Hartford #3

by Paris Waterman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Niece, Swinging, Orgy, Oral Sex, Fisting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Terry and Paul return home to meet the Farouk's 19 yr old niece, Gretchen. Gretchen, a natural seductress, soon has Terry eating out of the palm of her hand... no, not exactly the palm of her hand, but you know. Everyone gets into the action, of which there is plenty. A mini-orgy take place.

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Terry and Paul went to the local mall the next day to do some shopping. They each went their separate ways, and then met up again to go home.

They arrived back home only a short time before they were to meet Trevor and Barbara at the pool. The suit Terry chose to wear might as well not have been there at all. It was a pale yellow thong bikini that snaked its way around her waist, over her neatly trimmed bush, and then fit snugly up between her cheeks. The bra was tight, but not uncomfortably so. The material was nearly sheer, and her nipples, while not completely revealed, certainly would be when she got wet.

Meanwhile Paul put on a striped Speedo, but when he got a look at his voluptuous wife, he wondered how he would ever stay inside the small piece of fabric. Donning their robes, they went out hand in hand to the pool area. There was no one there, probably because it was cloudy and rain appeared imminent.

Undeterred, Paul dove in and Terry followed his lead a moment later. After swimming the length of the pool in a mock race, they hung onto the edge of the pool waiting to catch their breath. He glanced at his young wife with great pride. In profile, her breasts encased in the pale yellow top were virtually uncovered. Wet, the material had all but dissolved. To Paul, his wife's breasts were amazing. Pear-shaped and fairly large, they were nonetheless defying gravity by jutting out the way they did. Until that moment, he'd always thought Playmates had to have had their breasts airbrushed into that thrust and he said a silent prayer of thanks that Terry had fallen for him when they first met.

The cool water had hardened her nipples, and he bent over and began to feast on them; leaving them encased in the halter. Sucking each in turn while caressing her sleekly curved waist and hips, he quickly brought her to full arousal. Terry rolled her hips and twitched her ass; delighting in the touch of his hands and mouth. But all the while her keen eyes searched the entrances to the pool lest someone come in and catch them.

But as soon as he kissed her, ever so lovingly, she closed her eyes and their arms encircled one another in a loving embrace.

They stood kissing in the pool with the water at neck level. When Terry finally pulled away, a pale yellow strip floated in the water — she had lost her top. Terry shrieked while Paul laughed, and then slipped the bottoms down over Terry's legs. Hearing someone coming, he panicked. Terry, unmindful of the approaching footsteps, gave up the futile attempt at replacing her halter and sought to pull Paul's bikini off him as well, and did manage to free his cock, but the Speedos became snagged about his knees.

Terry glanced up and saw Barbara and Trevor standing over them at the edge of the pool.

"Oh my God!" Terry shrieked, covering her breasts, "I'm so embarrassed!"

"What for?" Trevor replied calmly, but his encased bulge was growing larger and larger in the same tight black pair of Speedos he'd worn the day they met. He and Barbara both sat down at the edge of the pool and dangled their feet in the warm water, as they sipped from straws in their tall drinks.

Barbara was wearing a new yellow and green one-piece that was see-through even without being wet.

Paul maneuvered his penis back inside his Speedos, and Terry had pulled her bottoms back up. To her chagrin, her halter now lay at the bottom of the pool for all to see. She looked up at Barbara, who stared back at her from behind a pair of very dark sunglasses and shrugged.

Barbara laughed and cupped her breasts. "I'd take mine off, but as you can see, it's a one-piece." Her palms roamed over her brown tinged tips making her nipples stiffen immediately.

"Relax," Trevor said, with a lecherous grin as his eyes roamed over Terry's exposed breasts. She didn't bother covering them, for Trevor was quite familiar with them, but she was relived to hear him say, "Barbara and I will make us all some more cocktails. We'll be back in a flash."

Paul dove to the bottom of the pool and retrieved Terry's halter, then surfaced and handed it to his grinning spouse. She quickly fitted over her breasts, tied a knot in the back and climbed up the ladder at poolside to find Trevor and Barbara already sitting by the pool sipping drinks.

"I had them made already," Trevor confessed. "I thought you two could use a moment alone though."

Paul and Terry disrobed, and flushed at the appreciative stares they received from their friends and neighbors, Trevor and Barbara.

