Dr. Erotic

by Thesandman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Where fullfilling fantasies is just what the Doctor ordered

I had been a very successful Psychiatrist with a thriving practice for a number of years. I'd worked hard for those initials behind my name, John P. Edwards, M.D. And for a good many of those years, I really thought I was providing a worthwhile service. Then, Ms. Emily Fredrickson walked into my office.

When I'd initially begun my practice I had visions of treating people with some interesting neuroses, and really getting involved in some deep inner issues. What I found however was that I was seeing nothing more than a bunch of board lonely housewives with a lot of money, and nothing better to do than lie on a couch and vent. For the most part, none of them needed anything more than a little excitement in their lives, or at the minimum, a good hard fuck from someone other than their spouses. But this isn't exactly the kind of advice I was supposed to be giving them. So instead, I went through all the usual typical Dr. stuff to try and find out the 'why' they were feeling that way.

Most of my clients were referrals from other patients. All of who swore that I was one of the best, if not thee best in my field. When I first met Ms. Fredrickson I was already so busy treating and seeing people that I nearly turned her down sight unseen. However, at the prompting of one of the women I was counseling, who'd asked me as a BIG favor to take on one more client, I reluctantly agreed.

Once the initial preliminary's had been taken care of, I invited Ms. Fredrickson to make herself comfortable. Though I have both a chair and a couch, surprisingly the majority of my clients prefer to sit as opposed to lying down. Ms. Fredrickson, Emily, was in the minority and immediately crossed over to where the couch was, kicked off her shoes, hung up her jacket and laid down.

Emily was reasonably tall for a woman at just under six feet. She had coal black hair that was long, but had been pinned up giving her that professional woman's look that seemed so much in vogue these days. But the most startling feature had to be her eyes. I'd even attempted to try and figure out without asking, and thus seeming unprofessional on my part, in trying to determine if she was wearing contacts or not. Her eyes were the most beautiful cobalt blue I had ever seen. And with a milky white complexion, offset by those eyes and her unusually dark hair, she was with out a doubt one of the most striking women I had ever seen.

As I began delving into what some of her issues were, trying to get a feel for why it was that she thought I could help, I noticed as I sat slightly off to one side and behind her head that she would occasionally reach up and seemingly finger with the buttons on her blouse, one or twice even brushing her fingers across her nipples as we continued our discussion.

The thing that was odd was that there was nothing sexual in our discussion whatsoever. Everything we discussed or went over seemed to be either job related, or as I was already beginning to determine, as issues dealing with stress.

I'd barely noticed her the first time when I thought I had actually seen Emily finger one nipple. She'd continued talking to me, had already moved her hand away, but sure enough, there stood a very hard firm nipple protruding through the white business blouse she was wearing.

The discussion continued, and rather than sitting there taking notes as I usually did, I found instead that I was gazing at her more and more often, wondering if I had actually seen what I thought I had, and secondly, if she would do it again, which she did. The second time, she reached over and actually pinched her nipple through the material of her blouse, all the while continuing on with the mundane every day issues we are all faced with.

Frankly, I was truly puzzled for the first time since I'd been in practice as to what exactly WAS happening, and where all of this was leading. I'd only had one or two women actually proposition me during the course of my treatment with them. Neither of which I of course allowed anything to happen with, and not simply out of fear of losing my license. And it wasn't as though I wasn't attractive either. I've had my fair share of attractive looking women. And though I wasn't seeing anyone at the moment, I wasn't looking to get seriously involved with anyone.

Soon after that, our first session ended and Emily and I said our good-byes and scheduled an appointment for the next week without so much as a hint as to what had taken place or why. She remained calmly professional in her attitude and demeanor beyond that, and so we set up a weekly day for her continued therapy.

To my surprise, I found myself anxiously curious about our next meeting and could hardly wait until the day finally arrived. As before, Emily was similarly dressed with her hair once again done up in a tight bun behind her head. Taking her place upon the couch, we began.

