Nick's Nymphomaniac Neighbor

by Cohf Zeen

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Our young man Nick, has just moved away from home. Nick's neighbor, Rachel is a 35 year old Nymphomaniac. She's a nasty whore that wants him for sex. She is every young guys wet dream. Nick girlfriend Debbie is sexually challenged, but he doesn't want to give her up. Can Rachel help with that too?

Nick's big day had come. He had just turned 19 and was now in the process of moving into his very first apartment. Parties, girls, staying up all night, drinking until 4 in the morning, and not getting up until noon all flashed through his head. Nick was just your average guy, ready to make both his mark in life as well as add some notches to his belt. His love life had been somewhat lacking, but he now had a steady girlfriend and he was looking forward to enjoying some time with her in a bed, instead of just the back seat of a car.

Nick's buddies had helped him move in that morning and he was just getting his furniture setup when he heard a knock at the door. Nick opened it thinking it was his girlfriend Debbie stopping by to check things out, but instead he opened the door to a mid-thirties woman wearing a green halter top and a short black skirt. She had long blond hair and soft blue eyes. Nick's cock pulsed in his pants as he drank in her beauty. From her glossy red lips, perfect pillowy breasts, slender hips and shapely ass and thighs, she was model material.

"Hi, my name is Rachel," she said in a British accent. "I'm in the apartment beside you, number 310."

"Hi, I'm Nick,"

"Welcome to the neighborhood."

"Thanks," Nick said, now trying to hide his growing hard-on.

"Can I come in?" she said as she moved slowly passed him, making sure she brushed her big breasts against his chest as she did so.

Nick found himself speechless as Rachel moved around his living room, then stopped to examining his couch.

"Oh leather. I love leather Nick."

She sat down and crossed her legs, put her arms out to the side, resting them on the couch and began to stroke the leather with her fingertips. Nick could see all the way up her leg, his eyes followed her inner thigh right up to her pussy. A lump formed in his throat when he realized she wasn't wearing any panties and he could see the first inch of her narrow slit.

"Sit Nick," she said pointing to the chair opposite her.

When Nick took the seat, it gave him a new, clear view of

Rachel's pussy. He could now see most of her vulva. Her puffy outer labia looked very smooth and her compact inner lips glistened in her wetness.

Rachel smiled at him, then adjusted her legs, parting them and pushing her knees out to the side. Her skirt pulled up and away, showing off her smooth, hairless mound.

Nick's mouth went dry. Rachel's pussy was completely shaved.

"So Nick, let me tell you what I'm about and what I have to offer. First, I'm a nymphomaniac. And I really can't get enough sex. Now I know all about young men. I don't think you can get enough either. Always thinking about sex, tossing off one or two times a day. In the shower, in bed, in front of the computer while looking at porn. What a waste. Do you have a girlfriend


Nick nodded yes, still unable to speak.

"Do you get much sex from her?"

"Some," he managed to say between parched lips.

"Is some enough Nick?" She said leaning forward, showing off her sexy tits to him.

"No," he stammered.

"Then I think you will like my offer. I will fuck you, suck you, hump you dry any time of the day or night."

Nick head was swimming.

"All you have to do Nick is promise me that you will not masturbate. That you wont waste your precious seed to the drain.

That you will give it all to me, that is of course when you're not fucking your girlfriend. I don't want to replace her. What do you say Nick? Do you like my offer?"

Rachel grabbed her green halter top and pulled it over her head.

Her big, plump breasts bounced out and she lightly caressed her hard nipples. She then pulled her skirt up and out of the way, so that her pussy was in full view. She then reached down into her fleshy, pink folds and pulled her cunt lips wide. Showing off the meaty ring of bumpy skin that lined her inner fuck hole.

She smiled at him as his gaze focused on her hairless snatch.

"I wont be as tight as some of the girls you've had Nick, my cunt is accustom too big cocks, and fat dildo's. But I don't think you'll mind."

She stood up and came over to him, saying, "Do you have a big cock Nick?"

She dropped to her knees in front of him and started to unzip his pants, "Let me see it Nick. Let me see your big cock."

