Your Secret Admirer

by The Jint Fan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, InLaws, .

Desc: Sex Story: Joan Carr receives a vase of roses with a note from 'Your Secret Admirer' Who could it be from?

>Joan Carr found a vase with red roses sitting on her front porch. She scratched her head in wonder who sent her the roses. Her daughter doesn't send roses to her. She picked up the vase and noticed the card attached to the flowers. Joan picked the card out of the flowers and opened it up. The note read, " To a Sexy Woman." It is signed by ' Your Secret Admirer' Joan couldn't believe they were for her. It had to be a mistake and delivered to the wrong house. She turned the note around and saw her name printed on the small envelope with her address. Joan called her daughter on the telephone. She heard her daughter answer. " Hello." " Hi darling. Thank you for the flowers." Joan knew it was from her daughter. It had to be only her. " What flowers?" Jessica denied that she sent the flowers. " Well. I just received a dozen red roses from someone and it was signed by my secret admirer. I don't know why someone would do this. I'm too old for this." Joan told her daughter. " You are sixty, Mom!" Jessica spoke up. " I know I shouldn't have roses and a secret admirer." Joan still couldn't believe this is happening to her. Joan stared at the telephone as she hung up the telephone after saying that she loves her. She returned to her chair and relaxed. She needed to think about this. The doorbell rang as she closed her eyes. She walked over to the door and opened it. She hoped it wasn't more flowers. She smiled at the sight in front of her. It is her upstairs tenet, Rick. Rick smiled to Joan. " Hi, Mrs. Carr. " Hi, Rick. How are you doing?" Joan asked. " Can I come in?" Rick asked. " I'm so sorry. Sorry about my manners." Joan opened the door. He smiled to her. " What can I get you?" Rick sat down on the sofa. He crossed his legs and placed his hands onto his lap. " Well. I need you badly." Joan coughed. " Excuse me?" " I'm sorry. I need you for a reference for work, if that is ok." Joan slowly nodded her head with some disappointment " Oh course. Anything for you. I do mean anything." The blonde man smiled and shook her hand. " Thank you, Mrs. Carr." " Joan." " Yes Joan." Rick smiled to her. Joan returned to her chair after Rick left. She closed her eyes and imagined having Rick being her secret admirer. She knew it couldn't be him. Joan started to feel something long since dead. She could feel the warmth between her thighs. She lowered her hand down to her crotch and touched herself. " Oh God. What is happening to me?" Joan spent that night touching herself. She finally brought herself up to a boil and cried slightly. " Oh God!" The next day brought a small plastic card in an envelope. Joan didn't understand until she read the note. It read. " I want to meet you at my room for some loving." Joan dropped the card to the table with total shock. " Oh my God!" Joan called her daughter. The telephone is picked up on the second ring and Joan started right away. " Oh God! He wants to meet me at his motel!" " What? Wait! What did you say?" Jessica replied. Joan told her about the room key and the note. Her secret admirer wants to meet her at a local hotel tomorrow at six. Joan told her daughter everything and she got in return some laughter. " What did I say?" " Everything." Jessica laughed. " You really should do it, Mom." " What!" Joan couldn't believe she heard that. " You heard me, mother. I think you need some sex. I bet it has been awhile." Jessica told her. " I'm coming over tomorrow to take you out shopping." " I'm not going." Joan forcefully told her daughter. " Just do it." Jessica retorted as she hung up the telephone on her. Joan couldn't believe this is happening. Her daughter is right. It has been awhile since she had a man with her. She couldn't let a complete stranger have her sexually. The back of her brain yelled. " Yes, you can!" Joan returned to her chair and started to touch herself again. She loved to touch her clit and she loved the feeling. " Oh God! I do need it." The next day, Joan and her daughter drove to the local mall. Joan turned to Jessica. " What were you and Rick talking about before we left?" " Nothing special." Jessica replied as she pulled the car into the mall parking lot. She pulled into a spot by the main entrance of the shopping mall. Joan felt very nervous about a small thing. They were shopping. They walked into a lingerie store. Joan never been inside of a Frederick's of Hollywood. She is too old for this type of shopping in this type of store. Joan noticed the different types of lingerie hanging on the hangers. She didn't know what to wear. She turned to Jessica. " What are we getting in this store?" " Something sexy." Jessica replied. " What! I can't wear something sexy. I'm too old for these." Joan's eyes looking like a deer in headlights. " You haven't seen anything yet." Jessica laughed. " I love you." Joan started to her and watched as sales clerk walk to them. The large redhead with heavy makeup smiled. " Welcome. Can I help you today?" " Please." Jessica smiled back to the woman. " My name is Jane. So what are we looking for?" The woman asked Jessica and then over to Joan. She smiled again. " My mother here is looking for something sexy for a special night that she has." Jessica waved to Joan. Jane turned towards Joan. " Lucky girl. We can find something for you." Joan and Jessica followed Jane deeper into the store. The woman asked Joan for her size. Joan blushed at the question. Jane waved it off. " Don't worry one bit, dear. I will measure you." Joan stood still as Jane took the measuring tape and did her measurements. She heard the woman whispering about how nice she is. Jane asked. " What cup size are you?" " D." Jane nodded her head. " That's what I thought." Joan sat down into a very comfortable chair and crossed her legs. She watched as Jane and Jessica go over to the racks and looked for something for Joan to wear. " This is the one." Jane spoke up to Jessica. " She will love this. Bring her over to the dressing room. I will find some heels and stockings to go with it." Joan walked over to the dressing room. She entered the first stall and waited for Jane to come over with the lingerie. Joan couldn't believe how nervous she is. She felt her heart pounding in her chest. She hoped it wasn't a heart attack. Jane brought over a hanger and a set of white heels. She noticed the white teddy hanging. Joan never