The Gift

by Bakerman

Caution: This Erotic Anal Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Safe Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotic Anal Sex Story: A surprise present from an unusual source leads to an improved sex life.

My wife and I are in our mid 40's and have been married nearly 25 years. Our sex life is still passionate but is no longer firey or spontaneous. Our son, who recently turned 21, had gone off oversea's for 3 months or more depending on how long his money lasted. I was hoping that now that we had the house to ourselves the sex might increase.

He sent regular emails telling of his adventures and when and where he was travelling to so we knew his where abouts in an emergency. Once or twice he had rung and on one of these calls I reminded him that Mothers Day was happening soon and not to forget to send his mother a present.

Sure enough on the Friday before Mothers Day a small parcel arrived addressed to my wife from our son. The attached card had the following short note included,

"I bought several pairs as I'm not sure which style and colour you prefer. I'll be thinking of you wearing each pair. I hope you'll be thinking of me as well while you're wearing them.

PS the black pair will look great with your birthday outfit."

My wife slowly unwrapped the parcel and opening the carboard box inside tipped out the contents to reveal that our son had bought his mother several assorted G-strings. The styles, colours and materials were all different and using her finger to seperate them my wife extracted a pair that was high cut, black stretch lycra and lace.

My wife and I were quietly shocked and surprised that our son would buy something as intimate as lingerie. He had never showed any signs of extra attraction towards his mother and he had always had girlfriends. My wife put the underwear back in the box and laughed it off as a joke present. Our son tried ringing on Mothers Day but his phone kept cutting out and we finally got an email in which he asked about his present arriving and that he was heading off in to the mountains for the next two weeks hiking so would be out of contact till then.

We talked and laughed about the present over dinner. Jokes were made and comments passed and I could feel a sexual vibe rising as we discussed relationships within families and older women / younger men. We went to bed that night and snuggled but no sex as my wife was still disturbed by the present and the message on the card. I didn't push it and by Tuesday I had let the whole thing slide making no reference to the panties at all. My wife in the mean time had been quiet and distracted as if still deep in thought over the subject.

Wednesday night I arrived home from work and called to my wife as I entered the door. She called back from the kitchen for me to grab a shower as everything would be ready shortly. I assumed she was meaning dinner but was I going to be surprised by what was on the menu. I went to our room and undressed and then to the bathroom for a quick triple S, shower, shampoo and a shave. I walked back into our room with a towel around my lower half and another in my hands drying off my hair. With the towel in my hands and across my face I didn't see the bed until I stopped right next to it.

Laying on the bed surrounded by a number of pillows was my semi-naked wife in her birthday suit. She had added suspenders and stockings to the black g-string, our son had suggested she wear, from the box. The panties were extremely hi-cut with the elastic waist band reaching nearly to her navel but this just made the V of her legs and pussy look longer and deeper as well as highly erotic. My wife had her hair done as well as applied make up and the final touch was a black ribbon around her throat. All this against her pale skin was a vision of sensual delight. I felt an immediate jump by my penis as it pushed against the towel growing firmer by the second.

My towel hit the floor releasing my inflating penis so it sprung free to stand at attention. My wife rolled onto her side and her hand gripped my penis firmly as she gently tugged me closer to the bed.

"Do you like what Mummy has to offer?" she purred in a soft sexy voice

I only nodded as her lips surrounded the head of my penis with a sensual kiss. It was several seconds before my brain registered the word "Mummy". She fed my penis into her mouth working the shaft with her hand as her tongue rolled around the head. My knees became weak and I had to put my hand against the wall to stop me falling. The sights and sensations I was feeling were nearly overpowering. By now my penis was harder than it had been in ages, almost painful in the way it had stretched to its limit.

She let my penis slip from her grasp as she rolled over to show off her backside. The view from this side was no less exciting, as the thin strip of material circling her waist curved away into the crack of her arse.

"Do you like Mummys arse? Do you want to kiss it... or fuck it?" again she spoke in a low breathless voice.

I climbed on the bed and began lavishly applying kisses to her arse. I took large bites of her supple flesh and sucked deeply to leave a trail of hickies across her butt as I worked my tongue to her highly prized arse hole. She had let me finger her arse but never fuck it and now she was asking for it to be done. Again she squirmed on the bed and bought her front side back into play. Her nipples were puffy pink spotches of colour on her pale skin and they now stood proudly atop her breasts.

I worked one nipple in my mouth while my hand manipulated the other all the time my wife was giving me directions on how she wanted to be handled. Squeeze this, bite that, pull, tug, roll were all instructions on how to work her breasts to their peak of sexual satisfaction. Now she put her hands on the back of my head and moved it slowly down her body. I kissed my way from nipple to navel where I met the band of her panties.

The material was so soft and sheer it fitted my wife like a second skin. My hand wandered ahead to her pussy and gently massaged her mound through the material. My wife spread her legs to enable full access to her most inviting of regions. My head caught up to my hand and I pulled aside the material to view her pussy in a whole new light. Already moisture glistened on the lips and the aroma was intoxicating. I took several deep breaths through my nose to implant that smell in brain forever.

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