Hey Jude

by Harddaysknight

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Desc: : Take a sad story and make it better! Husband realizes wife is major part of his life, but is it too late?

I had been thinking about it for some time. I was in upper management at my company. My salary was six figures and I was enjoying the fruits of many years of hard work and dedication to my job. My only problem was my wife, Judy.

We would be celebrating 25 years of marriage soon. She was a beautiful girl when we met. Her figure was absolutely incredible! She was smart, energetic, supportive, loving and faithful. In short, Judy was the perfect wife. That was then and this is now.

After two wonderful children and 25 years of marriage, she had gained some weight. She also had become quite boring. Who wants to hear about soap operas and those damn reality TV shows? I had outgrown Judy in every way possible. I was reluctant to take her to company events and dinners. I needed a wife that brought looks of appreciation, and even envy, from the other executives, not pity.

I was only a few years from my fiftieth birthday and I wanted, no, I needed to position myself for my peak earning years and then retirement. I needed a woman that I could be proud to escort to dinners and other social activities. I needed a woman that understood how difficult business is, and could help me achieve my lofty goals. In short, Judy was holding me back. Most of the other men in upper management in my company had shed their first wife and had married younger, sexier women that were more appropriate for men of position and power. It was time for me to make some difficult decisions.

I don't know when the idea actually crystallized. I had been considering my options for almost a year. I didn't want to appear to be the insensitive, self-centered bastard that tossed out his wife, the mother of his children, to find a hot, young nymph. I had to find a way to justify my actions. I needed to look like the victim and not some kind of monster.

There were many reasons for me to be cautious. Judy had been a wonderful mother to our kids and I didn't want to alienate them. Then there was the fact that my aging parents seemed to love Judy more than they did me. The few times Judy and I had real marital discord, my mother would chew me a new asshole and stick up for Judy! How can mothers forget who their children are?

Both my sisters were Judy's best friends and Judy's brother was my golf partner. He was a great guy, but he was big and he thought the world of his baby sister. These were some of the things I was up against.

I realized that the only way to escape my marriage with any semblance of harmony with my family was to prove that Judy was unfaithful to me. That would make my position stronger, although I suspected my mother would probably still tell me I must have a needle dick and Judy was right to look for a real man.

Once I decided that I had to prove Judy was having an affair, it followed that it was necessary for it to happen. That was not an easy task! I was certain she had always been totally faithful to me. I would sooner bet on peace in Iraq than Judy breaking her marriage vows. Judy was, by nature, a very loyal loving woman.

Early in our marriage, I noticed how men looked at Judy. She was extremely desirable to any man with eyes. I needed to protect my interests concerning my wife. I talked Judy into starting a family right away while I worked to support us. Judy made a great mother and talking her into that was not overly difficult. As the kids grew, I convinced her that she was needed by them as a full time mother.

Even then, she was still a beautiful and very desirable woman. Having two children had only served to make her more voluptuous. If I allowed Judy to enter the work force, men would be constantly making attempts at seducing her. Of that, I had no doubt.

The kids were grown now. Our daughter graduated college with an accounting degree and our son was in his last year. He was already putting out applications for employment in his field of engineering. I was extremely proud of how my children had turned out and attributed much of their success to Judy's constant attention and love.

Our nest was empty and Judy had begun to add the weight when the kids graduated high school and left for college. She was bored and turned to eating to fill her time. She began to spend more and more time watching television and eating snacks. She never told me, but my guess is that she added forty or more pounds in a two-year stretch. Her tits were bigger than ever, but so were her ass and thighs. She was self-conscious about her weight and never used our pool any more.

How could I get her interested in having an affair if she was so ashamed of her figure? Where could she even meet men that might be interested? Not in front of the television! My plan gradually took form. The very reasons that I kept Judy close to home for so many years were the very reasons I was going to push her out into society!

