Zoea: My Wife

by DG Hear

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Cheating, Oral Sex, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: Some big mistakes were made. Where do we go from here.

Probably a little controversial, but my stories are known for that. This one will let the emotions out, you have been told. As always, a big thank you goes out to my editors, 'LadyCibelle' and 'Techsan' who are responsible for making my stories a better read.

Wow! Zoea and I have been married for five years. It seems like only yesterday that I asked her to be my bride. I'm Eric and I'm one of the luckiest guys on earth. I studied stocks and investments in college. I guess I was a good learner because twelve years later, here I am a millionaire.

I met Zoea when she came in for a job interview for an executive secretary position. Our agency was growing by leaps and bounds. I went into a partnership with Brad in an investment firm. Brad graduated with me and was a great partner to our small but profitable firm. We hired Zoea about seven years ago. She was fantastic, not only in looks but also in brains. She became my right hand lady, and then my wife.

Brad's wife Amy was a stay at home mom. They had two little ones under the age of five.

I wanted to do something special for our - Zoea and my - fifth anniversary, so I got us four tickets on a week long cruise to the Bahamas. Zoea was thrilled and when I told her I got tickets for Brad and Amy, she was happier yet. It's nice to go places with close friends. The four of us were very close. Not sexually or anything like that. We just went places a lot together. I guess you could say Brad and I weren't just partners but were best friends as well.

I dated a lot in my life. I was a normal looking guy but I had brains. Believe me, some girls love guys with brains. I had a normal physique, not fat, not skinny. In general, my looks weren't my best feature: My brains were. You see, I have a photographic memory. If I read or hear anything, it collects somewhere in this head of mine. So it helped with remembering anything a girl said to me. Who do you think the college girls came to when they had a problem with their studies? I spent many nights helping girls out with their homework while they were in their baby doll pajamas. Then we would remove the PJ's and I would lay some rope. Sex was easy to come by.

I hardly ever had to study and spent a lot of time at parties. When it came to making love, I knew my way around the bedroom. I figured I would probably never marry since the women were so plentiful and I loved them all the same. At least till Zoea came into my life.

With Zoea, it was different. It was love at first sight. I had never felt this way about anyone. Zoea, to me. was the perfect woman: great looks, perfect figure, and legs that went all the way up to her ass. I know that may sound odd but that's the way I saw them. I mean she was one knockout of a woman. Her personality to me was perfect. We started dating from the time I hired her. There was nowhere that we didn't go together. We were like two peas in a pod. I didn't hang with the guys, and Zoea didn't have the women's night out. Although she did join the local gym to keep in shape. If we had free time, we spent it together; we were that close.

I had dated a lot of women before meeting Zoea. I had sexual relations with most of them, so I was no novice when it came to lovemaking. I was willing to try most anything with my women. With Zoea, I felt different right from the start. I fell so deeply in love with her. Sex or no sex, I didn't care. I just wanted to be with her.

How do you explain falling head over heels for a woman? I mean seeing her, being near her, to look at her smile or listening to her laugh brought total joy to me. I hope I'm getting my point across here. I've heard of people saying they were in love like this, but never believed them. I guess I thought it was a phase people went though, but with Zoea, it was real. I guess you have to have it happen to you to know the feeling. Zoea was my life. I had total faith and trust in her.

I explained my feelings to Zoea. She said that she felt the same about me and didn't want any other man but me. After about a year and a half we were married. As I mentioned, life was great. Our sex life couldn't be any better. We made love everywhere. She was so beautiful, even naked, taut breasts, hourglass figure, a flat tummy, and a pussy that was made to be eaten and fucked; something that I did very often!

We weren't prudes, but were more of the yuppie set. We partied a lot. We even went to nude beaches together. Most people don't know much about nude beaches. Usually there are mostly middle age to older couples, sometimes they have their kids with them. It isn't all great looking babes out there waiting to be fucked. Quite the opposite, it's generally older people with not the greatest looking bodies. Some are sun worshipers, others just like to lay on the beach naked and get a total tan. After you've seen a hundred nude bodies on a beach, the surprise is usually gone. Every now and then you may see a few people out there trying to look at all the nudity. Most are asked to leave or quickly sit down and look around quietly.