As I began to review with her what we'd discussed the previous week, I found myself glancing over in her direction a little more frequently than normal. Once again there was nothing of a sexual nature even remotely discussed. Yet, I noticed that as Emily lie on the couch, she had bent one of her legs slightly which effectively hiked her skirt up a little more than what I felt was normal for trying to be simply comfortable.

In the next instant, I watched as Emily actually placed her hand down near her groin area, and as the subtle movement of her hand confirmed to me what she was doing, I watched saying nothing to her about it as she obviously began masturbating.

There was no change in her speech pattern to indicate she was becoming aroused or excited by what she was doing, almost as though she were playing with herself absentmindedly as she continued telling me about some of the more stressful situations she'd been having to deal with at work lately. The entire hour was consumed in this fashion, and I was once again left confused as well as curious as to what her motives and intentions truly were.

As the weeks came and went, our discussions remained professional. Yet with each passing week, Emily became bolder and bolder in her obvious masturbatory fantasy, if that's indeed what she was doing here. I, on the other hand refused to acknowledge what she was doing, or mention it. My thoughts being that this was some sort of test, or manipulation on her part which was the actual root of whatever problems she was actually dealing with. I was of the opinion that this blatant display of touching herself in front of me, all the while maintaining a total and complete professional-like conversation was finally going to result in one of those really interesting physiological evaluations that I had not had the opportunity to really get into up until now.

Admittedly, seeing this very beautiful woman lying on my couch, occasionally touching and caressing her breasts, or reaching down to bunch her skirt up, sliding her hand down inside her panties to finger herself was having its affect on me. I would find myself staring at her, forgetting what it was we'd been discussing for a moment, and worse, realizing that I would quite often be sitting there with a raging hard-on.

After nearly eight full weeks of this, I decided to change direction and confront her directly on the issue. Figuring that perhaps bringing it out in the open after all this time, that we'd finally begin discussing the real reason she was seeking therapy.

And... after the previous week I felt it was time anyway. It had been the first time that I'd seen Emily actually reach orgasm. And though I was fairly certain she hadn't faked it, I wasn't THAT positive she simply hadn't escalated this weird little game she was playing to a higher level, and I wasn't about to let her continue to try and control our sessions in this way any further without getting to the bottom of it.

I allowed Emily to make herself comfortable as she was now doing before each session began. She'd hung up her jacket, taken off her shoes, and had even reached up and undone a couple of the upper buttons on the blouse she was wearing. I waited until she'd positioned herself on the couch, expecting her to once again begin touching herself at any moment.

"Emily?" I began. "I think we need to discuss your masturbating during our sessions together."

For the first time she actually turned on her side and looked over the armrest at me. Something she'd never done before in all the weeks we'd been together. I saw a very wide, very beautiful smile spread across her face.

"Well Doc. It's about time. I was starting to wonder when you were finally going to ask me about it."

Frankly, I've had one or two patients in the past who've tried to put one over on me. But usually I figured it out long before they ever realized I had, and removed them from my active client list. In this instance however, I hadn't seen it coming, probably because I'd been so damn distracted by what had been going on, in addition to her being so fucking beautiful.

Emily had the upper hand for the time being, as I continued to ponder how I was going to respond to that. And the last thing I wanted to reveal to her was that she really was the one in control here at the moment.

She didn't give me the chance to respond as she suddenly sat up on the couch swinging her legs back around and placing them on the floor which put her facing me.

"It's very simple really. And don't feel bad that you were having trouble trying to figure out what was wrong with me. To be honest with you, nothing ever was."

"I'm not sure I understand." I told her truthfully. "Why don't you explain it to me?"

Emily reached up and pulled the pins from her luxurious black hair and allowed it to fall naturally well past her shoulders where it lay upon her breasts, highlighting the fullness of them and drawing my attention rather pointedly towards her chest.