Barbara, not bothering to mask her insatiable lust for men and their cocks, peeked over the rim of her sunglasses at the bulge in Paul's suit, and her hand unconsciously went to her own crotch for a second.

The men ignored her and Trevor asked Paul if he had watched any of the Yankees — Braves game earlier that day.

"No, Terry and I went shopping. I'm a Braves fan. What happened?"

"First off, the Braves won. I think it was 11 — 7, or something close to that. But the interesting thing was the match up between Clemons and Maddux that everyone was looking forward to."

"Yeah, I know. Two of the greatest pitchers ever, facing off, so?"

"It was almost a non-event," Trevor said, grinning.

"Maddux gives up hits to the first four guys he faces."

"No shit!"

"I'm not kidding. First time he's ever done it."

"How about the jolly Roger?"

"He lasted five innings. Gave up six runs; in fact, they both lasted five innings. Jeter got four hits and two walks. One thing they said on the TV was that Jeter was the sixth guy to get four off Maddux in a game."

"Anyway, Brian Jordan was the star; got four ribbies to lead the Braves to the win."

"I would've thought it would be a classic pitcher's duel," Paul said, wistfully.

"You and everyone else," Trevor said agreeing with him.

"Anyway," Trevor said, shrugging his shoulders, "remember the surprise I promised the two of you the other night?"

"Um, yeah?" Paul said, looking into the sun, trying to see Trevor's expression.

Trevor made a motion with his hand as it to say wait a minute, and lithely sprang to his feet. He walked to the edge of the pool, and waved. Paul tried to see who he'd waved to, but the sun's brightness prevented it. He did, however, hear a splash, and then Trevor bent over, reached out and helped a teenaged blonde out of the water.

Both Paul and Terry's eyes were on the almost totally exposed breasts of a green-eyed beauty Trevor was helpfully hoisting from the pool's waters. Her blonde hair hung wetly down to a more than ample chest. But the most striking thing about her, was the smile she bestowed on everyone as she let go Trevor's hand and walked over to meet them.

"Gretchen," Trevor said, his eyes never leaving her lithe form, "let me introduce you to two very close friends, Paul and Terry."

Paul started to get up, but became afraid he would literally poke up through his suit, so he just leaned forward and shook her hand. Terry followed suit, and found herself staring at this lovely young creature, drinking in her beauty in spite of herself.

"Gretchen," Trevor explained, "is our niece, just in this morning from Suffern, New York. She was in our wedding as a junior bridesmaid 5 years ago."

He waved his hand regally through the air before continuing. "How old were you then, dear?" He asked, placing his hand into the small of her back.

"Trev, you know how old I was," Gretchen said, without rancor.

Both Paul and Terry took a moment to absorb the young girl's beauty.

"Fuckin' sensational," Paul told himself.

"A stunner, a real stunner," Terry thought, "and she's a player, just like Barb and Trevor. I just know it."

"She was fourteen, darling," Barbara said, interceding for her niece. "The nicest thing is that dear Gretchen has slept with us," here she paused for effect, "whenever there was a concert in the city she wanted to attend."

Trevor picked up the thread, saying, "We try to make it a habit of having her at least once a month."

"Having her, being the by-word," Barbara said and then laughed happily.

Gretchen arched her back, emphasizing her breasts and the hardened nipples that were barely concealed beneath the skimpy material of her bathing suit. She winked knowingly at Paul, and tugged at the edge of her bottoms, then stretched the material out enough to allow Paul a fleeting look at her shaven pussy.

"Nice," Paul sighed, and laughed when his wife gave him an elbow to the shoulder.

"Be nice, honey," she said pretending to scold him as Gretchen turned toward the pool, ignoring everyone. A moment later, both couples watched her as she climbed up to the medium board of the diving tower and did a flawless, double somersault.

Paul leaned back, waved for a drink from the bar, and wondered how he had ever gotten so lucky. Terry's eyes were glued to the nubile girl's acrobatics, and she caught herself licking her lips.

Thirty minutes later, it was agreed that they retire from the sun and go indoors. All five hurried to the Farouk's unit. The air-conditioning felt great after the ninety-degree heat by the pool, and Barbara went into the kitchen to fix a pitcher of cool drinks. Gretchen told Paul and Terry that she was in town to see a hard rock band the next night.

As Barbara handed out fresh drinks, Trevor explained how Gretchen had walked in on him and Barbara making love accidentally nearly six years ago.

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