by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A woman seemingly suffering from Dementia enters a young man's life, but is she suffering or is it a hoax

With her heels up to my shoulder I had my cock buried in this 60 plus year old mature woman. She had come into my life just three weeks after my wife had left me for an older man. How ironic here was me a 25-year old, now fucking the arse of an elderly woman who had just walked in off the street.

This was the third time this has happened and I wasn't going to let an opportunity like this pass.

The elderly woman was moving under me as if her life depended on her making me reach a climax. She was the moistest female I have ever come across and sliding in and out of her moist passage was really fantastic. Soon I emptied my seminal juices into this warm and willing woman's body.

"Thank you son that was very nice," she said as my limp penis slid out of her moist warm cunt.

"That's what I should be saying mother, you sure know how to make a man happy," I replied. She wasn't my mother but what else was I going to call her.

We got off the bed and she pulled on her panties and adjusted her clothing.

"Would you like a coffee or something?" I asked, not knowing what to say.

"I'd love a cup of tea," she replied.

"Come you sit in the lounge and I will make you one," I said leading her into the lounge.

As I waited on the kettle to boil I reflected how this woman had come into my life. A week ago about 11 o'clock at night I heard a knock at the door and when I opened it this same woman was standing there.

"Son, I am sorry I haven't been round to see you and ease your tensions," she said as she pushed her way past me into my house.

"Hoi, lady where do you think you are going?" I cried after her as she went straight into the lounge. I closed the door and when I entered the lounge she was on the sofa with her nightdress pulled up, knees bent exposing her womanhood to me.

"Come on Peter, fuck your mother, I want you to do it now," she said looking direct at me.

"My name isn't Peter and I'm not your son!" I said to her but my eyes were firmly focused between her legs.

"Of course you're Peter and you have always fucked me, every day sometimes."

I realised now the woman was not at all with it and it wasn't sleepwalking, for she was coherent and mobile. Then it struck me, she was suffering from dementia and was reliving her past. Her son Peter must have been having it off with his mother. Here she was thinking I am Peter and offering herself to me.

I decided to play along with her and quickly mounted her on the couch. Sliding into her was like sliding into a block of butter with a hot knife. She was smooth and yet at the same time held my penis in a lovely warm velvet glove. If my wife had been as lovely as this woman was I would have put up a greater resistance when she left me than I did. This woman's vagina was as far as I was concerned heaven. I gave her what she wanted and she was all smiles after we had finished and she swung her legs so her feet were on the floor.

"Peter you have never made me feel like this before, you were nice and gentle and I think your cock has got a bit bigger too," she said with her arm around my shoulders.

As we were sitting there I had another knock on the door and when I went there, there were two SES members in their bright orange overalls.

"Have you seen an old woman dressed in a dressing-gown, she has decided to go for a walk from the Aged Care Hostel?" The woman member asked.

"Yes I have, in fact she is sitting in my lounge, I didn't know where she came from. She just turned up at my door and walked straight in. I was going to call the Police to see if they could help."

"We have the nurse here; the woman suffers from dementia and these cases just decide to go for a walk, we will look after her now."

"You're not going to lock her up or anything are you? She seems harmless enough. We have been talking, she thinks I'm Peter her son."

"No we can't lock her up, she is a paying resident, but we have a duty to the next of kin to watch over their welfare. Anyway we can't have her walking around the streets in her nightclothes can we."

"That's fine then," I answered the SES people and the nurse who had arrived.

Two nights later the same thing, but this time the nurse was round in about five minutes after the woman had knocked.

"It seems she knows where she wants to go, she made a beeline for your house."

"Look if she disappears again give me a ring and if she's here I'll bring her back. Also tell her she can visit me during the day if she wants to go for a walk."

"I'll have to talk with her daughter though over that," the nurse replied.

So today she once again knocked on my door but this time dressed in her day clothes. But the same thing, almost, she dropped her panties and lay down on the sofa with her legs bent at the knees and spread wide.

"No mother, let's go into the bedroom, I don't want you showing yourself on the sofa."

"Oh that's a lot better, going to the bedroom," she replied picking up her panties and following me. She immediately got on to the bed pulled her dress up and spread her legs. If this was what her son did he had her well trained.

"Peter, your cock has got a lot bigger, I never used to feel you so deep inside me, this is far better. I like it now and want lots more."

"Oh you will mother, whatever you want, I'll give you it."

"Another day then, I'll look forward to that."

"Come on I'll take you back home, they will be worried about you and you do want to be able to come again, don't you?" I said holding her arm as I guided her out my home.

"Yes my afternoon walk and you can walk me back."

As we were walking back one of the nurses saw us and came to meet us. "I hope Moyra hasn't been annoying you again?" She asked.

"Not at all, I was just saying to her that she can come and visit me any time she wants. We have had a nice cup of tea and a chat."

"Well if you don't mind she can come round to see you, but could you please telephone and let us know when she is at your place."

"I'll do that for you and bring her back myself. You don't mind if she stays for a couple of hours or so.?"

"As long as she is back by six, that's when her medication is due. Maybe just visiting you will be better than all her medication."

As we parted, me returning home and the nurse and Moyra back to the Home, Moyra gave me a kiss on the cheek. "I'll be round tomorrow Peter."

True to her word Moyra was around at my door just after one. "Peter why do you want me to stay in that Home, I want to stay here."

"Why do you want to stay here mother?"

"I want to be near you, I have to look after you."

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