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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Heterosexual, Cheating, Wimp Husband, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Was his wife cheating on him? Where was she making all her money? His journal tells all.

January 01 2003

Welcome to my very intermittent diary.

Or should that be Journal.

Girls have diaries.

Guys keep journals.

So why keep it? My wife says that it is good to put my thoughts down on paper. Told me to remember to lock the thing too. Like I am going to have secrets from her. She said it was a way to make sure that my thoughts were mine, and then I would not worry about what I put in here. Someday I could open it back up and see what a younger me thought. How my mind worked.

She set up this program and showed me how to lock it. Told me that anytime I want I can print it out and put it in a folder. Easier just to type the damn thing.

April 9 2004

Got promoted. New job is going to be a bitch. Overseeing production and research. One damn meeting after the other. But it came with a hefty pay raise. Now we can afford to start looking for the house we really want.

April 29, 2004

Bought a new house this week. Donna and I had been looking for a while but just never found the right one. We both love this house. Close to my work. Near enough to the neighbors that they are neighbors but far enough away that we can turn up the music inside the house and listen in the pool. Plenty of room for the hot tub that we both want. Big backyard. That will be good in the future when we start having kids. Donna wants to move in this weekend.

Sept 3, 2004

Damn, just have not had any spare time. Going from one project to another. I still have all my vacation. Donna says she is going nuts sitting around the house but we both agree that having kids just to have something to do is not why we want kids.

Dec 22, 2004

Christmas party at work last night. Fred's secretary kept brushing against me. I remember that every time my drink was near empty she had one for me. One of the other secretaries was giggling and telling me that Donna was on the phone in my office and needed to talk to me. I remember picking up the phone and hearing a dial tone and getting confused. Then I could not get out. May and Aimee had locked my door and one of them had the key. Next damn thing I remember is opening my eyes and seeing a bit of Aimee's face through the spread of May's vagina. Within a second it was plastered on my face. I tried to throw Aimee off but all I remember is her screaming in orgasm. Then it was May riding me. Did I come? Woke up to a massive headache. Clothes were all over the office. Face, crotch, fingers, arms, knees everything crusty. Covered in what had to be pussy juice. Snuck past several that were left partying. Took a quick shower in the office gym. What the fuck have I done? Sure I had girlfriends before I got married but that's one of the things that you give up when you get married.

I really don't remember drinking that much, though it is kinda hard looking back. They just kept topping my drink off rather than giving me a new one. Then those memories. Why couldn't I stop those two. I'm not Arnold but I am in shape. I just couldn't get up.

Thank God it was time for the wife's monthly. That gives me a week to figure out a way to get into the doctors and get checked out.

Dec 28 2004

Still have not been able to figure out how to get another doctors appointment set up. Donna has got to remember I was there not long ago. I also need to figure out how to ask the doctor for an AIDS test. Damn, I need all the STD tests. I love her too much to possibly spread something to her. That would be her first question, where did I pick something like this up? No way I could answer that. No way in hell would she believe that either May or Aimee could hold me do to do something I didn't want to.

I got to get that appointment, but how do you get an appointment when the doctor is not in? Guess I will just have to stay busy and act tired. Maybe if I can't get an appointment soon she will believe that I am just to tired to do anything.

Jan 5 2005

Wife arranged an appointment for me. She said that she had a friend at the doctor's office. She told her friend that I was feeling bad and acting tired. She said that the girls talked and decided to have the doctor give me an entire physical. Donna said that she wanted to make sure I was healthy.

Doctor could not understand why I was back for another physical. The nurse said that my records got lost. Could that have been the receptionist? Anyway the doctor asked if I needed the entire blood work done again. Told him that I had visited a friend that was infected with HIV and I wanted to make sure I was clean. Doctor said that I could not be infected by casual contact. Told him that I just had to make sure so that the wife was safe. On the way out, the receptionist, said that she was sure they would find my records, but that it might take a couple of weeks.

Jan 10, 2005

Both May and Aimee got transferred today. Not sure where they went but heard that they were transferred out of the supervision of their boyfriends at their request. Hearing rumors of possible marriages.

