The Second Time Around

by DG Hear

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Violent, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Both of our first marriages ended in divorce for different reasons. We're dating now. How far will it go?

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I knocked on the door and it was opened up by a woman who was a little overweight, but had the most beautiful face I have ever seen on a woman. Dark green eyes, and dimples when she smiled. Brunette hair down to her shoulders in big curls.

My sister, Cheri, fixed me up with a blind date. This was one of her best friends at work. The only thing my sister mentioned is that she was pretty and somewhat overweight. Julie, this woman I had the blind date with, was a natural beauty. Yes, she was overweight but she was gorgeous. I know throughout my life I have always spotted heavier woman who were always pretty. Julie was beyond pretty. I think I got my point across here. She also had the really big boobs that heavier women have.

When she opened the door I saw this big smile and the dimples, and of course the boobs.

"Jerry? You are Jerry, aren't you? Cheri's brother," she asked.

"Yes, and I hope you're Julie." I replied.

"Come on in for a second. I have to tell the babysitter a few things."

"Babysitter? You have kids?" I asked.

"Just my little girl, Tina, my pride and joy. Didn't Cheri tell you I had a daughter?"

"No, but that's alright. I have two kids of my own." I replied.

"Yes, I know, Mike and Carla. Let's see, they are ages eight and ten."

"My sister, Cheri, talks a lot doesn't she. Well, anyway I'm very glad to meet you Julie."

Right then a little girl walked into the room. She couldn't have been more then three years old. She looked so much like her mother. I bent down and said, "Hi, there beautiful little girl."

She replied, "I not beuful, I Tina." It was cute just listening to her speak.

I smiled at her and said, "Oh, but you are beautiful, Tina, and I'm so very glad to meet you. You can call me Uncle Jerry."

Tina just smiled at me and ran to her mother. Julie gave instructions to the sitter and we headed out the door.

I was married at nineteen to Lisa. We had our two kids rather quickly. Life was pretty good considering we got married so young. I guess we really didn't give ourselves a chance to know each other. We argued over just about everything. I don't think it was so much being opposites as wanting to be right.

We loved each other but it wasn't a built up love. It didn't get stronger as time went on. Love is so hard to explain. My best way would be to say our love was very fragile. To this day I still have love for Lisa but it wouldn't be considered a husband/wife love. More of a friendship love for all the pain I caused.

As I mentioned, we argued regularly. I would usually leave for a while and get a few drinks and then come back home. We might not talk to each other for a few hours or even a few days. If it was a really stupid argument, we might make up right away. The disagreement that ended our marriage was my going out with the guys. Now, you have to know we just did sport things. Watching the games or maybe taking in a few local high school games. We watched mostly football and basketball of local college teams.

Lisa was right. I should have spent more time at home with her and the kids or at least I should have taken them out more often. I'm now paying the price for my selfishness. I've been divorced for five years and I do regret it. We had our fight about me going to the local high school football game on a Friday night. I went anyway but since we argued about it I went over to the pub after the game. I drank and stayed out later than I should have. I was pretty plastered and some gal came up to me and I bought her a drink.

To cut a long story short, I went to the girl's van and had sex with her. It cost me fifty bucks which I really couldn't afford. We were lucky to make ends meet and I paid for sex. I can't believe I did that. She pulled up her skirt and I fucked her till I pumped my load in her and then got back in my car.

I had never cheated on Lisa before. I felt a little sad about it but figured no one would ever find out. I would never do it again. The dumb things we do; it's unbelievable!

When I got home Lisa was crying. She told me she shouldn't have said anything about going to the local sporting event and she apologized. Now I felt bad, really bad. I took her in my arms and hugged her. I told her I would cut back on the sports and spend more time with her and the kids. The funny thing is I meant it.

She hugged and kissed me back and we made love. Not a stick it in and pull it out like I did with the hooker but real love making. I went down on my wife and massaged her belly and worked my way up to her breasts. I wanted to do it all for her; she deserved it. I gently massaged her breasts and starting kissing each nipple. Then, I kissed her. She knew I had drank but didn't mention it as I kept kissing her.