"You see... I told my best friend Gail who's another patient of yours that I had this fantasy. Always have had it, but never had the opportunity or the inclination to ever do anything about it until I saw your picture on the back of one of the books you've written. When I learned that Gail was seeing you, I told her that I finally wanted to indulge myself, and finally get to enjoy my fantasy. Which basically was to simply masturbate in front of a good-looking Psychiatrist, knowing that he wouldn't or possibly couldn't do anything to try and involve himself with me. That wasn't apart of my fantasy... then."

I felt myself lean back, half expecting the chair to rock backwards, and then remembering it was a straight stiff-backed chair with no give. Emily saw the awkward movement and laughed.

Reaching up she began to slowly unbutton the remaining buttons of her blouse as she continued looking at me, smiling.

"It wasn't a matter of money for me obviously. I'd have paid any going rate just to satisfy this silly little desire of mine. Sitting here week after week, getting the courage to be able to lose my inhibitions, and allow myself to finally and completely enjoy myself in front of you as I've been doing, was worth every penny I've spent. So you see... there really isn't anything wrong with me. You've even told me so yourself in not so many words. Discussing the day-to-day issues, stress, work related problems, hell... we all go through and experience those. I'm no different. And I handle them just fine. But this was something I needed and have been wanting to do for as many years as I can remember."

Emily had finished undoing her blouse and now pulled it off allowing it to fall to the floor as she stood up off the couch.

"Listen Doc," she began in that almost too familiar expression she'd been using to address me of late. "I know a number of women who would love to simply tell someone about their fantasy's, about their dreams, kinks, quirks, desires, whatever, but without reproach, without recrimination, and without judgment. Sometimes just telling someone about some deep dark secret fantasy is as good as actually experiencing the fantasy itself. Only in my case... it was doing it, knowing all the while that you were watching me doing it, and wondering about it without ever saying anything. And especially after last week when I finally was able to achieve an orgasm in front of you, and then leaving afterwards without your ever saying a word to me about it. It simply couldn't have been any more perfect."

She stood in front of me now in her white lace bra, and began to pull down on the zipper of her skirt. I felt powerless to do or say anything, wanting to hear what she was telling me, and not wanting to. Stunned, and surprised that I could be so duped by this beautiful intelligent woman, and yet curiously pleased, flattered in a way... that I had been.

"So I guess this is our final session," she began.

I watched as she slowly pulled the zipper of her skirt down until she allowed it to fall down around her feet. Emily wasn't wearing any panties, just a garter holding up the sheer nylon stockings she'd been wearing. I didn't know if she'd planned on masturbating even more openly this week than she had the previous by the intimate lingerie she was wearing, but I now found myself rather disappointed that I had confronted her this early in the session.

"And please, don't be too upset with me. I know you really thought you were trying to help me, and you did! But just not in the way that you thought you were."

Emily now reached behind, unhooking her bra and allowed it to fall a slight ways down her arms before catching it and holding it against herself, the movement revealing just the tips of two very alluring looking areola's that peeked out of the top of that lacy garment so teasingly.

I was still sitting about as straight backed in my chair, as it was possible to do. I had an enormous erection at the moment, and almost looked down at myself, though I was almost afraid to look at what I would find there. Of all the days to wear beige slacks.

"So now that its over, and now that I won't be coming to see you as my therapist any more, I don't suppose you'd be interested in one more little fantasy of mine, would you?"

Emily let the bra fall. And I sat staring at two of the most precious, full rounded breasts I'd ever seen before in my life.

I don't even remember standing up when I did. About the only thing I did remember later was the curious wide-eyed look on Emily's face as I stood, and following her eyes as they moved down to where I knew my erection was bulging inside of my slacks. That and the obvious wet-spot that I also knew I was revealing to her. As I moved over towards my desk, I didn't even try to cover up my condition. And almost proudly I strode across the room and pushed the intercom button on my telephone.


"Yes Dr. Edwards." I heard Jamie respond in her business voice.

