Ann and Hattie

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Dunc is asked to help an attractive mentally retarded young woman by her mother.

Copyright© 2003

(Read My Neighbour Hazel)

One morning as I was returning from Joan and Mary's home, Hazel met me and we went back into my home where she had emerged.

"I thought you were back you usually are by this time and I called to see you. I had a telephone call from a woman not connected with the LBG (Ladies Bridge Group), but who is a dear friend of one of our members. The member told me that I would be contacted by her, her name is Hattie.

Her daughter is twenty-one years old and was involved in a bad traffic accident. In fact the whole family was. The father was killed, the mother Hattie lost an unborn child and had to have a hysterectomy and was in hospital for a few months. The daughter Ann had brain damage and has the mind of a five-year-old.

Hattie wants to speak to you and ask for help, for whom she didn't say but would like to talk to you.

I said I would ring her back once I got your answer. She seems quite desperate. Will you see her? If so when." Hazel asked.

"If she can come, I'm free for the next couple of days," I answered.

She used my telephone, using a reference from a slip of paper and a wait of about two minutes, started talking to the person on the other end.

"Ann and Hattie, will be here in half an hour, to your address, I'll wait here until they come and then leave you to it. Go and get shaved and changed I will make us some coffee," she said after looking at my untidy dress.

We were sitting in the lounge when a Range Rover pulled up in the driveway; two beautiful and beautifully dressed women emerged and walked towards my front door.

Hazel even remarked on their beauty, which was unusual for her.

"Just look at those two, have you seen anything so gorgeous on two leg." Giving me a nudge with her elbow.

Hazel went to the door and brought them both in to the lounge, and right away, I could see the youngest that should be Ann was acting a bit strange.

"Dunc this is Hattie and Ann who I talked to you about, who is a good friend of one of my Ladies Group, she has something to ask you, I will nip back home now, "Hazel said as she left.

"Please sit down and tell me how I can be of help." I said indicating by a sweeping hand that she could choose any seat she wanted.

Hattie chose the easy chair but she sat on the edge with her legs together but at an angle with the heels tucked in. Ann flopped on the sofa on her back swinging her legs over the side.

"As you can see my daughter, does not act the age she looks, and it is embarrassing at times," she said.

I interrupted her and offered her a coffee, which I saw she gladly poured.

She then began her story, her eyes fixed on the leg of the coffee-table.

"My husband and I had a wonderful sex life and we had a beautiful, intelligent daughter. I was seven months pregnant when we had our car crushed by a runaway TIR truck, which ploughed into our car. My husband was killed and inflicting severe brain damage to my daughter, and breaking my pelvis, killing my unborn child and having to have a hysterectomy. We were comfortably off and were awarded very high compensation costs, but the money never returned the things I loved dearly.

Because of my daughters condition I have to watch her constantly, therefore, my social life is non-existent. She has progressively, over the past few years getting worse in a bad habit, which I had to point out to her psychiatrist, who recommended I put her in a home. No way was I going to do this. You see her problem is, she keeps playing with herself and pushing various objects into her vagina, and keeps telling me, "Mummy its itchy between my legs and I only do it to stop the itch."

She has been sterilized on medical advice, and my consent, and the courts for her own good.

Ann according to the doctors is only answering the call of nature, and is only sexually aroused and seeking comfort. If I put her in one of the institutes every Tom, Dick and Harry is going to abuse her, as I have been told happens no matter what institute you put her in.

What I am asking you if you will provide this service for my little girl, I know it is a lot to ask as her outlook is only that of a child, even if her body appears to be adult. I hope you say yes. Then I will know who is looking after her, she needs a man now look."

I turned and Ann was still lying on her back but had her dress up and was pushing her fingers up her vagina.

I told her "I could see that it would be an embarrassment to have her doing this if one had visitors. I haven't faced this situation before and I don't know how to tackle it, but I am willing to give it a try though." I said to her.

"One can only try and I would really appreciate it, but because she won't go anywhere without me, I would have to be present when you do it. I will keep out of the way if she sees me in the room she will be all right" She said.

"When would you want me to try," I asked.

"Well now, she is in one of her lustful periods now, "she replied.

"Ok then let's all go into the bedroom and I will see what I could do for your daughter." I said

"Ann, Come with mummy, Dunc is going to help you to get rid of the itch." Hattie said.

"Oh good, its very itchy now and I'm awful wet Mummy," Ann told her mother.

On entering the bedroom, I could see that Hattie was impressed with the décor and gave the four-poster a look and gave her head a small nod.

"I think it would be better if she was undressed Hattie, "I said to her.

Hattie started undressing Ann, with Ann's little girl clumsy help, soon this beautiful young female was standing before me in the briefest of underwear. My penis gained another half-inch just looking at her. These items were soon discarded and she stood there in all her glory, what a waste of good womanhood I thought.

"Hattie was saying to Ann, "Now you go lie in the bed and Dunc will help you, you do what he says, Mummy will be right here in the chair."

Ann jumped on the bed and shouted "Its lovely and soft, Mummy come and try."

"Later baby." She replied to her daughter giving me a signal to start.

I managed to get Ann to lie down on her back and I slipped my hand on to her pussy and started running my finger up her wet warm slit. She closed her yes and calmed down her jumping around and let out a sigh. After a few minutes she reacted like any other female I ever knew, put her arm around my neck and pulled my head to her beautiful breast and was kissing my ear. Even running her tongue around inside, and moaning or purring like a cat. I lifted my head and she pushed her mouth straight on to mine and was tongue kissing me. Ann was acting like any other adult female and I was even thinking the child act was a put on.

This was getting easier than I thought; here she was acting like any other hot female and going through all the same reactions. I thought well let's try the ultimate and try to get between her thighs. I eased my body over hers and she then grabbed me round the shoulders and pulled me to her.

I managed to get disentangle, eased my self between her lovely soft thighs and she responded by opening her legs and lifting her pelvis for me. What the hell I thought I slipped my penis into her, and pushed right in she was reasonable tight but she was well lubricated. When I hit bottom it felt fantastic, buried to the hilt in a young willing and receptive female body.

"Oh Mummy, This is lovely, tell him not to stop, Dunc has put something in me and I want it to stay there." She cried.

Hattie came over and stood at her daughter's head and comforted her daughter.

Ann's body knew exactly what do, she started thrusting her hips as I started the slow pumping into her body. Her hips were rolling and she was crying for more, her body actions became more demanding, she sat up and pulled my head to her mouth and was kissing my eyes nose and moth and thrashing her body into me.

This was one wild young female I had here, but you could tell that this was what she had been wanting all the time. Then the legs locked behind me in fact around my waist, she was that supple and pushed her fanny into me as hard as she could.

Boy, I loved this, I had forgotten just what a young body felt like and I really loved the change of skin texture and movement.

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