Sweet Seduction

by Jana Cleveland

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Light Bond, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Food, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A steamy MMF threesome

Amy invites Nick over to her place. They began kissing as Nick slowly takes off Amy clothes piece by piece. She leads him to the bedroom, where little does Nick know that AJ is hiding in there. Nick continues kissing when he started taking off his clothes. As Nick was on the bed, Amy handcuffs him to her bedpost. AJ comes in and starts kissing and touching Amy right in front of Nick. He touches her body as they got on top of Nick. Amy then removes Nick's boxer shorts.

Then, she brings out the cherries and the whipped cream from the kitchen and spreads the cream all over Nick's body as AJ places the cherries on him. They both began to lick the cream and eat the cherries off of Nick. Amy and AJ were hearing Nick moaning and groaning as they were licking the whipped cream and cherries off his body.

AJ was behind Amy, kissing her neck while his hands were on her hips. Then while AJ was still behind her, Amy got on top of Nick as she uncuffed him from her bed. She was giving his hands access to her body, feeling every curve of her figure and his lips to feel hers. As Nick was kissing Amy's lips, AJ was still behind her, kissing her neck and cupping her breasts. Then, AJ pulled her close to his body. He was kissing every inch of her. Nick reached out his hand to touch Amy's back as AJ lowered down to her stomach. She felt his tongue circling her belly button. Moans were escaping from Amy's mouth. Her hand felt Nick's member becoming very hard while her other hand was on AJ's back as he went lower. AJ laid Amy on her on Nick's body. He was sitting behind her with his hands all over her. He went inside her, deep and slow. As he did, he held Amy close, hearing her moan in his ear.

Nick was behind Amy, licking and lightly kissing her neck. Amy wanted them both. After that, she was on top of Nick, kissing his neck while AJ was behind licking and kissing up and down her back. Then, Amy's lips slid down to Nick's hard erection and slowly began sucking him. AJ was getting inside her from behind. Nick was getting turned on by Amy. After that, she pulls back the covers and got into the bed with Nick. As he was on top of her, Nick was kissing every part of her body while his hands were all over her. AJ sat beside them, watching them. He, too, began to touch Amy's body. She felt both of their mouths on her breasts. While they were doing that, Nick put two deep inside her, making her moan reallly loud. She was hot and very wet inside. Then, AJ was kissing her lips to make sure she wasn't making too much noise to wake up anyone. Nick's lips went lower to her wet, female center and his tongue went inside it. He was licking her, driving her over the edge of desire. AJ was behind Amy, licking her back while his hands were on hips, holding onto her. Then, Nick came back up to her lips. AJ began to enter her from behind as she was on top of Nick. After AJ went inside Amy, Nick came up to her as she laid down on the bed. He got out the whipped and he and AJ started spreading it all over her body.

Amy closed her eyes. She felt Nick and AJ's tongues, and hands and lips on her body, licking off the cream off her. She even licked the cream off Nick's fingers. Amy could feel AJ licking her stomach and Nick burying his face in her breasts. As she laid down on the bed, Amy then felt two tongues deep inside her hot female center. She clinged on to the sheets as she was about to have an orgasm. Nick came up to Amy and started kissing her deeply. As he was kissing her, AJ began placing two of fingers deep inside Amy's love canal. Inside, she was hot and wet. Amy moaned and groaned as AJ fingered her. Nick went into the kitchen and got out a bottle of chocolate syrup. He poured the syrup on Amy's stomach and breasts. She could imagine how it good it felt having his tongue on her body. Then, Nick put the whipped cream on Amy's love canal. Slowly, he sucked and licked the cream off of her.

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