The Decoy

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Interracial, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Her job was to distract him, but from what?

Jenny and I had been married just a little over seven years and the bloom had gone off the rose. When we were married sex had been exciting, Jenny had been insatiable, and I couldn't keep my hands off of her. Over the years things had slowed down to where we had sex twice a week and on such a regular schedule that you could have set your watch by it. Why we had reached that plateau was a question that I couldn't answer. Jenny was still as beautiful as ever, I still loved her madly and we both seemed to look forward to out twice weekly romp, so what was wrong?

For the last year or so I had been casting glances at other women and telling myself that I could fuck this one or that one for days if I got the chance so why didn't I do the same for my own sexy wife? There wasn't a day went by that some honey didn't give me a hard on or that I saw one and wished I could nail her so why couldn't I be like that with Jenny? I looked at those other girls, lusted after them and told myself what I would do with them given the chance, never expecting to mind you, just a lot of wishful thinking. That was pretty much my mind set when Jenny and I attended a birthday party at the home of a friend.

Jenny and I knew everyone there and the drinks were flowing freely so we were socializing and having a good time. Furniture had been moved out of the way to make an impromptu dance floor and Jenny loved to dance so she was constantly out there with someone. I have two left feet so I generally stay out of everyone else's way. About two hours into the party Myra came over to me and asked me why I wasn't out on the dance floor.

"I can't dance a lick Myra so I sit and drink to keep from embarrassing myself."

"Bullshit! Anyone can dance to a slow tune."

She grabbed me by the hand and hauled me out onto the floor. I held her at arms length and tried to do a box step without stepping on her toes and she said, "That's not the slow dancing baby" and she pulled me right up against her and pressed her body into mine. "Now, just hold me, shuffle your feet and sway." Her tits were pressed into my chest and her leg was against mine and the predictable happened - I got a hard on. Myra took her head off my shoulder and looked up into my face, "Oh baby. I've known you for years and I never knew that you liked me that much."

"I'm sorry," I said as I tried to pull away from her.

She held onto me and kept me from breaking contact, "I'm not. I like it. That's the most sincere form of flattery that I can think of. Makes a girl feel sexy and desirable." She moved back into me and she kept her leg in contact with my cock, "It feels good baby, I almost wish I could look at it."

I almost said that I wished she could too. The music ended and we split apart. The next tune was a fast one so we got off the floor and Myra said, "I want the next slow dance baby, in fact I'd like all of them with you. You know how to make a girl feel wanted."

I got another drink and gulped it down. I didn't understand what was going on with Myra and I both liked it and was afraid of it. I finished my drink and got up to get another, but before I could make it to the makeshift bar another slow tune began to play and Myra came over and pulled me out onto the dance floor. It was a repeat of the first time and by the time the song was over I was ready to cum in my pants. The next one was fast so I went over and got my drink, gulped it down and the figured that I needed to go outside and get some fresh air and cool down from Myra. I hadn't been outside thirty seconds when Myra came out to join me. She stood silently next to me for a minute or so as we looked up at the stars and then she said, "I meant it."

"What was that?"

"I meant it when I said that I wished I could see it."

"You've had too much to drink Myra."

"No I haven't baby. I've had just enough to make me extremely horny and right now I want a cock and the cock I want is yours. I know I make you hard and if you were a gentleman you wouldn't deprive me."

"You don't know what you are saying Myra."

"Oh no? Let's just see."

She took me by the hand and pulled me over behind the bushes that screened the patio and then she knelt down in front of me and fumbled with my zipper. I stood looking down at her dumbfounded as she took out my cock and wrapped her lips around it. What's a guy supposed to do when a sexy woman goes to her knees in front of him and goes for his cock? What is he supposed to do when he looks down at her and sees the cleavage between her magnificent breasts and her silky raven black hair as it swirls around while she sucks his cock? If he is human he does just what I did - grab her head and hold on for dear life. It didn't take Myra long. I was ready to dump in my pants on the dance floor so she had me off in less than a minute.

"There baby, we got the quick one out of the way. How long has it been since you got some nooky in the back seat of a car?"

She took me by the hand and started to lead me around the side of the house and toward her car. I had a little more blood in my head since Myra had gotten rid of my hard on and my brain was working well enough that I was trying to stop the madness before it was too late.

"We can't do this Myra. What if your husband comes looking for you?"

"Don't sweat it baby. I know exactly where George is and what he is going to be doing for the next hour." She gave a little laugh, "Can you keep it up for an hour baby?"

I knew it was wrong. I knew I was cheating on Jenny and she didn't deserve that from me, but my brain wasn't hitting on all cylinders. Myra had my cock hard again and the blood I needed to help my brain think straight was in my dick. I didn't last an hour, although what we did lasted an hour. When we got to Myra's car she sucked my cock again and then we fucked in the backseat like teenagers at a drive-in movie. She was the first woman other than Jenny that I had fucked since Jenny and I had gotten married. When I was done Myra asked me to eat her pussy.

