Brown Delivers

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A UPS man delivers several Victoria's Secret packages to a woman. He can't figure her out but she when invites him inside he finally understands why the packages.

Richard was parked in space three at the UPS Distribution Center loading packages and letters for that day's deliveries when he saw the familiar Victoria's Secret package addressed to Mrs. Patricia Henderson, 614 San Juan Padre Street. It was the third package from Victoria's Secret for that address in the past two weeks and he wondered about it and the recipient. He packed it in the proper storage bin inside his van and went inside the Center for a cup of coffee before he shoved off for his daily deliveries.

Richard sipped on his coffee and thought back to the customer a 614 San Juan Padre. The first time that he had delivered a VS package to Patricia was about two weeks ago, and he thought it was around nine in the morning. He remembered what she was wearing though, she had answered the door in her bathrobe and although it was tightly belted around her waist and she was clutching it at her neckline he was pretty sure that she was naked underneath; it was just something about the way her boobs jiggled as she walked out onto the porch to sign for the package. The next delivery was in the early afternoon, after his lunch break he remembered, and that afternoon she was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a tight fitting pullover blouse.

Thinking back about her '10' scale rating, Richard decided that she sure wouldn't ever be considered for a page on someone's calendar but, she was maybe a '6' but then an opportunity was an opportunity or as he had learned in the Navy, Any Port in a Storm! He was curious about the packages because she just didn't look like the typical woman you would see in a VS store. She seemed like she was in her late thirties or early forties and a tad bit overweight. Her brown hair, at least the two times he had seen her, was done up in a long braided ponytail pulled straight down her back. He thought that she was maybe 5' 5" and had decent but not great legs but it was her breasts that had caught his eye. They were the size of firm oranges with very noticeable nipples poking out the front of her blouse. Patricia had a nice smile and seemed like she had a pleasant personality. He idly wondered if there was any possibility that Patricia fooled around.

It was his last delivery of the day and just after three in the afternoon when he pulled into her driveway. Richard set the emergency break, went into the back of the van and grabbed her package then hopped out and walked up onto the porch and rang her doorbell. It took a long time for Patricia to answer the door and as Richard waited he could see through the window in the door that she was coming down the hallway, straightening her clothes, probably from her bedroom. When she opened the door he saw a wrinkled white short skirt and blue and green paisley blouse with the two top buttons undone and he was pretty sure she was braless. She wasn't wearing any shoes or socks, her face was a light shade of red and today her hair was a bit mussed up and was combed out and cascading down and across the right side of her face and down her shoulders, like those movie stars from the thirties.

"Hi Mrs. Henderson. I have another package for you, just sign right here."

"Why thank you," She looked at his name tag, 'Richard'." She signed his handheld UPS package-tracking modem and handed the stylus back to him.

"Say, is there any chance that I could use your bathroom Mrs. Henderson?"

"Uh... well I... I'm not sure, my toilet's in the hall isn't working and the only other one is in my bedroom and..."

"Oh please Mrs. Henderson I really have to go, I won't touch anything, I promise."

"Oh jeeze, oh jeeze, well if..."

"Please ma'am, I really have to go." I stood on the porch crossing my legs and waiting for her decision.

She opened the door and pointed down the hallway. "Sorry but the bedroom is quite a mess."

"That's alright I don't mind." I walked down the hall and into her bedroom. The door to the bathroom was open and I walked right in and took care of business. I zipped up my pants and walked back into the bedroom and when I looked at the bed I realized why she was so hesitant to let me use the toilet. Patricia had not one, not two, but three different sized vibrators lying on the bed next to a jar of Vaseline and what I thought might be nipple clamps. Well, well you just never know what a woman might be doing while her husband is away. With the goodies displayed out on her bed it was no wonder that it took her so long to answer the door and also why she looked so flushed and rumpled.

I walked back down the hallway toward the front door where Patricia stood waiting for me, blushing. "Thanks Mrs. Henderson, I appreciate your hospitality."

"Uh, sure. No problem."

"And Mrs. Henderson I would like to apologize to you."

"Apologize, what ever for?"

"Well, interrupting you when I rang the bell. I'm sorry about that."

"Interrupting me, I'm not sure what you're..."

"Look it's none of my business what you do in the privacy of your own home Mrs. Henderson, and God only knows we all do thing that we don't want other people to know about."

"Well — Richard, I'm not sure what you're..."

"Oh I think you know what I'm talking about; they're lying all over your bed. I guess I'm surprised because if you were my wife you sure wouldn't need any of those silly toys, you know what I mean?"

"Well that's nice but I don't have a husband Mr. UPS smart guy, he left me two years ago, so I do what I can to get by. Now if would you just please leave."

I decided that this was my chance to try my line, after all, nothing ventured, nothing gained. "Oh gosh Mrs. Henderson, I'm sorry, I really am. And I didn't mean to be prying or nosy but when I saw the... uh... things on your bed, well I just thought... well once again I apologize. God knows Mrs. Henderson; I have the exact same problem you do. OK, well I better get going. Thanks again for the use of your bathroom."

"Wait a minute Richard, what did you mean, you have the same exact problem I do?"

"Uh, well it's a little bit embarrassing but my girlfriend left me about six months ago, for another woman I might add, and well I just can't seem find anyone I like so usually I... well I... you know, uh, masturbate a lot." Without another word she closed the door — with me on the inside.

"Well now that is an interesting admission Richard, very interesting indeed. Perhaps we could... ah... do something that would be mutually beneficial, if you know what I mean, that is if you are interested?"

"Well, if you're thinking what I'm thinking..."

"Please call me Pat and why don't we go down to my bedroom."

"Alright Pat, lead the way."

We walked into her bedroom and she went over and pulled the comforter and bed sheets half way down then turned and began to unbuttoned her blouse. Pat looked directly into my eyes as the blouse slipped off her shoulders and onto the floor. She took in a deep breath and reached behind her and unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt and let slide down her legs where it puddled at her feet. She was wearing only a pair of baby blue panties, her womanly mound prominently displayed in the front of her panties. "So tell me Richard, do you like what you see, so far?"

"Oh yes Pat, I certainly do." Her breasts rode surprisingly high on her chest with only a slight sag to them, probably because of their size. Her nipples were huge and hard and sticking straight out from the center of her light brown areolas. Watching her undress had been enough for me, my cock had already sprung to attention and I decided it was time to let it see the light of day. I unbuttoned my well ironed UPS shirt and tossed it onto the chair and was out of my brown UPS shorts in no time flat. I pulled my Jockey shorts down over my butt and my six-inch cock popped to attention.

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