Liz's Stud Service

by The Jint Fan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Group Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mary is horny and can't get her husband to get her off so she visits a her old college friend who tells her of a service that could help her.

Tim waited in the den for his wife to appear. She told him that she bought a new piece of lingerie to show off.

He smiled to himself. He enjoyed seeing his wife in lingerie. She has the prefect body in his mind. She is thirty-eight twenty-eight thirty-two.

Mary walked into the bedroom a few minutes ago looking really happy. He loved his thirty year old wife. She is twenty years younger than him. They met at a friend's house where they hit if off and started to date and beyond.

A knock at the den door signaled that she is ready to reveal the new outfit. Tim sat up and turned off the television. It is Model Mary Time.

The door opened up and Mary slowly walked into the room. The brunette smiled at her husband. " Do you like this one?"

Tim started at her feet and worked upwards. She is wearing black pumps with three inch heels, black fishnet stockings, a black see through teddy. His eyes glued to the teddy showing a lot of her breast. " Very nice."

Tim always enjoyed looking at her breasts. He could live on just looking at her breasts. He enjoyed playing with them.

For a couple of minutes, Mary posed for her husband. Tim nodded his head. He really liked the outfit and the woman under it.

Mary walked to her husband and knelt down in front of him. She slowly peeled his pants and underpants down his legs. She took his cock into her mouth and started to give him a blowjob.

Tim moved his hand to her head and stated to hold her as she suck on his cock. Tim moaned out. " Oh God!, that feels so good."

Mary sucked on the cock that she loves until she started to taste the juices. She really enjoyed having him come into her mouth.

"Damn. I'm coming so hard!" Tim fired a load deep into her mouth and throat. Mary slowly down and licked the spent cock clean of the sperm.

Tim and Mary cuddled on the loveseat. Tim laughed. " I can't believe that happened so quickly."

"It's ok, sweetie." Mary kissed him on the cheek.

Mary thought abut how she is going to play with herself to get off. She loved her husband but he couldn't get her to come. She had to do it herself. She had to masturbate before bed and before he came in the room.

Mary shook her head thinking how quickly he comes. It drives her crazy not able to get him inside of her. She needed that badly.

A week later Mary is over at her friend's house. Liz and she went to college together. They did everything together to a point.

"Are you going to leave him?" Liz asked.

Mary sat at the country breakfast table. She shook her head. " I couldn't if I wanted to. I can't get a divorce for that reason."

"Why not? He's not getting you off." Liz shook her head then reached for her mug of coffee.

"I love him. That's why?"

"Great... love." Liz always teased Mary about that. " What about lust?"

"I get it with some help from Mr. Black." Mary joked about her big black dildo that she is hiding from her husband.

"Not that. Real man/woman lust." Liz shook her head.

"What are you thinking about?" Mary knew her friend like a book and she was thinking something. She didn't know what but she wanted to know. Her friend never got married but enjoyed having sex with men. She never had a boyfriend for anytime over four months.

"Nothing." Liz turned away from Mary. That was a clue that she is lying. She couldn't never face her when she lies.

"Bull. Tell me." Mary wanted to know.

"How about we find two studs to fuck the brains out of the both of us." Liz spilled her idea out.

Mary's jaw dropped. She could never do such a thing to her husband. She never even thought about that. It wasn't right.

"Speechless, huh?" Liz laughed.

"How did you come up with this?" Mary finally regained her speech.

"Easy, I used a service that I found on the Internet before." Liz smiled very wide.

"An escort service?" Mary couldn't believe this was being discussed. She couldn't let some stranger do anything to her.

"Not an escort service but a stud service." Liz smiled at Mary with some pride.

"How can you let some stranger to fuck you?" Mary was very confused over her best friend's behavior.

Liz opened a kitchen cabinet drawer and withdrew three Polaroid. He placed them onto the table side by side. " This is the reason I enjoy going to the stud service."

Mary looked down at the three pictures. Her eyes widened as she saw three different men naked standing in front of a kneeling Liz. She is smiling at the cocks. Their cocks were bigger then Mr. Black. " They can't be that big! No way!"

"Aaron is twelve inches, John is twelve, and Josh is thirteen." Liz spoke of the three men's lengths. " They are quite filling inside me and possibly you if you want it."

Mary simply stared at the pictures.

