Bill and Monica: An Alternative Experience

by Tom Land

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Bill and Monica met "at work" and she put into action her plans to seduce him and get him to fuck her. Her plan worked like a charm.

We all know how the torrid affair between bill and Monica went -- but how might it have gone if things had progressed differently? How might the sexual attraction of a young 20-something intern have developed with Bill if he'd had his head about him and been better equipped to take advantage of the horny young female's sexual desire and attraction to him?

Bill had been in office for some months when Monica began her job in a area of the building nearby. She had carefully designed and calculated her activities and movements around his office area so she could know and be able to get close to him when others where least likely to be in that area at the same time. Monica thought he was totally hot and very sexy and she wanted him to fuck her more than anything else. She'd had lusty hot affairs with other men, married and single, and she didn't see him as any more of a challenge than any of the others she'd enticed to fuck her and to let her suck their dicks. Monica had experienced being intimate with enough men by now that she pretty well knew she could get Bill to do anything with her that she wanted him to. She knew she was a bit heavier than she'd like to be but she knew her natural beauty, her nice large breasts and her hot erotic sense of sexiness were all she needed to get Bill's attention and to titillate and bring him to the place where he'd nearly throw her down on the couch and take her with his cock.

Monica hadn't actually planned on seducing Bill when she'd gotten her job but after arriving, she'd started considering all the possible scenarios and bedding Bill seemed like one that was very advantageous to her and him in a variety of ways. She didn't think he was particularly happy in his marriage, and Monica found him very sexy and very desirable. She knew after he and her became intimate that it might not lead to a long-term relationship but then you never knew how an affair would turn out until you'd gotten into it and found where it might lead.

One afternoon several weeks later, Monica went to the vicinity of Bill's office and then she found events falling right into place for her. The next thing she knew, she was meeting him and they quickly found each other very intrigiing and very sexy to talk to. Before she finished talking to Bill, she took a chance and she lifted the bottom of the jacket she was wearing and let him see the waistband of the sexy satin thong she'd put on that morning to help her feel especially sexy and desirable. She noticed Bill's eyes light up when this young 21-year old intern was actually showing him the style and material of the very skimpy thong panty she had on and clearly intimated that he only had to encourage her just a little for him to see her and a lot more of it sometime soon. Bill jumped at her opening and he asked her to come back and see him again in the next few days.

That night, Monica went home and as soon as she got inside the door to her apartment, she locked the door and then quickly let herself go with the hot sexual fantasy she'd been relishing all afternoon after her surprise response from Bill. She quickly had her blouse off and then her pants and she lay back on her bed and quickly had the front closure to her bra undone and then one hand down inside her thong, rubbing across her horny pussy and sensitive clit while her other hand played with her nipples and her large D-cup breasts as she masturbated herself to multiple strong lusty orgasms. "Oh yes, yes, fuck me, Bill, give me all your big hard cock in my pussy and make me cum, baby," Monica moaned as she thrashed in the middle of her bed, imagining that it was Bill bringing her off with his big dick.

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