Reni Downloads Bennie

by Hungry Guy

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Horror, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, White Couple, Oral Sex, Water Sports, Scatology, Caution, .

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: This story is a sequel to BENNIE DOWNLOADS MARYA that first appeared on Bewildering Stories issue #181, January 2006, and to SATHYA DOWNLOADS BENNIE that that first appeared on Bewildering Stories issue #201, June 2006. It is not necessary that you read those stories first, but some things in this story will be clearer if you do.

Bored on a Saturday afternoon, Bennie surfed into and looked over the categories: music, movies, software, clones, small appliances, and many others. About a year ago, he had downloaded a shareware vacuum cleaner. In retrospect, after using an assembler down at Copy Max and paying for the cost of the raw elements, it would have been cheaper to just buy a Hoover at Wal-Mart.

Here he was again, at the Napster start page a year later; Bennie clicked on "clones." The sub-menu listed sub-categories: cats, dogs, tropical birds, fish, humans. Clicking on "humans," he went another level deep. Two categories presented themselves: males, and females. Clicking on "females" presented him a page not much different from any "personals" site.

Thumbnail photos and brief profiles described each clone available for download.

#46088 was a short pudgy girl. She'd been downloaded only ten times in six years. Click.

#51840 was a tall muscular black girl with her hair all in cornrows and braids, and a defiant look in her eyes. Click.

#60107 had a hard face with big brown eyes and close-cropped black curly hair. Bennie clicked on her JPG for a closer look. Her full image showed her to have a pleasing shape. She was dressed as what an earlier age would have called a "tomboy," in loose jeans and a loose cut sweatshirt, and a bandanna around her head. Her chest was on the smallish side, but he found her oddly compelling. Reading down her profile, he stopped; she was lesbian. He briefly considered downloading her anyway, but he thought better of it; the animosity between them might become very unpleasant.

Backing out to the list page, he scanned down a few more images.

#21903 looked like a supermodel. Drop-dead beautiful, huge chest, but phony. Clicking into her profile, he wasn't surprised to see that she had been downloaded thousands of times in just a few weeks. He considered clicking on her, but wondered what sort of emotional baggage she would come with.

Bennie continued scanning down the list of available women to download and stopped at #33687, a tallish girl with brownish-blonde hair. Clicking on her, he was surprised to see that she was 6 feet tall--a good match to his spindly 5'11". Fair skinned, she had a nice shape, neither fat nor skinny. And she had a wholesome, pretty face. Her profile didn't say much about her. She had been downloaded only 42 times in five years; her appearance obviously had limited appeal. Bennie slid a blank CD-RW into his PC and clicked the "download" button without hesitation.

Thinking it to be an ad, he almost closed the pop-up window that read, "Sorry, but before you may download someone, you must first upload yourself."


A month later, Bennie was in Copy Max in New Brunswick across the street from the NJ Transit maglev station.

There were three tall glass cylindrical units in the back of the store. The matter scanner had a credit card scanner, coin-changer, and CD slot, the two assemblers/disassemblers didn't. Bennie read the instructions on the scanner, then stepped away.

Bennie ambled up and down the aisles of the small store. He almost jumped out of his shoes at the sonic boom of a passing Amtrak train speeding through the station toward Trenton.

"Damn," another customer said toward Bennie's general direction. "They ought to pass a law on how fast those trains can go through populated areas."

"Yeah," Bennie agreed half-heartedly. He stepped away from the other customer, and found himself back near the front door, and started to open it to leave. But he hesitated.

"Pardon me," an older woman said as she was leaving while carrying a translucent bag of personalized Christmas cards.

"Sorry," Bennie mumbled as he stepped away from the door back inside the store.

Bennie returned to the rear of the store where a young college-age guy in a Rutgers sweatshirt was standing in front of the hissing and buzzing assembler. The curved glass door slid open revealing a robotic vacuum cleaner. Reaching in and picking it up, the kid glanced at Bennie and said, "For the dorm. Party was googol-fredashay last night."

"Yeah, I heard Rutgers won the game yesterday. Congrats!" Bennie answered.

"Tira mah!" the kid answered and left.

Bennie returned his attention to the matter scanner. A sign read simply, "$5 to use the matter scanner."