All Nick could do was watch as Rachel, this gorgeous blond, pulled his pants and short down his legs. Her face was eye level with his raging hard-on. She skillfully took it in her mouth and began to suck on his sensitive head. Nick's eyes rolled back and he moaned as she cupped his balls was one hand and worked his hard shaft with the other. Nick's girlfriend had taken his cock in her mouth twice before, but only licked him for a few minutes before they had intercourse, she had never sucked him like this.

Rachel moved his cock from her mouth for a moment. She looked up at him and smiled.

"Does your girlfriend suck you off Nick?"

He shook his head no.

"She doesn't? Has any girl sucked you off Nick?"

Again he shook his head no.

"Mmmm, then I will be your first."

Rachel engulfed his big cock again, deep throating him. She sucked and licked at the tip of his hard cock as her hands fondled his balls and rubbed his thick shaft. She covered the head of his cock with her spit, then worked her mouth over his long shaft. She encouraged him to work his hips forward and he fucked her mouth until he knew he was going to blow his load.

Rachel held his cock tight to her lips as the first wave of his sticky hot jism gushed into her mouth. Rachel's already dripping pussy creamed even more as she tasted Nick's cum. His viscous textured semen pooled at the back of her throat as a steady stream pissed from the end of his cock.

Her tongue wallowed in his sperm as several more waves of it coated her inner cheeks.

When the last of his orgasm had spilled into her mouth, she began to roll her tongue over his pulsating purple head, causing him to shake and twitch. She swallowed his cum while his cock was still in her mouth, then let it pop free. With Nick still gasping for air, Rachel, her pretty blue eyes looking up at him, her big sexy tits rubbing against his thighs, squeezed the shaft of his cock and milked the last of his cum out of his throbbing penis. As each white droplet appeared, she licked it from the head of his cock.

Rachel kissed the head of his cock, then as she stood up, she rubbed her big tits against his stomach and chest. She looked him square in the eyes and licked her red lips once more.

"Your cum taste great Nick. I'm looking forward to sucking lots of loads out of your cock and into my stomach."

Nick was still speechless he pulled up his pants and Rachel put her halter top back on. She had just pulled it snug when Debbie appeared in the doorway. That's when Nick realized the door had been left open. Had anyone happened by they would have seen

Rachel sucking him off.

Nick couldn't believe any woman could be that horny. Girls like this were only in the movies right?

"Hi Nick," Debbie said. "Wow, this is a great looking place." She paused as she looked at Rachel.

Nick quickly jumped in, "Oh, um, Debbie, this is my neighbor,


"Hello," Debbie said.

"Hi Debbie, I was just welcoming her boyfriend to the neighborhood. I think he is going to love living here."

Rachel flashed him a smile, then headed out the door. "Cheers," she said in parting.

Nick grabbed a couple of beers from the kitchen and plunked himself down on the couch. He handed one to Debbie and quickly sucked his down.

Debbie said, "You look spent. I guess all the moving really took a lot out of you."

"It sure did."

Debbie leaned against him, her soft brown, shoulder length hair falling onto his cheek. Debbie was only 18, and not much more experienced at sex then Nick was. Her tits were half Rachel's size, and she had a tangled triangle of dark pubic hair covering her mound. She was a sexy girl, and Nick was lucky to have her, but at that moment his mind was still clearly focused on Rachel.

Her sexy British voice, her beautiful face and mouth, her big tits, and of course her wet, fleshy pussy. As he thought about that and the chance he was going to get of fucking her, his cock sprang to life.

Debbie noticed it and started to rub his shaft though his pants.

She said, "Want to christen your new apartment?"

"Sure," Nick said before kissing her.

The two of them kissed and caressed each other for several minutes before the cloths came off. Debbie leaned back on the couch, opened her legs and Nick mounted her, his big cock pressing into her delicate slit. She was very tight, but her juices quickly became smeared around her entrance as Nick pushed and slipped his penis up and down her silky valley.

They kissed as they fucked, but Nick's mind was still full of

Rachel. Debbie came loudly and Nick wondered if Rachel could hear them though the walls. He wondered if she was masturbating right now as he fucked his girlfriend. Wondered if she was using that big dildo she had talked about.

