Last Exit Before A Dead End

by Fillmore

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Light Bond, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: This tale of three outlaws meeting in the middle of nowhere was a contest entry. It's dark and violent, but definitely erotic as well.

Even in your fantasies while you're pumpin' your pole, they weren't the kind of women that would be caught dead in 'Last Chance'. I knew they had to be mirages, leanin' on the side of the BMW Z4 Roadster they'd driven up to my gas pumps. Too many things wrong with the picture.

They were drivin' a car that cost more than this whole town, lookin' like they'd just stepped out from between the pages of a stroke book, with some clothes thrown on for modesty's sake... and they weren't feelin' too modest. Early twenties, tan and lean like some god somewhere had built 'em for just two things, speed and sex. They were smilin' at me like I was a long lost runnin' buddy come to buy 'em another gram o' coke instead of a gas jockey in the middle o' nowhere. And the biggest thing wrong with the picture... they were here.

There's no reason on God's green Earth to be in Last Chance, Texas unless you're lost or on the run.

Round about 1967 a film company came out here, built a whole town for a movie called "Last Chance For Sienna". Man who owned the land made it part of the deal that they left the sets, had some fool idea about makin' it a tourist attraction.

Movie sucked and the town never attracted anythin' but the lost, the runnin' and more buzzards than I ever seen before in one place.

As I walked towards the two of them I was already shakin' my head in sorrow and sympathy.

"Sorry ladies, no gas... ain't had none in a week. Supposed to get a truck in tomorrow or the next day." Figured the Roadster had GPS... yup, I was right. Weren't lost, so they were runnin'.

"You're kidding, right? No gas? How the fuck are we supposed to get out of here?"

She was blond, a neck that pulled your eyes to her tits and her voice was 'gimme' nails on an 'I-want-it-now' chalkboard. Her feet stomped the ground like a bull announcin' it was runnin' time.

"Allie, if there's no gas, there's no gas." Brunette, walking forward to shake my hand, movin' smooth, remindin' me of a sidewinder slitherin' across a dune, indirect but deadly. "I'm Renee. Please tell me there are rooms to rent around here at least?"

"Ray Hoskins, pleasure to meet ya. Sure, I got a couple of tourist cabins in back, lemme clean 'em up a bit for ya." I got close to the Roadster and smelled meat goin' bad.

They were runnin' alright.

"You don't even have satellite TV?" Allie whinin' again, made me want to puncture my eardrums with an ice pick.

"Excuse her, Mr. Hoskins, her social graces stopped developing before pre-school." Renee's voice was like aloe on a burn, cool an' soothin'. "We really appreciate you cleaning up these two cabins for us. What'll we owe you?"

"Call me Ray. Don't figure you'll owe me anythin' for the cabins." I turned, felt her eyes on me like a coyote's, starin' from outta the dark. Felt 'em wanderin' over my shoulders, down to my hips, my ass, checkin' me out. Turned around and let her have a gander at the other side. "'Course supper tonight, that's a whole different question."

"So... you... ah... grow... this all locally?" Renee was eyein' her plate of strip steak and beans like it might rise up and bite her.

"Nope. Drive into Lamesa once a month, buy groceries. You can eat it, it's all store-bought." Allie'd already left in a huff, gone back to her cabin resigned to starvation. I popped the top on a cold one, handed it to Renee.

"You live all the way out here, alone, and you don't keep a reserve of gas for yourself?"

I had to be careful. It was plain that Renee was 'thought', Allie 'impulse'. First impressions can save your life. Sidewinder... sounds like rattlin'.

"Normally do, had to make a run in the tow-truck for some damn fool, thought he had enough to make it to Big Spring. Took him enough to get him there, had just enough to get back."

"Must be lonely, living out here by yourself."

That rattlin' was growin' fainter.

"Sometimes... sometimes groceries ain't all I buy in Lamesa."

She took a swig from the bottle, ran it over her face, around her neck, beads of water flowin' towards Paradise. "How'd you end up out here, all alone in an empty town?"

I told her Last Chance's history, then "I got stuck here, same as you. Old man who owned it didn't have nobody, needed the help. I was on the way from nothin' to nowhere. Here seemed as good a place as any. He died, no will, no family, nobody cared... ain't really mine, not sure whose it is, but it makes me enough to live.

"What brought y'all out here?"

"Oh, just got lost on the road to L.A." I heard the rattlin' before I looked up from my plate to see her eyes.

Played it dumb. "Well, happens to the best of us." Her eyes went back to her supper an' I think she figgered I'd miss that little smile. She was good.

But I wasn't born yesterday and I ain't no slouch neither.

Bam Bam Bam! "Mr. Hoskins!" Time for the next act.


I open my door and there's Allie, dressed like an extra from Sorority Slut Sleepover 5: Singapore Slinging. T-shirt cut so short barely hides her nipples, panties that might remember what they was made to do, but ain't got enough o' nothin' to do it with.

"That fan in my room stopped and it's way too hot to sleep!"

"Lemme get my toolbox, I'll be right there." Bull... direct... not too bright... impulse.

