Our New Neighbour

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, InLaws, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After Dot left I was heart broken, but A new neighbour arrived that more than filled Dot's place. But in my eagerness to please I made a terrible slip-up

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The largest single group of females is in the over 65 age group and will increase even more after 2011 when the first of the 'Baby Boomers' retire, then it will outstrip and two age groups. Theire health and life span has increased during this period so making them sexually active longer. On the other hand the libido of men has dramatically decreased since the early 50's, leaving an even greater group of sexually frustrated females, who all suffer a drop in the oestrogen levels and an increase in testosterone output. This is a medical and scientific fact.

When Dot moved I was heartbroken, gone was my good fuck, not only Dot but Betty her daughter and Susie. I had happy memories from Dot's or as my wife called her Mrs Smallwood. If she ever knew what I was going to get up to she would never have sent me over to help Dot. But now she has moved it leaves only Sue. We have a great sex life but I have had variety and it is hard to change back to a one-course meal.

In fact I had gained the liking for older women. I just loved the way they so readily accepted me and gave their all. No fears of pregnancy, and no days when you had to stop because of their periods. No you can't beat the older woman.

I knew there wouldn't be a young family with children move in to Dot's house for it only had two bedrooms, it was a house built in the 1960's and those style houses didn't appeal to modern families.

I came home from work one Friday and there was a furniture removal van outside Dot's old home with furniture being unloaded. I came indoors and heard voices in the kitchen and I walked in to Sue and an elderly woman in her sixties sitting at the table drinking tea and I saw the table had been set.

"This is Thelma, Duncan. Thelma has bought Dot's house and is moving in. I invited her over for something to eat."

I shook her hand and gave her the once over. She wasn't wearing the loose dress that Dot wore but a tight-fitting one, which pronounced her ample breasts and hips, her stomach was flat but then she could be wearing a corset. A two-string pearl necklace around her neck. Hair cut to shoulder-length, wavy not curly. Eyebrows plucked, lipstick a soft shade of pink, pearl earrings to match her necklace, stockings and high heel shoes. Not bad at all, she had her spectacles on a thong and around her neck resting on her bust

"I told Thelma that you used to help Dot with manly things and you would gladly do the same for her. All she has to do is ask."

"Yea, this two weeks I'm working in head office. I have a fly in fly out job, so I have one week in three at home. So I'm available any day of that week usually."

"Thank you for your offer maybe you could give me a hand this weekend getting curtains hung and helping me move furniture."

"Yes Thelma he will help you, I'm working this weekend, and it will keep him out of mischief," Sue said with a laugh.

"See how she bullies me; I have to do what she tells me you know. She may beat me."

"Yes I can see her doing that," Thelma said smiling.

That was good she could smile and wasn't a miserable old woman.

I went over to Thelma's house just after nine when I saw her moving about. I suddenly found out I hated house moving, or should I say house moving in. I think I moved every piece of furniture at least three or four times before she decided that was where she wanted it. One good think about helping her settle in, I knew where everything was in her house.

She had a King-sized bed I thought ours was big being a Queen sized but hers was even bigger. She saw me looking at it. "I like to stretch out in bed, not squeezed in, plenty of room to move about in," she said as I struggled into the bedroom with boxes of personal belongings.

By midafternoon everything seemed to be in place at least in the lounge and kitchen area's. We sat down to have a coffee, it was then she handed me a letter.

"This is for you."

There was nothing on the envelope, no name just blank. I opened it curious to why I was being handed a letter.

My Dearest Duncan;

I'm sorry I left when you were away, I just couldn't bring myself to tell you I was moving. I have moved down south with my younger sister and her husband. I can't live on my own any more since Samuel passed away. Oh, you were a breath of fresh air that came into our lives, and made me feel young again. I'll never forget you, you really livened me up when I was so low.

Please look after Thelma as you did me. We had a long talk and I told her all about you, yes she knows your physical feature and she like me is so lonely for company. Unfortunately she has been single all her life, only having had two men friends. Well that is what she told me. She also has a widowed older sister living in the area, who she says would love your attention, but that is up to you Duncan.

If you are reading this letter, she likes you. This was the agreement we made. She would only hand you this letter if she approved of you, otherwise it was to de torn up.

I don't know if she will abide by the house rules, but then one never knows.

I wish you all the best for the future and I will always love you and once again thank you for those wonderful months you helped me out.

All my love forever,

Dot xoxoxo

I handed the letter to Thelma. "If you haven't read it I would like you to read it and tell me if it is true."

She took it from my hand and read the letter through.

"Yes that is what I told her, but what is the bit about the house rules?"

"Oh it was just something Dot and I had whenever I was in her house."

"Pray tell me, maybe I should hear about these house rules."

"No panties, bra and you wear a loose skirt," I said.

"What is the significance of these three things."

"Well Dot liked to feel free when in the house so that was why the no bra. The no panties was that we could couple any time we wanted. The loose skirt was when we talked. We sat on a chair very close."

"Well I'll have to think about that, but the other is true. I don't know why but lately I have become more sexually frustrated, I never in my life felt like this and it is getting worse."

"It's your hormones Thelma. Testosterone is becoming more predominant and the oestrogen levels drop. Women; that is older women go through what men go through when we are in our late teens. That is why we say eighteen year old boys are walking hard-ons, it's caused by the sudden rush of testosterone into their system. In older women it is caused my the decline in the oestrogen, the testosterone remains the same or I have read it sometimes increases, that is why your sexual needs become more demanding."

"Yes I have heard that but I didn't realise how much more it would affect me. Now I know how my sister has felt these years, always saying she needed a young man to quench the fire between her legs. Now I am getting the same urges. Until I met Dot I thought I would just have to live with it. Do I appeal to you as a sexual partner Duncan, help me for I don't know where to go from here." Then she broke into tears and sank her head into her crossed arms on the table.

Her shoulders shook with her sobbing so I went around and knelt on the floor by the side of the chair and put my arm around her. She swung round and placed her head on my shoulder and her arms around my neck. I kissed her on the cheek and she buried her head into my neck. She lifted her tear soaked face and I kissed her and she responded by crushing her lips on to mine then replacing her head back on my shoulder.

"Make love to me Duncan, now, right now, I want to feel loved."

I needed no second asking, I knew my way about the house so I picked her up and carried her into her bedroom and laid her down on the bed. At least today she was wearing a loose skirt I just pulled it up and drew down her panties revealing a scantly hair covered pussy. It was easy to spread her legs as she lay there with her eyes closed. My shorts dropped and I got between her well muscled thighs. Inserted my cock into her ready and waiting vagina and just pressed.

Her eyes shot open like a spring hatch and her mouth opened slightly as I inserted my cock into her warm moist passage.

"Oh my, you are stretching me far too much, oh this is too much Duncan, please stop," she cried.

I stopped only half in and looked down at her. Then after a little wiggle of her hips I felt her gently push against me and I felt myself slipping in again.

"Oh that is lovely I'm sorry for stopping you, it was I just panicked, I thought I was being split open but this is wonderful I feel so full. I can see why Dot was so sorry to leave. Keep going Duncan; fill me with all of your wonderful cock."

I was now as deep as this position would allow, so I lifted her thighs and she lifted her legs a bit higher and in I sank until our two bodies were pressed together.

What bliss I thought embedded in another female and just the other day I was feeling so low. God she felt great too, as she gripped my cock so tightly in her warm body. I just knelt there with her body pinioned to mine by my meat, which she seemed to be relishing. She loved the feel of cock as her face was all smiles and she was looking up at me with her doe like eyes.

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