Judy Slips The Leash

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Incest, Mother, Son, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Hubby stopped taking care of business. Somebody had to do it.

It started out innocently enough, if you can call cheating on your husband innocent, but I'd have to say it was - at least compared with what happened later.

What happened was no one's fault except mine. After all, I was the grown-up. I could lay the blame on my husband for ignoring me, but the bottom line is that I could have, at any point along the way, kept it from happening. Could I have stopped it? Yes. Should I have stopped it? Most definitely. Did I want to stop it? Even now, knowing how it all turned out, I can't honestly answer that one.

Darrel and I were high school sweethearts from the eighth grade to graduation. I gave Darrel my "pearl of great price" the night of the senior prom, liked it, and then spent every moment we were together looking for a flat surface to lie down on.

Darrel went off to college and I went to work at the A&P as a cashier. Just before Darrel left we swore our undying love for each other and promised to be true. I don't know about Darrel, but I broke that promise before he had been gone a week. My version of "remaining true" consisted of not taking on any steady boyfriends, after all, I was 'Darrel's girl'. When Darrel came home for Christmas break, spring break or summer vacation I was "his girl" and his alone, but as soon as he left I was anybody else's.

I make no apologies. When Darrel popped my cherry he awoke a sexual hunger in me that I just had to fill. Seventeen to seventy, it didn't matter; if the time and place were right I was ready. The most amazing thing about it is that Darrel never found out. I was pretty much the town slut, but word of it never got back to Darrel.

Darrel came home for the summer at the end of his junior year and asked me to marry him when he graduated and I said yes. My round heels aside I did love him and if he had stayed home with me instead of going off to college I sincerely doubt anyone else would ever have gotten a taste of me.

When summer vacation was over and Darrel had gone back to school I looked around and did an assessment and decided that I'd better start getting some practice at being faithful to my man. That lasted three weeks. One morning I woke up alone with a terrible itch that needed to be scratched and realized that the time to be faithful was after the "I do" and not before. I decided that I'd better get all I could before I had to limit myself to one man.

Darrel graduated came home and I went back to being 'his girl' and we began making wedding plans. Two days before the wedding my girlfriends threw me a bridal shower. It was a typical bridal shower until Darrel's mother, sister and aunts left leaving only my girlfriends and me and then it got a little drunk out. Around midnight Sally Mae told me she had a final gift for me and led me into the bedroom where I found three naked guys I'd never seen before.

"Got to send you off with a bang" Sally Mae said as she walked out the door and closed it behind her.

As promiscuous as I had been I had never before had multiple partners. I stood there looking uneasily at the three men and finally one of them decided to take charge and then it all became a blur - a very delicious blur - as the three of them took turns on every orifice that they could use. I had my first anal sex and found that I loved it. I had a cock in my ass and one in my pussy at the same time and I loved that also. Next it was ass, pussy and mouth and I simply adored that and then it was repeat, repeat and repeat until none of the three could get it up anymore.

When they had gone Sally Mae came into the room to see how I was.

"You okay?"

"Cancel the wedding and give me the phone numbers of those three."

"I take it that you had a good time."

"I had a marvelous time. I had such a good time that I'm not sure that I'm going to be able to be a one man woman after this."

But, surprising everybody, including me, I was able to stay a one-man woman. It may have helped that Darrel took a job fourteen hundred miles away from what had been my playground and I had none of my old lovers around to tempt me, but whatever the reason I stayed a faithful wife. The years scrolled by, we had a son and a daughter and Darrel had a good job and was making a pretty good living. Our sex life was pretty good and while I do admit to casting a lustful at some hunk every once in a while I behaved.

We had been married nineteen years when things started changing. Darrel was moving up the corporate ladder and with every promotion came a heavier workload. He worked late and he brought work home with him to do in the evenings and on the weekends and when he came to bed he was just too tired to make love or he did a quick two minutes and then rolled over and went to sleep.