"Would you go ahead and pull Ms. Fredrickson's file? We've completed her therapy, so she will no longer be a patient here. Go ahead and bill her for the hour, but we're going to tie up some loose ends, so we'll be here for a while, but I won't charge her for the extra time ok?"

"Yes Dr." I heard her say again.

It wasn't unusual for me to do that with patients once in a while, so I was confident that Jamie wouldn't question anything. But as I continued to look over towards Emily who was once again sitting down on the couch and sensually caressing herself, I added.

"Oh Jamie? One more thing, when you're done with that, go ahead and take the rest of the afternoon off. I'll make sure to lock up everything."

There was a pregnant pause as I was almost sure there would be. It was rare that I allowed Jamie to go home early without previously planning for it. Perhaps it wasn't the wisest thing to do, and might even leave her wondering about it since she had access to patient files, and did all of my dictation. She knew of Emily's strange masturbation behavior, and might be putting the pieces together as we spoke. But I was allowing my cock to think for me at the moment, and almost laughed boyishly when Jamie finally responded back to me.

"Thank you Dr." Another pause, "Is there anything else?"

"No Jamie, that will be all."

I clicked off the intercom, turning and heading towards the couch.

Emily reached up; rubbing the wet-spot on my slacks, making it worse, and gently ran a sharp nail over the protruding bulge she found there. Standing above her, Emily then began to unfasten my belt as I in turn reached down and began to gently finger one of her amazingly hard nipples.

A second or two later with my cock finally free, I felt her warm succulent mouth envelop it and begin a therapy session designed to relieve a little stress that I'd been dealing with as of late.

"Well now that I'm no longer treating you," I said

Emily removed her mouth from my cock long enough to look up at me and interrupt what I was saying.

"That it's my turn to treat you for a change?"

I smiled back. "Well sort of, but I was about to tell you how beautiful a woman you really are. And that's not exactly something we usually tell our patients."

Emily knelt before me slowly stroking my slippery cock, and delighting me with the most exquisite sensations imaginable.

"So tell me Doc, just how many times DID you run off and masturbate after I'd left your office anyway?"

"Every time." I told her. "Every fucking time."

After Emily and I had thoroughly fucked each other's brains out, we lay together in a sweaty heap upon my leather couch.

"So Doc, what do you think of my idea anyway?"

"What?" I said, still trying to fight through the fugue I was in.

"You know, getting out of this "Shrink" business, and maybe getting into something a whole lot more interesting and exciting. Like what I was telling you about. Letting women, and maybe even men, come in and tell you all about their most secret intimate fantasy's. You could discuss them with them, maybe even give them some assurances that it's ok to wonder about things, no matter how kinky or bizarre they may be."

Emily sat up suddenly excited, the thoughts of my starting this kind of a business already giving her new ideas.

And all I could see was the gentle sway of her ripe luscious melons just settling back into place when she rose.

I wasn't seriously considering her ideas of course. But I wasn't quite ready for her to get up and simply walk out of my life either. Not without one more good-bye fuck at least.

"Well, I certainly couldn't work out of this office anymore," I left off saying.

"No, it wouldn't work here either." Emily said agreeing with me. And I was delighted to watch those perfect tits of hers happily agreeing with both of us.

"We'd have to find you a new location to work out of. Oh, and unless you're really attached to... Jamie is it?"

Dumbfounded, I sat looking at her and listening. She really was serious, and I was starting to think about it. Especially when she reached over in mid sentence and once again began stroking my cock back to life.

"Jamie... ah, no. Not really. She's a good administrative assistant, but I don't think she'd go in for taking that type of 'dick-tation'", I jokingly punned.

Emily laughed, squeezed my penis even tighter and began playing with it all the while continuing to talk to me.

"You know, my niece Daniel, 'Danny" we call her actually, would be perfect for the job! She's open minded, intelligent, so nothing would bother her at all. Plus... she knows how to keep a secret, trust me in that... I know. And most importantly, she's also very, very attractive. And that would go along way in helping you as well."