Nick grunted and filled Debbie's tight cunt with his sperm. After he pulled out, Debbie quickly ran to the bathroom. Nick could hear the water running. When she came back, she dressed, covering up her tits and pussy.

Nick sat there, not wanting to cover his naked body. His cock shinny with her pussy juices and his spent sperm.

Debbie said, "Nick, go get cleaned up and get dressed."

"Why?" he questioned.

Debbie made a sick looking face, "Because."

That was all she had to say, Nick knew Debbie wasn't comfortable with sex like he was. She loved it, but right after it was over, then it was over. He wondered how Rachel dealt with it. Deep down knowing it would be much different. He had to find out.

Later that evening, after Debbie had left, he got up the courage to knock on Rachel's door. It opened second later and she invited him it. The room was dimly lit, small candles glowing from every corner. She was wearing a sheer, white housecoat, with bright red thigh high stockings, no panties, and a strapless, half cut bra that left her nipples exposed.

Against the far wall was a large brown leather chair, with big, soft cushioned arms. Rachel sat down pulled her housecoat open, then draped each leg over an arm of the chair. This both completely exposed her pussy and opened up her wet fuck hole a good inch. Her clear juices flowed out of her and started coating ass crack and anus. She dipped two fingers into her hole, then brought them to her mouth and licked them clean.

"I heard you and your girlfriend fucking Nick. Did you think of me while you were humping her?"

"Yes," Nick confessed quickly.

"Were you wishing it was my cunt you were fucking?"

"Oh fuck, yes," Nick moaned.

"Come here Nick. Lick me, lick my wet cunt. You made it this wet you know. After you came in my mouth all I could think about was fucking you."

Nick knelt before Rachel. Drinking in the beauty of her fleshy, hairless vulva.

"Put some fingers in me Nick, feel how wet and juicy my cunt is.

Feel how good it's going to be to have your cock in me."

Nick gently pressed his middle finger into her dripping wet snatch. He then added a second finger and then a third, twisting and turning them inside her cavernous cunt. Her juices streamed out of her, soaking his fingers, then his hand. Rachel moaned and rocked her hips forward, feeding her spread cunt his three digits. She reached down and pulled them out of her and brought them to her mouth and sucked them clean, licking up all her juices.

"Fuck me Nick, fuck my wet cunt."

Nick stripped, pulling his clothes off in record time. His big cock, stiff and ridged eagerly pressed into her fuck folds and plunged deeply. Nick fucked wildly into her sloppy cunt hole. The walls of her box didn't grab his cock like Debbie's did, but he didn't care. Then Rachel pulled her legs off the arms of the chair and squeezed them together quickly. Nick gasped. All of a sudden Rachel's cunt was as tight as any virgin.

She laughed. "Muscle control. Something you will learn more about as time goes by. I taught yoga for years."

Nick pushed and pulled his cock in and out of her, having to work hard to do both. Rachel rubbed her hard little clit as they fucked, and then as Nick started to cum, Rachel let go and came too.

The first thing Nick felt was her juices soaking him. His cock felt her inner lubrication, then he saw her cunt juices squirting out around his cock shaft, soaking his balls.

Nick groaned loudly as his cock jerked and twitched deep inside her, squirting thick, white ropes of cum deep inside her wet fuck hole.

Wave after wave of sperm streamed out of his cock to smother her cervix. Rachel's pussy was swimming in sperm and her cunt cum as they moaned and climaxed together.

Nick slowly pulled his cock out of Rachel's cunt. She squeezed her inner vaginal muscles tightly against the shaft of his cock so that her pussy could drag all his cum from the sides of his cock and off his fat purple head, her pussy eating his cum like a hungry mouth.

"Bring that big cock up here Nick, so I can lick it clean,"

Rachel said, licking her lips.

Nick was more then happy to do so.

As Rachel took his cock in her hand to examine it she continued.

"Do you like that I'm a nasty fucking slut Nick?"

She sucked his cock into her mouth, tasting a hint of sperm and her own tangy pussy flavor. She licked up and down the length of his cock with her lips, all the while looking up at him.

Rachel said in a very sex voice, "Do you want to do nasty things with me Nick?"

Nick nodded, "Fuck yeah."

"Are you sure Nick? I don't want to scare you off with what you might think of as extreme."

