The Party

by Isabelle

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: I decided to check out a private sex/fetish party and sent my boyfriend off to fool around with his gorgeous ex. Was I out of my head. Maybe, but I certainly made the most of being a solitary female in an anything goes environment. Girls, boys, and me getting loved on every which way.

It was a last minute decision to go. A friend we'd met at a club in the city told us about an underground "club" that was at a new location each month. He assured us it was a great time, and when the next club night rolled around, he sent us an e-mail with an invite and a map. We decided to check it out.

My boyfriend Brian and I had a fine time getting ready. Picking out sexy clothes, layered so we could adjust our states of undress according to our comfort level. I decided to go very pop. I slid on a pair of Red and white "boy brief" style panties, and some tiny soccer shorts over these. I had a tight, curve hugging yellow t-shirt that read "Wanna Bang" on the front with an ad for "Orange Bang" on the back. I chose a red wig worn in pig tails with sharp bangs. Finally a pair of sneakers and striped knee socks completed the outfit. Brian showed his appreciation enthusiastically with a hard on that stretched his boxer briefs to their limit and we almost had our own party there in our apartment. I squeezed his cock and told him to get dressed; it was time to hit the road. Brian decided to wear a mod, slim fitting suit. It became fetish in the right context and he looked hot.

Underneath he had on a pair of tight black shorts and a black t-shirt, should he feel overdressed he could become my sexy little servant boy easily enough.

I was excited at not knowing what extremes might lay ahead of me. I could spend the evening just admiring sexy costumes and rolling around with my boy, or I could end up in something really out there. I was getting worked up wondering if our friend who had invited us, and who I'd long harbored a crush on, might join us in a threesome. Of all the kinks I've enjoyed there are few pleasures quite so fine as having two adoring men with hard cocks at my disposal.

Brian's hand stroked my thigh as I drove. Occasionally I'd sneak a hand over to his lap and it would seem he'd found some sexy thoughts to keep his mind occupied as well. Two hours later we arrived at a gorgeous beach house. The house was a rental, and was sparsely decorated. As soon as we entered we were assured we'd found the right house.

Two gorgeous girls in matching corsets and page boy wigs were making out hard and heavy. I wondered if they'd come together of if they'd arrived in matching outfits and decided it was a sign that they should give the rest of us a surreal visual treat.

The rest of the folks in the front room were standing around talking, getting to know each other. This was always a fun section at any party; strangers trying to entice each other into a darker corner. Arms were stroked, flirting glances exchanged.

"Brian? Isabelle?" A woman in a striking full length latex dress walked towards us. Her gorgeous black hair was too perfect to belong to anyone else; it was Brian's ex, Jeanette.

Jeanette was a sweetheart and we'd always gotten along well. None of the awkwardness of present and past girlfriends existed between us. Brian and she had broken up when Brian decided he was ready for a serious relationship and Jeanette, after careful consideration decided she was not.

"Hey. Fancy seeing you two here." She looked amazing. "Let me show you around." Jeannette led us into the next room, a large formal dining room converted to a smut room for the evening. Two flat screen TV's graced the walls, one playing some pretty standard but decent quality porn and the other a delightful montage of fetish clips and fashion show footage. The television provided the only light in the room as couples and threesomes and larger groups kissed and groped and rolled about. Another room held various racks and tables with straps and buckles. This makeshift dungeon was occupied by two men only at this point. They were slowly going about playing with various paddles and tugging on restraints. This room would definitely fill up as the party progressed. Up stairs were four bedrooms and one large game room where the action would get more hard core. The upstairs was still brightly lit and not in use, a sign that the night was young.

I wondered how involved in this club scene Jeanette was. She walked with authority from room to room, though that was perhaps the result of her knowing just how god damn hot she looked. How could she not notice every man and women in the place panting as she passed? It felt nice to have her attentions all to ourselves for now. "Wow! She is yummy." I said to Brian, making sure he knew that he had my blessing and even encouragement to lust after this tall, shapely woman from his past.

We followed Jeanette's hour glass figure back down stairs and she grabbed us a bottle of wine and three glasses from the kitchen. We all had a seat on the patio next to an empty hot tub and with a view of the beach.

"When did you get here?" I asked our lovely hostess. "You certainly seem to know your way around."

"Oh I helped them set this up. The homeowner is a man that I've been seeing. Actually to be honest he hires me as a dom. I give him a few spanks and piss on him now and then and he pays me, and gives us a great rate on his rental properties. It's great that he's into water sports. You should see the bathroom here. It's all set up. The tiled floors roll right up into the wall. There's a drain in the middle of the floor, and a hose rolled up in the cabinet below the sink for easy clean up. I expect it will be used tonight."

I'd not experimented with water sports, but the thought of it was intriguing. I decided I'd have a peek at this bathroom later. We sipped our wine and Jeanette flirted heavily with both of us. Finally she cut to the chase. "May I kiss you Isabelle?"

