Happy New Year

by Isabelle

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Swinging, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Brandon's girlfriend endeavors to treat him to a new kink; sex in public. She picks the busiest day of the year, and a crowded city to give him the fuck of his life with the help of a few thousand strangers, several of whom are mighty friendly.

Chapter I

I knew it was going to be a New Years eve/birthday celebration to remember. Brandon didn't feel cheated at having his birthday fall on New Years Eve; he made the most of it. He got to be a very important guest at the biggest parties of the year. He got to be the birthday boy.

Brandon and I had gotten together when we met at a mutual friend's bbq about six months before his last birthday. Our relationship was sex charged from the instant we met. I was attracted to the boy with the dark, almost black hair and the amazing green eyes from the moment I met him. When he was able to debate with me on subjects ranging from modern art to gender politics, all while expressing such an excited, optimistic view of the world I was thoroughly charmed. In the course of this conversation he expressed himself as a sensualist. He talked about only repressing himself when repression itself was the kink he was after. He said it so loudly and unashamedly. I was embarrassed and turned on by it all at once.

Friends drifted in and out of our conversation, but we stayed put, talking to each other throughout the night to the point that we were the central figures in the evening's gossip circles. I was increasingly interested in him, and I could sense that the feeling was mutual. The flirting was mixed with our conversation as we discussed topics like, what was hot in pornography and what had to go. Here I was telling a perfect stranger that I thought girl on girl porn should be sexy but wasn't, that I'd love to direct such a film myself, that fetish videos made me hot. And the conversation felt so natural. Nothing was whispered, there were few hesitations. Such was Brandon's magic. When we noticed we were amongst the last guests Brandon invited me to take a walk with him and I accepted.

He put out his hand to help me up from the low bench we'd been sitting on for hours and after I rose to my feet our hands stayed together. It was lovely walking slowly down the tree lined street on a warm night. We'd talked nonstop for hours and now we just walked in silence. All the talk of traveling and art and sex and living without inhibitions had me stirred up. I wanted to invite him to my place or to invite myself to his but I couldn't quite work up the nerve, so we continued walking. We squeezed closer together and I could feel the tension as we both looked for a way to move this further along, while enjoying it immensely right where it was at. He was holding my hand, and petting my forearm with his other hand. We were about as close as we could get while continuing to move down the street. I spotted a bench in front of an old church. "Let's have a seat." I blurted out as I plopped myself down.

Brandon still had my hand, but he stayed standing. The look he was giving me told me he intended to kiss me and I'm sure he could see in my eyes that I was ready for him to do so. The intention was in the air, but nothing was happening. We looked at each for an agonizing minute that felt like an hour. At last, he bent forward, I tilted my head up, his intense green eyes were looking into mine as our lips met. We'd let things build, and we'd grown hot enough that the kiss was the opening of the flood gates. We attacked each other. I pulled him to the bench, and sat him down, moved myself to straddle him, and never did our lips part. I explored his mouth with my tongue, as my one hand moved up and down his back and the other rested on the back of his head, pulling him forward, keeping his lips firmly pressed against mine. I felt myself grow wet instantly, more so when I felt his cock grow hard in his pants, pressing against my panties. I was dry humping like a high school girl worried her parents might catch her when suddenly I heard the sound of a skate board on the pavement, very close by.

"Whoa, sorry." The embarrassed kid exclaimed as he sped up to get past us. We looked at each other and laughed. I stood and pushed my skirt back down. I intended to invite Brandon to my apartment, just three blocks away, when I noticed a heavily planted courtyard. I stepped over the bench and grabbed Brandon's hand pulling him along with me. I turned and leaned my back against the brick wall of the church. I felt adventurous and alive and ready to ravished, and to do a bit of ravishing myself.

