Can't Buy Me Love

by Harddaysknight

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Desc: Humor Sex Story: Is a good job worth becoming a cuckold? A husband is forced to make that determination.

It all began at the company Christmas party. It was held on the 18th of December because that was the evening the company could get the room at a nice local hotel. I had been with the company for 17 years. I was one of the first salesmen Jack Carter hired when he started Carter Real Estate. We had worked to make it one of the premier real estate companies in the state.

Old Jack had retired a couple years ago and his son, Jack Jr., was now the guy on the billboards and in the commercials. He didn't know much about the ins and outs of real estate, but he really didn't have to know too much. Two of the older secretaries and I teamed to keep the ship on an even keel. Jr. just collected his salary and stayed out of the way.

I took home a healthy check, so I didn't concern myself with Jackie, as we referred to him around the office. He liked to strut and play the high roller and that was fine with me. At least it was until it got personal.

Between the sales staff, the office staff, and all their spouses, we had around 35 or 40 people at the gala. There was a DJ and dancing after a very nice meal. I had a couple beers and felt quite relaxed and content. We had experienced a good sales year and my year-end tax statement was going to reflect it. I liked being in that small percentage that really benefited from the last tax cut. As I mingled, I was thinking that maybe I'd even vote Republican next time.

Janice, my wife of 15 years and the mother of our two kids, was dressed in a short black dress that showed her assets perfectly. She was not a busty woman, but she worked to stay slim and her full B-cups looked pretty impressive with the bra she had stuffed her tits into. Even after all these years, I found her to be the sexiest woman I had ever seen. Maybe that was partly because I loved her totally, but she was still a knockout!

Maureen, the only person left with Carter RE who had joined the company before I, nudged me from my reverie.

"Harry, keep an eye on Jackie-boy," she whispered. "He appears to be carrying the torch for Janice this evening. He doesn't seem to mind being a pig in front of Laura, or his father."

Laura was Jackie's trophy bride. She was about 35 and very voluptuous. She was his second wife. The first one divorced him when she found out about Laura. I looked on the dance floor and saw Jackie dancing with Janice. He was holding her close and it looked like his hand was dangerously close to her ass.

Laura was seated near the band and seemed oblivious to her husband's social gaffe. At least I felt it was a faux pas. Don't paw and maul a guy's wife at the Christmas party. At least not too obviously. It seemed to be a difficult rule to follow. Janice was laughing at his jokes and hanging on his every word. I realized she knew the score and was just trying to be sociable. I told myself that, at least.

I went over and asked Laura to dance and soon we were next to Jackie and Janice. Janice appeared somewhat flushed and perspiration dotted her forehead.

""How's my best employee doing tonight?" Jackie asked magnanimously. God, how he loved playing the Big Kahuna for the ladies, and himself. I was technically self-employed and worked for a commission, but Jackie probably had no idea. He wanted everyone to believe he was my boss and benefactor. I saw no reason to correct him or diminish his impression of himself.

"I am fine, Jack," I responded. "This is some shindig you threw tonight!"

"Well, I believe in rewarding all the little people that help me keep the company on top," he smugly responded. "I was just telling Janice how I had plans for you with my company, Harry."

I knew he was throwing the bullshit now. I earned my commissions and probably took home more than Jackie. There was no way for me to improve, except to sell more, unless Carter RE increased my percentage. That, I knew, would be old Jack's decision. Besides, I was already getting a better split than anyone else there. I wondered if Janice smelled anything. She was a sharp cookie, though we really didn't discuss my work too much. I am one of those guys that likes to forget work when I am off and just enjoy my life.

"Jack, you are so good to Harry," laughed Laura. I could not tell if she was serious or just laughing at her husband.

"We certainly appreciate Jack's thoughtful treatment of Harry, Laura," Janice graciously stated. "Both Jack and his father have always been very good to us,"

Jack gave a big grin as he swept Janice across the floor.

"I appreciate your patience with that pompous ass!" Laura whispered in my ear. "He always wants to be the big shot, but he doesn't quite know how to carry it off. He is so lucky his father was very successful. If it were left solely to him, he would be picking shit with the chickens."

