Hawaiian Vacation

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Joan and David take their first vacation since their honeymoon 13 years ago. She is looking forward to sex with her husband but David just isn't into it so Joan looks elsewhere and boy does she ever find it.

Joan rolled over and once again looked at the bedside clock, 12:07, exactly two minutes later than it had been the last time she had looked. Sweet Jesus, here she was on her dream vacation in Maui and she couldn't fall asleep. She glanced across the bed at her husband of 13years, David, and listened to him softly snoring, asleep after their love making session, well at least it was David's' perception of making love. Joan damn well knew it wasn't her idea of making love but then again it had been David's first attempt at having sex with her in what — six, maybe seven months now? God damn all the lawyers and certainly God damn all the law firms like her husbands that required him to bill at 70 plus hours every week.

She closed her eyes and remembered back to her younger days, those college years when the handsome young men of Delta-Sigma-Chi fraternity were always chasing her. God she thought, she had been a real slut in those days, dating several of them and almost always sleeping with each of them. There were no worries about STD or AIDS then and she had slept with at least a half a dozen of the fraternity brothers although she had never fulfilled her biggest fantasy of having two of them pleasure her at the same time.

Joan slipped quietly from beneath the covers and walked out onto the veranda, nope, that's not right she thought, in Hawaii they called them lanais. She was still dressed in her diaphanous nightgown that she had purchased especially for this trip, the one that was meant to entice David into spectacular nights of bawdy sex. The gown hung off of her left shoulder like a Grecian gown from old Athens and was so see-through that anyone who got within 15 feel of her could clearly see her naked body. So sheer was the gown that the outline of her 34C breasts, her dark brown areolas and nipples and most certainly her light brown pubic hair showed through. She pulled a deck chair over to the edge of the lanai and watched the gentle motion of the Pacific Ocean as it ebbed and flowed on the white sandy shore not a hundred feet in front of her.

As she watched the waves she thought back to David's lame attempt at making love to her. After she had taken a shower and changed into her sexy nightgown she had waited for him in the bed, only her legs cover by the bed clothing. Her vagina was wet and her nipples hard and she was horny and ready for him. She had been gently stroked her clit while David showered and she even had two small orgasms and now she wanted his cock. David had come back into the bedroom wearing a pair of his old Jockey shorts, and wow, how sexy could he be she thought facetiously. He didn't say a word to her, he looked at how she was dressed, pulled off his underwear and climbed onto the bed. He spread her legs apart, pulled her nightgown up and crawled between her legs and inserted himself. He did mentioned how wet she was but that was almost an aside as he began to rock back and forth inside her. In less than two minutes he had shot his cum into her, rolled over onto his side of the bed, said goodnight and fallen asleep. Great, just fucking great.

Joan's hand slid slowly down her body, idly stopping at her left breast where she playfully pulled and tugged on her nipple then sliding farther down until she found her clit. She closed her eyes and thought about the handsome pilot of their Delta flight to the islands. He was tall, God he must have been 6" 4' and tanned, slim and gorgeous. He looked like he was in his late fifties with short-cropped salt and pepper hair but in that uniform he was sexy as hell. As she continued rubbing her clit she imagined the pilot coming out of the bathroom, totally naked, his manly hardness swinging back and forth as he strode to her bed. He would pull her to him and dance her around the bedroom before gently sliding her gown off her body and then he would kiss her neck before finally laying her back down onto the bed. She could almost feel his imaginary cock as it parted her labia and slid all the way inside her vagina, stretching her out fully. Then the imaginary lips caressing her breasts, and then... then Joan came so violently at the thought of him fucking her that she almost fell out of her deck chair. Oh my God, she thought as her pussy contracted, drops of cum slipping out of her pussy and running down towards the crack of her ass, I have to have some real sex, have someone make love to me like a real woman, not just hop on, cum and hop off.