"Yeah... as in driving away the less attractive looking clients?" I asked her kiddingly.

Emily quit playing with my cock as though seriously pondering the dilemma I'd just given her.

"I was just kidding Emily."

"No... no, you might have a point there," she replied, though thankfully she began stroking me once again. Then her face brightened and she happily began jerking my cock up and down with the excitement of her solution. And suddenly... I was really happy about that too.

"I know! We just make sure she doesn't dress up too provocatively for work is all. You do want someone attractive sitting outside of your office. It say's something about YOUR virility. And you want to keep the customers coming back."

"And cumming." I joked once again, but not out of any effort on my part to be humorous. The point was, I was suddenly a little embarrassed as my cock began squirting streamer after streamer of hot pleasurable cum cream into the air.

"Hmmm," Emily said licking off her fingers. "Now we can REALLY have a nice long session together."

"What about what we were discussing?" I asked, biding for a little more time, after all, I'd just erupted in hugh explosion that would take me more than a mere few seconds to recover from.

"I've got a couple of pretty good property's I've been showing to people. One of which I think would be just perfect for you. I'll take you by there tomorrow and let you see it and tell me what you think. And tonight, I'll call Danny and have her set up an appointment with you."

"Maybe you'd better give me her number and we'll meet someplace. I'm not so sure that Jamie would appreciate meeting her replacement just yet."

"You know John," Emily said, using my name for the first time. "Maybe this isn't such a good idea after all."

Surprised, I looked at her questioningly. But she was grinning with a wonderfully mischievous look on her face.

"I might get a little jealous thinking of you fucking my niece."

"Oh? And why would I do that?" I asked her.

"When you see her, you'll know. And besides, you need to give her the proper interview to prove to yourself that she is the type of woman you're looking for, for this kind of business don't you?"

"I suppose," I said teasing her back. And was equally surprised to feel my cock twitch with renewed excitement over the prospect.

"Ahhhh, I thought that might interest you," she said taking my cock and placing it at the opening of her sex as she climbed over the top of me.

"Now Doc," Emily said, once again lapsing back into the old familiarities. "I think it's time you fucked me, and fuck me really long and hard this time. It might have to last me for a while."

Emily placed my reawaked prick into her sopping wet cunt and slid it into heaven.

"Let's play... Doctor!" She giggled happily.

So we did.

The next day we went out to look at possible locations. And two weeks after that, I moved in. Emily did all the interior design as well, giving the place a relaxed, cozy atmosphere, but a mysterious one too. She said it would help my clients to better imagine things and fantasize, and allow themselves the freedom to speak honestly and openly to me.

She was also right about Danny too. And though I hadn't fucked her... yet. I could see what she meant about her. Danny was young, but obviously experienced. She had long blonde hair that reached easily to her waist. Though her breasts certainly weren't nearly as large as Emily's, they were young, perky and stood up stiff and straight without any help at all from a bra. And though that would certainly change in a few years, I could only think that I might be lucky enough to enjoy the transfiguration from one admiration to another as they matured and took on that other look that I actually preferred.

I had interviewed Danny after giving considerable thought to just what type of business I was actually getting myself into. I decided to drop the M.D. after my name. For some reason, being a Sex Doctor wasn't quite what I had in mind when going through school. Additionally, I didn't display the many certificates I'd previously had hanging on my wall either. And though that had also been Emily's suggestion, I'd not planned on showing them anyway. The feeling was, that we didn't want the setting to appear too clinical, or too formal. The whole idea was to invite people to allow me to enter their most private thoughts and fantasies, and then let things sort of guide us from there.

To be honest, I really had no idea initially what to expect from all this. Nor did I think that it would be that easy to attract the type of clients that I wanted to either. I certainly didn't want just ANYONE coming into my office. I DID want normal every day people yes... but people who weren't exactly crazy, or morbidly neurotic walking in through the door.