Nick was dumbfounded. "What do you mean?"

"What's the nastiest thing you've done sexually?"

Nick paused, then was forced to say, "Nothing."

"Well then lets change that. On my kitchen counter you'll find some clear plastic spoons, get one for me." Nick did so, still a bit confused. Rachel both excited him and made him nervous. When he returned Rachel again had her legs spread open wide, both her legs draped across the arms of the chair. He cast his gaze directly at her wet, pink pussy. Her fleshy slit stretched open.

The entrance to her cunt dripped with his spent sperm.

"Okay Nick, I want you to slip that spoon into my cunt and scoop out your cum and feed it to me."

Nick's heart and cock jumped. He lowered the spoon to her dripping snatch and pushed it up inside her. She pushed her hips forward and up slightly, feeding herself the spoon as well as opening up her hole even more. Nick watched as his milky white cum ran slowly onto the spoon. Once the gooey mess filled it, he moved it up to her mouth.

Rachel already had her mouth open and her tongue stretched out.

Nick placed the spoon on her tongue, and she closed her lips over it. He pulled the spoon back out and it was clean.

Nick pushed the spoon deep into her cunt a second time, scraping her inner pink walls. This second spoon full of sperm he poured onto her tongue and she swallowed it down, licking her lips after. Nick returned the spoon to her cunt and twisted and turned in all around inside of her, enjoying the fact that she let him play with her vagina. He pulled the spoon out again, it's gooey contents shimmering in the dim light. Rachel tilled her head back and held her lips together. Nick poured the cum across her lips, then watched as her tongue snaked up and licked them clean.

Rachel smiled at him. "Are you enjoying being nasty with me


"This is great,"

Rachel reached into the chair. Between the arm and the cushion she was placed a long, fat black dildo. She placed it at the entrance to her dripping cunt and pushed it deep. Nick stood back and watched her as she fucked herself. Rachel worked the dildo in and out a few times, then pulled it out and started to lick it clean, sucking all the cock and cunt cum off of it. She put on a wild sex show for him, fucking herself and licking the dildo over and over again.

"Nick, do you want to fuck me again?"

"Yes. Oh fuck yes."

"Good. You can fuck me anytime you want, as often as you want.

Just promise me you wont jack-off, that you'll come see me instead and let me take care of you day or night. If I'm around I will look after your needs, and mine as well."

Nick agreed and fucked Rachel a second time. He had never cum four times in one day, a record for him, but at least now he knew he could.

I was after 11pm when he headed back to his apartment, he still couldn't believe his good luck. His nymphomaniac neighbor was hotter and nastier then anything he had seen in all the porn movies he had ever watch.

Later that night Nick woke up with a ragging hard. Instinctively his right hand reached down and choked it. He rubbed his hard shaft a few times, images of Rachel filling his head, her big tits, her blond hair framing her face, her sexy blue eyes looking into his while his cock was in her mouth. Her wet, pink fleshy hairless cunt. That smooth bald place of pleasure. He knew he could cum in seconds if he didn't stop. Kicking the covers off his bed he jumped up.

The clock showed 3:30 AM, and he didn't know if he could see her now or not. Sure she had said anytime, but did she really mean that?

Dressing in just his blue jeans and a T-shirt he head to her door.

He paused, then knocked twice. He waited for 30 seconds, then started back towards his apartment.

Rachel's door opened.

"Come on in big guy," she said in a whisper.

Nick said, "I got hard. I was thinking of you, dreaming of you."

"Oh Nick that's so sweet. I hope they were nasty, dirty dreams."

She took his hand and pulled him to her bedroom. Seconds later they were fucking again.

When Nick woke to the sun shining through the window he was still in Rachel's bed. He looked down to see her head resting on his leg, her mouth just inches from his cock. That view got him hard and as his shaft grew, she didn't even have to move her head to start sucking him off, his cock poked right into her mouth.

Her skillful tongue licked all around the tip of his cock, then down the sides. Nick blew a big wad into her mouth a minute later, which she swallowed before letting his cock plop free.

He showered with her, ate her out as she dried her hair, then ate the breakfast she made him before headed out the door to work.