"Dear, I've noticed that you seem bored around the house lately," I began. "I think you would be happier if you found some sort of employment. Even a part time job would generate some interesting moments and relieve some of your boredom."

"Jason! You could be a mind reader," grinned Judy. "I've been thinking about getting a job for some time, but I didn't know how to bring it up to you. You never wanted me to work outside our home. I was afraid I would upset you if I suggested I get a job of some kind."

"I just wanted you to be there when the kids needed you, Judy. They are grown and gone and we need to think about your needs," I replied smoothly. "Why don't you start checking web sites and classifieds to see what is out there?"

"To be honest, Jason, I have already been doing exactly that. I have a few ideas in mind. I don't want to get my hopes too high, but I'm sure I can find something that will fit into our schedule. I don't want to steal time I spend with you, Sweetheart," Judy added.

I silently congratulated myself on how cleverly I had planted the seed. The hardest thing was having the patience to make my plan work. I knew it could be a year or more before the whole thing came to fruition. I knew it would be a long year, but I had to find the discipline to stay the course.

It was just three days later that Judy broke the news to me at dinner.

"Jason, I've found a position I like!" blurted Judy as she worked on her second pork chop.

"Doggie-style, as I well know, Judy. That really isn't news, however, unless it's with the mailman," I joked.

I thought Judy was going to choke on her mashed potatoes as she struggled to breathe.

"Don't make jokes while I'm eating!" laughed Judy. "Actually it was the UPS guy and if he hadn't shown me how it's done, I wouldn't have believed it was even possible. The difficult part is keeping the goat from eating the whipped cream and the cucumbers, at least before he's supposed to eat them!"

I mulled that retort over for a moment, pretending to consider the possibilities as Judy watched my face.

"You know I'm not that fond of whipped cream. What you don't know about is my rather strong attraction to goats," I grinned. "I'm afraid the UPS man, well intentioned as he may have been, has presented a situation I must decline."

"I told him that you liked most farm animals far too well to feel comfortable with the position he so kindly showed me," nodded Judy. "He promised the next swing through the neighborhood he'd have some honey, carrots, and a Doberman. Dogs don't like sweets or vegetables, so I don't see how it would work. In the spirit of expanding my abilities to please my husband, I agreed to try his alternatives with him."

"Good girl!" I praised. "This sounds like something I'd be interested in. "Would I be correct in thinking that in this new scenario, I would be taking the place of the goat, and the Doberman would be assuming my place?"

"You've done this before?" chuckled Judy. "Damn, I thought I had found something new!"

"I would expect there isn't a husband on the block that hasn't done the old 'Ho-Dobie-Carrot' trick a few times," I answered.

"Jason, it is so hard to be serious with you! I've found a job!" laughed Judy. "I'm starting real estate classes next week. Sam Gault, of Sam Gault Real Estate, is sponsoring me. In a few weeks I'll be a licensed real estate professional!"

I should have felt pleased with the news. Sam Gault was not only the most successful real estate broker in the area, he was also known far and wide as a real pussy hound. He'd probably bang Judy like a screen door! Somehow that thought made my stomach turn.

"I know all about his success with the ladies, Jason. I saw you scowl when I mentioned his name. You never have to worry about me. I can take care of myself. Besides, he'd never want an old cow like me."

"He'd fuck a snake if he could get his head under the rock!" I retorted. "He'd have no qualms about fucking you or any other cow that gets in his pasture!"

Judy jumped up and ran to the bedroom and slammed the door. It occurred to me that I had made a couple blunders. I had more or less agreed with her assessment that she was a cow and I had protested her involvement with Sam Gault. He fit into my scheme better than any other man in the entire Poconos! I would have to work on my natural tendency to be possessive and jealous. Would that bastard fuck my wife? Was she too chubby for him? Who did he think he was, refusing to fuck Judy? I realized I was jumping the gun and decided it was time to step up the game.

I went into the bedroom and found Judy crying with her head buried in the pillow. I sat down on the bed and began to rub her shoulders.

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