I'd hired an additional staff to work off premise and do whatever research might be needed. That was mainly precautionary against any run-ins with the law, or people who might find my new line of work threatening for one reason or another. Everyone was to be thoroughly checked and verified before I took him or her on as clients. Confidentiality was primary, and everyone who worked for me would submit to periodic polygraph testing to ensure that client privileges were assured.

Once everything was in place, the hardest part remaining was to attract the type of people or individuals we were looking for, that... and trying to decide what I was going to call myself. I still hadn't figured that one out yet.

Emily had already contacted a few people she knew who were more than interested in that particular type of therapy. Word of mouth, and cautious referrals would give me a base to work with, but getting continual new clients would be a little more difficult. We decided to advertise in a largely underground student newspaper off campus. That would get the word out to the younger set. Emily had a few contacts in higher places, and would discreetly get the ball rolling in that direction. Even Danny had a few additional ideas to offer, so all in all things were pretty well set.

When Danny caught her first glimpse of the new office and where it was she'd be working, she was excited as hell and wandered through each and every one of the therapy-theme rooms that Emily had decorated and created. That WAS one of her ideas after all, and it made perfect sense. A different room for a different mood, and each one could be easily redecorated as we discovered which rooms worked better than others. Plus, it would keep everything fresh and interesting if we changed them around from time to time.

"This is so incredibly erotic!" Danny exclaimed appreciatively.

"I know what we'll call you." Emily said

"What?" I asked.

"Doctor Erotic! That's how we'll advertise you, and get the word out. Doc Erotic..." Emily said turning the thought once again in her mind, getting a feel for it.

"Yes... that might work." I agreed. "If nothing else, it will certainly tell people what I'm about, and hoping to accomplish won't it?"

"And, you still get to be a Doctor too!" Danny added.

Winking at her, "Yes... but I only play one in the office."

"That sounds naughty!" Danny quipped back. "But I always did like playing Doctor when I was a little girl."

"Damn!" Emily said somewhat alarmed.


"We SHOULD have designed ONE of the rooms to look like a Doctor's office at least! I never thought of that."

Laughing, I assured her. "Don't worry Emily, we've got plenty of time to think about redecorating. Let's see how the rooms we do have turn out first before we start worrying about changing them."

"I'll get started on the business cards." Danny suggested. "Oh... and we're going to need some horny looking letterhead and stationary too."

"Horny looking?" I asked looking at Emily.

"Don't worry. I'll make sure nothing gets printed up before we've both had a chance to look at it first ok?"

"Yeah, I could just see it. A picture of a cock standing there with a stethoscope hanging around it's little neck."

"You know, that's not such a bad idea." Emily said musing it over.

And it was about that time that I took her by the hand and led her back into the Blue Room, one of my personal favorites as I liked the soothing colors, like floating amongst the clouds and dreaming, sensually exploring and touching base with my own erotic desires and imaginations.

And besides, I was incredibly horny at the moment too.

"Where are the two of you headed off too?" Danny asked curiously.

"Ah, we were just about to try out one of the rooms," I replied honestly to her.

"Mind if I come?" She asked us.

"Come? Or Cum..." I replied winking.

"You might as well John. You knew it was going to happen sooner or later anyway."

"You don't mind?" I asked incredulously

"Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss this for the world!" Emily shot back.

So together, the three of us entered into the Blue Room that had nothing more than a comfy chair for me to sit in when I was busy 'working', and a large cushiony air-mattress that appeared to be floating up off the floor as wisps of vaporous clouds seemingly floated about the room, all a result of some highly technical visual aids that had been incorporated into the design.

"Sit in your chair." Emily instructed me. "You might as well get used to it."

Taking Danny off to one side, I watched as she spoke to her, whispering and Danny's face suddenly lit up with surprise and a tiny bit of what I took to be embarrassment. But just as suddenly, she turned towards her aunt and began helping her to remove her clothing. Once Emily was undressed, she in turn began removing Danny's clothes until I was eventually treated to two perfect Angels standing there in front of me.