Jan 11 2006

Guess it is a good thing that I went to the doctor. He told me for sure that I had no STDs. Was glad he got the results back so quickly. Wife was just over her monthlys and had forgotten her pills again. So I had a reason to use condoms. Not that I wanted to but I needed to.

Feb 10 2005

We went to Boston last week. Stayed at one of her friend's home. Pretty thing. Nice house too.

Her friend is cute though. They have this big house- lots of rooms. From what I overheard her tell Donna they have wanted kids for a bit but she just could not get pregnant. Not sure why as they walked into the kitchen where I was getting a drink of water and changed the subject as they saw me. Maybe it was the talk of her friend trying to get pregnant. Donna was horny as hell that night. She almost fucked me raw. Naturally she made me use a condom. She said she did not want to leave cum stains in her friend's sheets. We used three.

Feb 27 2005

Got back from Florida last night. Work sent me to a Miami convention. Took Donna and extended the weekend and went to Key West. She called one of her college sorority sisters and they wanted us to spend a week with them out on their yacht. Took time off from work and spent the whole week just relaxing. Couple of other 'sisters' were in the area and it seems that Donna and Vicki arranged a mini school reunion. Damn watching all those women in tight barely-there bikinis, seems to have gotten to Donna too. The second night she got me off twice. And again the next morning. We kept going damn near twice a night. Of course it was Condom City. Even in the fucking shower she wanted me to use one. Said it would soak thru her suit and drip down her legs. Still don't understand that damn lady. Grabs the condom and runs out the door to the bathroom. Like she did not want anyone to find the condom in the room.

Mar 6 2005

I just don't understand her. How could she keep forgetting to take her birth control pills?

At first it was just once in a while, usually while we were visiting old friends.

Now it seems like every month she forgets. She told me it had to do with the packages. The old ones had 28 pills, her new one has 21. Still the same amount of hormones but her new packages just don't come with the placebo pills that helped her keep in the habit. You wonder how she would get out of the habit of taking a pill every day.

Mar 23 2005

Damn that lady can shop. Seems to squeeze every penny. She came home with several new outfits. A couple from Victoria's Secret and one from Frederick's of Hollywood. She promised to wear them for me just as soon as her period was over. She damn near goes shopping every period now. She really gets horny. Last night she made me cum twice. Course she made me wear a rubber. Says that with all the cum I shoot, it fills her to overflowing and that cum and blood stains make it hard to remove from the sheets. I told her to buy new fucking sheets but she would rather I wear a condom.

Apr 1 2005

Ok, got some really worrisome information at work. Seems that both May and Aimee are pregnant. Just long enough that Christmas would almost be the right time. Fuck. Not sure if this was a April fools joke on me, though I'm not sure who would know enough to set me up this way.

Apr 3 2005

Donna started asking me about my fantasies last night. Seemed real insecure. Trying to find out if I wanted another girl. Think I got her calmed down. Told her that she was the only one that I wanted to be with.

Apr 24 2005

Donna is still on this fantasy kick. She keeps asking me what mine are. She told me she wants to try some "risky" places. Told her I was not sure if I wanted to go to jail, just for ripping a piece off. Today she called me at work and told me that she was standing in the doorway waiting for me, wearing nothing but a smile. Got home and there she was standing in the doorway. Good thing the door points to the side rather than right across the lane.

May 1 2005

She hit that same store again. This time, she bought a pair of jeans with a zipper that runs both ways, all the way from the waist in front to the waist in back and with zipper tabs at each end. Basically two legs that could be zipped together. She called it "Easy-access." Tag on the pants said Gypsy Jeans. Remember them from the '80s. Damn they looked fine on a couple of the girls in high school. Just wanted to grab that zipper with my teeth and pull.