"Please make love to me, Jerry. I need you."

I took my newfound hard-on and slowly pushed it into her. It felt great. The warmth of her pussy surrounding my cock. I knew I would last a long time since I had sex earlier and had drunk booze. Oh, she felt so good. Why did I ever do such a stupid thing earlier that evening. Lisa came and I kept pumping. I was feeling her juices flowing every time I pushed in and out of her.

"Jerry, roll over on your back. I want to ride you," said Lisa.

I did just as she said as she mounted me. She must have rode me for about five minutes or so when I came. I could see it in her face; she was coming again as she would pull up and our joint juices ran down my cock.

"Jerry, I love you," she smiled.

"I love you too, Lisa. We have to stop these stupid arguments and make love more often."

She rolled off of me and we both cuddled and went to sleep. The next morning I got up and took a shower and headed for work. I worked as a warehouse man in one of the local factories. The pay was good even though there was a lot of lifting. I usually worked on Saturday for the extra money. I didn't wake up Lisa that morning. It was Saturday and I thought she could use the extra sleep since the kids didn't need to get up.

When I came home from work all was well. We went in the yard and played with the kids. We grilled some hot dogs and had our own little picnic.

Sunday was rather normal except Lisa wasn't feeling too good. She said she felt itchy in her female region. I told her that her feeling itchy made me itch. She just laughed and said maybe we both have a yeast infection. On Monday she went to the gynecologist. When I got home she was pissed. I came in the house smiling and she just looked at me.

"You bastard, you fucking bastard. You gave me a venereal disease. I have syphilis, and you probably do too. My doctor said you better go to a clinic as soon as possible before it gets worse. It's treatable and I'm already on treatments."

"I'm so sorry, Lisa; it was a big mistake. It will never happen again. I promise."

"Promise, your fucking ass. What happened to our wedding day promise? To trust and honor, for better for worse. Did you forget those promises? I'll tell you one thing. It won't happen again; I want a divorce. I'm pretty sure I have good grounds here. Giving your wife VD should hold up in most any court. I'm taking you for everything I can get. You can sleep on the couch till you find a place to stay."

"Lisa, I'm truly sorry. It only happened the one time. Can't we work it out?"

"I've worked it out. I want you out of my bed, out of my life. I feel so sorry for the kids. Now I'll have to try and explain to a five and a three year old why their father is leaving."

"I want to be in my kids' life. I'm no dead beat dad. Do what you want but I'm going to see my kids regularly."

That all happened five years ago. We did both take shots for the VD and are cured. I have seen my kids regularly since the divorce. I stop by and pick them up about once a week and usually take them to my sister's and spend time with them. Every other weekend I have them and we try and do different things. I stay in my kids' lives. Any school events I try to attend. I pay child support and alimony, until last year. Lisa got remarried to a nice guy named Robert. He seems quite the opposite of me. White collar job, non-drinker, one son from a previous marriage. He got custody because his wife cheated. He was about ten years older than either Lisa or me. At least he presented a stable household for my family. My kids called him Bob or Mr. Bob. They couldn't bring themselves to call him dad. I still pay my child support but the alimony payments stopped when Lisa got remarried.

Lisa and I talk civilly to each other. The first year after the divorce was a rocky one. She told everyone about the VD episode. It made any dating for me about non-existent. I deserved it; I was the one who ruined our marriage.

After Lisa's re-marriage, Cheri, my sister was really worried about me. She constantly tried to fix me up. I went on a few dates but nothing really clicked. I spent a lot of time at Cheri's and her husband Bill's house. Bill didn't mind; he was a nice guy and treated my sister great. That's where I got my good meals at. I wasn't the best cook so I ate out a lot.

I worked a lot of extra hours at work for the money. I did get promoted to warehouse manager which was nice with the pay increase and all. I was waiting for Lisa to ask for an increase in child support but she never did. She told me it was because I was such a good dad, just a lousy husband.

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