by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: You get to decide if it was incest or not. Dad's girlefriend? Mother or stepmother? Use your imagination

She was on her back on the living room couch, her skirt up around her waist, her left leg thrown up over the back of the couch and her right planted firmly on the floor with her panties in a puddle around her ankle.

I didn't know the man who was between her legs and sliding his cock into her, but I did know he had no business being there. That pussy he was fucking was supposed to belong to my father, not some unknown stranger. Why was she spread out on the couch for this man? Why the couch and not the king sized bed only thirty or so feet away? Where was my father? Why was he letting this happen? Why was my cock so hard? Neither of them had seen me come into the room so I quietly sat down in the recliner and watched.

My evening had started out with promise. I picked up my fiancée for a dinner and dancing date and we went to Antonio's for dinner and to Club Bogart for dancing. We didn't watch our drinking because there was a motel within walking distance just up the street. The only limit to my drinking was making sure that I didn't take on so much that I wouldn't be able to get it up when we got to the motel.

We had been at Bogart's for maybe two hours and had just finished dancing a set and returned to our booth when I saw Jessica stiffen and quickly turn her head away.

"What's the matter cupcake, not glad to see me?"

I looked up to see some guy I'd never seen before standing there and looking at Jessica.

"What's the matter baby? Forget our night of passion already?"

Jessica continued to look away and I said, "You know this guy Jess?"

"Of course she knows me" and he laughed, "And I've known her, in the biblical sense if you get my meaning."

"What is going on here Jess?"

"Doesn't look like she wants to tell you pal, so I guess I will. Last Thursday she comes in here with four girl friends, picks me up, gets me to take her to a motel and she damned near fucked my eyes out. Its over, I ask her if I can see her again and she says sure and gives me a phone number. Ain't that right cupcake?"

Jessica still kept her face turned away and the guy said, "Normally I'm a nice guy and all you had to do cupcake was say, "Sorry, it was just a one time thing" and it would have been cool. But instead you give me a phony number and let me make a fool out of myself trying to get in touch with you. That pissed me off."

He turned to me. "I seen the ring on her finger. If you are her intended you should know she is a slut. She did it all with me pal. Sucked my joint, took me up her ass a couple of times and fucked me into exhaustion. And that ain't the first time she come in here with her girl friends and I ain't the only guy she's left here with."

He turned back to Jessica. "Next time cupcake, be honest. You do that and bad things like this don't happen."

As he walked away I asked, "You have anything to say Jessica? Is what he said true? Is that what you do on your night out with your girlfriends?"

She kept her head turned away from me and was silent. I got up and left her there and drove home.

I sat in the recliner and listened to the man huff and puff as he drove his cock into her. I listened to her moan as her head rolled from side to side. Her nylon clad legs and high heeled covered feet added an eroticism to what otherwise would have been no more exciting than a man fucking a woman on a porno tape.

I thought back to my earlier question, "Where was my dad?" and "Why was he letting this happen?" and then I suddenly remembered that he was on day two of a four day business trip. Was this what she did whenever he was gone? Were my father's business trips her equivalent of Jessica's Thursday night out with the girlfriends?

Her moans changed to a steady hiss-like "yesssssss" and her hands grabbed the man's ass cheeks and she pulled him tight against her. My cock was hard from watching and I was tempted to take it out and jack myself off. Every time Jessica and I had danced a slow number and she had held me close my cock had gotten hard and thoughts of what we were going to do at the motel kept it hard. I won't say that I had a case of 'blue balls' but I was close.

On the couch her hands had fallen away from the man's ass and she was moaning again. The man muttered an "Oh yeah" and then he held himself against her for several seconds. When he pulled away I saw a thick rope of cum stretch from the head of his cock to the lips of her cunt and then the rope broke and fell into her cunt hair. As he was getting up he noticed me for the first time.

"You the husband?"

I shook my head no.

"Whatever. This was her idea. She picked me up and brought me here."

I just looked at him and he shrugged, got dressed and left. I sat there looking at her, legs spread and her fingers rubbing her pussy, and I thought to myself, "Another whore. First Jessica and now this."

Something snapped in me and I stood up and dropped my pants. I walked over to the couch and looked down at her. Her eyes were closed and her head was rolling from side to side as she fingered herself and moaned. "Fucking whore" I thought as I climbed on the couch, moved between her legs and slid my cock into her wet cunt.

"Yessssss" she softly hissed. I thought of Jessica and all of the girls that had fucked over my buddies. I thought of my sister cheating on her husband and I thought about how the whore I was fucking was cheating on my dad and then I thought of Jessica again. I started slamming into the unfaithful whore as if that would punish her.

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