Brandon paused to look me up and down. I wanted to live up to the words we'd exchanged. I stuck out my hip, bit my lips and raised my knee length black skirt, slowly showing off my thighs. I didn't stop until I was flashing just touch of white cotton panties. I held the front of my skirt up with one hand and unbuttoned my sleeveless red blouse with the other, just enough to flash some cleavage. Brandon would see my bet, and raise me. He stepped in and placed his hand between my legs as he brought his lips to mine. He pressed his palm against my sex as his tongue parted my lips and teased the tip of my own tongue. With his palm pressed against my wet pussy, his fingers found the crack of my ass. Pressing, he slide his middle finger against my ass, and then pull forward until he was parting the lips of my cunt. I wanted my panties off. I wanted those fingers against me, inside me. Instead, Brandon moved his hands to my hips and then to my ass. He felt my ass, which has always been one of my own favorite features, round and firm. I pushed back against his hands, my breasts in turn pushing forward against his chest. He kissed my neck, my chest, my breasts. He folded down the edge of my bra just enough to reveal a pink nipple standing at attention. He sucked my nipple for a moment before continuing down my stomach, finishing the unbuttoning of my top as he went. His tongue teased my belly button.

I heard the skateboarder pass again and my cheeks warmed with modesty as Brandon dropped to his knees, cupped his mouth over my pussy and breathed warm air through my panties. I melted. My hands found his head and my hips pushed forward. His tongue was now pushing my pussy lips apart through the fabric as he continued to warm me with his breath. He was going to make me cum without even removing my panties, but I wanted them off. I wanted to feel that tongue on me and in me. I lifted my skirt even higher, pushed my panties down. Brandon followed my lead. He slid he hands into my waste band and ran them along my legs as he lowered my underwear past my thighs, knees, calves, ankles. I stood on tippy toes before stepping out of my panties, so enthralled was I with every inch of their removal.

Brandon's hands went immediately to my thighs, pushing them apart, and he gave me what I craved. His tongue I discovered was good for more than flirting and ranting. I felt him slide just inside of me, and if I doubted it before, I now new that I would not let him escape without penetrating me further, with his fingers and with his cock. But for now, my god did he make my pussy hot. I gyrated my hips like a young Elvis. I was fucking his mouth as much as he was eating my pussy. Occasionally, he'd push my hips against the wall and move to a more delicate, teasing technique, sucking on my labia, kissing and giving light flicks with his tongue, until it would feel too good and I'd shamelessly push my hips forward, pressing my wet sex against his mouth desperately.

And then he stopped abruptly. He lay on his back he looked up at me, motioning me with his finger to lower myself onto his mouth. This felt wonderfully nasty as I straddled him, my knees on either side of his head, my thighs against his cheeks. He reached up and clutched my thighs, and slid his tongue deep into me. I couldn't believe how good if felt and I started to cum within minutes. I doubled over, pulling his hair and I heard a group of people walking by, just feet away as I failed to restrain a moan. I was still cumming as their steps slowed. I heard giggles and then the footsteps continued and grew distant.

I raised myself to standing and looked down at Brandon, still on his back. He looked up at me, staring me in the eye, and with my eyes fixed on him he fixed his gaze between my legs. I held my skirt up and gave him a look. Then I knelt between his legs and pet the bulge in his jeans. I nibbled at his cock and even tried the warm breath trick he'd just so excellently employed on me. Then I unzipped his pants and freed his firm and quite impressive hard on. I kissed the tip of his cock while staring up him. With his hands behind his head raising his view, we were again staring into each other's eyes as I licked his stiff dick from his balls to the head. I wrapped my lips around the shaft sideways and I gripped the base. Finally, I let go of his gaze and I went to work taking his cock deep in my mouth. I sucked, licked, kissed and nibbled him beneath the star filled sky in the courtyard of that church until I could sure he was seconds from cumming in my mouth. I was torn between swallowing everything he could give me and finally having my pussy filled. I opted for the later. I took a condom from my purse and looking in his green eyes once more I tore it open and unrolled it on his shaft. I climbed on top, and slowly, slowly, lowered myself onto him, taking him inside me an inch at a time.