"Please." I answered leaning forward. Jeanette had another sip of wine and as she kissed me I felt the warm wine flowing between my lips along with her tongue. I opened my mouth wide to receive both hungrily. Jeanette slid off her chair and onto the bench next to me, wrapping her arms around me. We kissed long and hard. She had strong lips and a penchant for biting just hard enough.

"Jeanette!" I stopped her. "I'm sure Brian would like some wine as well."

She smiled. "Is this true Brian?"

Brian just smiled back, as Jeanette stood, looking sexier than ever in her translucent dress and tall boots. She strutted around the table clutching the bottle of wine. When she reached Brian he pushed his chair out from the table until he sat facing her. With her knees locked and her legs apart, Jeanette bent at the knees until her mouth was just inches from Brian's. She parted her lips and the wine dripped into my lover's mouth. Jeanette followed the drops until their lips were locked. She placed her hands on Brian's wrists and held them in place while she kissed him. She'd stop every once in a while and pose, letting him see that which she was not yet letting him touch. I could see the outline of Brian's card cock against the fabric of his pants.

It was then that I made a decision that surprised even me. I leaned and whispered in Jeanette's ear, "Why don't you take Brian for awhile. I'll loan him to you." Jeanette raised an eyebrow and I flashed her a smile confirming that I meant it. Jeanette stood and gave me a quick hug. Brian still had no idea what was going on.

"Sweetie, I'm loaning you to Jeanette for awhile if you don't mind. Have a good time sweetie. Other than 'be safe' you've got no rules holding you back."

Brian looked concerned. "Is, are you sure?"

"Don't worry about me darling, I'm going to have a grand time. Jeanette will show you this world in a way that I can't wait for you to share with me later." I gave him a quick kiss, sliding my tongue across his top lip. "Is this okay with you?" I asked.

"If you're sure you're alright with it then, yeah, it's fine."

"Oh sweetie it's going to be so much more than fine." I gave his cock a squeeze and Jeanette led him back into the house. I stayed seated, sipping my wine and hoping that I really had conveyed to Brian just how okay I was with the situation. After all, being a female alone at a party like this was not a bad thing at all. Willing playmates were in abundance. For now though, I listened to the ocean and enjoyed the night air. And just like that, the two girls who had come dressed as twins were asking if they could sit with me.

The twin fetish always struck me as a bit creepy, but Lucille and Lisa looked nothing alike. Lucille was about five ten, and had a lean athletic body, with lovely small breasts and sharp features. Lisa was maybe five foot six, though she made up for the difference with some very tall heals. She had a very curvy body, with a gorgeous round ass and nice handful sized breasts. On these two the matching wigs, outfits and make up were adorable, as they accentuated their differences while succeeding on some level of making them a unit. The best part though was how into it they were. These two best friends were new to this scene and by sticking together they were giving each other the courage to explore some fantasies and desires that they'd no doubt whispered to each other during late night game so truth or dare.

For now, I was their fantasy, and they were not subtle in letting me know. They slid their hands over each others thighs and gave me heavy eyelids as they tried to muster up the courage to invite me their party. I realized I was the experienced scenester to them that Jeanette had been to me, and I decided that I'd borrow from the tall goddess herself. I'd lent her my man, I felt entitled. I took a sip of wine, stood, and strutted my way around the table. Placing my hand on the back of Lucille's head, I bent forward, and kissed her aggressively, passing the wine from my mouth to hers. She was surprised at first, and a bit of wine escaped, tricking down her chin before she drank thirstily from my mouth, sucking at my tongue as I pulled back to suck the drops of wine from her chin, neck and chest. I grabbed anther sip, and I leaned across Lucille, inviting her strokes and pets as I gave Lisa her wine. The differences in these two were delightful. From Lucille's lanky body and thin but strong lips to Lisa's full round lips and curvy body. I ran my hands over her corseted waist round hips while her best friends explored my calves and thighs. I felt a bite on my bottom lips just as a hand slid under my shorts to caress my ass. I had not expected to find such a fine time quite so quickly.

I stood upright and Lucille and Lisa joined me. I kissed one and then the other, back and forth letting my hands explore more each time we switched. When it dawned on me that Lucille had slid her thigh between my legs and I was pushing my pussy against her, I knew it was time to get more comfortable.

"How do you girls feel about slipping out of these clothes and into that hot tub?"

These women of few words answered with more lusty stares as they began peeling off their corsets. Again in occurred to me that I was to them hot, experienced, older woman to these two girls who were probably just barely of drinking age. This was an unusual role for me and I savored it. I took a seat, and with one word instructed them to give me a show. "Slowly."

Two smiles and then a slow sexy strip show. I spread my legs and placed my hand between my thighs to give them encouragement. I could feel through my tight shorts how hot and swollen I'd become. Suddenly, my hand was between my legs for my own benefit. I wanted more. "Help each other." I suggested/demanded.