His work day couldn't end quick enough. When it was over he raced back home only to find Debbie waiting for him in the parking lot.

Nick really wanted to be in Rachel's apartment fucking her again.

Reluctantly he entertained his girlfriend. She started kissing him and it wasn't long before they were in his bedroom having sex. Nick knew that the walls were very thin, and that Rachel might be listening to them right now. His hard-on ragged as he assaulted the pink lining of Debbie's cunt. She moaned and screamed as several orgasms took her. He pumped her pussy full of cum, and like all the other time with her, Debbie quickly headed to the bathroom to clean up. She returned to his bed only to give him one quick kiss.

"I've got to run, I have an evening class. See you tomorrow?"

"Okay," Nick said back as he watched her leave.

Nick lay in bed, thinking about Rachel. His cock still hard. He was very surprised when Rachel poked her head around the corner and smiled at him.

She dangled a key on a silver chain saying, "The last tenant gave me this so I could come in anytime I wanted."

Nick sat up. "The last tenant was a girl."

"I know," Rachel smiled. "And let me tell you her pussy tasted really sweet."

She crawled onto his bed, moving her head between his legs. "I heard you and your girlfriend fucking, it got me so wet." She took his cock in her hand. "What this? You cock is still covered in your cum. Doesn't she clean up after herself?"

Rachel took Nick's cock into her mouth and started to lick it clean. "Mmm, your girlfriends pussy taste yummy. Is she Bi? I would love to have her. I would love to suck your cum out of her sweet cunt."

Nick groaned. The idea of watching the beautiful Rachel licking

Debbie's pussy made his cock rock hard again. She worked his cock with her mouth until he couldn't hold back any longer.

"I'm cumming," he shouted.

Rachel pulled his spurting penis out of her mouth and let him spew his thick, gooey cum all over her face.

Nick gasped. He had witnessed so many facials on the net and in triple X movies, but to actually be doing it! It was so much more exciting and erotic.

Rachel smiled at him, his cum dripping off her cheeks and chin.

Her tongue licking around the sides of her sexy red lips, looking to scoop up what she could.

As his cum dried on her face she talked to him and played with cock. Telling him about some of the lesbian sex she had enjoyed with the girl that had lived here before him. When he got hard again, she mounded him, lowering her dripping snatch onto his fuck pole. With his cum still on her face, Nick fucked up into her. When he finally came in her, his balls were spent.

Rachel moved off of him and again sucked his penis clean. Nick was in heaven. He had his own porn star, his own cum slut, his own Nymphomaniac Neighbor living right next door. What could be better.

You will see.

Part two.

For the next several weeks anytime Nick wanted sex he went to

Rachel, many time late at night. He began to crave all the hardcore sex she gave him. From pumping her cunt full of cum and watching her eat it out of herself, to giving her facials, to fucking her ass. They did it all. In between being with her he was still servicing Debbie.

The sex with Debbie was always the same, quick. With no after play, just her cleaning up in the bathroom. Sometimes leaving right after, sometimes sitting with him watching TV, but that was it. Fucking her a second time in one night was never an option.

Nick was growing bored with fucking Debbie. She could never be as exciting as Rachel.

He talked to Rachel about it and she suggested that he dump her and get a new girlfriend.

"Lots of fish in the sea," she said.

Nick was reluctant to give up Debbie that quickly.

She was a great girl in other ways, just not in the bedroom and didn't want to hurt her feelings. Deep down he knew he would have to do something.

Rachel suggested spicing up his love life with her.

"Here," she said, "I want you to introduce her to my favorite sex toy."

She handed him her silver bullet vibrators that had a smooth glass tip. When it was turned on the end of it glowed, providing a soft white light. Nick thought it looked very sexy.

Rachel turned it on, spread her legs wide and told Nick to fuck her with it. Nick grinned as Rachel taught him the fine art of getting her off with the vibrator, which didn't take much skill at all.

"Are you going to enjoy fucking her with my toy Nick? Knowing that its been in me and you've gotten me off with it?"

"Fuck yes," Nick said.

"Good. Listen Nick, as I told you I don't want to replace your girlfriend. You know all I want you for is the sex."

"I'm okay with that," Nick chimed in.

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