wore one before. Jessica walked over to Joan. " Do you like?" Joan nodded her head. " Yes, it's very beautiful." " I'll help you with it, Mom." Jessica offered. " What?" Joan's head snapped up. " You haven't worn it before, so I want to help you with it." Jessica took a hold of the lingerie and the shoes from Jane. She winked to the woman and closed the door. " You don't have to do this." Joan told her daughter. " I know but I want to help." Jessica smiled." Let's get naked." Joan started to work on the buttons of her blouse. She watched Jessica sit down in the seat in the large dressing room. She pulled off her blouse. Jessica watched her mother remove the beige bra and let the breasts droop. Jessica nodded her head and continued to watch as the black flats are kicked off followed by the gray pants being pulled off of her legs. Joan stood in front of her daughter completely naked. " Ready?" Jessica smiled. " Almost prefect." " Almost?" Jessica nodded. " You just need a trim tonight." Joan blushed brightly at her comment. " I never thought about that." Jessica handed her the white teddy. Joan slipped into the super soft lacy teddy. If felt so good. She noticed the cups for her breasts made her look bigger in that department. Jessica zipped the back of the teddy. " Looks good on you." " Thank you." Joan looked into the tri fold mirrors and nodded her head in agreement. She looked beautiful in the outfit. " I love it." " I'm glad." Jessica smiled to her. " Now lets put the stockings and shoes onto you." Joan sat down and with the help of her daughter, the white stockings are rolled up her legs. They are pair of thigh stockings with a white lacy elastic top. The finishing touch is the white pumps with a five inch heel. Joan stepped into the shoes. " Oh God! These are so high." Jessica laughed at her mother's comment as Joan stepped into both heels. " You will get used to them quickly." " I hope." Joan stepped around the large dressing room. She is a quick learner about wearing the heels. Joan looked at herself in the mirrors. She couldn't believe how beautiful and sexy that she looked. " Oh my God! This is so nice." Jessica opened the door and brought Joan outside. Jane watched them and gave Joan a thumbs up from her spot. " Looking good." " Thank you." Joan returned to the dressing room and changed back to her street clothes. She decided to wear the heels to really get used to them. Joan paid for the lingerie and shoes. Joan couldn't sit still at her house. She is only a couple of hours away from having sex with a stranger. " Please let me get through this." Two hours before leaving the house, a package arrived at the door. Joan opened the package up to discover a white blindfold mask and a pair of white gloves. She read the note. " I don't want to scare you off by seeing me. The gloves are silk for the silky touching on my body." Joan's eyes widen in surprise. She never thought about doing that with anyone. She felt like a virgin again. " I'm so screwed." An hour before Jessica would drive her to the motel, Joan took a hot bath and changed into the outfit. She carefully trimmed her pubic hair to a short height. She never done that before. She was always taught that region wasn't to be touched or changed. Joan slowly changed into the outfit and shoes. She covered herself up in a long coat. She didn't want anyone to see her. She waited for the door to open and her daughter to appear. She didn't have to wait too long. Jessica walked over to her And helped her with some makeup. She smiled as she coated her lips with a thick layer of lipstick. " Now you look great." Joan saw her reflection and agreed. " I look hot." Jessica laughed as she walked her mother out of the house. " You ready to have sex?" " I am." Joan finally convinced herself. She told her daughter about the new package. She told her about the blindfold and the gloves. Jessica thought it sounded very kinky. Joan slowly nodded her head. Jessica drove to the motel. Joan walked into the front lobby and waited for someone to help her. She tapped her shoe a couple of times until a tall blonde woman entered and smiled. " Can I help you out, sweetie?" " Ah... yes. I believe there is a room for me." Joan told the woman. She believed in her heart that the woman is a drug addict or a hooker. " What's your name, sweetie?" Joan's stomach became uneasy. She spoke to her and she smiled back to her. " You are the one." " I guess." " Lucky you." The woman handed her a room key. "Room five and he says to lie on the bed with the blindfold and the gloves before he will enter." Joan nodded her head. Joan stepped out and walked to the car. " I'll be all set. I'll call your cell phone when I'm done here." Jessica smiled and nodded. " Sounds good. Have fun tonight." " I will try." Joan kiss Jessica on the cheek. She turned around and headed for the motel room. Joan reached the room and opened the door of the prepaid room. She looked around the room before pulling off her coat. Her hands are shaking heavily. Joan pulled her coat off and looked at the bed. It is a king-size bed. This bed is going to be where she is going to have sex. She sat down onto the bed and closed her eyes. Joan found the blindfold and the white gloves on the bed. Her heart is beating quickly with thoughts of being blindfolded with a stranger making love to her. Joan breathed in deeply and nodding her head. " I'm ready." After securing the silk gloves to her hands and securing the blindfold over her eyes. She laid down onto the bed. She never wore all her clothes including shoes in bed. What seemed like forever but it was only fifteen minutes, the door opened and closed. Joan's heart started to beat faster. She finally found her voice. " Hello?" " Good evening." A deep voice spoke about ten feet away. " You look so beautiful lying there." " Thank... you." Joan's voice being so nervous. " No thank you Thank you for coming here." The voice sounded closer to her. Joan didn't recognized the voice. She heard the footsteps move closer and the feel of the bed as he pressed down. He is here with her on the bed. " Who are you?" " Your secret admirer." He replied as he ran his finger over her breast. Joan couldn't believe the feelings from the touch. She felt her nipple explode. It tighten and grew hard at the touch. Before Joan could say something, she felt his lips pressed onto her lips. It felt so good. She felt as his tongue tasted her lips. She didn't know if she could French kiss. She slowly opened her mout
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