"Now lets do Doctor Erotic," Emily said.

"Ditto that." Danny quipped. "Literally"

The girls quickly stripped me and then the three of us tumbled down onto the soft airy mattress. In seconds I was being treated to handfuls of soft pliant tit-flesh of differing shapes, sizes and colors. Turning on one side to find Emily waiting for me, I suckled and licked her enormously thick dark colored nipples, molding and massaging that magnificent tit-flesh in my hand as I did. When I heard the low soft moans of her pleasure, I turned to my left and began treating Danny to a similar exploratory teasing of her young breasts. Though not nearly as large as Emily's, it was a treat to cup her pointy little breasts in my hand and draw the pink colored nipples into my mouth, sucking on them hard, and eliciting an expectant, excited moan from her as I did.

Back and forth I played with both women, sucking, licking, and caressing their breasts, totally enthralled and delighted at the subtle differences. I could have gone on doing this for hours, but it was becoming quickly apparent that both women were more than ready to move on to new and exciting pleasures.

Emily was the first one to shift positions and rolled me onto my back where she immediately moved up to straddle my face.

"I think Danny's got just what the Doctor ordered," she announced looking back over her shoulder as Danny positioned herself directly over my cock without quite yet inserting it.

"Oh? And what's that?" I said playing along.

"A nice thick stiff one." Danny pronounced gleefully, and then eased herself down over the head of my blood-engorged cock that was anxiously awaiting the feel of that wet glistening pussy.

I slowly began teasing Emily's labia with my tongue, sucking in the juicy flesh in bunches and gently chewing on her extended and flexible lips.

"Oh my!" I heard Emily moan.

And with my tongue still embedded within her pussy I asked, "Feels good huh?"

"Oh yeah, sure! But that's not exactly what I was referring to!" She stated surprising me, temporarily wounding my ego.

"Seeing your cock sliding inside my niece is a little more erotic than I'd actually thought it would be," she said, still looking back over her shoulder as Danny finally began slipping the full length of my prick inside her hot wet cunt.

And then I moaned into the folds of Emily's pussy as Danny's tight little cunt began milking my prick and began sending shivers of pure pleasured delight coursing through every throbbing vein of my shaft.

"Fuck it baby," Emily purred looking back at her niece, watching her as she began gently rocking and swaying back and forth upon me. Danny's long hair began an almost wind-blown dance of ecstasy as she moved back and forth, side to side, and up and down all at the same time. Her long hair covered us both, caressing in it's own way like an extra pair of soft hands teasing my flesh and lapping at my balls from behind. It was unlike anything I'd ever experienced before.

"Now Doctor Erotic, lick my clit!" Emily commanded.

And suddenly the Doctor was in.

The one thing I truly loved about Emily's pussy was the enormous clitoris she had. It was easily twice as large as any other woman's I had ever seen, much like a third erect thick nipple, only centered down between her legs. Kissing, licking, and sucking it reminded me a lot of how her nipples felt when I played with them. Only this nipple, this very special clit-nipple was constantly slick with the juices of her lubrications. I literally devoured her, gently licking, flicking my tongue against it one moment, and then grabbing onto it and sucking it intensely in the next.

Emily was thrashing about my face like a woman possessed. And in a way she was. Possessed of lust, desire, need and pure unadulterated wantonness made for an incredible combination as she slid that extremely wet pussy of hers back and forth across my face as though intending on drenching me with her juices.

In the meantime, Danny's cunt was a thousand hungry mouths sucking and squeezing my cock in a vice-like grip of unimaginable proportions. I don't know what she was doing, or even how she was doing it, but on each upward stroke, she seemed to pause just for a millisecond or so, and I felt those lips suck the tip of my cock briefly, holding it there and pumping the blood up through the shaft into the hard spongy knob of my cock-head. Each time I swore I was about to cum, and then she'd fuck down on me, blowing me with her cunt and sliding that pearly-female cum-cream of hers like a soothing lotion that stimulated, yet held off the rapidly approaching ejaculate that I knew would eventually tear the top of my cock off when I came. I thought absently that whoever had taught her to fuck like this deserved some kind of a reward, or even a medal. At the very least, a world class blowjob that I was half tempted to offer up myself.