Joan took in a deep breath and closed her eyes then she relaxed and let her breath out. She was just about to get out of her chair and go back into the bedroom when a movement off to her right caught her eye. Down on the beach a figure emerged from the shadows of the tree line, a man? No it was someone younger, maybe a teenager but certainly not anyone older than in his early twenties. She looked at his brown skin and thought that he was probably a local then realized that his skin color just might be the combination of a good tan and the darkness of the night. She watched as he played in the surf, running into the warm water up to his knees then backing out again. Joan was intrigued and wondered what was someone doing up at this time of night? Then he did something that really caught her attention. It was so outrageous and uncalled for that she sucked in a deep breath as she watched him ease out of his swimsuit, wade just into the light surf and while standing knee deep in the warm water he started jacking off. Joan was absolutely stunned by the brazenness of the young man but she was also strangely excited and her body reacted. As she watched him masturbate she became wet again she soon had her own fingers buried deep inside her pussy, fingering herself as she spied on the boy.

Joan continued to watch and masturbate even after he was finished. She saw him washing off his cum in the water and then putting on his trunks on and walking up the beach until he disappeared into the darkness of the night. Joan sighed, got up and walked back into the bedroom and crawled into her own bed and curled up. Her fingers again went between her legs and she slowly and gently massaged her clit until she fell asleep.

The next morning Joan and David were sitting in the outdoor café enjoying the breakfast buffet when a waiter stopped by their table to take their drink order. Joan looked up and starred at the waiter. She was almost positive that the young man standing at their table was the same man she had watched the night before. She had been right about his age, he was young, certainly no more than 20. He stood about six feet tall and was lean and lanky and very well tanned. He was wearing the hotels 'uniform' of a pair of white shorts and an aloha shirt and he looked incredibly sexy. His nametag said simply 'Kona', just like the famous Hawaiian coffee she thought. She and David both ordered large glasses of orange juice and a pot of coffee and Kona delivered their orders and then went to take orders from other tables and Joan didn't see him again.

That evening David took Joan out for a dinner at a local restaurant where they were served a spectacular Hawaiian luau feast, which was followed by a floorshow composed of local Hawaiian girls doing the hula. They got back to their cottage sometime after 11 that evening and while Joan took a quick shower David sat in the living room reading the USA Today Sports Section and sipping on a glass of Talisker single malt Scotch. Joan sauntered sexily into the room, again wearing her special nightgown and walked over so that she was standing between the lighting of the living room and David; back lighted her body was clearly on display just for him.

She twirled in a 360-degree turn then; finally posing so her breasts and hard nipples were pointing directly at David, said. "So honey, what do you think?"

Without looking up at her, he replied. "Damn, the fucking Giants lost again."

"That's not what I was asking about David."

Still scanning the sports page he replied. "Oh, sorry. Well it was a great meal and I even liked the poi and the floor show nice. Did you notice that you could almost see the panties on the hula dancers?"

Now she looked at her husband and was pissed. "YES... AND?"

The tone of voice caused David to look up from his paper and he realized what she was talking about, what she was expecting. "Oh Christ honey, I'm sorry but look I'm not really up for THAT tonight."

"When David? When are we going to finally deal with your complete lack of intimacy?"

"God damn it Joan I don't have any lack of anything, I'm just tired tonight and now I'm going to bed. Goodnight."

"David, we're going to have to deal with this sometime!"

"Alright, fine, but not tonight."

Joan watched David climb into bed, roll over and dozed off. Still pissed, she turned out the lights and walked into the living room and made herself a drink, the she turned off those lights too and went out and sat down on the lanai. As she sipped on her drink she idly wondered if Kona was going to go walking on the beach again. It was probably thirty minutes later when she spotted him wading in the surf. Once again he played in the low breakers, dodging in and out but unlike the previous evening her continued on down the beach finally disappearing around an outcropping of rocks.