I burst into laughter at Laura's very accurate observation. I surmised that Jackie didn't fool everyone. We had a nice dance and then I led Laura back to her seat. Soon I noticed old Jack dancing with Janice and Jackie had the young wife of a new salesman in his arms.

A short time later Maureen asked me to retrieve her coat. The coatroom was across the hall from the banquet room we were using. Armed with my memory of her coat's color and style, I bravely entered the room full of furs and overcoats. I had forgotten that the folks using the other banquet hall would also leave their coats in that room. There were actually several rows of coats hanging almost to the floor.

I was as far into the room as I could get, trying to find the coat I thought Maureen had described. I even crawled between two of them trying to find the tell-tale blue scarf in the right sleeve. That was when I heard Jackie.

"Janice, you know how you like your life the way it is. You have a beautiful home and will be able to send the kids to the best colleges. I wouldn't want you to lose all of that. I am just suggesting you meet me a few times, discreetly. I know you are attracted to me," he continued. "Why not let me take you a few places and show you some things Harry never even thought of?"

I was livid as I pictured Jackie putting a little squeeze on Janice. Did that jackass think she believed his bullshit? I peeked between two sleeves and I could just see their torsos and heads.

As Jackie spoke to Janice, he slid his hand into her bodice! She didn't try to remove his hand. I was dizzy and had to hold on to the rack to maintain my balance.

"Jack, I really don't think it would be appropriate," Janice answered lowly. "You have a beautiful wife and I am married."

"That is why I am so attracted to you, Janice. God, you have wonderful tits! I love how hard your nipples get," Jackie groaned. "Wouldn't you love more of this treatment?"

"It is the Christmas party and I am allowed a little freedom, aren't I?" Janice asked. "I really don't think we should meet again, unless with our spouses."

"I don't think you are getting what I am telling you, Janice!" Jackie growled. He appeared to cruelly twist Janice's tits as he spoke. "You like Harry making big bucks and I am the reason he does. If you want him to keep supporting you in the style to which you have grown accustomed, you will accommodate me!"

Janice gasped as he pinched and twisted. He roughly pulled her to him and kissed her hard. To my shame, Janice slid a hand over his neck and kissed him back. After what seemed like minutes, they ended the kiss.

"I thought you would see things my way," Jackie chuckled. "I knew you would be one of those bitches that liked it rough. I will be calling you to set something up."

"I certainly don't want Harry to lose his job," agreed Janice. "He would be devastated and the kids are going to be in college in a few years."

Jackie laughed again as they left the coatroom. I was emotionally drained. I felt weak and trembled as I tried to gather my thoughts. Janice was far more important to me than a commission, a job, even my home. Would she succumb to Jackie's blackmail? What should I do to prevent it? My mind reeled.

I heard Maureen call my name. I answered that I was in the back and could not find her coat. She came back near where I stood and quickly reached up and pulled her coat off a hangar.

"Are you okay, Harry?" she asked. "You look very pale and you are sweating!"

"I think it may have been the shrimp or the dip," I replied. "I am feeling better now. It was just a temporary thing."

"I hope so," Maureen nodded. "I hope Jackie and Janice didn't catch it, too. I saw them leave just as I came into the hallway."

I looked her in the eye and cautioned her, "Don't jump to conclusions, but thanks for noticing. You are a good friend."

"Janice has been a wonderful wife, Harry. You know that. Don't go off half-cocked," warned Maureen.

"Yes, mother," I grinned. "You are right, of course. I am letting you in on a little secret I hope you can keep for a couple weeks."

"I am all ears, Harry," beamed Maureen. She loved gossip and secrets.

"I strongly doubt I will be working at this company after the New Year. I can no longer tolerate that ass, Jackie-boy. I have been ignoring him, but he has made that no longer possible. I feel bad for old Jack, but Junior is not my problem and I will keep it that way. I have had a few verbal offers over the years and I will follow them up tomorrow," I vowed.

"Do me a favor, Harry?" Maureen asked. "See if your new office has any room for an experienced old broad that knows the business inside out."

I gave her a big hug and laughed. She was more loyal to me than she was to Jack. Maybe she was more loyal to me than my own wife was!

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