As I was simultaneously and gloriously being fucked by one marvelous cunt, I was also being treated to the nicest face smearing I'd ever had the pleasure to partake of. For some reason, Emily's cunt was especially juicy. And I couldn't help but wonder if it was due in part to seeing her niece happily fucking my cock like a berserker as she continued to sway back and forth, moaning and groaning like a banshee.

"How's it feeling baby?" Emily said once again looking back over her shoulder at her niece, watching her as she wildly continued to fuck me with ever increasing strokes that now had me fighting seriously for control.

"Oh auntie Em!" Danny screamed," There's no place like home!"

And with one sudden unexpected downward thrust that took every inch of my cock deep inside her womb, she came.

For a moment, I thought she peed. And then I thought maybe I did. As the gush of fluid began to spray from the opening of her pussy, I felt the warmth of this extra wetness suddenly bathing my balls, saturating the mattress, and even soaking her long blonde hair that was draped across us both like a warm furry blanket.

"Fuck!" I shouted inside Emily's cunt. And just then the tip of my prick came off somewhere inside that girls cunt, and I fully expected to find the tiny eye slit of my prick ripped open and jagged from the force of the sperm that suddenly tore through my balls and began a series of powerful jettisons of cum cream that never quite separated themselves from one squirt to the other. It was more like one long continuous spray of my own thick cum that bathed the inside of Danny's cunt, saturating it even more copiously than she'd done herself, adding to the most intense mess of thick creamy goo that it had ever been my pleasure to experience before.

Seeing all this, and hearing us both screaming out and yelling nearly at the top of our lungs, well, it shouldn't have been any big surprise when Emily soon joined the two of us.

Though she didn't produce quite the amount of female nectar that Danny had, when she came she definitely produced some wonderfully tasting libations that pleasured the pallet and delighted the taste buds. She nearly suffocated me however as her cunt came down hard on me as the last of her clenching pulsations overtook her tortured pussy. Grinding herself against my face as my hands which had been pulling and twisting both of those hard nipples simultaneously, I was sucking, drinking rather, and trying to swallow as much of her as I could, and as fast as I could to keep from drowning. All the while feeling her slowly beginning to calm down and eventually allowing me to surface for a quick intake of air before latching onto her clit one last time to give it a gentle, yet loving suck for good measure.

Danny had collapsed; somewhere back in Kansas I believed. As she floated off somewhere up amongst the clouds. Emily descended back to earth in her bubble of ecstasy and joined me there in the revelry of our slowly dwindling passion.

"You are one fucking incredible Doctor." Emily told me, caressing my chest and lightly rubbing her fingers back and forth against my nipples.

"You think so?" I asked, teasing.

"Expensive one too I'll bet," she added.

"Hell yes!" I replied.

"Good. You'd better be! Good on both counts." Emily said half serious.

"Oh? And why's that?"

"You forget. I get ten percent of the profit."

"I don't recall us ever discussing any partnership here," I responded back, now just a tiny bit serious than I had been before.

"Nine." Emily said quickly.

"Three" I said

"Eight then."

"Five" I threw back at her.

"Done!" Emily agreed.

"Done?" Danny said finally coming back to earth.

"Gee, I hope not. I thought we were just getting started!"

"Holy shit!" I said rolling over and looking for some escape route.

"Did you know about her?" I said pointing at Danny who was already beginning to stalk me like a hungry lion.

"Don't say I didn't warn you," Emily said laughing, yet moving out of the way even as she said it.

"Fuck Em, I'll give you the full ten percent if you just rein her in. I'm exhausted! Well, for the moment anyway."

"Done!" Emily said.

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