On a whim Joan walked back inside the cottage, stripped out of her nightgown and put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt then crept out the door and walked down to the beach. She followed the water line until she came to the same outcropping and stopped. If I go around, she thought, will he be there? Suddenly Joan didn't want Kona to know that she was spying on him so she turned back and went up the beach and into the tree line and then came around the other side of the rocks. Joan walked along the tree line for about a hundred yards before she caught sight of him again, this time he was laying on the white sands of the Maui beach totally naked, his hard cock in his hand, slowly stroking himself.

Joan stood back in the shadows, not twenty feet away and watched him as he masturbated, his hand sliding up and down on his long brown cock, a cock that she thought had to be eight inches. As she watched his hand begin moving faster and faster her own hand slipped inside her shorts and she started massaging her clit. With her other hand Joan pulled her t-shirt up totally exposing her breasts and as she fingered herself she pulled and twisted on her nipples. When the boy came she saw his cum shooting up into the air, landing high up on his chest, once, twice and finally a third spurt. He let go of his cock and lay back, placing one arm under his head and taking deep breaths. At that exact moment Joan's pussy spasmed and she came too and it was so pleasurable that she had to bite down on a finger to keep from shouting out. Finally, as she calmed down she eased back into the tree line and slowly walked back to her cottage thinking about Kona and his cock.

For the next two days Joan looked but didn't see Kona anywhere and his image slowly faded from her mind. On Thursday David signed up for a golf game and left the cottage around ten to make his tee time. Joan lazed around the bedroom until after David left then she went into the bathroom and cleaned up. She searched through her clothes until she found her string bikini and she put it on and looked at herself in the mirror. Not bad, not bad at all she thought. She put on an aloha wrap that covered from the waist down, grabbed a paperback novel and her sunglasses and walked up to the hotels' swimming pool. She found a nice spot, one where she wouldn't get too much sun and pulled out a lounge chair, opened it so she was in a gentle reclining position and sat back and began reading. All around the pool were small tables for guests drinks, lotions and such and each was equipped with a call light system so that guests wouldn't have to get up to fetch their own drinks. Joan reached over and flipped on the switch which lit up a small purple light on a two foot high light pole. In just a few minutes a waiter walked over to her chair.

"Yes ma'am, what can I get for you?"

She looked up and saw that the waiter was Kona. "Oh!" Joan's face flushed a little then she composed herself and placed an order. "Uh, I think a vodka and tonic with a lime twist would be fine."

"Yes ma'am, I'll be right back."

She was pretending to read her book but in reality she was watching Kona through her dark sunglasses. She watched as he stood at the patio bar chatting amiably with the bartender, and then she heard him give him give the bartender her room number so that the drinks could be billed. That's funny she thought, he didn't ask me for my room number, how did he know it? Kona walked back over to her chair and set down the drink.

"There you are Miss Joan, will there be anything else?"

She was stunned. "Kona, I was wondering something. How did you know my name and cottage number?"

He looked a little sheepish and blushed although she almost missed it with his brown skin. "Well... I... I just try and make it my business to know the guests that I serve, that's all."

"Hummm, well that's a nice gesture, thank you."

Kona smiled at Joan, reached over and turned off her call light and walked back to his service station.

Joan watched him as he strolled back to the bar. In addition to the very nice package she knew was hiding just underneath his uniform shorts he had a great ass. Thirty minutes later, her drink long gone; Joan reached over and again turned on the call light. Kona hurried over to her chair.

"Yes ma'am, another vodka-tonic?"

"Yes please, that would be nice."

Kona was ogling her breasts and not even being subtle about it. "If you'll pardon my boldness Miss Joan, the Hawaiian sun can get deceptively hot and too much alcohol early in the day can leave a guest with, well, let's just say that you might like to have your next drink delivered to your cottage. I mean just in case you might want to lay down when you're finished."