May 5 2005

Donna went out with several of her friends last night. Said they were going to go to a 'ladies night out' party at one of her other friend's house. She got home real late, 2 or 3 in the morning. Smelling of cigarettes and booze. Odd as I did not think any of her friends smoked or drank beer but Donna said that they ran out of wine and all they had left was beer. Woke me up and wanted me to 'perform' for her. Said that she had been thinking of me all night and had gotten herself worked up. She was too. She pulled off her skirt and I noticed that she did not have panties on. When I asked her about them she said that she had tossed them away somewhere cause they were making squishy sounds as she walked because she had soaked them thru. We had sex once and she damn near lost her mind. I think I have scratches on my back. This morning as I got out of bed I saw that she had kicked the covers off. As I was pulling them up to cover her before taking my shower I noticed her knees were really roughed up. Her elbows too. When I gently pushed her over onto her back on the bed I saw that her pussy lips were really irritated. What the hell is going on? I didn't cause that.

Jun 5 2005

Wife is starting to worry me. Has she cheated on me and is trying to get me to screw around so that she can feel less guilty? She has started asking my opinion of her friends. Asking if I thought Barbra was pretty. If I thought Sue had nice tits.

Did she find out about May and Aimee? Is this her revenge? If she found out, why didn't she just divorce me? Is she waiting for me to try and divorce her?

God, I love her. Have no idea what I would do if she divorced me.

Could almost forgive her if she was having an affair.

Jun 12 2005

Donna decided to start her own business. Won't tell me much about it other that it is like Tupperware. She goes to a ladies house and demonstrates a product and they chat about it before doing the next product. When I pestered her for the product line she said it was for ladies only and she was a bit embarrassed to talk about it.

Jun 26 2005

Donna spent last weekend in San Fran at a convention for her "product." Still won't tell me what it is.

Jun 29 2005

Well, this is the third Wednesday night in a row that I have been home alone. She went on one of her 'demonstration' nights. She gets home tipsy, hornier than a three-peckered billy goat and wants me to wake up and 'take care of her needs.' Shit what the hell is she doing?

Getting upset about this. Going out drinking, maybe picking up guys. Is she being safe? Is this going on where someone from work could find out?

How the hell would I deal with it if one of the guys at work came up and talked about bagging a chick and found out it was my wife?

There are days I am in denial. Other days I get upset thinking about her and another guy. I want her to be happy. But I'm not sure if I can stand this.

Jul 2 2005

Friday morning Donna said she was going to have some of her 'co-workers' over. this weekend. They were going to relax by the pool.

Jul 5 2005

This is getting embarrassing. Yesterday at one of her 'social' gatherings at our house, she apparently wanted me to come out and do something. I think she had had just a bit too much to drink. Started calling me her Stud. Most of the ladies at her party blushed and tittered, at least that is the only word I can use. Then she just kept it up. "Hey Stud, can you get us more drinks? Hey, Stud, can you bring out the snacks?" Then she just got down right raunchy. "Stud, here, is gonna service his bitch tonight." I left and went inside. I could tell my face was bright red.

Of course it was one of her period nights. Fucking condoms.

She never just lays there either. After we finish she's off to the bathroom downstairs. Why that one? She says that way I can use the one in our room. Though I never do. She just pulls the condom off me and runs to the bathroom.

Found out she has a couple of packs stored in her drawer. Like she owns stock in the things.

Jul 10 2005

Damn don't know what is going on in that girls mind. One of her best friends from high school came in today for a vacation. Donna told her that she could just sleep in our spare room. Our nursery, but Donna just does not want to be pregnant right now, she says. Anyway they stayed up talking last night. I came to bed early so that they could have some time together to chat and then Donna came upstairs and attacked me. Got me to come three damn times. Naturally into fucking rubbers each time. She said that she doesn't want it "pooling in her and running down her legs tomorrow." Though tonight was a bit different from most. Usually she grabs the condom and runs for the bathroom. This time she tied a knot in each and just kept jumping my bones. Really nice change.

Naturally she jumped up and ran off with the third time. Took all three rubbers with her. Woke me up when she came back. Actually wanted me to go again.

Jul 15 2005

Well, Donna heard that her friend in Boston is pregnant now. Said that she had been trying for a couple of years and finally did it.

