Sex-Toy Story

by Robot Doll

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Fiction, Robot, Humor, DomSub, FemaleDom, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Have you ever wondered what goes on in your local adult book store when nobody is watching over the toys?


The following story is written by RobotDoll — keeper of things ASFR — and originally posted to ASFR on December 6, 1998.

Although I've not written more to this story yet, DB_Story has written a "Part Next" that's his take on where he wants to see this story go subsequently.

Joe's rigid rod rammed deep into Wendy's waiting slit with nary a sound. Her head was leaned back, her mouth frozen in a round-lipped ring of passion. Joe looked down at her, his eyes glazed and fixed forward. Andrew stroked the two of them gently, an almost paternal care in his eyes. He leaned down to Wendy's bottom, lifted her up gently...

... opened her valve, and inflated her just a little more. Wendy's breasts grew just a hair bigger, and her head tilted back further.

"There, that's much better." said Andrew. "You'll make a nice display." He examined the two dolls he'd just spent his time posing. "What do you think, Wendy? He pulled the string at the back of her neck.

"Oo, baybee, that's it, that's it..."

"Well, I'm glad you approve." He wiggled her hips further up Joe Blow's realistic rubber dong, adjusted her red satin robe so it fell off one shoulder, and snuck a gentle kiss on her cheek.

"Well, goodnight honey. Gotta get home early. Lots of stuff coming in tomorrow, and I've got to come in and unpack it all."

Andrew put on his coat, turned out the lights and locked up the door of the Pleasure Planet Sex Shoppe. Wendy waited until she heard the door of his car slam and the engine turned over. Then, very slowly, her eyes peeked to the left, out the window, and watched Andrew's battered Volvo putter away. Whew!

"Alright, Joe, up and at 'em," she said to her partner, patting him lightly on the bottom. "Got a busy night ahead of us."

Joe blinked a few times and shook his head. Realizing his position, he asked, "Aw, c'mon, Wendy, just a little bit? I haven't shot my load in..."

"Since they ran out of 'Juicy Jizm' refills for that little squirt gun of yours," finished Wendy. "Seriously, gather everybody up for a meeting-I've got some news."

"Ooooooh, okay." Joe pulled loose and plodded towards the store room.

Wendy was lost in thought. "A new shipment? Oh, geez, that's all we need." She pulled her robe back on her shoulders, and bent over to re-attach her stockings. She gently smoothed her red hose up her shiny plastic legs, snapping the hems into the hooks of her garter belt. She stood up and wiggled her breasts back and forth. Hmm, a little uncomfortable. She reached around to the small of her back, feeling for her valve. She found it, a little flesh-colored nubbin the size of one of her nipples. She squeezed it gently, and there was a little *hisssss* as she deflated herself slightly. Ahhh, that's better, she thought. Christ, that peckerhead's gonna pop me if he keeps over-pumping me like that! I'm Wendy Wantsit, not Wendy Whoppers! She squeezed her soft rubber titties playfully, giving them a little kiss each. She made her way to the storeroom, when out from behind the enema tape rack...

"ALLL RIGHT ****BITCH****!!!" cried the massive leather-clad goddess. "Get down on the floor and CRAWL like the WORM you are!!!"

"Oh, hi, Donna." said Wendy as she adjusted her camisole.

Dommi-donna's expression went from a snarling bull-dyke to that of a worried school-marm. "How was that? Do you really think I should swear? Did you feel intimidated?"

Wendy patted her shoulder. "I was kind of intimidated that time, yeah."

"Oh, THANK you! I'm trying to be a little more bold, but I'm afraid I'm coming off as... desperate."

"No, no, hon, that was good, but remember; don't worry about how HE feels, YOU're the one out for the pleasure."

"Yeah, yeah, thanks!" Donna turned away and started bawling out a John Holmes poster. "All right, you--LICK MY PIG, BOOTS! No, wait..."

"Dis-gusting. Why do you bother to lead her on?" said Party Doll. "I mean, isn't it supposed to be the other way around? She'll never be a REAL babe, like me."

Wendy gave a courteous smile and nod. Party was one of the first models the store ever carried, so old she didn't even have a proper name. She was made of cheap, shiny vinyl, and a seam ran down both sides of her arms and legs. Her face, breasts and pubic hair was painted on, and her pussy was little more than a tear. Wendy and the rest of the folks in the store were kind to her, little able to break it to her she had the sex appeal of an inner tube. As a matter of fact, the last of her model to be sold was used as a pool toy for a frat party. Still, she kept her shape well.