Everyone noticed the really good looking women when they are naked or the men that are hung even with a soft cock. Zoea's looks demanded attention. She would just smile and set a blanket down and smile over at me. I often asked her what she was thinking when the men looked at her nude body. She told me it was the same as dressing sexy. She knew I would be hot to trot when we got back to our room and she would get some of the best sex ever.

"Zoea, do you ever think of having sex with other men, any more?" I asked.

"No, this body belongs only to you. Yes, I like sex, but with you it's so much more than that. I never want to lose you. The love we have could never be replaced by letting some other guy have me. I love you, Eric, and only you. If you want me to dress differently or not go nude, then all you have to do is say so. I always believed you wanted to show me off and let people know that I belong only to you," she replied.

She was right. Whenever other men looked at her, I was proud and at the same time knowing that she was mine, only mine.

Brad and Amy are very similar to us when it comes to sexual awareness. They've gone to the nude beaches with us. Amy has a nice figure also but after a couple of kids it wasn't in the same category as Zoea's. For a woman who had two children she still looked great. Brad and I often joked with the girls about swapping but none of us would ever do it. Other than a peck of a kiss, we never touched each other's wife. It was a great bond the four of us had. We could go anywhere, do anything, and not have to worry. It was real friendship.

I know many people probably have a hard time understanding our lifestyle situation. We showed off but were totally monogamous.

We headed out for the cruise. We were leaving from Ohio and flying first class to Florida, where we would be catching our cruise ship. We were excited and the girls were acting giddy all the time. We had separate rooms on the ship. I was expecting to make love to Zoea every night. We have done it in front of Brad and Amy before, and they did it in front of us. It was never planned. It might have been camping and sharing a tent. We usually liked our privacy when making love.

After we got settled in, we decided to check out the ship. It had everything. A pool, lots of gambling, a gigantic dining area, and three snack areas where you could get something anytime, day or night. Also twenty-four hour room service. Of course liquor a-plenty, set up all over the ship. We headed to a greeting lounge where they welcomed us all on board. Drinks were even free. We all had our share of drinks before heading off to tour the ship some more.

There were three entertainment decks. The first two were where most activities took place. The third entertainment deck was for nude guests only. The only exception was if a woman was on her time of the month, she could wear shorts or a bathing suit bottom. It's funny how so many women seemed to have their time of the month day after day. I believe they were a little shy and that policy just gave them an excuse. We decided to go on up and do a little sunbathing. They had a steward at the entrance explaining the rules. He gave each person a basket to put their clothes in and a locker key on a wristband, since no one had pockets.

Brad and I were out checking out the people while the girls were undressing. There were a few pretty nice looking women, but when Zoea and Amy came out, most eyes turned to them. We watched as they walked by a number of people to come sit next to us. A few men decided they needed towels on their laps. Hell, I even began to get a little hard watching my wife and Amy coming toward us. We all laid back and relaxed for about an hour and sunbathed. We ordered drinks and just enjoyed ourselves.

I saw two guys sitting not too far from us. I could tell they kept looking over our way; it seemed a little strange two guys by themselves up there. Maybe their wives didn't know they were there. Stuff like that happens a lot. Men get away from their wives and check out the other women.

Later in the afternoon, Zoea and I sat on the ship's deck. I remember telling her how beautiful it was. Calm and quiet, no hustle of the big cities; I remember telling her that someday I would like to move here and live. We could see all the different Islands off in the distance. It would be a perfect life with Zoea at my side. She told me how she loved it too. Peaceful and beautiful, it doesn't get much better than this.