Again, two smiles let me know I was the queen bee tonight. My two lovely ladies stripped each other of hot pants and boots, peeling stockings, kissing every inch of leg on the way down. As they stood their in panties and bras, kissing each other, the difference in height just begging me slide between them and bridge the gap. I had my hand down the front of my shorts now, inside my panties, stroking my wet pussy. It was time to move things along. As I stood to my feet my two sexy new friends didn't need me to tell them what to do, as they did there best catwalk struts to me. I looked at the sky as I was kissed along my jaw and neck. My shirt was lifted off of me. My nipples were suckled. My shorts were lowered down, until I stepped out of them. When I was at last the least clothed on the porch, wearing nothing but my panties, I freed myself of my attendants and beckoned them to follow me into the tub.

The water was not so hot that we would have to limit our time enjoying it. It was just warm enough to keep us feeling wonderful on this cool night. As soon as Lucille was seated I straddled her lap, facing her, and began kissing her with intent. Her hands were on my ass, our breasts pressed together as we made out furiously. I slid a hand between her legs and I felt the outline of her pussy through the fabric of her panties. I pinched her pussy lips lightly between my fingers and I heard her gasp in my ear. I slid my fingers forward and back and she pushed her hips forward against my strokes. She moaned, and treated me to a long sexy "ooohhh".

I had my own back arched like a cat in heat, and I was dying for Lucille to return the favor while at the same time I was loving getting her off. I made a few sexy sounds of my own as Lisa slid a hand over my ass, and between my legs. Oh sweet Lisa, coming to my rescue while allowing Lucille to focus completely on the pleasure I was giving her. I pushed up on her long thighs, guiding her to take a seat on the edge of the tub. Any modesty that we had left was gone as I slide Lucille's panties off. With my tongue and lips I explored her belly and thighs, getting closer to her sex with each lick and kiss, As I brought my tongue closer to tasting her wet pussy, Lisa continued stroking my legs and ass with one hand, and reach under me to finger me through my panties with her other.

Lucille was dying to feel my tongue on her, pushing her hips forward and back and moaning. She had a small triangle of pubic hair on her mound and she'd left a strip of hair on each side of her pussy. It would seem she was a natural blonde beneath her wig, which she still wore. When I felt that soft golden hair against my lips I could tease her no more. I kissed at her swollen lips before parting them with my tongue. She was slick and smooth, and she pushed herself against my mouth as I slid my tongue slowly up and down her warm cunt, circling her clit in ever tightening circles.

I did my best to focus on getting her off while being distracted by Lisa who now slid her hand down my panties, pressing her middle finger between the outer lips of my pussy. My legs were mostly together and my lips felt delightful pinched between my thighs and her finger.

I was getting close to cumming and technique was out the window as my tongue fucked Lucille by pure lust driven instinct. Her pussy felt so perfect as I kissed and sucked and licked. She pushed her hips forward and back with increasing intensity. I was sure she was on the edge of coming. I brought one hand forward and I slid my thumb inside her. I intended to go slow but she was so we and ready that I was sliding my thumb in and out of her immediately. I pressed my tongue against her clit, moving it back and forth with slow steady pressure. Her hands gripped the back of my head as he pushed her pussy forward. She was cumming now, hard and loud.

I was hot and ready. I parted my own legs, and Lisa fingered my faster, while biting at my sides and ass. She was getting hot herself, and as Lucille was finishing cumming I wanted more.

I kissed the tall beautiful and spent girl on her belly and rose to my feet quickly. "Lisa, come with me."

Lisa followed without question. We stood on the porch, and I kissed her mouth, flicking my tongue over her lips. She was so delightfully curvy from her full soft lips to her firm round breasts to her amazing hips, to her heavenly thighs. A girl could run out of adjectives when face with such a beauty.

I explored her lovely body as we kissed. I was to hot to take my time though and soon enough I slid my hand down her panties. I was not surprised to find that she was as wet and hot as I was. Her hand immediately found its way back between my legs. We kissed and pushed against each other as we continued fingering each other. A couple of me walked through the door, and immediately uttered an "oops" and headed back in.

"Stay. You can watch." I barked at them. I felt like a bit of exhibitionism. Hell at that moment there was little I wouldn't have said yes to. I was naked on a beach house porch, fucking and being fucked by a gorgeous woman. I would say yes to more and as Lisa's fingers grew clumsy because she was cumming fast and furiously, I decided I would have more.

I took her hand from its place inside my panties and I grabbed a seat, pulling Lisa onto my lap. She faced the two adorable boys, now shyly rubbing their hard cock through their tight black shorts. I reached around, parted her legs, and fucked her with my right hand as my left pinched her nipples. She threw her head back and she came, hips bucking, hands gripping the arms of my wrists, holding them in place. Her legs snapped shut suddenly. She'd had all she could handle. I saw that Lucille was watching amazed.

It was my turn to cum. "I'm taking these boys inside and seeing what they have to offer. You girls joining me?" I felt it polite to offer, but I was pleased to hear that I'd be having these two men all to myself.

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