It's the Same Old Story

by KK

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, Interracial, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: George comes home early and finds his wife with his best friend. This is just the beginning of this twisted tale.

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For the first time in five years I was leaving a business show a day early. I work for a telecommunications company and every year we participate in three business shows. The shows are held in different cities around the country and each show lasts five days. We go in and set up our booth on Sunday and Monday and the show begins Tuesday morning and ends at noon on Thursday. For the last five years I have worked every one of those shows and I always stayed until the last box was packed and loaded on the truck Thursday afternoon. That is until this last show.

The last show I worked was back in May at the San Diego Convention Center. It was on Tuesday night, during that show, that I twisted my ankle badly and was unable to work in our booth the next day. At lunch on Wednesday my boss told me that there was no point to my staying at the show if I couldn't work so he told me to see if I could get a flight home. I didn't have to be told twice. I was on a plane back to St. Louis at two o'clock that afternoon. Before I boarded the flight in San Diego I called home and left a message for Tammy, my wife of nine years, telling her I would be home by eight o'clock that evening.

Tammy had been upset with me about something before I left on the trip but she didn't want to discuss it at the time. She said we could deal with it when I got back home. While I didn't like having a sprained ankle or having my boss tell me to go home before the conference was over, I was glad to be getting home early so that I could find out what was bothering my wife.

When my taxi stopped in front of the house I noticed a black Cadillac in our driveway. I didn't know anyone that drove a Cadillac and it bothered me a little that Tammy would have company at the house when she knew I was coming home. I thought that she would be anxious to discuss whatever problem she thought we had.

As I walked in the front door I heard voices in the family room. I stepped out of the hallway into the kitchen and peeked into the family room and got the shock of my life. Tammy was sitting on the sofa with my best friend Mike Williams. This in itself was not the shock. The fact that Tammy's blouse was unbuttoned was what struck me so hard.

Tammy and Mike hadn't seen me yet so I walked through the kitchen and stood at the edge of the family room.

"What the hell is going on here?" I shouted.

Tammy turned to look at me and then put her hand up to her mouth. "Oh my God... George, what are you doing home?" she asked.

There was something about the way she said that and that she didn't try to hide the fact that her blouse was unbuttoned that seemed very odd. It was almost as if she had expected this to happen.

"What is going on here?" I asked.

"It's not what you think, honey," Tammy said. She was actually smiling when she said it. I began to wonder if I was dreaming until I felt the pain in my ankle again and knew that I was awake.

In the short time I had been in the room Mike hadn't moved. He just stared at me with an amused look on his face. I had all that I was going to take. Mike is a big guy but I didn't care how big he was or how much my ankle hurt; I was going to throw the bastard out of my house.

I took one step toward the sofa and suddenly found myself in the grip of another man. I never heard him coming. He grabbed my right arm and twisted it up behind my back and put his left arm around my neck in some kind of a choke hold. I was able to breath but I knew that he could cut off my airway anytime he wanted to.

"I think you understand the situation now George," Tammy said. "We have been waiting for you so we could start our little party. Mike finally told me what you do at those business shows. Did you really think I would never find out about your girlfriends? Or did you just think I wouldn't care. Well, for your information I do care. You hurt me and now I am going to hurt you. I am going to play with Mike and Tyrone and you get to watch. How do you like that?"

I tried to tell Tammy she was wrong but before I could get a word out the guy holding me put something over my mouth and nose. The smell of whatever he was holding over my nose was choking me and I soon felt myself losing consciousness.

I don't know how long I was out before I woke up to find myself tied spread eagle to the bed in the guest bedroom. My injured ankle felt like it was being pressed against a hot iron while my other ankle and my wrists were beginning to feel numb.

Taking a quick look I saw that my wrists and ankles were secured to the bed with speaker wire. Tammy must have gotten the wire from my work shop. Whoever tied me down had made the bindings so tight that they were cutting off my circulation.

For a moment I had forgotten what Tammy had said to me just before I lost consciousness but that memory came back to me when I heard the voices on the television placed at the end of the bed. I looked at the television and saw Tammy sitting on our bed completely nude with Mike. He was also nude and Tammy was stroking his big cock.

"George, are you awake yet. I hope you are because I wanted to show you this big beautiful cock that I am going to enjoy," Tammy said as she looked directly at the camera.

"Mike gets to fuck me first because he is the one who told me about your cheating and because he helped me set this up," she said. "Tyrone, come over here so that George can see what a nice cock you have too."

Tyrone must have been the guy that grabbed me from behind. When the black man stepped into the picture I could not believe how big his cock was. It must have been three inches longer than Mike's

"Isn't Tyrone's cock amazing? I don't think I will be able to fit that whole thing in me but I am going to try. I hope you enjoy the show, George; I know I will. We are video taping this so you can watch this as many times as you want."

At that point I no longer cared what Tammy did. Our marriage was over. The only thing I cared about at that moment was getting loose from my bindings. I was worried about the lack of blood circulation to my hands and feet. I had no idea how long it might be before Tammy and her friends finished what they were doing and I wasn't about to wait for them.

I began pulling on with my left leg as hard as I could but had to stop because of the pain. I waited thirty seconds and then pulled again. I did this several times and then finally gave one hard yank and the wire snapped. I looked at my left ankle and saw that it was bleeding but the injuries didn't seem too serious. Next I went to work on my right leg. This was much harder because my right ankle was the one I had sprained. By the time I was able to break the wires on my right leg I had ripped a lot of skin off my ankle and it was bleeding quite a lot.

With my legs free, I was able to release the strain on my arms but I wasn't able to loosen the knots in the wire, only having my teeth to work with. I ended up having to try to break the wires that bound my wrist the same way I had the ones on my ankles. By the time I got my right wrist free, it was bleeding nearly as bad as my right ankle. With both legs and my right arm free I was able to break loose from that last of my bindings fairly easily. My left wrist received only minor cuts but it was bleeding a little.

Once free I noticed I was still bleeding from injuries to both ankles and both wrists. I looked around the room to see if there was anything I could use as bandages but there was nothing. The bed sheet was a mess. I was surprised at how much blood there was on the bed.

I tried to stand up but my head began spinning and I had to sit down again. Now my head was pounding and my face hurt and I was feeling nauseous. I had my eyes closed and was trying calm my stomach when I heard my name. For a moment I thought Tammy had walked into the room but when I opened my eyes, I realized it was her talking to me on the television.

"George, are you watching this?"

When I looked at the television, I saw Tammy taking Mike's cock doggie style. I wondered for a brief moment if Tammy thought that I would somehow enjoy watching her getting fucked. If she had any idea how angry I was at the moment, I think she would have run form the house. I got off the bed and swung my right arm in an arc toward the television. This movement caused blood to splatter across the screen. Through the blood I saw Tyrone come into the picture and feed his huge cock into Tammy's mouth. As she opened her mouth, Tammy looked at the camera and winked.

"This should take care of that ass hole," I heard Tammy say.

I turned away from the television and saw myself in the mirror. There was a large bump on my forehead that was already beginning to turn black and blue. Upon closer inspection it wasn't one bump but four small lumps. They were the kind of marks that would be left by someone's knuckles if you were punched in the head. I could not believe that my wife would arrange to have me drugged, beaten and then tied to a bed so that she could humiliate me by having sex with my former best friend and some black guy I had never seen before.

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