"Oh, what the hell," Bennie muttered, and slid a $20 bill into a slot in the scanner. The machine dutifully spat out 15 Sacagawea dollar coins in change. Upon stepping inside, the curved glass door slid closed, a bright purple light flashed, and then the door opened again.

When the spots cleared from his eyes, the door opened. "What the hell?" Bennie said.

A tall, beautiful woman with short auburn hair was holding the glass door open for him. "Hello," she said.

"Hi!" Bennie answered back as he stepped out of the scanner into the aisle of the store. She was wearing a white low-cut top, bare midriff, and long white skirt. He looked around slowly as it dawned on him that this wasn't the Copy Max in New Brunswick. "Where the hell am I?"

"You're in San Diego," she said.

"California? How'd I get to California? And who are you?"

She laughed. "I downloaded you. And I'm your owner--your mistress."

"Downloaded? I didn't even upload myself yet! I just went into the scanner to make a CD of myself. I was going to upload it when I got home so I could download this girl..."

"You must have uploaded yourself, then. You were uploaded about two years ago, and your download count is pretty high."

"Two years? What year is it now?"

"My word, you ask too many questions."

"Well, it's only natural to want to know how much time has gone by..."

"If you want all your atoms to stay together, you must learn deference to me."

"Uh, yeah, sure," Bennie squeaked.

"But I'll answer your question."

He gasped when she told him. "You mean two years went by in that instant I was in the scanner? Holy crap!"

Some guy approached the assembler chamber. "Pardon me," he said to Bennie and the woman who had downloaded him.

"One moment," she said to the guy and held up some black leather strap of some kind. "Turn around."

Bennie turned around. She slid the leather collar around his neck, and he felt her buckle it from behind, then he heard a metallic snap!

She grabbed his arm and turned him to face her again. She hooked a leather leash to a ring on the front of his collar, and said, "You are my slave now. Follow me."

Slave! Oh shit! What did I do to myself?

She yanked the leash and led him through the store. Following behind her, he couldn't help notice that she had a pleasant shape. She had a fancy tattoo on the small of her back, partially hidden by her white skirt, and another small tattoo on her ankle. Maybe being her slave won't be so bad, he thought.

They exited the store. Cars, buses, and taxis whizzed by in the air lanes above the wide pedestrian walkway in front of the store.

"What was your name?" she asked.

"Was?" Bennie asked. "My name is Bennie."

"Not any more," she said in a stern voice. "Your name is now 'Girltoy'. And my name is Reni, but you'll call me Mistress Reni."

"You want me to call you 'Mistress'?"

"If you want to live past the next five minutes, you will," she growled. "Or I can go over to the counter and turn you back to your component atoms."

"Yes, Mistress Reni," he sighed.

"Good. I'm glad you understand your station. Now come along." With that, she led him to her car and motioned for him to get in.

Having never traveled far in his earlier days, Bennie gawked at the sights of San Diego as she flew over the city. During the ride, he slowly reached up and felt the heavy leather collar around his neck. That click he heard was a padlock attached to the back.

She banked onto a high-speed express lane giving him a better view of the city below from its higher altitude than the city street air lanes.

A few minutes later, she descended onto a residential street and landed on the roof of a squarish modernistic townhouse.

A small residential elevator took them down one level to the bedroom level where she led him into her bedroom.

"Undress," she said.

"Undress?" he repeated. "But we hardly know each other."

"I own you!" she scolded him. "You are my property! Undress! Now!"

"Yes Mistress Reni," he said and promptly kicked his shoes off and pulled his shirt and jeans off, standing in just his Jockeys and socks.

"Continue," she said.

Bennie pulled his socks and Jockeys off, letting his limp cock dangle for her to see.

"Not bad," she remarked. Bennie felt himself turn red in the face. "You'll get hot for me soon enough, Girltoy."

She pulled a plastic container from under her bed and removed more leather items. She then attached a pair of leather cuffs to his ankles and wrists, locking them on with yet more padlocks.

She stood back and said, "Very nice! I should have downloaded a slave years ago. This'll be so much fun!"

"I hope it'll be fun," he said.

"Oh, not for you!" she said. She grinned wide and added, "Just for me."

She pushed the container back under her bed with her foot and told him to follow her.

She led him down another flight of stairs to her contemporary-styled living room.

"Now, get on your hands and knees in front of the sofa."

He did so, and she went into her kitchen. "Wait for me," she called out.

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