"Why don't you take these home and think about it." Liz handed her the photos. " We'll get together on Thursday morning and I will answer any of your questions at that time or you can turn it down with no regrets from me."

Mary said goodbye to her friend with the three pictures in her bag. She drove home with a vision of the men. She shook her head. " No more thoughts."

Mary spent the afternoon doing chores around the house. She needed to keep busy because she hated to admit it but she needed to finger herself.

Later that night, after Tim went to sleep, Mary found herself in the bathroom with Mr. Black and the three pictures. She placed the pictures on the vanity and held onto the black dildo in both hands with the tip inches from her.

She stared at one of the pictures as she moved the dildo into her. She grunted as she filled herself with the dildo. " Oh."

Mary started to work the dildo in and out of herself. The vision of the cocks plus Mr. Black forced her mind to think its one of the cocks slipping into her. Mary bellowed out louder but not loud enough to wake her husband. " Oh God! Fuck me!"

Mary couldn't help herself as she moved the dildo quickly in her pussy. Mary started to pant heavily as she is being crushed from the powerful orgasm.

Mary fell to the floor. She panted so heavily, she thought she was having an heart attack. " Wow!"

After standing on shaky legs, Mary took the photos and Mr. Black and headed for the bedroom, where her husband is sleeping. She knew deep down she shouldn't but she decided to do it.

Tuesday came and Mary found herself at the doorstep of Liz's house. She rang the doorbell and waited for the door to open. Liz smiled at her. " Hi darling."

"Hi." Mary sounded down as she was looking down at her feet.

"I take it, you are going to come with me." Liz slightly laughed.

She nodded her head. " I'll go with you."

"Come inside." Liz opened the door all the way. " We can talk about what is going to happen and figure out when."

Mary entered the house knowing this might be the end of her marriage.

Liz closed the door and smiled to Mary. " Don't worry, sweetie. It's not the end of the world but the beginning of something else."

Mary sat down on the loveseat and tucked in her legs. She watched as Liz picked up her little leather organizer from the dining room table and walked over to the loveseat and sat down next to her.

"When are you available?" Liz moved through the calendar.

"Actually during the week, I'm at the gym from ten to eleven but free until Tim comes home from work around six."

Liz smiled. " That's perfect. Do you want me there with you to make sure you are ok.?"

"When I'm with a guy?"

"If you want that too ok." Liz chuckled. " But I was thinking when you meet the guys."

Mary felt so embarrassed from her own statement. " I think I'll be all set in that department but when meeting please."

"That's what I thought you meant." Liz smiled.

Mary sat nervous as Liz flipped a couple more pages. Her heart is beating so quickly with the wait to see when she can be with someone other than her husband.

"How about Thursday. We can meet here at two."

Mary slowly nodded her head.

"Just dress sexy for them." Liz smiled to her friend. " They need some help with your looks, if you know what I mean."

Mary knew what she meant. She had to dress sexy, which wasn't new for her. She dressed sexy for her husband, now she can dress for a lover.

Mary and Liz had some tea together as they discussed their plans with the guys. Mary was amazed by the way she was talking about the guys.

Mary returned to her home with a weird feeling in her stomach. It felt like butterflies. In a couple of days she is going to be having sex with some guy she doesn't even know. She couldn't believe how wet she is becoming.

Thursday finally came for Mary. She drove towards Liz's house with her outfit in the back seat of the car. Liz called her in the morning and told her to change over at her house.

Mary's nerves have not quieted down at all since Tuesday after leaving Liz's house. She is still feeling very hot. She spent the whole day on Wednesday masturbating with thoughts of what is to come for her inside her friend's house.

Mary pulled her car into the Liz's driveway and slowly got out of the car. She grabbed her outfit from the back seat and walked up to the front door. The butterflies in her stomach are now the size of birds.

Mary knocked on the door. " No leaving now."

The door opened by Liz, who is wearing a red dress similar to hers with white stockings and red pumps. Her heels are five inches tall versus her four inch heels.

"You ready?" Liz asked as Mary stood on the front steps.

Mary slowly nodded her head.

"Come inside." Liz moved to one side of the doorway. " The guys will be here in a little bit."

"Ok." Mary stepped into the living room.

Mary walked quickly into the guest room to change into her outfit. She opened the bag and pulled out the black dress, stockings, and shoes. There was no turning back.

Mary quickly removed her clothes and changed into the black outfit. The outfit hugged her body and her height increased by five inches thanks to the high heels.