"Well, you never know, Party. Come on, we've got some business to attend to."

"Ahh, business. Nothing like when I was starting out. I mean look at this place-it's not a sex shop, it's a theme park!"

"Uh huh, yeah. See you." Wendy was lost in thought. The rest of the dolls were assembling in the back room, and a few were getting restless, and had started nuzzling each other.

"Alright, everyone, lots of time for that later," Wendy called the meeting to attention. "Um, anyone have anything they'd like to bring up? Yeah, Maid Molly."

"Sank yoo, Wehndee." piped up an little French waif in a black uniform. "I must cohm-plain about ze messiness about ze..."

"Oh, drop the accent, for crying out loud, I feel like I'm watching one of the foreign films from the five dollar rack!" called Party from the back, answered by a few laughs.

Molly coughed lightly, patting her chest. "Sorry. Anyway, you guys have to clean up after yourselves in the morning. I mean, I can barely get back to my spot after the mopping and tidying. Just pick up about yourselves, okay? I mean, I'm not your... um" A few titters muffled the end of her sentence.

"Okay, Molly, I'm sure we're all sorry about that. Okay, on a lighter note, we got a letter from Petite Patty from her new place in Brooklyn!" This sparked some happy conversation, and Wendy waved for quiet. "I'll just read it... um, 'dear gang, things are great over here. I have lots of pretty clothes to wear, and my new playmate has a great sense of humor. Hugs and Kisses, Patty. ' Oh, uh, 'P.S. Does anyone know how to get peanut butter stains out of a girl scout uniform?'"

"Well, I guess that covers everything. I guess we can get on with the evening." Wendy shuffled a few papers around, nonchalantly adding, "Oh, and we're expecting a new shipment tomorrow."

"WHAT??" came the cry from the assembled crew. Even the row of dildoes pricked up.

"Here we go again."

"There's no more room for more stock!"

"Oh, god, we're closeout table bound for sure!"

"Hey, HEY!" yelled Wendy, waving her arms above her head, her breasts nearly popping out from under their satin cover. "Now, look, we have gone through this every time we get a shipment. We are all popular sellers, and we are not going to be kicked out like an old dog..."


"No offense, Lusstie. Now, just everybody relax, and have some fun, get it all out of your system."

The meeting broke up, and everybody began forming couples and more complicated geometric models. Soon the store was full of gyrating groups, and the air was filled with moans, giggles and an occasional rubbery squeak.

Wendy always thought a little fun after hours eased everybody's tension, and made for happier models during the day. The store's sales sure were healthy, she thought.

She didn't notice Joe Blow come up behind here and lay his hands on her shoulders. He began to squeeze firmly, his fingers sinking deep into her rubbery skin. "MMMMMMmmmmm, thanks, Joe." murmured Wendy, her head lolling back to meet his eyes.

"You looked a little tense. You need a little... y'know?"

Wendy giggled, and reached for the string in her neck. Her face went blank, her mouth locked into her little cock-ready "o" and her eyes went wide. "Give it to me big boy." As the string stopped, she gave him a wink and grabbed for his head.

The boxes came in about noon, and Andrew began opening them as soon as they arrived. Wendy could just see him between the racks, and risked a peek every so often when she was sure nobody was watching her.

"What's happening?" whispered Joe.

"Will you shut that tongue up and slip it back in my pussy where it belongs?" hissed Wendy. "I'll tell you if I see anything!"

Andrew went through the boxes quickly, almost as if he were looking for something in particular. The first was a case of tapes, and he read the titles off to himself.

"Hmm, let's see, My Left Foot Fetish, Against Ball Odds, Analmaniacs... HEY! We finally got in copies of Reservoir Doggy Style!"

Next came a box of leather garments of bizarre shape. Andrew obviously had a problem figuring where they were supposed to go on a body, because after a few seconds of holding them up to the light at various angles, he tossed them back in the box. Domina-Donna stifled a giggle. "What?" muttered Party Doll. "Pfftt... he acts like he's never seen a double-buckled testicle isolator before!" "Oh, yeah, uh... what a dope..." Party replied, staring to the ceiling.