In the evening, after dinner, we went down to one of the lounges and ordered drinks. We danced a little and conversed with some of the other cruise people, listening to their stories. We were sitting at a large table where a number of us conversed when the two men that we had seen earlier that day asked if they could join our table. Of course we didn't mind as they sat down. They introduced themselves as Jim Harley and Bob Fritz. This is where my memory is great to have. I can remember everything they told us, most of it was bragging but you also pick up a lot of facts, like where they are from, their jobs, etc. Jim was an insurance salesman and won two tickets for this cruise for selling the most insurance. Actually he had his name drawn out of a hat. He just got lucky. We asked him if he was married and he told us he and his wife got in an argument, so he asked Bob to join him on the cruise. Bob was also an insurance agent and had been divorced for about two years. The two guys seemed nice enough but sure seemed like they had a couple of messed up lives. Zoea did her usual flirting, as Jim and Bob paid a lot of attention to her.

Brad and I just told people we were investors. We never discussed our financial situation. Of course Jim and Bob weren't interested in us anyway. They liked our wives but we knew they wouldn't get anywhere with them. They were pretty subtle; I have to give them that. They didn't even ask the girls to dance. I was kind of surprised. We eventually said our goodnights to everyone. We told them that, after the boat docked for the afternoon, Brad and I were going to try snorkeling. Of course the gals said they were going to work on their tans.

When I got Zoea to the room I had to have her. She looked so damn sexy all night. First she was nude and then dressed in a slinky and sexy dress. I unzipped her dress and let it fall. I sat at the edge of the bed and pulled her to me. I undid her lace bra and let it drop to the floor also. I wrapped my lips around a breast and sucked until her nipple stood straight out. I then began working on her other breast until I reached the same result. As she held my head to her breast, I slowly lowered the matching panties, baring her little tuft of hair.

I stood up and had her sit down as I got on my knees and buried my face into her already moist pussy. God, she tasted so good. She fell back on the bed as I put her legs over my shoulders. She spread her lips for better access for my tongue. I just couldn't get enough of her as she climaxed onto my face, holding both of her hands around my head till I could hardly breathe. I felt the pulsating of her pussy slowly come to a stop. Now it was my turn to bury my cock deep within her.

"Eric, I love you so much. There will never be anyone else for me but you," she said.

She was my woman; I would just as soon die if I couldn't be with her. She was my everything.

The next morning we felt the cruise ship dock. The cruise director told us we would be docked for most of the day and would be back out on the water that evening.

Brad and I kissed our women and told them we were headed for the snorkeling group. They were going over to the beach and spend the day swimming and sunbathing. As they headed toward the beach, we headed for the snorkeling boat. They supplied all the equipment and they had instructors to show us how to do it.

We spent most of the day learning to snorkel. When we were finished we went looking for the girls. We headed up and down the beach but didn't see them. We asked an attendant if there was another beach and he said there was a nude beach on the other side of the hill. It was only a couple of hundred yards away but was blocked by boulders and a hill so the non nudist couldn't see in.

It bothered me a little because Zoea never went nude without me there. I was kind of her protector. Anyway Brad and I got to the entrance of the nude beach and saw Amy smiling at us.

"Where's Zoea, Amy?" I asked

"Oh, she's about a hundred yards down the beach. I had to pee and I was going to get us something to drink," she replied.

"Why didn't she come with you? I don't like her being alone out here," I said.

"Oh, we're not alone. Jim and Bob were out here and came over a little while ago to visit with us till you guys got back. Zoea got a leg cramp while we were in the water and said she would just wait for me. The guys helped her back to our blanket."

I didn't like the sound of that at all. I told Brad and Amy that I would go see after Zoea while they waited for their drinks. I had a bad feeling about this. I looked down the beach. There weren't very many people at the nude beach. I spotted two men and a woman about a hundred yards down the beach alone. I started running toward them. It was Zoea all right. What were they doing? God, no, it looked like Jim was fucking Zoea as Bill was rubbing her tits. No, this couldn't be happening!