Jul 24 2005

Ok, I getting really worried about this. Donna keeps asking me if I am interested in other women, she makes me use condoms more and more. She is buying stuff all the time. I checked our bank accounts and there are very few withdrawals. Could not figure out where she was getting the money for all the clothes and things. Started looking around last weekend and found several deposit slips torn up in the trash but they were for a different bank account in a completely different bank.

Could be from her 'demos' but that seems to be a lot of cash.

Aug 10 2005

I just noticed a pattern. Tuesday night Donna comes on to me and damn near fucks my dick off. Wednesday night she has her 'demos.' Comes home and wants more. Every Tuesday I have to wear a condom. Never on Wednesdays.

Aug 18 2005

Wondering if Donna is using the 'demo' nights to go out and screw around? I really can't believe that but what other excuse is there? She won't tell me what her product is. I have yet to meet any of her 'co-workers' other than for just a few minutes at a time. I love her but it is starting to prey on me.

Aug 22 2005

Got a private detective today. Going to follow Donna for a few weeks and see what she is doing.

Sep 16 2005

Went to the detective's office. He had followed her for 4 weeks. Took pictures of Donna leaving the house with a cooler, going to the bus station, opening a locker and getting two boxes out. Taking them to her car. He told me he tried to take pictures thru the windows but all the blinds had been pulled. He went to four different parties and at all four the curtains were pulled tight and at the last one he saw one of the ladies safety pin them together. He got pictures of all the women as they went in. Several were old friends of Donnas. There were a lot of repeats. Some women were in each week's photos. Some only in one. Not a single picture of a guy.

He did have a few of Donna going to the doctor's office. He was unable to find out why. He said usually the receptionists will take a few dollars but will tell him what the appointment is for.

He caught a few pictures of Donna at a café getting met by the receptionist so he thinks the lady is covering for Donna.

Just as I paid and started to leave he dropped the bombshell. Told me he was not going to mention it but he felt he had to. Several of the ladies going into the meeting were lesbians. He had followed them for their husbands and at one of their teas got a picture of several of them in a group hug. A big naked group hug.

Sep 18 2005

A lot of Donna's old friends are now pregnant. Wonder if that is part of what is bothering her as she rarely sees them and seems to be having a lot of new 'friends' over on Saturdays. Is she trying to get away from the friends that are having kids? She has been acting pissed off for the last couple of weeks. Very distracted.

Sep 23 2005

Christ. Donna told me that her doctor says the pills are messing up her hormones. She has to stop using them. That means a condom all the god damn time now. If she is being unfaithful this would be the worst thing to happen to her. Unless she has both of us using protection. Hell she could still be on the pill and just making me wear a condom for the extra protection. Fuck I don't know.

Sep 30 2005

Donna got home just a bit ago. It was her first Friday night 'demo.' I hear this rumbling in the drive and looked out the upstairs window. When Donna got out of this ginormous 4x4 I saw a burly guy driving. Donna then walked around to the driver's side climbed up the door and leaned in. She was leaning in there for a good two minutes. Fuck.

Part of me wanted to go and find out who it was. I want her to be happy but this is just pushing my buttons. Christ, right there in my driveway. I don't like being cuckhold. Not sure I can. The detective says it was women. That was a guy.

By the time I got to the front door, the truck was pulling away and Donna was staggering to the door. She could not even make it thru the door.

When I picked her up to carry her upstairs, my whole damn arm got soaked, Then my chest. She is leaking like a fucking river. Not sure what it was and not sure I want to know. Cum, piss; I'm too scared to try and figure it out. I set her on the pot in the bathroom and she damn near falls off. Holding her with one hand I start undressing her. Pull her dress off and she doesn't have any underwear on. I came the closest to hitting her that I have ever come.

She was sitting there giggling. Each time it was like she was waving this in my face. "Look what I been doing."

When I go to wipe her after she finishes peeing, she hissed in pain. I thought about putting her in a shower before bed but there was no way I was getting in the shower with her right then. Putting her in bed I see that her knees and her elbows are damn near raw and her pussy lips are bright red and look to be bruising.

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

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