He was only about half way in when I decided to save a bit for the second act. I raised and lowered myself, up and down on the top of half of his cock, our eyes still locked. He ran his hands up my thighs and over my hips and waist and back again. I leaned forward enough to let him cup my breasts which he squeezed together, his thumbs teasing over my nipples. It didn't take much to bring him back to the verge of cumming. As he started to moan and push his hips up, I took him in just a tiny bit more with each thrust until finally I felt my clit pressing against the hard mound above his cock which was now fully inside me. I was grinding happily in place when Brandon decided suddenly it was time. Grabbing my shoulders he swiftly and amazingly gracefully spun me off of him and onto my back. He rolled on top of me, and looking into my eyes with the most intensity yet, he started to fuck me hard. I wrapped my legs around him, and hung on as he slammed his cock into me again and again. I was moaning loud enough to be heard for blocks, cumming in wild rolling orgasms when I felt him at last push all the way into me and groan, his cock pulsing against the walls of my pussy. We had continued to look each other in the eye through the entire experience.

I liked Brandon so much, too much to let him be just one fantastic fuck. I was pleased to find out that he was sweet and sincere as well as sexy and intense and he became my boyfriend.

We continued our sexual adventures. I bought a prom dress for ten bucks from a thrift store, and put it on for him. He scored with the prom queen as I fulfilled one of his fantasies raising the dress up and pissing on his chest and stomach and cock as he stroked himself off. He came instantly. On another occasion he tied me up, fucked me with a vibrator, and slid his fingers, tongue and eventually his cock into my ass. We explored together, pushing every boundary, but doing so carefully and playfully.

So, when New Years came around, and I asked Brandon what he'd like for his birthday, his answer of "An extreme sexual experience" struck me as particularly challenging. But I was determined to rise to the challenge.

Chapter II

With enough advanced notice I was able to book us a room in downtown San Francisco. We headed into the city early to avoid the crazy traffic and we spent the day shopping. The shopping was a bigger part of Brandon's evening then he knew, but he caught on pretty quickly. With his help I selected a pair of tiny black tuxedo shorts with garters to hold up my stockings. I bought a corset style top that revealed my belly and pushed up my breasts. Lastly Brandon, who I adore for having such excellent taste, chose a pair of black faux leather shoes with very high heels. They looked like they could've come from a 1940's fetish image, with straps wrapping around my ankles. I couldn't resist sneaking my hand to my boyfriend's lap to feel his cock growing hard just from seeing the items we'd selected hanging over my arm. I'd brought several wigs, and the choices he made would be best suited by a black page boy that was one of my favorites. I left the store wearing the outfit we'd just purchased, plus a sheer black dress shirt for some minor semblance of modesty. The wig was still packed in the trunk of our car, but my long blonde locks and red lipstick made for a lovely contrast.

Seeing me in this outfit would be enough to have Brandon chomping at the bit, but seeing me strutting about on the street, garnering attention from every man and woman that passed put him in the mood to skip all of my well laid plans and head straight to our room. No. He would have to wait.

December in SF is not a warm affair, but the sun was out and it wasn't unbearably cold. The advantage was that the skin I was revealing stood out even more than it might have otherwise. I licked my lips, and gave bedroom eyes to men in suits to draw even more of their attention. I may have over done it with the man who stopped to find out just what I may have been offering. With Brandon a few step behind me, I leaned forward and put my hands on the good looking stranger's shoulders to steady myself. I kissed his mouth and felt his hands run lightly up his sides and back down, settling on my ass. As I kissed his face around his lips, I lifted one hand from his shoulders and squeezed his cock; as I'd suspected he was rock hard. I continued on my way, leaving him to adjust him self. He appeared embarrassed, but I doubt he'd have traded the experience for anything in the world.

I looked over my shoulder and Brandon gave me a devilish grin that told me he more than approved. Three young men practically fell down as they passed me. "Damn" one of them muttered involuntarily.

I sat with Brandon and had coffee in this outfit. We shopped for sex toys at Good Vibrations. We ate lunch at a vegan restaurant called Herbivore, sitting outside on the sidewalk. Brandon endured hours of teasing while we toured out favorite SF spots. As I slid my sexy shoes up and down the inside of his leg, and ate my lunch slowly, giving my sweetheart a voyeuristic thrill with every forkful that slid past my lips Brandon uttered the first word he'd managed since leaving the first shop. "You're driving me fucking nuts."

I leaned forward and pronounced my words carefully and slowly. "Sweet, I am all yours. So long as we stay in public. I will take your cock in my mouth, cunt, hands, or ass anytime. Would you like me suck you off right now under this table?"

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