I ran as fast as my legs would carry me across the sand. It looked like Zoea was a willing partner. She was humping against Jim as hard as she could. Jim climaxed as I approached them. Zoea hadn't seen me yet. Right when I got there I was ready to grab Jim when Bob caught me with an elbow to the ribs. Zoea looked up and screamed. I saw a tear running down her face but by then Jim had recovered from his orgasm and the two of them double teamed me and were beating the shit out of me.

Zoea was screaming as they kept hitting me. The next thing I knew, Bob had taken Jim's place and was fucking Zoea. Jim was holding me down; I was in too much pain to move. I watched Bob shoot his load into Zoea and the two of them walked off laughing. I tried to get up but hurt too bad. Brad and Amy came running to us. He told me later it was useless to go after Jim and Bob by himself, so he stopped to help me.

Zoea came up to me to tell me how sorry she was.

"Get the fuck away from me," I told her. I honestly have never talked to her in that way. Then Brad helped me and my battered body up as we left the beach and he helped me back to the boat and to the dispensary. As far as I know, Amy and Zoea gathered up their stuff and headed back to the rooms. I told Brad to keep her away from me right now. I was puzzled as to what I was going to do and at the same time my body ached and my eyes were blackened, as well as a number of other bruises.

Brad left me at the dispensary with the doctor and went back to check up on the women. He came back later and I told him to take the women and go to dinner. I would contact him later. He asked me what I was going to do. He knew me as well as anyone. I didn't answer him but repeated my instructions.

"Eric, don't do anything you'll regret. Please take the time to cool off a little."

"Brad, you didn't catch Amy fucking another man; it was me who caught Zoea. I don't know if I can live with that. Please leave now. I'll talk with you later."

The doctor told me I had some sore ribs but nothing was broken. The facial injuries would all heal in the next few days. He told me I was lucky that there wouldn't be any permanent damage. I guess the blow to my heart didn't count. There was definitely a part of my heart that was broken.

I went to my room and gathered my bag. I left a note for Zoea saying that I never wanted to see her again. I just couldn't handle her cheating on me as she did. I still loved her but a part of me was now dead.

I went to the cruise captain and told him I wanted off. He tried to argue with me but in the end, he let me off his ship. This was the only port that I could get off at that had an airport. I took a taxi to the airport and bought a ticket back home.

Chapter 2

I had plenty of time to think on the way home. It took me a few extra hours due to the plane transfers I had to make. I arrived at home a battered and beaten man, both inside and out. The house was dark and gloomy as I entered. No Zoea, marriage over, hardly any reason to go on. I know most people don't understand this. I don't expect them too. I would have just as soon been shot as see Zoea with another man. It was that bad. I was lost and devastated. I pulled out a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon and started drinking.

The phone started ringing and I could see by the caller ID that it was a sea to land call. It was probably Zoea or Brad. I let the answering machine take the call.

"Eric, if you're there, please pick up. This is Brad. We need to talk. Zoea is a mess. We can't get off the boat till it docks four days from now. Please pick up if you're there."

I picked up the phone. "Brad, I have a few things to say to you."

"Eric, thank God you're home safe. We've been worried sick about you. We contacted the ship's captain and he said you got off the ship. What's going on, Eric?"

"I'm divorcing Zoea and probably quitting the firm. I'll see the lawyer tomorrow and have all the papers drawn up. They'll be on your desk when you get back. My interest in the business will be transferred to Zoea. I hate her for what she did to me, but deep down in my heart, I'll always love her."

"Eric, you can't just walk away. God, man, give yourself a little time. I'm sure you and Zoea can work things out. She loves you."

"Yeah, right, she loves me so much she fucks another man on our anniversary. I can't handle that much love. Anyway, I don't want to talk anymore now. I have things I have to do."

"What kind of things? Eric, please, wait till we get home and work all this out."

I just hung up the phone. In fact I even unplugged the answering machine. I reached in my dresser drawer and pulled out my Luger. It was my dad's gun that he gave me many years ago. I sat there drinking my Bourbon and cleaning my Luger. I was so tired I walked over to the couch and passed out.