Wendy started to relax a little. Maybe it'll all be stuff like this, she thought.

He then found a package of negligees, and held out a little pink number with red lace trim. "Wendy, I think this'd be perfect on you." He threw it over his arm, and walked up to the front window. He held the outfit up to where Wendy could see it. "Isn't it lovely?"

It was very pretty, Wendy thought. Maybe he's not such a loser after all.

Andrew climbed up into the display and walked behind Wendy. He reached under her arms and gave her soft breasts a loving squeeze. It tickled Wendy, and she smiled a little, quick to blank her face again quickly before he noticed. He pulled back and up, and Wendy was lifted off her little bed, leaving Joe licking thin air. Her legs unbent as she was lifted up and bounced in the air as she was carried to the back of the store. "I wouldn't want everyone to see me changing you; I don't want to embarrass you." Andrew explained, giving her a quick peck on the neck.

In the back of the store, Andrew leaned Wendy in front of a chair and stood in front of her. He pulled her string. "Hump me honey." said Wendy's little voice box. "No time for that, sweetie, just a little present for you." he replied, pulling off her satin robe. Her arms stretched downwards as he eased the robe past her arms, springing back to their normal Barbie doll bend as it passed her fingers. Her camisole was held on by little knotted spaghetti straps which he untied with a quick pull. The camisole slid off her breasts like a waterfall, stroking its way past her hips and on to the floor. It felt wonderful against her skin, Wendy thought. Andrew stared longingly at her ample bust, finally leaning forward and sucking on a firm nipple. He stayed there a while, alternating between titties so one wouldn't feel jealous of the other. Wendy's eyes closed in pleasure, and she let her head roll in a slow circle. As soon as he stopped, she shook herself out of it and locked back into her blank dolly face.

"Oh, Wendy, you're so pretty," Andrew said breathily. His hand reached up to her mouth, squeezing her cheeks. Wendy thought for a moment, Well, it's against the rules, but... what the hell. She slowly relaxed her rigid mouth, and let him squeeze her lips into a pucker. His eyes opened wide with happiness, and he kissed her hungrily. His hand reached down to her crotchless pantyhose, and his finger slipped into her rubber pussy. He hesitated for a second--did he just feel her move? No, that's just me moving her around, he decided. He may have a thing for all these rubber lovelies, but he wasn't crazy! He went back to his fun, wiggling his fingers against Wendy's plastic clit. Soon he pressed his bulging trousers against her and began dry-humping her. Wendy was impressed at how good Andrew was at this, and allowed herself to relax ever so slightly. With every thrust, her arms and legs bounced happily, and her head threw back and forth, her hair swishing just an instant behind, waving like the tide. Andrew came with a happy moan, and showered Wendy's face and neck with quick little kisses. : "Oh, thank you, Wendy... thank you..." He rested against her chest for a moment. She smiled warmly. He's a nice guy, really, maybe he just needs to get out more... or in. He stood up and slipped her into the new nightie. It felt good against her skin, to both of them. He looked at his pants and blushed. A wet spot was spreading. He hastily grabbed an apron and slipped it on, tying it above his belt. He lifted Wendy up and carried her back to the window, posing her back on Joe. "Take care of her, Joe," he said to her rubber partner, "I've got a few more things to unpack."

As he walked to the back, Joe whispered, "You look nice, the pink set off your... are you blushing?"

"Shut up, silly, and lick me."

"Okay, but... hey why is he wearing one of Molly's aprons?"

"I SAID to mind your business..." Wendy hissed sharply. She got back into her pose, trying to see into the back room, when she heard a gasp.

"Oh God, oh God, oh WOW!!!!!!"

An exclamation like that CAN'T be good, she realized. She didn't quite look forward to tonight...

Andrew was very hesitant to leave the store that night. He kept repolishing the girls' breasts, and almost dusted the top layer of varnish off the countertops. "No, stop it, this is silly, you have to get home..." He put everything away and almost pushed himself out the door.

There was almost a stampede to the back. Wendy shoved her way to the front and called the mob to a staggered halt. She grabbed a whip off a hook and cracked it in the air. "BACK you rabble! BACK!"

"Hey, you do that good!" said Dommi-Donna. "Could you show me how you..."

"Shut UP!" yelled Wendy.

"yes, ma'am..." peeped Donna...

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