anybody's book as a "nice guy."

"You're cute when you blush," Helen said, changing the subject. "Aren't you hungry? We could call out for a pizza."

Steve didn't want to waste the opportunity. "I guess," he said, sounding just a little disappointed. "Maybe it was a foolish suggestion." Steve put as much emotion into what he said in order to get Helen to give him the right response.

"It wasn't foolish!" Helen said quickly.

Steve thought, Bingo! Outwardly he said, "People usually don't believe in it, anyway. A lot of people think that those guys... the stage hypnotists... the ones that make a bunch of people do silly things... They think that the people up there are just faking it. They know what they are expected to do."

"I've never seen one," Helen answered. "I can't make that judgment. Besides, going to a show like that would cost money."

"That's why I made the offer," Steve said, seeing an opportunity. "I'd show it to you for free."

"Well..." Helen sounded doubtful, but there was something in her voice that said that she just needed to convince herself.

Steve knew better than to push the girl. He hoped it would just be a matter of letting Helen convince herself.

"You actually use a watch?" Helen asked, incredulously.

"Believe it or not, most people have this perception of hypnotism, so it's a pretty good place to start." Steve was actually quoting from a book that he read about hypnotism. Give people something that they are comfortable with. That will get them to relax.

Steve was talking slowly, and was still moving his wristwatch back and forth slowly. He saw Helen's eyes move as she focused on the object.

"Think of yourself relaxing. It's a nice sunny day... a summer day at the beach. Think of yourself lying in the sand, your eyes focused on the pretty watch, relaxing and feeling very content."


"Shh. Close your eyes and imagine the watch moving back and forth. You are alone on the beach, totally relaxed."

Helen's eyes closed obediently.

This was always the tricky part, Steve thought. How can you tell when she's deep enough?

Steve continued chanting, "Relaxing, relaxing..."

Helen's head nodded a bit more.

Maybe that's the cue. "Helen, you can still hear my relaxing voice. You are asleep on a beach... a deserted beach... you are in the tropics, and can hear the gentle sound of the surf as the waves reach the shore."

Helen nodded her head in agreement.

Summoning up his courage, Steve said, "OK. You can talk now. Softly, though. Do you know where you are?"

A soft giggle answered Steve. "I'm on a warm, lovely beach."

"That's right. Where is that beach?"

"It's a neat place I found in Bermuda when I went there with my parents. Back then, the place was crowded. It's quite empty now. It's a bit weird... but nice."

Wow. This is working! Steve was ecstatic. It was obvious that Helen's mind was filling in details that he didn't provide, totally accepting his suggestion that she was at the beach.

The book Steve read on hypnosis also said it was easy to figure out if a person is just pretending to be under.

Time for a test. "Helen, your left arm has a helium balloon attached to it. Can you see how it floats in the warm breeze?"

Helen lifted her arm slightly as if she were holding a balloon.

First test passed.

"Look at the balloon, it's getting bigger. Somehow, more and more helium is entering the balloon. It wants to move higher. You can feel it pulling your arm."

The arm, which was just an inch from Helen's body, started to move up slowly. It was weird as the pantomime was so perfect... Steve could almost see where Helen thought the balloon was tethered. Her arm dangled over her head almost helplessly.

Second test passed.

"The balloon has now disappeared, but your arm still feels light as it floats over your body."

Helen's wrist, which had been the high point of the pantomime with her fingers dangling below it, straightened a bit, as if the string that was suspending her wrist disappeared.

This was pretty convincing.

"Let your wrist float down a bit until it reaches your head." Helen's arm slowly came down. As soon as her arm touched her head, Steve added, "As your hand touches your head, you find that it is now held there by a very powerful glue. No matter how hard you try, you cannot pull your hand away."

Steve enjoyed watching Helen's frustration as she tried to disconnect her hand from her head. This was even more amusing than when Jake did this in high school. It was difficult for Steve to keep from laughing out loud.

"OK, OK, Helen. The glue has magically disappeared."

Helen's wrist shot up suddenly as the invisible glue that was holding it went away.

Quickly, Steve added, "Let your hand float gently down back to your body." He watched as Helen obeyed his instruction.

Third test passed.

Steve left the living room into the kitchen to get a Sprite. He was sporting a huge erection and needed to work off his excess energy. He actually had Helen out cold under hypnosis!

He popped the top and took a quick slug of the cold soda. It really felt refreshing. He slowly walked back to the living room where Helen was still asleep.

Helen was a good looking girl. She had light brown hair, and an oval face that framed her lovely blue eyes. She didn't wear much makeup, not even lipstick. Of course, they were just friends; they weren't really dating, although they went out for dinner occasionally.

When Steve's roommate transferred out of school a few months ago, it meant that Steve had the dorm room to himself--at least until next semester. Helen lived in the same dormitory, and frequently visited him. They sometimes studied together, although the two didn't have any common classes. Helen complained that her roommate was too loud for her to study, and Steve welcomed any excuse to spend time with Helen.

Steve looked at Helen lying peacefully on her side on the love seat. Her breathing was slow and rhythmic, he could see her softball-sized breasts moving with each breath.

Time to move in for the kill.

"Helen, are you still there?"

"Umm, hmm..."

"Great. Do you know where you are?"

"On Horseshoe Beach, in a town called Southampton."

"That's right. Is it a warm day?"

"It's always warm in Bermuda."

"Uh, huh. In fact, there's a hot spell there. It's over a hundred degrees out. Very hot."

Automatically, Helen moved her arm and wiped her brow. She squinted in a bit of discomfort, obviously from the "heat" that Steve had made her think she was experiencing.

This is great!

"Hot," Helen murmured.

"Yes. And look, you're wearing your winter clothes. They must be stifling."

A look of confusion hit Helen's face. Her arms felt her body and she realized that she was, indeed, wearing clothes that were designed for the New England winter where her school was.

"Very hot. Stifling."

"You need to take off those hot clothes, Helen."

Helen shook her head no. "No... No... I want to, but it's a public beach. Somebody will see!"

"Nobody is there, Helen."

Helen looked tormented. "No. It's still a public beach. I can't take off my clothes."

Steve didn't expect this, but it made sense. Suddenly, an idea hit him. "But you're not wearing a bra and panties. You're wearing your bikini. You just need to take off your outer clothes and sunbathe in your swim suit."

"Um, yeah... bikini..."

Steve's heart jumped as Helen started to unbutton her blouse. He watched as her long fingers twisted off each button as she quickly removed it. Throwing her blouse to the floor, she started to work on her jeans.

It was a bit funny watching Helen get out of her tight jeans, and Steve's erection was hard as steel by now. It was his first glimpse at her underwear ever.

Finally, Helen was down to her "bathing suit" and she moved back to her side facing Steve.

"Doesn't that feel better? You can feel the warm breeze on your skin."


Steve spent about five minutes watching Helen, memorizing every bit of lace on her underwear. He could barely make out her nipples through her bra and saw the dark patch of her pubes through the white material of her panties.



"How are you feeling?"

"Warm. Nice breeze..."

"Helen, you've always had a secret desire to sunbathe in the nude. The beach is empty, but even so, they allow topless sunbathing."

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