I really did consider suicide and ending it all, but I had to know more of the facts. My memory started working overtime. I decided the revenge route. I didn't care anymore.

The next morning I headed over to the lawyer's office. I told him what I wanted and not to ask any personal questions about what I was doing. He was an old friend that was with us since we opened our doors. I know he wanted to say something but knew that I meant what I said.

I had him draw up a divorce decree for me and Zoea. I transferred in the decree half of my holding in the business to Zoea. I also gave all our possessions over to Zoea. The house itself was worth around two million less what we owed on it, not including the furnishings. I had no need for any of it where I was going. I took three quarters of a million dollars out of our assets. It was most of our savings and I had to cash in some of our stocks.

The lawyer was to get the papers to Zoea and Brad as soon as they returned from their cruise.

We had our offices in Ohio and Illinois. We had the top of the line people in management positions. Brad or I would travel once a month to the Illinois branch to check records and see how they were doing. After Zoea joined our firm we would send Zoea to Illinois, she liked the reprieve from her usual work fare. We had a lot of good people working for us. It's one reason we were able to take off for a week and know the business was in good hands.

I went home and packed up two suitcases of my essentials. Two days later I stopped by our office and everyone was surprised I was back. They saw I was still beat up but the bruises were healing. They asked what happened and asked about Brad, Amy and Zoea. I just told them I got beat up and the doctor said it would be better if I went home and rested. They didn't need to know the truth.

I tried to put on a happy face but it was darn near impossible. One guy asked me what happened and I told him, "I beat the hell out of this guy's fists using my face. If you think my face looks bad, you should see that guys hands." Of course they laughed; you always laugh at the boss's jokes.

I told them all I was going away for awhile but Brad would be back in a couple of days. No one questioned me; after all, I was the boss, or at least one of them.

I called the travel agency and had them book me a flight. I used the company computer and transferred most of my cash and savings to a bank in the Bahamas.

I drove my Mercedes to Illinois, to the branch office. It was actually for a cover up. I went in and saw the people who worked there. They were surprised to see me but no one questioned me. They did ask about my facial bruises and I gave them pretty much the same story I told our Ohio people. It was good to know I caught everyone working. It makes you feel pretty good when you have good working employees; of course we paid them well. They asked about Zoea and how she was doing. The people at this branch office liked her a lot. They said she liked one of the health clubs there. She went there to work out every time she visited the office. Hummm? She never mentioned it to me that she worked out when visiting the office, I wonder why. I decided to visit the health club and find out a little more.

When I got there I knew something was up. It was a nude health club. I was asked if I was a member and I told them that my wife was and I was thinking of joining. I gave them Zoea's name and the manager smiled. He mentioned that she was a very lovely lady, but I could see a slight smirk on his face. I asked for a tour of the facilities and a beautiful young lady escorted me into a private dressing or undressing room if you prefer. I was told I could take the tour but I would have to remove my clothes since it would make the other members uncomfortable.

My escort was a young lady named Racine. She was probably barely out of her teens so I know I could probably get a lot of information out of her. I asked her why she kept on her clothes if I had to be naked?

She smiled and said, "I work here Mr. Burke, but if you like, I will strip also."

She removed her clothes and she had one beautiful lean body. I couldn't help get hard looking at her. She reached out and grabbed hold of my cock and said she could take care of that for a price. I told her I would look pretty stupid taking a tour looking like this. "How much for release of my tension?" I asked her.

"Twenty-five for a hand job, fifty for oral manipulation, and a hundred if you want to fuck me," she said.

The God's truth, I haven't been with another woman since I've been married to Zoea. I was torn between the love I had for her and just getting even by fucking this young thing.

"Racine, I'll give you five hundred if you sit on my lap and fuck me and answer a few questions about Zoea."

"We're not suppose to talk about other members, but since it's your wife I guess it's alright. But don't tell the boss I told you. I need the job, it's fun and it pays great," she answered."