Then he was promoted to regional manager and started having to travel to visit the offices in his six-state region. He would leave Monday morning and not get home until Friday and he would be exhausted. Any attempt on my part to initiate love making would get met with a "Not now Judy, give me some time to relax." I tried to spice things up and attract his attention by wearing sexy lingerie, high heels, nylons and garter belts, but got nowhere. Darrel's job was wearing him out and he couldn't, or wouldn't, help me and I was going quietly crazy from lack of sex.

It was Darrel's job and his success at climbing the corporate ladder that did me in. The more money Darrel made the more he had to spend to help show off his status. We sold our old house and moved into a larger one with an in-ground swimming pool and a tennis court. I believed in keeping fit and staying in shape and for years I'd had a Stairmaster in the basement that I used religiously. The new house caused me to change my routine and in addition to the Stairmaster I took up tennis and swimming. I don't mind saying that at 43 I put quite a few younger women to shame.

The pool did have a down side to it. Our son Robbie and our daughter Julie were always having friends over for pool parties and seeing all those young hard bodied boys only made me crazier than the lack of sex with Darrel already had. What really wound me up was seeing what my using the pool while in my bikini caused. You can't hide a hard cock in a pair of Speedo swimming trunks and I did generate quite a few.

I saw all those young hunks sporting their hard ons when I was around and it made me think back to what life had been like for me before I got married. Still, as hungrily as I stared at those young hard ons I behaved myself. Right up till the day Billy Wilson stopped by.

Robbie had invited him over to swim. I was doing laps when he got there and Billy was sitting on the side of the pool, feet dangling in the water, when the pone rang. I got out of the water and took the call on the poolside cordless and it was Robbie. He was working a summer job to earn pocket money for when he went off to college that fall and he was calling to let me know that Billy was coming over and to tell him that he was working four hours overtime because someone had called in sick. While I was talking to Robbie I was looking at Billy and I saw him looking at me standing there in my wet bikini and I saw the hard lump in his bathing suit.

At the time I don't know why I did it, but as I hung up the phone I said:

"That was Robbie. He called to let us know he is running a little late."

I dove back into the pool and got about three laps done before I admitted to myself what was going on. Darrel was out of town visiting his offices. Julie was spending two weeks with her grandparents and Rob was working four hours overtime. I hadn't been laid in almost three months and here I was alone with a male who had a hard cock. I had told Billy that Rob was running a 'little late'. Why? Because I didn't want him to leave. Why? Because he had a hard cock and he was over eighteen.

I finished my third lap in front of Billy and stood up. "Don't panic on me sweetie, I won't hurt you" and I pulled his bathing suit down until his hard cock popped up in front of me. I smiled at him and said, "You are going to like this sweetie" and I took him in my mouth. God, did it ever feel good to have a hard cock to play with. Poor Billy didn't last long, but I didn't care; I had four hours to work with. I took my mouth off him long enough to say:

"I swallow sweetie, but I don't like surprises. Let me know when you are going to cum."

He did and I did and then I got out of the pool and led him into the bedroom.

There is something to be said for youthful exuberance and fast recovery time. I pushed Billy back on the bed and went down on him again and I had his cock hard again in less than two minutes. As I was deep throating him I couldn't help but think that if it had been Darrel it probably would have taken me ten. That is if he didn't roll over and fall asleep after the first cum.

As soon as I had Billy stiff again I moved over him, took his hard cock in my right hand and guided him into me as I lowered myself down on him. I started to fuck him and his hands came up and started working on my tits. My tits are really sensitive and he was rolling my nipples between his fingers and I was getting hotter and hotter and I needed to be REALLY fucked. I rolled off of him and spread my legs wide and cried:

"Hurry baby, hurry. Put your cock in me and fuck me hard. I need it hard baby, fuck me hard."

He wasted no time in getting between my spread legs and driving his hard cock into me. My legs went up and clamped around him, my nails dug into his ass cheeks as I pulled him to me and moaned:

"Oh yessss lover, oh yes, oh fuck yes. Do me baby, do me hard."

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