A Friendly Little Texas Poker Game

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Foreword - My friend Stan and I took a one-day trip to Yuma, to see a Padres spring training game. On the way, we decided to skip the ballgame, and drive farther. A week later, we were visiting friends in Dallas. They took us to a party, which ended up in a no holds barred strip poker game.

What follows is a true story. Roxanne and I took an unplanned, impromptu car trip several years ago. In Dallas, we went to a party, with friends of hers. The party turned into an all night poker game, with a little twist. As we were driving home, through west Texas and New Mexico, we talked about what happened, and Roxanne dictated this story into her portable dictating unit. I originally typed it virtually without change, except for the "ums" and "ya knows".

We did make some changes to the first draft, purely for the sake of accuracy. While it isn't the most erotic story you will read here, it has its moments. It is completely true, and we hope you enjoy it.

San Diego's Sin*Sational -- at one time the World's Greatest SySop -- had the first edition in her library on Erotic*City in 1991 as TEXPOKER. This version has undergone some minor editing in 1991, and again in 1997. The copy you are now reading was originally uploaded by the co-author in 1997 to The Dragon's Nest, one of the best of the remaining WWIV boards in San Diego. The Sysop there is Chromatic Dragon.

Finally, this isn't the normal genre in which I write. The woman who edits and polishes my work still has not seen this story. (She would be scandalized if she knew I wrote it.) It is she who makes sure the proper tense is used, the correct form of the proper word is used, the structure is appropriate, and that I write with complete sentences, framing logical paragraphs, and that coherent ideas flow from start to finish. She is a whiz at finding opened but not closed quotations or parenthesis, and she alone among all the people I know really understands the difference between its and it's. She has a far superior grasp of spelling and grammar than I, and she senses what will "read right." Although Roxanne found many of my obvious errors, any shortcomings in the writing are solely my own.

I only wish I had as good a time in Dallas as Roxanne did (and I did OK.)

Revised by R.L.G.

I subsequently discovered that a porn site had stolen an early version of this story, complete with the information about the authors which follows the last installment.


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