Sarah Calls a Bluff

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: He wouldn't do things like that and she knew it. He said he definately would and she knew he was bluffing and so she called it.

The Internet has caused major changes in the lives of many people, making it easier to find things, making it easier to communicate with others, and making it easier to gather information. It can do a host of other things that I haven't found out how to use yet, chat rooms and bulletin boards on almost every subject under the sun, and sex - oh yes, the sex! I admit it. The only reason I have an Internet provider is so I can cruise the porno sites, and God knows there are plenty of them. Someone once estimated that there are over ten thousand sites out there on the net dedicated to sexual topics. I have thirty-one book marked that I visit regularly and a whole bunch more that I hit every once in a while.

What can I say? I like looking at the naked ladies. And I especially love the sites dedicated to amateurs. To me, there is nothing sweeter than looking at real women and by that I mean the truly amateurs; the sweethearts and wives of guys just like me. I've tried to get my wife to let me send her photo in to one of the sites, but I have a better chance of winning the lottery. My wife just shakes her head in disgust when I park myself in front of the monitor and start drooling, but I have noticed that she never chases me away when I go looking for her with my brand new 'woody' courtesy of some sexy housewife or girl friend of a contributor to one of the sites. Like I said, the net sure has changed a lot of lives, but I never expected it to change mine, at least not in the way it did.

I was on a site looking at the photos of a very well put together 46-year-old housewife and mother of four. It was a series of eight photos, but it was the last photo in the series that I was staring at when my wife came into the room and looked over my shoulder. It was a shot of a well-fucked pussy covered in cum. The man must have just pulled out and shot his wad on the outside of her snatch because I could still see where the hole hadn't quite closed up yet. My wife said, "What in the world do you see in something like that?"

"I don't know," I said, "It just turns me on. I guess it's just the way my brain was hard wired at the factory."

I knew she wouldn't be satisfied with the answer and she wasn't, "But why look at something like that? I can understand a man wanting to look at naked women, but what could possibly be the draw in looking at that?"

I told her I didn't know (and that's the truth), and said, "There is just something about her that turns me on. After seeing all the photos in the series I can honestly say that that is a pussy that I would be willing to eat."

She gave me a look of disgust and said, "You are sick! You can't seriously mean that!"

"Yep" I said, "I'd eat her even with all that cum on her," and my wife walked out of the room. This conversation or variations of it took place for several months, always with my wife leaving the room in disgust.

Perhaps a few words are in order here on my wife. Sarah is a walking contradiction in terms as far as sex goes. She is the most sensual and sexual woman that I have ever known. She isn't anywhere near being the most beautiful woman in the world, but she has an aura that draws men to her and makes them think, "God, but I would love to fuck that," and she loves sex. She is ready and willing to fuck absolutely anywhere and at any time. Coming home from grocery shopping one night she suddenly said, "Turn here," and when I did she had me pull over and park next to the curb and then fuck her on the front seat of the car - and we were only two blocks from being home!

We have been married over ten years and we still have sex five or six times a week. We went for a walk one night and she had me fuck her on a park bench - under a full moon! And yet as sexual as she is the only sex that is acceptable to her is straight sex. No anal, no oral, just straight intercourse. Anal and oral sex are disgusting, perverted, and unnatural. Sex with someone you are not married to is immoral. Which is why I was knocked on my ass when she came up to me one night while I was looking at a photo of a woman with spurts of cum all over her belly and legs and said, "She really is a very good looking woman, isn't she?" I didn't know what to say so I just nodded my head.

"Did you really mean it the other night when you said you would eat that woman's pussy with her husband's cum still in her and on her?"

I had to think back to remember the photo in question, but when I did I told her, "Yeah, given the chance I would have."

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