Dear Jeff

by The Jint Fan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Grand Parent, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Jeff reads a letter from his best friend regarding his friend's wedding.

Dear Jeff,

I know you are surprise to see this letter from me. It has been awhile. I just wanted to tell you that I'm in the middle of my honeymoon. I bet you are wondering who is the lucky lady. " Who?"

I know you know this woman. She is older than I by a few years but her body is perfect for fucking. She loves me and I lust after her. She wants love and she gets her pussy filled with my sperm. I think that is the closest I will get to love.

I will give you a clue to who is she. You and I met her a couple of months ago at her house in Boston. I will give you a moment to think it over...

It is your grandmother, Mary. She is the woman that I am currently fucking. She is awesome when it comes to fucking. She is really a sex freak. She loves it when I take her in the ass or the pussy. She loves to give blowjobs also. Can you believe that your sixty year old grandmother loves blowjobs? She loves taking my sperm into her mouth.

I bet you want to know the story behind our relationship. Well that is why I am writing to you. Here it goes...

It started the day I met your grandmother at her house. She was very lovely and talked to me. You didn't know but I have a thing for older women with hot legs. Mary has a pair of knock out legs and I was hard that day when she crossed her legs.

When she crossed those legs, I could see a hint of underpants. If you want to know, they are beige in color. I had to use her bathroom a couple of times when she went to the bathroom where I had to jack off some relief. I coated that toilet seat. I wondered if she felt it on that ass of hers.

A couple days after we visited her together, I stopped by and made the excuse that I left something here. I didn't leave anything but it was an opening to see her again. Mary invited me into the house and I walked into the bathroom and came out with my sunglasses, that I dropped that day in the vanity. She asked me to stay a couple of minutes for tea. I love tea with older women.

We talked a few minutes about the simple stuff like the weather and sports. Did you know that she loves football. I didn't.

Mary smiled at me that day and I looked down at her outfit. She was wearing pants, so I couldn't see those sexy legs.

The next time I saw her was a couple days after that day. I hand delivered a single red rose to her. She started to cry. She asked me. " Why?"

" I missed Valentine's this year with a girl, so I picked you for the honor." I answered her. " You are beautiful."

Mary kissed my cheek. I looked her over again. She was wearing a dress with those killer legs exposed. I asked her if she was going out and she said that she just got back from hairdressers. I told her that her hair was awesome looking. I was looking for a way into her panties.

Mary thanked me and I asked her. " Do you want to go out tonight while I am in town?"

Your grandmother took pity on me and said she would be honored. She told me that she wanted to change into something fresh. I said that a dress would be perfect tonight and she agreed to go out with me in a couple hours.

I showed back at the house two hours later, I was surprise to see your grandmother dressed like she was. You are probably asking how. This is how. She was wearing a pink one piece dress with white nylons that I found out later that they are thigh high stockings. She had a pair of pink flats on her feet. Trust me in a couple weeks she will hate wearing flats.

We stopped at a pub that I know the owner. Mary had a white wine as I got a beer. We continued to talk and drink. We ordered dinner for us. She had fish and chips and I had the steak dinner. We finished the dinners and I suggested a final drink.

I walked up to the bar and ordered a drink from my friend, the bartender. My friend slipped a roofie into her white wine. I brought it over to her and handed it to her. She sipped at it as I drank my beer.

We finished up and walked to the car. Mary said that she feels weird as we got her into my car. I entered the car and took her face into my hands and started kissing her on the lips. My tongue was down your grandmother's throat with ease.

We slowly kissed each other. She moaned against my mouth. I had her in my hands. I felt her breasts in my hands. It felt so good to hold her breasts. They are a good size. I continued to play with her breasts. They are quite large and a handful.

We continued to make out like teenagers. She was moaning against me as we are kissing like. My hands are feeling the breasts of the sixty plus year old.

I drove to her house with my hand up her skirt, touching her panties. Her clit was large and pressing against the white silk. I got the house keys out of the bag and brought her inside the house. I brought her to the bedroom and laid her down onto the bed.

I slowly removed her clothes to see what I was going to have in awhile. The dress came off easy along with the shoes and stockings. Her white bra I pulled off and I was right. She has a pair of tits. I licked my lips and pulled at the silk underpants. They were off quickly.

I lied down next to her and took her breast into my mouth. Her long nipple grew inside of my mouth as I sucked on it. It grew quite large.

I ran my finger along her slit and she laughed again. She has a cute laugh. I stopped touching her because I knew I couldn't last any longer without taking her. And I do mean a good fucking.

I pulled the bed covers back over her body. I moved out of the house. I smiled as I locked the door behind me. I had her in my palms of my hands.

A couple days later I received a call from your grandmother. She wanted to see me again at her house. What was I going to say. No? I don't think so.

I showed up at her house. She answered the door wearing a purple robe. " Please come inside. We need to talk."

I walked inside and I was asked to sit in the chair. I did. She sat down in her chair and spoke to me. " I know you are a gentleman because you didn't take advantage of me. Thank you."

I shrugged my shoulders. If she only knew I was sucking on her nipple.

She asked me. " I take it you want me.?"

I nodded my head.

I watched as your grandmother walked up to my chair and looked down at me and asked. " Where do we begin?"

" Do you want to play with me?"

Mary nodded her head.

" Please say it to me." I told her.

" I want to play with you." Mary admitted to me.

" Good. Now remove your robe and lets see what you have there for me. Then you will sit on the love seat." I instructed her.

Your grandmother pulled the robe open for me. She was almost naked except for her pink flats on her feet. It have to admit that she is good looking. She sat down on the loveseat as I told her.

" Hook your heels onto the coffee table and spread them and then play with yourself." I wanted to see how far she was willing to go.

I watched as your grandmother raise her legs to the edge of the coffee table and spread her legs. She slipped her finger into her slit. I watched as she was rubbing her clit. I had to ask. " Been practicing recently?"

Your grandmother nodded her head as she was fingering herself.

" Touch your tits while doing it." I commanded.

She did what I told her to do. It was a great sight in front of me. I could hear the sounds of her finger sliding through her wet pussy. She was crying also from the attention she was giving herself. She is getting close to coming.

" Would you like me to lick you?"

" Oh yes. Please." She was begging me.

I crawled between her legs and started to give her clit some attention with my tongue. She was bucking against the loveseat from the orgasms that I was giving her as I ate her pussy. She has a very hairy pussy. It tasted so good. I continued.

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