I sat in a chair and she came up and straddled my lap. I watched as this young thing took hold of my hard cock, guided it into her waiting hole and slid down my pole, then just sat there and rocked.

"God, Mr. Burke, it feels so good, I could ride this all day," she said.

"Call me Eric. I think we're close enough friends for that now. Do you know Zoea very well?" I asked as she kept humping by cock.

"I've seen her for the last couple of years. She comes in, uses the facilities and has made a lot of friends."

"The friends - male or female?"

"Both. She is one hot woman. I probably shouldn't tell you this but she had me eat her out a few times. She has done it to me also. God, your cock feels so good."

"Yes, I know, she loves women as well as men." I lied, I had no idea Zoea was like that. "I saw the look on your boss's face out there. I bet he loved fucking her too."

'Oh yeah, he fucks her every chance he gets. God, your cock is throbbing inside me, you're getting hot talking about your wife fucking other men, aren't you?"

She was right; talking about Zoea and other men was getting me hard. "Do Jim Harley and Bob Fritz belong to this club?" I asked

"Yea, They're kind of... how should I put it... guys who just come to see if they can get free pussy. They won't use my services or any of the other girls. They look for members that are horny and try and get them to fuck. They always showed up when Zoea was here and she would pay for a private room and they would double team her. You know, take them both on at once."

I shot my load deep into Racine as she screamed out how good it felt. She was one happy young working girl.

"Eric, you are one of the nicer men that has ever come in here. You didn't treat me like some kind of slut, but more like a woman. Zoea is one lucky woman to have a man like you. Not every guy would share a woman as beautiful as her. Do you want to go in the shower together and clean up before the tour?

We got into a big shower together and washed each other off. I couldn't believe I was doing this. Having sex with someone other than Zoea. Racine got on her knees and sucked my cock to another climax. I told her I didn't need any more of the tour and that I would probably join my next time in town. Of course I had no intention of returning to Chicago.

I went to the Mercedes dealership and told them I wanted to sell my car. They were surprised until I told them I wouldn't need it anymore as I was moving overseas. They pretty much took me to the cleaners on the deal but I got at least half its worth. I got a taxi to take me to the airport. On the way I had him stop by a sports supply store and bought a ball cap and a baseball bat. He thought it was kind of weird but who cares what he thinks.

When I got to the airport I had the taxi driver check in my bags. I still had my Luger on me and didn't want to get caught in the terminal with it. At first the taxi driver refused but a hundred dollar tip convinced him otherwise. He handed me the luggage tickets and I took my ball bat and asked him to drop me off at the long term parking area. I got out of the taxi, gave him another C-note and told him he never saw me.

Now was the time for my plan to come together. The two guys Jim and Bob were from Illinois. Their plane was due to arrive within the next half hour. When I called for my reservation I asked when the return plane was due to arrive. I then looked in the phone book in Chicago and found the name Jim Harley and called it. His wife answered and I asked when Jim was due to arrive back from the Bahamas.

She said, "I don't give a damn if he ever comes back, the two timing son of a bitch! If you need insurance, you should go somewhere else. I'm married to him and I'm telling you how it is. As soon as he gets home, I'm hitting him with divorce papers. It should be this afternoon. I'm sorry if I offended you, sir, but what kind of husband takes a friend instead of his wife on a cruise? Now I find out he has a girlfriend here in town also. I ought to just shoot the bastard."

I told her thank you and quickly hung up. Maybe I should just let her deal with him, I thought. My problem now was which car was theirs? They mentioned that they parked at the far end of the long term parking area so they could get their exercise. I really think it was because it's cheaper. So, I went to the back of the lot with my baseball cap on, a baseball bat in hand and batting gloves on so I didn't leave fingerprints.

About a half hour later, I saw the two jokers coming with their suitcases walking toward the back of the lot near the place that I was. They were laughing and not paying any attention to their surroundings. As soon as Jim unlocked his car, I hit him across the kidneys with the bat. He screamed out as I hit him again across the back. I swung at his legs and caught him in the thighs. He went down as Bob came around the car at me. I swung and he tried to grasp the bat when it connected to his wrist. I heard something crack and it wasn't the bat. I hit him again on the side of the knee as he fell to the ground also.

