Sean's Weekend Visit

by SexyBeast

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Brenda, feeling neglected after a recent break-up, accidentally spies her younger brother getting changed and though she turns away, she can't get his hard body of her mind. In the meantime, Sean sees his petite sister nude and doesn't show the same restraint.


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Brenda watched all the passengers getting off the train, waiting patiently for her brother. It had been almost a year since she had seen him. He was off at college, and on holidays he had track meets to go to, so what with one thing and another, they just never made contact. But things had changed in Brenda's life, she'd just separated from her live-in boyfriend, gotten a new apartment in the city, and she had been feeling kind of lonely. So she gave her little brother a call and Sean had said he could steal away for a weekend, and, well, here he was.

She'd spent the hour before she came to pick him up straightening the apartment, washing dishes, and throwing dirty laundry into the bottom of her closet. He was only her little brother, two years younger than she was at 21, but she wanted to make a good impression.

Little brother, indeed. Brenda was a small girl, true, only coming to a couple inches over five feet, and slender, but her brother had grown to a strappling 6'3" in his teens, and with the kind of lean physique one sees in the Olympics. They had fought like hell all through high school, but Brenda thought now that both of them were older, maybe they could get along a little better. She planned a busy weekend to try and keep him from getting bored to show off to him that maybe she wasn't as boring as he had thought before.

Sean was one of the last people to step off the train. He stood for a moment, looking for his sister, shifting the carryall bag he wore on his shoulder. Finally, he saw her and went over to her. They embraced, Brenda standing on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek. They exchanged some pleasantries, and were off on the short walk to the bus that would take them to her apartment.

Their first couple hours together had just been spent catching up with each other. Brenda explaining her break-up to Sean, keeping the sad parts out, trying to put a positive face on it all. Sean told her all about the most recent track and field competition where he'd taken first place pole vaulting. Brenda told him about her job, and some of the places she hung out. Sean asked if a lot of girls went to these places. It was that which led them to the first frank discussion they'd ever had about sex.

''I dunno. It's not that I don't want to find a girl and fall in love, but with all the time I have to spend practicing, I have so little time to devote to anything like that." Sean said.

"Does that mean you're not getting any at all?" Brenda asked.

"Not since the winter, before the season really got into full swing. Off season, I usually get a couple groupies, and that's cool, but..."

"That's pretty terrible, using those girls."

"C'mon, they have to know. They can't really think one of us on the team is going to settle down with them when we know that the whole rest of the team has fucked them too."

"It still sucks using someone that way."

"Well, are you fucking anybody right now? Have you had anyone since the break up?"

Brenda was a little shocked that her younger brother would come right out and ask her that so indelicately. "Well, no."

"Don't you get horny?"

Brenda blurted out a little too quickly: "NO!" In fact, Brenda had just been using her vibrator that afternoon, right before she picked Sean up. She could always get herself off, but it wasn't the same as having a man inside her, touching her. "Yeah, okay, sometimes, but I try not to dwell on it. When the time is right, someone else will come along."

"What can I say, I like to give these things a little kickstart, 'cause if I don't get some soon, I'm going to explode."

Brenda has prepared a simple pasta dinner with a loaf of Italian bread they'd picked up on their way back to the apartment, and a tossed salad. She told Sean she thought they could go to a local alternative club. Sean said he wasn't sure if he would fit in with the nose ring crowd, but he was willing to give it a shot. Brenda showered first, and then went to her room to get ready while Sean showered.

She was in her brief kimono robe, brushing out her short brown bob when she saw Sean getting undressed through her partially closed bedroom door. He peeled off his t-shirt, and unceremoniously dropped his shorts and boxers where he stood. Brenda almost salivated, watching the way his muscles rippled under his skin as he moved. Seeing him naked, Brenda noticed for the first time the quiet strength and grace with which he moved, as if everything down to the simplest eyebrow twitch had been carefully calculated for economy of movement, and maximum effect. When Sean stretched, elongating his frame, her jaw almost dropped, and she felt herself moisten between her legs. It was only then that she said to herself, My God, this is your BROTHER you're staring at with barely restrained lust! Are you sick? Brenda rushed to her closet where she could not see out the door, but almost unconsciously, she lightly stroked herself.

The tiny bathroom was thick with steam when Sean finally emerged with the towel wrapped around his waist. He went into the living room, where his stuff was, to start getting ready, when he noticed that he could see Brenda though her partially open bedroom door.

She had just finished with her hair dryer and set it down on her dresser. She took a step back toward her bed and then whisked off her robe and tossed it down. Sean knew he should look away, but he just couldn't. The only force rushing through his body right now was compelling him to stay riveted where he was. He had never even considered his sister in any remotely sexual way before. Who would think of their sister like that? But now, watching the little brunette, the curve of her small, tight breasts, down to her flat stomach, the slight flair of her hips, the closely cropped thatch of dark hair at the delta of her legs. Brenda was every inch a desirable young woman, whether she was his sister or not. Sean was very hard, and it was very noticeable under the towel he wore.

Brenda wriggled into a tiny pair of blush satin panties and reached for her dress from the bed. She stepped into the short black summer dress, pulling the spaghetti straps over her shoulders and began buttoning it up the front as she stepped into her heels. She'd buttoned halfway up when she saw Sean standing in the doorway, transfixed.

For a moment, Sean was a deer caught in headlights. Didn't move, didn't breathe. His eyes came up his sister's body, focused on her rose tinged nipples, following the line of her collarbone, her thin lips, and the little Bob Hope-ski-jump nose they shared. His eyes finally burned into hers. Intense. Hungry.

Brenda had abruptly grabbed her dress, to pull it closed, but her brother's white hot stare compelled her to release the fabric. She reached to close the door, but instead pulled it open. Sean only took half a step, she closed the rest of the distance.

A foot apart, Brenda wanted to say something, quickly reason away the moment, but when she opened her mouth, Sean reached to her, taking her breasts in his hands, squeezing them tightly, almost roughly, and only a moan escaped her lips. Her rock hard nipples pressed in his palms, which excited him, made him knead harder. Brenda cried out at the pain, but stepped in close to him, pulling off his towel.

Sean sprang out and Brenda was barely able to get her thin hands around his girth. She moved tentatively at first, but the coarse way that he handled her body urged her to be more aggressive. He grunted when she worked up and down his shaft, smearing his pre-cum around its head. His eyes were still locked to hers. He had still said nothing, just made animal noises. She finally pulled her eyes away, staring in fascination at her brother's cock, watching how it jumped and twitched in her experienced hands.

His hands almost encircled her waist, and Brenda found herself tossed onto the couch. Sean swept his bag aside, and lay her completely on her back. The flimsy dress fell back to her waist and he found she had soaked through her panties. His hand cupped her entire pussy and clasped it tightly for a moment before tearing her panties away. Sean moved between her legs with the same grace with which he did everything else, and Brenda could barely think before her brother sank that monster between her legs.

Brenda's gasp bounced off he walls of the small apartment. Soaked as she was, it still took her a few seconds to adjust to anything that big. It had been one quick stroke, and she felt split, but he still had a couple inches to go before bottoming out.

Sean thought he was going to cum on the spot. His sister easily had the tightest pussy he had ever felt. Her velvet vice surrounded him, hot as a star, threatening to melt him the second he entered her. He gritted his teeth, hissing. Her muscles started working him almost immediately, milking him, drawing his seed. But after a moment to accommodate, Sean began pumping his sister with solid steady strokes, holding nothing back.

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