Golden Eyes

by G Cross

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Hypnosis, Heterosexual, Fiction, Vampires, Rough, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young girl is caught in a dark alley and raped by a supernatural creature.

Silence. Silence practically echoed through the alley. Then a sharp sound. A dog barked. There was the sound of padded footsteps. Then it all went quiet again. It was very black. She couldn't see anything. All she could do was hear. Hear the horrible silence. She hated it. She hated the silence, but it was slowly becoming common place for her after many sleepless days and nights.

The only thing worse than the sounds were the smells. Rotten food. Garbage. Worms after it rained. Wet dog. All the smells of the street seemed to resonate and fester in that alley with her. She knew she had to move sometime, but she was scared.

Another smell perforated her senses every now and again. Blood. Human blood. Life giving, wonderful human blood. She hated and loved it. Her body needed it, desired it, craved it. It was an addiction that no young girl should have to face, worse than any drug, with far worse consequences.

She'd only been out of the alley twice since that night. Twice in the last month. That night it all changed. That night a month ago, when he came. He came and took her. She was walking, it was late. He grabbed her. She tried to resist but he was strong. Too strong. Inhumanly strong. It wasn't only his strength that amazed her. His body moved fluidly. His actions were precise. He seemed able to react to her movements before she made them. He hardly seemed human.

He was cold also. She'd never felt that kind of cold. Not cold like ice. Not cold like stone. Cold, clammy flesh. Like nothing she'd ever felt before. She thought it reminded her of a slab of uncooked beef. Cold, lifeless, clammy flesh.

He took her. He took her there. The alley. She knew it was bad then, but she had no idea how bad it would get. Everything happened so fast. One minute she was a normal girl, the next it all changed.

She was 13. She spent her days at school, her afternoons with friends or at the mall, her evenings doing homework, and her nights watching the pointless soaps she'd taped during the day. Just a normal girl until he came.

It changed quickly looking back. But at that moment it all moved at different speeds. It was too fast for her to react but it seemed to drag on forever.

He told her it would be ok and her pale blue eyes met his golden ones. Golden eyes that seemed to hypnotize, seemed to send her into a trance. Her body wouldn't respond to her commands. She told it to run as he let go of her arm. She told it to fight back when he grabbed her. It didn't matter how hard she tried. She was in his power now.

He kissed her next. Her body responded. She opened her mouth, welcoming his tongue unwillingly. She felt his touch against her side, against her stomach, against her breast. She felt the buttons popping off and the cloth tearing as he pulled, showing his strength once more. She felt the cool air rush to meet her now naked belly. She felt the cold and his touch combine, hardening her developing nipples to stiff little points beneath the simple white bra.

He kissed her neck now, worshipping her body with lips and tongue and fingers. He unclasped the garment guarding her pale bosom and let it fall, revealing her small mounds to his eyes and the open air. He reached up with one hand and cupped her heaving flesh, massaging and rubbing as her breathing became deeper, harder. She panted softly into his hair as he suckled at her neck.

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