Joan looked at the boy as he starred at her creamy white breasts. She thought about what he was suggesting for a full minute, and then making her decision she slowly nodded her in agreement. "Alright Kona, please deliver it to my room." As he walked away she wondered if she had made a mistake enticing him like that. What was she really looking for? Would she have the courage to even do anything? Would he? She closed her book, got up and walked back down to her cottage. As soon as she stepped inside the door she tossed the book on the couch and was headed over to the lanai when her doorbell rang. She turned around and opened the door and let Kona come inside with her drink.

"You can put it on the table." She said, pointing to the coffee table in the center of the room.

Without a word he walked past her and placed the drink where she had pointed then he turned back to her, smirked and said, "I know that you've been watching me."

She blushed at his accusation of her voyeurism. "Wha... what are you talking about Kona?"

"I saw you watching me your first night here and then again the next night when you followed me over to the cove. You thought you were hidden in the trees but I saw you."

"Well I never... I think you're mistaken and it's very rude of you to talk to me like that, now please leave."

He looked into her eyes and knew that she was lying. He smiled at her then he calmly kicked off his sandals and unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it onto the couch. Slowly reached down and unbuttoned his pants and let them slide down his muscular legs.

"JESUS CHRIST, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING? Stop this right now or I'm going to call the manager."

"I really don't think you will do that, but if you must go ahead, and call." Without another word he reached down to the waistband of his underwear, put a finger on either side, and pushed them down over his hips and down his legs to where his shorts had fallen. He kicked off his pants and underwear and stood there naked, his hard brown cock bouncing up and down.

"Please don't make me do this, please Kona!" Even as Joan pleaded with the youth her eyes remained riveted on his hardness. "Please, I'm a married woman."

"I won't make you do anything you don't want to do Miss Joan. You see I watched you too and I know what you did, what you were thinking while you spied on me. A fancy lady from the mainland playing with herself while she watched me jacking off. You liked looking at my cock, didn't you, my hard brown cock. You liked watching me slide my hand up and down on my hard cock until I shot cum, didn't you?"

Joan's eyes remained fixed on the youth's cock. She had already lost the confrontation with him and now she just wanted to touch him, to feel his hardness. "May God help me! I did watch you Kona and I... I think your beautiful!" She walked up to the boy and ran her hand down his body, from his face to his chest and then to his cock where she stroked him lightly on the shaft. She was watching his cock, twitching to her touch and thinking that he was easily the eight inches she had thought. When she felt his hands gently pushing down on her shoulders she knew what he wanted and she slowly lowered herself to her knees and took his cock in her hands, bent inward and started kissing his crown then she engulfed him with her mouth.

"I want to see your breasts Joan, take off your top."

Without taking her mouth off of him, Joan reached behind her and untied her bikini top and let it fall to the floor, releasing her creamy white breasts to the boy's eyes.

"God you have beautiful breasts Joan. They are so white and full and firm, like some Hawaiian Sea goddess."

She smiled at his compliment. "Thank you Kona." Joan wet her finger and rubbed it around the tip of his cock and then down his shaft. He was holding onto the top of her head, mostly for balance, as she slowly sucked him back into her mouth. She moved her lips lightly up and down on his manhood paying particular attention to the prominent ridgeline and mushroom shaped head as her hand gently jacked on his lower shaft. She could taste his' pre-cum and it tasted better than anything she had tasted in a long, long time.

"Oh my God that feels so fucking good. Take my cock deeper, go deeper Joan."

Joan sucked him as deep into her mouth as she could without gagging. She wanted him to cum in her mouth, to fuck her face like it was a pussy. She took a hand and slipped it inside her bikini bottom, found her clit and rubbed circles on herself as she slurped and sucked on Kona's cock. Her other hand went under his scrotum and she fondled his testicles, playing gently with first one then the other while she sucked him. She felt his cock grow even harder and then he began to pulsate inside her mouth, his balls contracted and she knew he was about to cum.

"I'm going to cum Joan, cum in your mouth. Suck me harder."