Mary stepped out to a smiling Liz. " I'm now totally ready."

Liz and Mary sat on the sofa and talked. Liz asked Mary if she was still scared and Mary slowly nodded her head and told her slightly. Liz told her it will go away within a few minutes.

The doorbell rang and Mary almost jumped a mile. Liz quickly patted her knee telling her it's ok and its only the guys.

Mary nodded her head as Liz walked over to the front door. Her heart beat is pounding in her chest. She is ready for the guys.

"Welcome guys. Please come inside." Liz spoke from the door.

Mary watched as Liz walked in with three young men following her. Liz smiled to Mary then turned to the guys. " This is Mary."

"Nice to meet you." A tall blonde man smiled to Mary. " I'm Chris."

Mary nodded her head.

"I'm Greg." A bald headed man smiled to her.

"Nice to meet you."

"I'm Larry." Another blonde hair man smiled to her than kissed her hand.

Mary became embarrassed.

"Since introductions are complete, we can begin." Liz smiled to everyone in her living room.

It dawned on Mary that there is three guys for two women. She wondered what this meant. She is slightly more scared.

"How do you want to start, Liz?" Larry asked.

"Well." Liz looked at Mary then back to Larry. " Me first to let Mary watch and get into the mood for you guys."

"Who do you want to start with?" Larry asked.

"You and Greg." Liz smiled.

"A threesome right off the bat." Chris spoke up. " I can't believe it."

"I figure if we have to get Mary hot, let us do it the best way possible." Liz told the guys. She walked over to the loveseat and sat down.

Chris took Mary by the hand to the sofa across from the loveseat. Chris sat down next to Mary. He spoke to her. " Just let it go when it starts."

Mary slowly nodded her head.

The action started over on the loveseat. Liz started by kissing Larry on the lips as Greg is slipping his hand up her skirt. Greg laughs softly.

"What?" Larry asked.

"As always no underpants." Greg smiled.

Mary's jaw dropped an inch at Greg's comment. Her best friend is currently not wearing any underpants. She couldn't believe this.

Chris placed a hand on her knee and gently squeezed as Mary continued to watch Liz making out with two guys. It caused some tingling between her thighs.

Greg's head slips up her flowing skirt as Larry slowly unbuttons the blouse part of her outfit. Larry smiled at Mary's naked breast slipping out.

Larry bends his head to her rosy nipple and takes it into her mouth. He starts to suck on the nipple forcing Liz to give a small gasp of joy.

Greg's head is completely under the skirt. His tongue starts to work on Liz's clit. She gasps as Larry and Greg are sucking on her two body parts.

Liz moaned out as the sucking and licking of her nipples and clit are becoming too powerful for her. She moaned again. " Nice."

Mary's body started to become hotter as the action started to become more intense. Mary moaned too as Chris's hand wondered higher up her leg and thigh.

Mary watched and felt the hand now inside of her skirt. She sighs with eyes closed. " Oh my."

"Let it go." Chris whispered into her ear.

"I am." Mary sighed as the hand is touching her underpants. He uses his other hand to start unbuttoning her top. Her heart is jumping at the thought of her breast being viewed by a group of young men.

"How is Mary doing?" Larry asked Chris.

"Starting to simmer." Chris replied as he dropped the blouse to view her black lacy bra.

Greg's tongue is going deep and making circles on Liz's clit. The soft cries from Liz are becoming louder by the moment.

Mary is caving in. Chris took her hand and placed it on a huge bulge in his pants. She moaned. " Oh my."

"Yes." Chris smiled at her.

Mary didn't realize that she had the power to make someone hard. She couldn't believe it.

"Can I taste your nipples?" Chris glanced at the black lacy bra.

Mary slowly nodded her head. " Please do."

Chris smiled as his finger found the front clasp of the bra. He slowly fingered the plastic clip and pulled the bra free. He slowly peeled the bra cups free from her breasts. Chris smiled at the sight in front of him.

Mary closed her eyes as her cheating is beginning. She is cheating on her husband with these three guys and her best friend.

Chris bent his head down to her breast. He opened his mouth and took her nipple into his mouth. He begins to suck on the rosy nipple.

Mary quickly moans at the sucking of her nipple.

"How's her nipple?"

"Very good." Chris smiled then returned to sucking the harden nipple.

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