I kept swinging the bat left and right at both of their bodies. They were screaming out in pain on every hit. They had their arms blocking their heads so I couldn't crush their skulls. Finally, I was exhausted from swinging the bat. They were both crying out in pain as I pulled out my Luger.

"Please don't shoot us; we'll give you all our money. Please don't shoot us."

They had no idea who I was. I cocked the gun and aimed it at Jim's head and held it there while he screamed out. I pulled the trigger as he let his bowels go. He pissed himself and you could smell the shit.

"Damn it, it misfired," I said.

I walked over to Bob where he was also crying in pain. "Please don't shoot. I'll give you everything I got. Please don't shoot me!" he said.

I cocked the gun again. "Piss yourself or I'll fire." Right then I could see the front of his pants getting wet. As they both laid there in stench and in pain I walked away. I threw the bat in the back of a pickup as I walked by, the hat in another. I threw the luger away also. It wasn't traceable since my father got it during the war. I finally threw the gloves in a trash bin as I entered the terminal and boarded my plane back to the Bahamas.

I arrived and took a taxi to my hotel; a really beautiful place. Too bad I didn't have Zoea to share it with. For the next couple of days I just thought about what I was going to do. I found myself drinking and thinking about Zoea. Every day I was getting more depressed. I had to do something or I wouldn't make it. I decided to call Brad.

"Eric, where are you? According to the receptionist you're in the Bahamas. What's going on, Eric? The lawyer came in and said you are giving half your business assets to Zoea. I talked to her today and she is out of it. After you left her on the cruise, she never came out of her room. She wouldn't even talk to me, only Amy. Amy ordered her in food so she would eat. Amy said all she did was cry. You need to talk to her, Eric. I'm afraid of what she might do."

"I can't see her, Brad. I just can't. Every time I see her in my dreams, she's fucking that guy. A big part of me is dead and if I don't find something to do with my time, the rest of me will probably follow."

"I don't get it. You can't live without Zoea, and she can't live without you, but here you both are a thousand miles apart," said Brad.

"Anyway, Brad, I'm thinking of staying here. I was wondering about opening an office here. There are plenty of clients. People here on vacation, plus all the businesses. What do you think?"

"Eric, you stopped by the Illinois office, didn't you?"

"Yes, I stopped in to make my reservations. Why?" I asked.

"It seems there were two men who got off a plane and were beaten within an inch of their lives. They had bad leg and back injuries. One had a broken arm. The people at our Illinois office sent us the newspaper copy," said Brad.

"Why are you interested in a mugging that took place at an airport in Illinois?"

"The two men were Jim and Bob. Our office people thought it was interesting since the two men just came back from a cruise in the Bahamas. According to the paper they have no idea who the attacker was other than he wore a ball cap and carried a bat. They said he also had a gun, possibly a Luger. Your dad gave you a Luger, didn't he, Eric?"

"Yes, I got rid of it some time ago. Glad to hear those two pricks got their just due. Did Zoea see the article?"

"Yes, and she thinks you were the attacker and is worried about you."

"Well, it wasn't me. By The way, tell Zoea that the people at the health club in Chicago said to say hi. What about the business deal? Want me to go for it?"

"All that's fine Eric, but what you really need is here. Her name is Zoea and she is in the other office right now."

"I can't fucking talk to her. I can't!" I found myself crying as I hung up the phone.

I went ahead and tried to do some business. I sold a few accounts, even though my heart wasn't in it. About a week later I got a call. It was Brad.

"Eric, Zoea is gone. She hasn't shown up for three days. Amy went over to see her and she gave Amy the power of attorney to sell the house and all the belongings. She told Amy that she couldn't live there without you and that she would contact her when she got to her destination. We got hold of the lawyer and she wouldn't sign the divorce decree. She ripped it up in front of him. I'm worried; she wouldn't even tell Amy where she was going. It's been three days and we haven't heard from her," Brad said.