She felt him start to cum as soon as his cock expanded and began to pulsate and she reached around and grabbed his ass to hold him close. She bobbed her head faster and faster sucking him as deep in her mouth as possible until finally he spewed cum into her throat. Shot after shot of his hot cum filled her mouth and try as she might she wasn't able to swallow it all and some dribbled out of the corners of her mouth and ran down her cheeks.

"Ohhhhhhh Fuck... me... Oh yessssssssssssssssssss!" Holding on to her head tightly he moved her back and forth as he spewed his cum and watched her swallow his seed. Oh yes he thought to himself, he was going to enjoy fucking this beautiful mainlander, fucking her pussy and mouth and maybe even more for the rest of her visit on the island. "Oh God Joan, that was wonderful."

"Aghrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ohhhhGoddddddd." Joan growled as she came too, her fingers now sliding deep in and out of her dripping wet pussy. "Oh fuck Kona, I want you to... to fuck me... please Kona, I have to have you!"

"Oh yes, I will." He helped her onto her feet, kissed her while he fondled her breasts and then they moved her towards the couch when...

"Beep, Beep, Beep."

"What's that Kona?"

"My God damn pager, my fucking God damn pager. I have to go see the bar manager. I'm sorry Joan; this will just have to wait. We'll fine time later."

Joan was almost ready to cry. She sat down on the couch, leaned back and watched Kona as he dressed. "When Kona? When will we find time?"

"Maybe tonight, can you come with me tonight?"

"I'll try, believe me I'll try." Joan watched him as he walked to the door, turned and smiled at her then walked out, the door closing behind him. Oh my God, she thought, I wanted his cock inside me so fucking bad.

Later, around six, David arrived back at the cottage and after cleaning up they walked up to the hotel's restaurant and were shown to a nice corned table with a great view of the ocean. They ordered a drink and watched the sunset.

"So, honey, how was your golf game?"

"Not bad, I actually shot an 82."

"Wow, that's really good David."

"Yea, I guess it is especially for a course I've never played."

They sat there sipping their drinks and talking about their day, but avoiding the subject that Joan so badly wanted to discuss. "So what did you do all afternoon, he asked?"

"Oh I went up to the pool and read for a while, had a couple of drinks, then went back to the cottage and uh, well I was a bit tired, so I took a little nap and waited for you." Lies, lies, fucking lies her mind shouted out, and then her conscience came alive and buyers' remorse set in. The more she thought about that afternoon with Kona and what they had done the more she regretted it, it was just plain wrong. Right then she decided that she would not repeat her mistake no matter how horny she got, after all she wasn't about to throw away 13 years of marriage just to have some strangers cock while she was on vacation. Tonight she was going to go to bed with her husband and make love to him or at least sleep with him. She would ignore Kona's request to meet him later no matter how much she longed for his youthful body.

Later that evening after they prepared for bed, Joan rolled over and kissed David, then reached down and felt for his cock.

He turned away from her. "I'm really tired babe, sorry."

"I understand David, actually I am too. Goodnight honey." Then she rolled over and closed her eyes.

He turned onto his side. "Good night honey."

An hour later she still she couldn't fall asleep and on hearing David snoring she eased out of bed and walked into the living room and poured herself a glass of wine. Because she was determined not to meet Kona she was careful not to turn on any lights inside the cottage. With her drink in hand she walked over to the drape covered lanai windows and carefully peeked around the curtain — nothing. She looked at her watch, 11:55. He would come any minute she thought and she didn't want him to see her so she eased herself against the wall and peeked through the drape just enough to see down the beach. Fifteen minutes later he still hadn't shown up and she closed the drapes and went back to bed.

The next morning Joan decided to skip breakfast with David, afraid that she would run into Kona and she just wasn't ready to face him.

David, already dressed, looked into the bedroom and saw that Joan was still in the bed. "Come on honey, I'm hungry."