A few minutes and an obvious sabotage repair later, "Well, it'll work just fine now, can't imagine how that wire got loose."

"Maybe I can."

I turn and there she sits, pattin' the bed, naked as the day she popped out an' started screamin' for what she wanted, holdin' a quarter-empty bottle of tequila.

Ain't a trap if you know it's there.

I walk to the bed, put my toolbox down beside it and clothes start landin' round my feet. It's been a long time since my last overnight stay in Lamesa, I believe in 'get it while you can'.

She reminds me of a candy store, every good thing waitin' to be taken and so I take it, lickin' the sweat from her neck down to those perfect breasts. I can smell her cunt from there and it's a sheer act o' will not to pin her to the bed, but there's only room for one bull in this act an' it ain't me. Sure enough, my tongue on her nipples, the tang of her sweat addin' spice, my hands strokin' her ass an' thighs, the bull makes its move an' I let her throw me back, exposin' the hard-on she could call forth from a dead man.

"Ray, where have you been hiding this monster?"

Nice honey, but I ain't vain, I know I'm pretty regular, but I'll play as long as you want.

"Never seen it so big before, must be your doin'."

And then there ain't no words as we're kissin' and she drops herself on me and it's all animal now, she smells like sin and her fingernails on my back feel like they're writin' a confession for every man she's fucked before while her cunt tells me I'm the only one from now till Hell freezes over, Amen and while I'm not a fool enough to believe it, my body ain't so smart. She breaks the kiss and takes a swig and now she's kissin' me again, pourin' fiery liquor down my throat, mixin' with her sweetness an' I've never tasted finer.

She leaves me no choice. We move as one an' her insides demand that I hold back. The feel of her in my arms makes me happy to agree to anything her cunt demands o' me. It's another swig o' tequila an' she murmurs 'Come with us, Ray' an' I say 'I will' an' she's buckin' an' moanin' an' it sure sounds and feels real and the throbbin' inside her tells me it's time and I join her. She bites my shoulder, hard and for real, and I bite her back the same. We're locked like snappin' turtles till finally the shakin' stops. The fan can't keep up so we lie together, pantin' like dogs an' God help me even her sweat smells like honeydew to me.

Dangerous, dancin' with a bull.

She's lyin' on my shoulder, and we're so hot where we touch it's like fever. She whispers to me, "Let's get out of this place. Surely you've got some gas somewhere?" as she's tippin' the tequila bottle to my lips.

I realize that bull has a horn right at my throat an' I almost forgot it was there.

"Nope, no gas... for another day or two."

She pouts and I want to kiss her to make her stop, kiss her to make her smile, hell, I'm about ready to do anything to make her smile and fuck me one more time.

Instead I bait the bull.

"Have you eaten anythin' yet, Allie?"

"Where would I get food, other than that slop you tried to feed me?"

"Thought I smelled meat, like maybe some luncheon meat gone bad when I was near your car... thought maybe y'all had some snacks with ya."

I feel it before I see it or hear it, she shifts, mattress raises and there's a glint, just a glint, in my eye an' ten years o' doin' everythin' that needs doin' in Last Chance pays off as I reach up, grab that beautiful head, a quick twist an' it's over. The knife in her hand falls to the floor an' I know that bull come close to gorin' me.

It's a long walk with a heavy load to an arroyo off aways from the town, but a couple o' months and the desert won't leave nothin' to find.

Next mornin' I'm wastin' time searchin' for what'll never be found, steerin' Renee away from where her partner lies, food for all them damn buzzards.

"I just can't believe she'd walk off in the middle of the night like that!"

"Seen some crazy shit since I been out here, this wouldn't be the craziest." She's near enough for me to touch, near enough to have me forgettin' that she's the dangerous one.

"Ray, I'm scared. What if something's happened to her?"

I don't tell her that a woman out in the desert by herself, well, if she wasn't already dead, somethin' woulda happened to her by now for sure.

She turns to me in her fear and I put my arms around her. Skin so soft it's like cotton sheets that're good an' worn in, the kind that caress you like your first lover did, every time you move. I'm lost in thinkin' about her skin, forgettin' to listen for the rattle of her tail when the cold metal end of her little .25 automatic kisses my head. Not much of a gun, but a bullet bouncin' around inside your skull don't have to be big.

"I'm wondering if maybe you did something to her."

We spend the afternoon searchin' every building in town an' I manage to keep her away from one in particular till the very end, thinkin' I'm getting' away with it.

"Time for that crappy warehouse-looking one over there, Ray, the one we've been dancing around all afternoon."

I flick on the lights just inside the door and the air conditioner kicks on. Place is so well-insulated it's still cool from my last visit.

"My goodness, Ray, looks like you got yourself a little Shangri-la here!"

She sits down on a couch in front of the plasma-screen TV, grabs the remote and fires up my sound system. Oingo Boingo's 'Dead Man's Party' blasts out and she dials back the volume.

"Prophetic song, I'd say."

"You wanna drink?" I walk to the bar, prayin' she's intrigued enough to want answers. Listen first, shoot later.

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