"I sucked your cock and let you cum in my mouth, will you repay the favor? Will you eat my pussy even though it has your cum in it?"

That was something that I'd never even done with Jenny and I was a little leery. Myra asked me again, "Please baby, please? It would mean a lot to me."

Well, it wasn't as if I was sucking some other guy's cum out of her so I hoped that I wouldn't throw up and I went down and ate her pussy. I was surprised that it didn't turn my stomach and even more surprised to find out that I kind of liked it. Not the taste or anything like that, but the way that it drove Myra wild. She bucked and screamed and had two orgasms and when she settled down she said, "God baby, that was something else. As long as you are willing to do that you can have me any time you want me."

Myra sucked me hard again, fucked me again, asked me to eat her again, and then she looked at her watch and said that we had better get back inside.

The door to Myra's car was no sooner closed than remorse set in - remorse and fear! Remorse at betraying Jenny and fear that I would be caught. Had Jenny been looking for me while Myra and I were out in the car? Was she inside watching the door and waiting for me to walk in? Had George missed Myra? When we walked around the side of the house to go back in by the patio door the fear was so strong that I almost had to stop and throw-up in the bushes. When we walked in the house the first thing I saw was Jenny talking to George and I almost shit. Had the two of them gotten together because they had missed us? Were they comparing notes? I got myself a drink and I saw Myra heading toward the bathroom. George noticed her too and he gave her a little wave and she smiled and waved back and I began to breathe a little easier.

Jenny hadn't seen me so I headed downstairs to the recreation room and watched the guys shoot pool. I challenged the winner and was shooting when Jenny came down looking for me. She watched until I lost and then she came over to me and told me it was time to go home. We hadn't gone two blocks when Jenny slid over next to me and put her hand on my cock.

"I hope you didn't drink too much tonight lover. I'm horny as hell and I plan to wear you out."

Now I had a real concern. I had cum three times in the last hour and a half and I didn't know if I could perform for Jenny. If I couldn't would she wonder why not? She got my fly open and my cock out and at least one worry disappeared. It was hard and it stayed hard as she stroked me all the way home. Now all I had to do was try and give her enough satisfaction that she wouldn't wonder about it.

I surprised myself and I know I surprised Jenny. It took me a long time to cum, not really surprising given what I'd all ready done that night, but when I came Jenny was in the middle of an orgasm and so I went down on her to keep her going. My eating Jenny's cum filled box drove her just as wild as it had Myra and Jenny loved it. The only difference was that Jenny was wetter and sloppier than Myra, probably because she was so worked up by the time we got home, and Jenny tasted different than Myra, more salty.

"God lover, why haven't you ever done that before? It was wild. Can we do it again?"

"Can you get me up again?"

She could and did and then I fucked her so long that my dick hurt by the time I came. The second time I ate her cum filled pussy she went just as nuts as she had the first time and she had two orgasms. She wanted to go a third time, but no matter how hard she tried she just couldn't get me up.

That night was a turning point in our sex life. The frequency began to increase until we were back up to five and six times a week and after every time Jenny wanted me to eat her pussy while my juice was still in her. And that wasn't all. Myra called me and wanted me to come and see her. I told her that I didn't think that it would be a good idea and she begged - literally begged - me to see her again. It was wrong and I knew it, but what red-blooded male would say no to a beautiful and sexy woman who begged him?

I began seeing Myra two or three times a week and between her and Jenny I lost fifteen pounds and had to start going to the gym to work on tightening up the loose skin. Myra was just like Jenny in that as soon as I came she wanted me to go down on her and when I did she went crazy. I began to think that every bit of cum that left the end of my dick ended up back inside me in my stomach. It was wrong, I was cheating on the woman that I loved, but God did I feel like a stud and a half.

Then one night, about two months after my first time with Myra I came home from an afternoon between Myra's legs and found something disturbing. Jenny was in the bathroom taking a shower and I went in to use the toilet. I lifted the seat and there floating in the water was a used, tied off rubber. It apparently had not gone down when the toilet was flushed. It could only mean one thing of course; Jenny was cheating on me. My wife was an unfaithful slut! I began to get angry and I almost went over and pulled her out of the shower to drag her back and stick the cheating bitch's face into the toilet and then demand an explanation as to why there was a rubber floating there. Hey, what can I say? We all know that the double standard is alive and well here in the good old USA. I stopped myself from running over to the shower, took my whiz and flushed the evidence down the drain and began to plan on how I was going to find out who the unfaithful bitch was fucking before I made my move.

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