"Look David, I don't feel well, go on and have breakfast without me."

"What's wrong?"

"It's my stomach, just a little upset that's all. Go ahead by yourself, I'll be fine."

"Well, if you're sure you'll be ok, I think I will. You do remember that we told Sam and Virginia Jacobsen that we would join them for that bus tour of the falls didn't you?"

She had totally forgotten. "Oh God honey, I forgot, I'm sorry. Look I really don't feel like a tour today, do you mind going alone?"

"Well if you're sure you'll be alright, I guess I will."

"Yea, I'm sure, go ahead and go... and have some fun honey."

Joan lay in the bed long after David had left for breakfast and the tour. Her mind was a mess of contradictions sending her mixed signals; on one hand she really wanted to see Kona again but the more logical side of her said that she shouldn't do it, that it was wrong and that she could ruin her marriage. Joan didn't have a clue what in the hell she should really do so she spent the morning laying there day dreaming. When she finally looked at the clock she saw that it was after 11 she sat up, picked up the phone and dialed room service.

"Room service."

"Yes, could I have a BLT on toast and an iced tea delivered to my cottage please."

"Yes ma'am, a BLT and iced tea to cottage 14. It will take us about a half hour, is that alright?"

"Yes that's fine." Joan hung up the phone, got out of the bed and walked into the shower and turned on the water. She held her hand under the water until it was warm enough then she stepped inside and took a long, hot, relaxing shower. She turned off the water and stepped out and had just finished drying off when she heard her door chime ring. Realizing it was probably room service she grabbed the large fluffy white hotel bathrobe, put it on and knotted it tightly around her waist, then walked out and opened the door. Standing there, a smile on his face and a BLT and iced tea on a tray was Kona.

"Good morning Joan, I missed you last night but I was lucky enough to be assigned to room service this morning. Here is your order, where would you like it?"

Remembering what happened the last time he visited her room, Joan was nervous about letting him inside but didn't see an alternative. Deciding the best way was to just keep it strictly professional she said, "On the dining room table please."

"No problem." He walked over and set down the tray and then turned back to her. "You look very pretty this morning, just out from the shower I see. Are you naked under your robe Joan?"

Joan pulled the belt even tighter around her waist. "I'm sorry Kona, the last time was a mistake, now would you please just leave."

He walked up to her and reached out and touched her damp hair then let his finger trail down over her cheek and down across her robe-covered breasts. His hand reached out and took her sleeve and he pulled her to him and his lips met hers, his tongue forced its way inside her mouth, searching around inside for her tongue.

Oh God, please help me, she thought, I don't want to do this... I really don't... Oh shit; it feels so damn good to have a man actually want me. She pushed her conscience as far back into her head as was possible and she and responded to his kisses, wrapping an arm around his neck and sucking his tongue back into her mouth. She could feel herself getting wet and she realized that she was going to let him do anything he wanted. "Oh my God, ohmygod."

Still kissing her Kona's hand slide down until he found the knot in the robe and he tugged on it until it gave way and the robe parted revealing Joan's naked body. His hand went inside the robe finding her left breast and nipple and he gently cupped her, caressed her then he began to gently twist and pull on the nipple as he kissed her. "Let's get that robe out of the way Joan."

She took a step backwards and let the robe slide off her shoulders and down onto the floor. She closed her eyes and stood there letting him feast on her nakedness.

"I want you Joan, I want you very badly."

"I want you too Kona." She took him by his hand and led him into her bedroom. Once inside she reached out and unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it onto the floor. While he kicked off his sandals she dropped to her knees and unbuttoned and then unzipped his shorts and pulled them and his underwear down his legs until he could step out of them. She took his hard cock into her hand and brought it to her mouth, sucking his manhood deep into her throat. Joan slowly deep throated him a few times then she pulled back and stood up. "This time we're gonna fuck Kona! No blow job and definitely no pagers are going to interrupt me now - get your ass on the bed."

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