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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He stops by the house to use the bathroom. She wants him to notice her.

She was staring at the long green celery stalk trying to decide if she was horny enough to take a few minutes out with her fire-engine red, vibrating imitation dick back in the bedroom dresser drawer or if she should just continue chopping the vegetables for her tuna salad.

The slamming of a car door pushed the thoughts from her mind. She walked into the living room where she could see out to the driveway through the picture window. It was his work truck, and he was on the trot up the path.

"Just stopped to use the bathroom, honey."

Oh, yeah? He did this every once in a while when he had a repair stop to make in the neighborhood. And he'd be off with a "Bye, now" as quickly and unceremoniously as he had entered the house. About time to slow him down. She didn't have long, so she got busy taking off her clothes. She dropped her shorts, thankful for the elastic waistband, dropped her plain old cotton panties on top of them, quickly unbuttoned her blouse and stripped off her bra. She thought about removing her white ankle-length socks, but decided to leave them on. She walked over to the couch closest to the hall doorway and struck what she hoped was a languid pose over the corner with her bare butt pointing toward the door. He'd have to see that or she would poison his soup tonight.

The toilet flushed and she could hear his footsteps come down the steps and start for the door.

"Bye now. I'll talk..." She grinned as his words caught in his throat. He couldn't see that, but he certainly could see her backside cleavage and she knew it would set off his desire to see the rest of her girl parts. She stifled a giggle as she heard his toolbelt hit the floor. And then there was the sound of his boots getting unlaced, and finally of his zipper. Some more clothing rustled and she fought off the temptation to turn her head and see. Right now she didn't want him to know she had a face. She just wanted to be ass and cunt for him.

She sensed him coming closer, a thought confirmed by his hands taking one cheek of her butt each and giving them a hard, long squeeze. He brought his thumbs to the sides of her groove and pushed the fleshy mounds further apart. She was totally revealed to him now. The knowledge that his eyes could see her - all of her - made her hotter. She spread her feet further apart for him, and bless his heart, he knelt behind her. Her spirit soared, this was going to be more than she had thought about or hoped for. More than the 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am' she had envisioned.

He tickled her pussy lips with with a single finger. And, omigosh, another finger played with her rosebud. She was so grateful she had showered and was clean and nice for him there. Try as she might to be silent, she cried out softly when his tongue hit her pussy lips and his finger found her clit. That other finger continued to play around the edges of her other hole. She was giddy with the sensations from that area of her body. This was so much better than a rubber cock.

His tongue was inside her labia now and causing fire streaks wherever it went. And now it went away and came back but he was licking around her anus, circling her puckered ring with his tongue. He had never done that before! She was near delirium as he rimmed her, barely conscious that he had pressed two fingers into her channel. It seemed like his rimming and reaming went on for - oh- hours and she was a wave of orgasmic wetness around his fingers.

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