I heard an extension phone being picked up. "Eric, I know you don't want to talk to Zoea but I want you to listen to me. You have to know the truth and Zoea was afraid you wouldn't believe her." Amy went on to tell me what Zoea said had actually happened that day. She said that when she went to the bathroom that day that Zoea was raped.

"Amy, your best friend Zoea has been lying to you. She's been fucking those two guys as well as a lot of others since we've been married. She's also been with a number of women," I said.

There was dead silence on the other side of the phone. Finally Brad spoke.

"You might as well know the truth since you know that much. Amy and Zoea have been together a number of times. One night I caught them together in our bed and then I had a choice to make. Either divorce Amy or join them, I joined them and fucked Zoea also. Eric, she really does love you. She loves sex as well. Please talk with her. Maybe the four of us can get together and we can share our feelings with one another. Amy always wanted to find out if you are as good as Zoea says."

They were still both on the extensions. "Amy, you are one beautiful woman. I have always liked you. You are Brad's wife and were my friend. You are also a liar. I'm looking for truth here and you start telling me a bunch of bullshit. I want nothing more to do with you. As for you, Brad, I want out of the business totally. If I ever see your fucking face again, I'll kill you. I suggest you talk with Zoea and tell her to stay the fuck out of my life. I can't stand a liar and a cheat. If she wants to fuck, she has you two to depend on."

I hung up the phone; there was a knock on the door. My dinner must have arrived. I sure wasn't in the mood to eat now.

Chapter 3

Zoea tells her side:

In high school and then college I was popular. I knew I was good looking, but I also knew that looks were skin deep. I tried hard to be more than just the pretty face. My grades were extremely good and I made the honor roll every year in high school and the Dean's list in college. I've been sexually active every since I was nineteen. I wasn't a slut and I didn't sleep with just anybody. However, I did have a number of sexual partners. After college I applied for a position as an executive secretary at an investment firm. I got the position and fell in love with one of the bosses. I swear it was love at first sight.

His name was Eric and we started dating about a month after I got the position. At first I was a little leery about dating the boss. I was afraid we would have sex and then I'd have to look for another job or constantly put out. It was a dilemma I didn't have to worry about. Eric is the kindest, nicest, most wonderful man I have ever known. I would die for him in a second if necessary.

On our fourth date I asked him up to my apartment and we didn't have sex. We made love. I have never felt this way with any other man, ever. He made every fiber of my being want him. He kissed every inch of my body. He even caressed my feet. He put me totally above himself. After the first time with him I never even considered another man. We went everywhere together. I just wanted to be with him. After dating for about a year, he asked me to marry him.

I asked him if he wanted to know anything about my past. I didn't want to keep any secrets from him. I remember him telling me that our past was exactly that, our past. He didn't care to hear anything about my past sexual experiences and he didn't want to tell me about his. What counted was from that day forward, till death us do part. It's what counted. I promised him that I would always be true to him.

I know he liked to show me off. I didn't mind as long as it made him happy. He said he didn't mind other men looking at me but they were not allowed to touch. We even went to nudist camps and he wasn't jealous because he knew I was his and only his.

We were wealthy which was nice but I was more interested in being with Eric. He bought me anything I ever wanted. I tried to dress as sexy for him as possible. He even helped pick out some of my clothes. I exercised regularly. I did it at home and when Eric watched me it made him hard and me wanting him. We had our own exercise equipment at home. My friend Amy would come over sometimes and we would exercise together. Life for Eric and I couldn't be better.

For our fifth wedding anniversary Eric got four tickets for a cruise to the Bahamas. I was so happy and then he told me that Brad and Amy were going with us. Those two are just like us, madly in love and a heck of a lot of fun. Eric and I are godparents to their two kids. A lot of time the kids go with us. We are all pretty close.

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